Deficiency and abundance
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Author’s translation from Russian. I ask to forgive the author for the quality of the translation

What is the deficit and what is the abundance in your personal life?

With the concept of scarcity and abundance of people found everywhere.

Deficit is a lack of something.

Hunger is a shortage of food.

Disease is a health deficit.

Stupidity, ignorance is a lack of knowledge.

Poverty is a shortage of money.

Loneliness is a lack of communication.

Longing is a lack of happiness.

Boredom is a lack of entertainment, a lack of business and work.

Fear is a deficit of security.

A hungry person experiences a food deficit, a poor man is short of money.

Abundance is similarly found in ordinary life. When a person is full, when he no longer wants to eat, when saturation is full. Or the abundance of food. In abundance, the necessary category, thing or resource is in the required quantity and even with a margin. With an abundance of anything, a person ceases to feel the urgent need for additional access to this resource.

Actually, reading this book reduces the lack of knowledge and skills. And, as you can see, by reducing the deficit of knowledge, you can reduce the deficit of money, reduce the deficit of relations, security, etc.

And reducing the deficit is the first step to abundance.

Visually, scarcity and abundance can be placed on the chart, where to the right of zero along the X axis there is abundance, and on the left — Deficiency.

On the Y axis, you can place any priorities important for a particular person: activity, money, health, love, communication, etc.

It is important to understand that the concept of deficiency can be objectively, but more often subjectively.

For example, someone believes that the temperature is minus 10 degrees — it’s cold, but for someone and the minus 20 is quite comfortable.

It follows that the abundance of cold is a deficit of heat. Therefore, it is more reasonable to indicate positive characteristics of types on the graph. For example, write Health, not Disease. Otherwise, confusion will result — Abundance of disease is a Deficiency of health. We aspire to an abundance of health, and not to an abundance of disease. Therefore, on the Y-axis, we indicate the category we want to receive in abundance.

Why is it even necessary?

By splitting your life into such components, into categories, you can understand where to make more effort to achieve overall comfort and satisfaction.

In addition, because the sense of deficiency and abundance is subjective, it is important to understand for yourself where there is a real deficit, and where imaginary.

After all, if the machine is needed for movement, only its capacity and reliability are important. And the cost of such a machine may not be great. So, there will be no shortage of money when buying it. Or it will not be great. And if the task of acquiring a car is a status in the eyes of others, then the deficit of money can be felt constantly. And it is quite possible that it is more reasonable to look at the machine as a function and use it as a function. Function of driving. And not as a function of a gold ingot on wheels.

Even a rich, from the point of view of someone, a person can feel poor and in order to increase his wealth. And at the same time, a person who does not have a lot of money can not lack in them, do not feel a shortage of money. Everything depends on the reference point and the accuracy of the landmarks.

From this it follows that the concept of scarcity and abundance are subjective categories.

Someone, experiencing a slight indisposition, feels a huge deficit of health.

And at the same time, a person in abrasions and bruises can consider himself perfectly healthy and happy. It is enough to remember the boys as a child.

From the same it follows that the concept of deficiency and abundance are interrelated and located on the same axis of coordinates. Those. to the left of zero along the X axis is a state or a sense of deficiency, and to the right — abundance.

Why is all this important?

This makes it possible to obtain a measurement method similar to a ruler or weights that can measure its state and correct scarce values. Independently. Not trusting someone else’s opinion.

After all, very often, under the influence of advertising, propaganda, habits, attitudes and customs, other information noise or habitual cliches, it seems to us that we are sorely lacking something. But is it really so? And what is needed in reality? A new iron, a chocolate, a fur coat, a cool car… or a hug of a loving person?

Using the schedule in the context of the categories of your life and daily activities in a system of scarcity and abundance can help a person if they do not find harmony or comfort, then increase the amount of satisfaction they receive from life.

How to use the concept of scarcity and abundance to improve the quality of life?

