Diary of Turkish travel

Объем: 51 бумажных стр.

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Photobook which includes stories about Turkey and Antalya. Each story is added by photographs to give the reader perception of beauty and marvelous spirit of the nature in these places. This book is for easy, pleasant reading, for those who have already been or wished to travel to Turkey, where near comfortable resorts, old relics and monuments of architecture along with magnificence of Medieval Age exist. #travel #Turkey #adventure
Книга публикуется в авторской орфографии и пунктуации


Galina Kupriyeva
GALINA KUPRIYEVA was born in Russian family in Kazakhstan. When she was 22, she started to work as Translator and Interpreter (English-Russian languages). More than 5 years she wrote small articles for personal blog about style and fashion in two languages. When she was 24, she graduated from University with speciality “International Political Economy”. Later, she lived and studied in Almaty city during four years, obtaining Diploma and Degree “Master of International Relations” from KIMEP University (Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research). After her studies she returned to her native city Aktau (Shevchenko) and continued work as a Translator and Author of interactive personal blog. She worked as a teacher of English language for children and adults.


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