Academy of Miracles – 2. Dwarf Question

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It’s time to act

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Chapter 1 Everything is the same

Dark. How dark. Martha is brightening ahead. I want to scream but I can’t. She looks at me. I smiled and ran to me too. I’m running with all my might. But we don’t get close to each other. Tears flow from my eyes, from the eyes of my sweetheart too. Our love is getting stronger. «Martha» escapes my cry. On the left, my girlfriend is sitting at a cafe table. Drinking tea and talking.

— Martha Vymya. Martha Vymya.- She is clearly not happy. Evil. Her face turns red and a demon appears in her place. But he repeats everything. — Martha Vymya. Martha Vymya.

The black figure is behind her. What is not clear. But it is angry. Get very angry. Wants revenge.

— Favorite Claudius. Martha’s voice breaks into my mind. How I love her. I start to burn from the inside. The heart is on fire. It’s hard for me to breathe. But I am confident and keep running. I don’t care about all that. My girlfriend is not important, the figure behind her is not important.

— Will you renew the young man? No. Then I’ll take her.

My father’s huge hand appears from the sky. She grabs Marta and takes her with her. I fall to the ground. A hand comes out of the dark figure and touches my forehead.

— I’ll get my revenge, boy. My plan will soon come true and the world will be mine.

I am getting up. My centaur neighbor Mizael looks at me dumbfounded. I scattered all the blankets and pillows around the room. In the hands of a sword of ice. Anyone would be scared. I settled with the «Yellows» as I successfully passed the exams. He is a good neighbor. Leaves the room when my girlfriend Tatyana comes to visit. She thinks I do all sorts of things with her. But it’s not. I love Martha. Only her. Is always. Only she.

— Put away the sword and drink some water. Again, you dream of your Martha for the second time in a week. — The Centaur is always strong and courageous. Now, taking a pillow and a dumbbell in his hand, he was shaking in the corner of the room. Was prepared for the worst. — And cover up. After such dreams, the whole bed is wet.

What can I say dreams about Martha do not pass without a trace. I put the sword on the floor, it will melt itself. Magically cleaned the bed and his clothes. The neighbor, realizing that the crisis was over, put down the dumbbell and began to read more books on the pillow. He adored them. I didn’t dare to read them. They were for adults. I already have different thoughts after a date with Tatyana, after her kisses on the cheek and holding her hand. There aren’t enough books about it. I decided to hang on for Martha. She will be my first and only. Or at least the first wife of two or three. But it’s too early for me to think about it. New exams coming soon. And work in Vivaldi’s restaurant «Cafe Eccentrics» takes a lot of time. Although he has already collected eighty coins. So proud of myself. This is almost a third of Martha. The most appetizing part. I remembered Tatyana’s words «Marta Vymya».

— Go wash up. And then I see you dream about it again. Go shower. Haha. — The centaur is clearly cheerful today. The girl doesn’t have one. And I have two here and envy. He confessed to a white girl, but she turned him down. I don’t blame her, not everyone likes centaurs.

The morning horn blew. Academy Traditions.

— Good morning students. A new day has come. Study hard and don’t be naughty. Today is a year since our doves Claudius and Tatyana began to meet. They are eighteen years old. I’m happy for them. Her analysis makes me happy too. Claudius did not lie to me that Mizinchik loves Martha. But it’s young. But what am I talking about. Oh, yes, three months is a reason for a guy to give a gift to a lady. What will he give her? Waiting for the rumors in my office. Although I already know everything. Haha. Seeing the future is both a gift and a curse. Also, do not play pranks with the ladies, this applies to everyone, especially you. I won’t say the name. But everyone already knows him. Boxing between the reds and yellows in three days, be ready for battle. Princess Irina don’t forget, I’m the director of the academy. Do not send me letters with orders on how I should run the academy. I’ll figure it out myself. And if you get impudent, I’ll tell everyone your little secret. About your little room with pictures and drawings. Who is depicted there, you yourself know very well. And what are you doing there. Finally, I will say. Good luck students.

