Diary of Turkish travel

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Trip to Turkey

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Coast line of Turkey (or Turkish Riviera) has the length approximately one thousand kilometers. I can talk about unique Turkish nature and beauty of resorts endlessly. Each corner of Turkey is a sole theme, each trip unique and differs from previous one.

I conditionally divided all coastline into seven resort areas — by the names of the greatest coast cities: Bodrum, Belek, Kemer, Antalya, Alanya, Fethiye, Marmaris. The nature and the climate are diverse — it can affect the quality of rest and the mood.

For example BODRUM is the closest to Europe, and oriented more to europeans and the well-off turks. Apart from historical sites and comfortable beaches, there is active night life in Bodrum. Here is the greatest number of night clubs, bars and disco. Also the greatest part of fests and carnivals occur there.

BELEK is the youngest and the most expensive Turkish resort, here is the greatest number of sand beaches.

KEMER & ANTALYA are the most popular and visited resorts. The nature is very picturesque — mountains, fur trees and palms. This is «the area of oranges» — almost everywhere you can buy oranges or fresh orange juice. Ancient greeks called Anatalya «the paradise on the Earth» and I would agree with them.

ANTALYA is considered to be one of the most comfortable resorts in the world, and at the same time, the charm of Medieval Age is preserved there. Along with retention of old relics and monuments, this resort is constantly growing.

ALANYA resort is located at the area of Antalya, but towards East from the center, up to the bay Injekum. There is not much vegetation and drier climate. This is «the area of bananas» — you can buy them in every shop, at every street. The coast of Alanya is known by the Cleopatra beach. As for legends, sand bays of Alanya were the favorite place of Cleopatra Empress.

FETHIYE — the city keeping footprint of antiquity — ruins of antique theater, rocks of medieval ringworks. Fethiye is located towards the west from Antalya. Here is the low moisture and as a result — the wealth of healing plants such as olives, laurel, myrtle and others.

MARMARIS — located towards the West from Fethiye, closer to Bodrum. This part of the coast is ideal for diving. This is the place of merging two seas — Aegean and Mediterrenian. Diverse underwater world represents sards, tunas, murenas, cancers, octopuses, sometimes — pieces of amphoras. There are about 50 dive-sites in the surroundings of Marmaris. It is located closer of others to Pamukale and Efes, and also by yacht it is possible to approach Rodos island and to watch edges of Greece.

Anatolian coast of Turkey (2011)

Beginning of the trip

In early morning we were staying on the parking pad, waiting for our bus. There were towel, swimsuit, packed breakfast from the hotel and photo camera. Excursion was planned for a whole day, including visits to three ancient cities and historical places of Antalya.

When we were going from the airport, by the road to Kemer, I asked our guide about interesting excursions in the area of Antalya — in order to approach famous Pamukkale and Efes the road shall take about 8 hours. He, knowingly, suggested to us the trip into three ancient cities «Demre-Myra-Kekova».

...the bus approached. We were moving around Antalya approximately one hour, gathering our group from closest hotels. The bus was moving slowly, it was possible to look at ingenious buildings from the window — resorts area, only 4 and 5 stars hotels. Finally, the group of 15 people gathered.

The bus was moving steady and softly to the mountain. We were listening narration of our guide about legends of Olymp mountain, traditions and wars of ancient Lykia.


The first stop was panoramic site with a view of Finike city. There we had a breakfast — tea, traditional bread, glass of fresh orange juice, and went further, down to the sea, into the place known as Kekova. We went by the city Finike — «city of oranges», olive plantations, greenhouses, and approached mooring place for yachts and boats.

Kekova is the biggest island of Turkey on the coast of Mediterranean sea, and also Kekova is the part of the sea consisting of two bays between shores of the island and semi-islands Sychak and Teke. From this place we started our two-hour excursion to the city Simena which is gone under water, its old name is — Kale (Kalekoy). It is possible to approach the city only by water transport, construction of new houses is prohibited there. The city is flooded, and above the sea, mainly by the northern part of the shore, only its upper part is seen, the rest is under water. From the deck we could see walls of fortress under water, and in illuminator — pieces of broken pottery. When we finished our excursion by the drowned city, we stopped in a small bay, in order to swim. Then we returned back, at the mooring place of the boats.

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