How to use the concept of scarcity and abundance in your life? How these concepts and the coordinate system can help a person live a more comfortable life. And maybe happy.

Suppose that there is a choice — to stay for an hour at work and get some money. Or return early to the family or friends and get a little more rest, love or fellowship.

You can look at how this task is being solved by workaholics or some employees in pursuit of a premium. And you can see how the hippies solved this problem.

Is it possible at least theoretically? Of course.

Can there be harm to a person if he does not experience a deficit? Can not. However, this is an idle question — some deficits return to life constantly — otherwise we would not eat or sleep.

Abundance is not comfort, not harmony. This is satisfaction, which is closer to happiness.

Heavy workout or work can not bring comfort or harmony — muscles ache, there is fatigue… but there is satisfaction.

All deficient states break harmony and do not bring pleasure. While the lack of a deficit, and even more so the state of abundance, increases the amount of satisfaction with life and the amount of happiness.

A person, lacking sleep and rest, can get sick, his working capacity will be reduced and he is unlikely to be happy about it.

Deficiency of love can lead to the emergence of neuroses and depression.

Thus, using the concepts of scarcity and abundance can help a person manage his life.

After all, it is these concepts that govern man from the outside.

Deficiency and abundance is used both in the marketing of goods, and in the manipulation of people by the state. But more on that later.

First, we’ll figure it out for ourselves. We will receive a tool to manage our lives and only then, on the basis of it, we will learn to resist manipulation from the outside.

In the process of life a person receives a lot of signals and landmarks. Often false.

As a result, a person begins to get confused and rush from one extreme to the other. Strive for false goals.

(It is important to understand that these goals may be false for one, but true for another.)

A person can not only be misled by someone, but he himself can be mistaken.

However, using the concepts of scarcity and abundance can greatly simplify decision making and the definition of both long-term and short-term benchmarks.

A banal example. If a person is tired, then he lacks, a shortage of rest and sleep. And all you need is to notice this and adjust your life to eliminate this deficit. Rest, sleep.

A similar rule applies to all other categories.

If a person suffers from a health deficit, i.е. he is banally sick, then he needs to direct his strength to recovery, and not to work.

Thus, the control is reduced to the simple construction of a graph and its monitoring in order to translate any scarce state into an abundant one.

And, of course, it must be remembered that the only criterion of scarcity or abundance in this case is a person’s own perception.

In this regard, it is useful to look at a category such as money. Those. poverty and wealth.

It is possible that you have met people with a much higher income, much more prosperity than you, but not feeling rich or even wealthy.

And at the same time, most likely, you have seen people who do not have much money, but who feel themselves well-off.

Why does this happen?

You can consider this with the example of telephones.

The spread of the cost of phones in stores reaches two orders of magnitude. Those. one phone can be 100 times more expensive than another.

But these are all phones. They are needed only to make a call.

And even if we start discussing additional functions, then phones that are completely identical in function may differ in price by 5—10 times.

However, there are people who are extremely important to have the most expensive phone of the latest model.

It will be naive to think that this category of people will ever feel that it has eliminated its “telephone” deficit and is on the right on the chart, in a zone of abundance.

This category is important brand, prestige. And they are in constant pursuit of the newest. This race will be endless and if it brings satisfaction, then only for a brief moment. Until a new model appears.

At the same time, having spent a significant part of their money on a new phone, a person will not actually move the “telephone” component of the chart to the right. But the monetary component will move to the left and may be in the deficit zone.

A person does this in order to shift the concept of “prestige” to the left. But is it possible? And is there a place for the prestige category on the chart?

As we have already said, the concept of deficiency and abundance is subjective. Those. they depend on the evaluation of their completeness and significance by the person himself. While the notion of “prestige” is a category of evaluation from the outside.

Prestigious car, prestigious clothes, prestigious work, prestigious phone — where does this adjective come from, relative to any thing or category?