There is a knock on the door and Diana Psheno, my best friend, flies into the room.

— Boys you heard. Claudius what will you give Tatiana? She spoke quickly. But then she closed her eyes and blushed. No wonder I was standing in my shorts. The men’s hostel is to blame here.

«They didn’t teach you that when you knock, you have to wait for an answer.» — I said, putting on a bathrobe.

— Buka you. She picked up a pillow from the ground and threw it at me. — We have also known each other for several months, but you don’t give me gifts. Buka.

So he’s not your boyfriend. — Said the centaur and, it seems, in vain. Her angry gaze was directed at him. He swallowed the lump in his throat. She, though a lady, can hit well. In boxing, she has clear success. I fought with her in the ring.

— We’re still friends. More than friends. She realized that she had said too much. She blushed and ran out of the room with a last shout. — We’ll talk later. How does the white uniform suit her? And her figure is rounded in the right places. Apparently the dairy diet is working. And some magic too.

What was this girl doing in your room? Do I need a third competitor? And so I think I can’t handle it. — My girlfriend Tatyana gracefully entered the room. Red uniform and red lipstick. She is a charm today. She bought some new perfumes, changed her hairstyle. She didn’t look at my neighbor. He doesn’t exist for her.

You are beautiful today, dear. You have a new hairstyle and perfume. Highlight your beauty. I said politely. She’s still my exercise girl. With her, I work out the reaction of my future wife Martha. And I like the girl’s attention. And most importantly, she pays for restaurants and cafes on dates. I will drop money to ransom Martha’s slave from the father.

— About two I know Martha and Diana, but who is the third? — Mizael said bending his fingers. There is not much mind in it. Is it possible to ask about this? Even though I wanted to know.

— Here’s the bastard. I won’t say everything. — Tatyana clearly did not like the conversation.

— Student Claudius you have a letter from Martha Mizinchik. — The beautiful elf teacher Melendil gracefully entered the room. — And you’re here. — Seeing Tatyana, the teacher’s face turned rough. What is the enmity between them? — Here’s a letter for you. She handed it to me. — A girl is not a place for you in the male part of the hostel. They can’t understand you. Only male students and teachers, that is, me, can enter this room. To my beloved student Claudius.

Why is it open. — I said with anger. You can’t read a letter from my beloved. We wrote such things there that it became embarrassing to read. Martha was not shy in expressions.

— Yes, why do you read such letters. Only I can do this, his girlfriend. You are just a teacher, that’s all. Tatyana looked angrily at the elf, who was a head taller than her.

— I didn’t want to read. — Well, yes, I didn’t believe her. — But after touching it, I realized that there are extra items there, so I opened it and did not lose.

— What could be a teacher there? — Asked the curious Mizael, who put down the book and watched the performance. He realized that now would be interesting.

— Underwear. Here, enjoy. And it is feminine — Elf pulled out beautiful black panties from her pocket, obviously bought in an expensive store. The name on them is embroidered with gold threads. Martha is the property of the Whips. — It’s still too early for you to have such a student.

«Darling, can you explain this to me?» I’m still your girlfriend. — And quieter. «I would ask for my dal, if that’s what it takes.» Guys are weird but I accept your tendencies as your girlfriend.

The teacher, hearing this, also nodded her head. But what she hinted at is not clear. Although I’m curious what elves wear.

— I understand what’s the matter. I’ll explain everything — Ladies need to calm down and tell the truth. «It was, as far as I can see. Martha wrote a letter and gave it to her mother, the housekeeper, Ilina. She decided to tease me a little. She has been wanting to set me up with her for a long time. Here I put my panties on. We are not allowed to wear such underwear on the estate. The ladies have calmed down. — I know what kind of underpants Martha wears. Its polka dot and not lace. He often held them in his hands. «I knew this because I helped my mother hang them up after washing.

