Dancing on Coffins

Black comedy

автор книги

ISBN 978-5-4483-8889-7

О книге

Harold Hoffman is a head of funeral home. Hoffman and his comical colleagues decide that it is necessary to increase the number of orders for coffins and a funeral. They want to increase death rate in the city. The journalist Julia Shweetner understands — this group of psychopaths threatens her city and fight against them.

Об авторе

Yan Bratovich

It is not known who is behind the pseudonym Yan Bratovich at the moment, whether a writer one person or a group of authors. The books are written in different styles and they usually are synthesized from a few opposite genres. Whether it’s a mystery, absurdity, horror, historical novel, digital, postmodernism, trash, humor, fiction, fantasy, detective and so on.

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