Only from the outside. From advertising, talking to other people, rumors, the media, etc. Those. this is someone’s subjective opinion or manipulation, but not the opinion and sensation of the person himself.

Hence, there is no place for the notion of “prestige” neither on the graph, nor in the life of a particular person who wants to manage his life himself.

A locksmith enjoying his work is not concerned about whether she is prestigious. Because he likes him.

At the same time, if a person uses the concept of prestige when choosing a profession, he may find himself in a situation where work does not bring pleasure, despite the “prestige”.

Even the concept of money is not as objective as it seems. The cost of living in a big city is more expensive than in a small one. Those. in different countries, in different cities, people living in the same house and eating the same food, somewhere will spend on it 1000 dollars, and somewhere around 100.

Thus, with earnings of $ 500, in one case, he will feel a shortage of money, and in another — abundance.

If this is realized, it is quite possible that it is more reasonable for this person to live in a city where he will feel abundance. And not where it is “prestigious”.

Management of scarcity and abundance

One of the important tasks is not only to make a reasonable schedule and determine the categories on the Y axis, but also to realize your personal deficiencies and abundances.

It’s important to ask yourself:

Is it the fact that I constantly disappear at work by necessity and is it so important for solving my deficits? Or is it because at home I lack love? And if so, then maybe I do not need so much time to spend on work, but you need to spend time looking for and creating love?

Do I really lack money or are my expenses dictated by external manipulations, such as “prestige”? Perhaps, by cutting spending on “prestige” I will eliminate or reduce the deficit of money?

Do people really treat me unfairly, or do I lack knowledge and need to spend my energy on obtaining additional knowledge, an abundance of knowledge, and not waste time on humiliating colleagues and acquaintances, intrigues and other unconstructive and destructive, ultimately, actions?

All this may seem complicated or even unnecessary, but either the man himself manages his life, or she is controlled from outside and contrary to his desires.

After all, when we experience a heat deficit, we dress warmer, we build a fire, we turn on electric heaters. And if we are experiencing a shortage of coolness, then we try to stay in the shade or climb into the pool. So it prevents us, except ourselves, in all other aspects, to regulate our life at our discretion. Only ourselves. And we ourselves are passing control into other people’s hands, into the hands of manipulators, creators of advertising, authorities. Which, in fact, there is no business to our benefit, satisfaction or happiness. They have their own interests. And, as a rule, their interests are contrary to the interests of a particular person.

So the choice is not great. Or you control yourself. Or they run for you to the detriment of your gain and prosperity.

Progress now makes it possible to eliminate scarce states more effectively than it was 50 years ago.

Thanks to the Internet, anyone is allowed access to almost any knowledge and this makes it easy to achieve an abundance of knowledge.

And thanks to e-mail, social networks, video and audio technologies of Internet communication, the lack of communication has been virtually eliminated.

Just as a person plans a day for wakefulness and sleep, food and gaps between meals, experiencing a shortage of rest or a deficit called “hunger”, you can also plan the activity, duration and order of other daily activities.

For example, communication is important. But if communication in social networks is in a large surplus, then such categories as money (work), love (communication in the family), health (lack of activity, movements) may suffer.

But if this aspect of communication, as social networks, is important and necessary for a particular person, then it is necessary to allocate time for it so that there is no sense of deficiency. And to someone this communication is absolutely not important and it is not necessary. Such a person on the graph will not have “social network” graphs, and maybe “communication” graphs will not be.

Since communication is a very extensive category, you need to keep track of who and how long this communication takes place. And is not the communication with important people, for example with family and friends, a substitute for communication with people of little importance for human beings — casual acquaintances, etc.?

After all, the amount of communication with anyone has not grown into a quality of communication with those with whom this communication is meaningful and important.

It’s just as obvious as a trip to the metro surrounded by many people does not develop into a sexual relationship.

How else can you use the concepts of scarcity and abundance for self-control of life.

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