I hardly remember the two slaps in the face that followed from the two ladies, and the slamming of the door. Well my neighbor knew what to do in such cases. This happened more than once. He took a glass of water and poured it over me. I did not pay any attention to his satisfied smile. Having recovered a little, I decided to act. Go study, my goal is to become red and earn three hundred gold, for starters. Then you need to save up money for a house and documents for your beloved Martha. The house is bigger. Maybe Tatyana will want to live with us. She’s a spare though. But I love it every day. We can also accommodate homeless children. They shouldn’t live on the street. Marina is a beautiful elf, the head of the bandits. Maybe I’ll take her as my wife. At least fictitious. Everyone will forget about her crimes. Posters with her image and a reward of ten gold pieces hang all over the city. And being my wife, she will escape punishment.

I showered and dressed in a yellow uniform. Pride takes over. At the first exams, a high result. And grabbing the letter, he ran to the dining room, where he ate a bun with tea. The table was crowded. There were only yellow ones. The whites greeted me and left for their table. Too bad you can’t sit with them. But those are the rules. Diana sits, pouting, looking at me angrily. Her brother Igor Psheno is again squeezing a new young lady, who is she from the whites. Is it new? Sweet face, black horns. She is a demon. There are few of them to learn. Hector Rapier is again sitting in the corner of the hologram stroking. I need to talk to him at work. Finally find a lady for him. Or buy a slave as a last resort. But I won’t spend money on it. Martha needs them. My beloved. My own.

— Break up people. — Said a menacing voice. My bull-headed enemy is Homer. That time with a beggar, I did not forget him. Revenge will be cruel.

— Thank you Homer come to our table. — Said the gentle voice of our princess. Local celebrity. Irene the Seventh Princess of the Rubicon. Nearby stood the maid of honor Sophia. Tatyana was not there. «You sir are a very interesting person. Love means collecting linen. I’m not judging everyone has different tastes.

I can’t bear this shame. Why so loud princess. I’m not into that. The students next to me began to whisper. Some of the ladies looked on with interest. They fell on me.

— I was misunderstood. I’m not into that. I said as calmly as possible.

— I believe. You never lied to me. I just wanted to hear for myself. Sophia reward him for the truth. — Seeing the bewilderment of her maid of honor, the princess continued. — She said that she was in a litter with him, so it’s possible. Let him get jealous. He learns that there are many hunters for him. And as you understand, imagine that it’s me. — A strange sadness appeared in her at these words. — It’s a pity. Damn status. Do it quickly.

The kiss on the cheek was quick. Not as drawn out as from Tatyana. Who was sitting surrounded by other red ladies with an evil face. Then the ladies all left. I thought it was all over. But the elf teacher Melendil accidentally spilled milk on my head. So I went all wet to the toilet to the laughter of all the students and teachers.

In the toilet, I opened Martha’s letter. It smelled like her. I ducked into it. Passion seized me. Save some more money and you’ll be mine. I will ransom you. In the letter I learned that she was doing well. The new tenants, the children and grandchildren of my father, Count Leonid Knut, are kind to her. Children are mischievous, but so far nothing of value has been broken. Father misses me. Pray for me. So our shepherd Dolen told her a secret. Then she described what she wanted to do with me when I bought her back. She has a rich imagination. Maybe her mom told her. These lines made my head spin. I began to kiss the letter.

The bell rang. How good. All lessons are over. The students began to forget about the incident in the cafeteria. But the ladies did not reconcile with me. But going to my room, a girl in a yellow uniform approached me in the corridor. I don’t really know her. We saw each other a couple of times in class, looked at me furtively. Although lately everyone is looking at me like that. She is a sophomore. But the inscription on her uniform says she is Baroness Angelica Wyrat.

Wait, Claudius.

— Yes.

It’s true that you broke up with your girlfriend.

— No, we just quarreled temporarily, but what? I didn’t understand what she was hinting at. Maybe she is a friend of Tatyana and wants to know the reason. Although I haven’t seen them together.

— Be my boyfriend.

What a news. The students passing nearby looked askance at us. Someone laughed. I don’t need new rumors, so I answered rudely.

— Not. As you know I love another girl.

— I know Martha Littlefinger. A smile lit up her face. She was not a beauty. Short black hair. Big nose. And she lost even to Tatyana with a figure. And before Marta, she was like before the third moon of Olic.

