Alibi for the hero

Detective novel

автор книги

ISBN 978-5-4490-6791-3

О книге

The novel describes the penal investigation of a criminal offense that has its roots in the last century and received vengeance thanks to the efforts of the investigator of the prosecutor’s office — Rezhimov, the private detective — Alice Korablevskaya and her husband, lieutenant colonel Seregin. All the characters are taken from life, but the names and surnames are changed. Translated from Russian by the author.

Об авторе

Elena Speranskaya

E. B. Speranskaya graduated from the university, the faculty of philology, and post-graduate studies. She worked as an interpreter, proof-reader, teacher in educational institutions. The author of the dissertation, monographs, 11 books of detective historical genre, stories, prose, poetry.

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