— Yes, I love only her. I don’t have any reason to date you. I agreed to meet with Tatyana, because I am pleased to communicate with her. And I don’t know you at all. «I don’t like that they laugh at my beloved.

— I have what you need.

— Not. She thinks too much of herself. I can buy myself slaves much more beautiful than her and have all the blessings and pleasures. With her, this is unlikely to be achieved.

— In vain you are. I’m ready to be the second girl for you. I just need a boyfriend. That’s all. I went through all the guys in the academy. You are the best option. Hardworking, smart and restrained with girls. You don’t come to us. I don’t like that.

— Couples do kiss sometimes. So if you don’t like that, don’t look for a guy.

— With you, I’m ready.

— No, that’s it. I have to go. «I turned around and started walking away. The conversation was stupid. And I don’t have time. You need to write an answer to Marta. And hugging a letter in bed.

— Ten gold.

— What?

«Ten gold a month if you date me. Even if I’m second. We will do lessons.

— Oh, I remembered. You’ve been kicked out of the Reds and Blues. They can also be kicked out of the yellow ones. So you need me as a tutor.

— One does not interfere. What about ten gold pieces? I agree?

— Fifteen. — What do you want. I need money. Martha won’t redeem herself.

— Hooray. I finally got a boyfriend. My sisters will envy me. I will write to them right away. — She hugged me. My assumptions were justified. Flat as a board.

— What’s going on here? — Near us stood Tatyana, all angry with a cake in her hand. Apparently she wanted to measure herself in my room. Again I would smear the tongue with cream and lick my face with it. She has strange tastes. Then she made me do the same for her. Just ruined the food.

— I’m his new second girlfriend, Baroness Angelica. Everything is official. He himself agreed. You had a fight with him. Here’s what I picked. You didn’t think it would be all yours. Ladies need to be able to share. Angelica unhooked from me and began to wave her hand.

— Fifth already. Although there may be more. Tatyana’s face became sad. — Let’s go to the room. We have a lot to discuss. She is growing in my eyes. They will trust me.

There was a long conversation in the room. Mizael quickly ran out of the room seeing two ladies with me. What does he think of me? Two hours of talking and we came to an agreement. I will have two girls. Let’s go on dates together. And I will help Angelica with her studies. If you don’t like it, we’ll alternate dates. Although for Angelica I’m more important as a tutor and to show off in front of my sisters and girlfriends.


The day started as usual. I Martha, the servant of Count Knut, ate and went to work. How do I live here? In the castle. Without him. Without my beloved count. without Claudius. The old count laughs at me. Says I can’t wait for his son. He has already found a second lady. I don’t believe. He loves me. It must be his plan to save me and all the slaves. I love him. I remember our kiss in the city. How he loves me. He said that my love saved him. I don’t get it, but I don’t need it. The main thing is that he believes in it. I didn’t know how to thank him for the kiss, I sent the linen that his father had bought me. Let him think of me. The count’s children are freedom-loving. They say that in their country the slaves were given rights. Although they trade them, they consider them equal. At least they don’t beat for faults, and that’s good. But his grandchildren are playing with me. They jokingly call me Martha Mizinchik and lead a round dance near me. I don’t understand how they came up with such a nickname. I have beautiful fingers, but no more. I dream that we will meet my Claudius again. Our separation is the blackest day of my life. I loved him all my life when I learned about love from my mother. But he hid it because he was a count and I was a slave. What will we do after he redeems me? We’ll be twenty. What will we live on? I can work in a cafe as a waitress or be a free maid in a hotel. But there’s nothing more I can do to help him. How bad it is to live as a slave. We must learn to be useful to him. Maybe we’ll be adventurous. It is necessary to train in the evenings with a large knife or an ax, and then go into the forest and kill monsters. I won’t be a burden to him. We will overcome any difficulties. While nursing the count’s grandchildren, I began to think about my children with Claudius. Trembling goes through the body. A hand dropped to her stomach. There will be born a new life from my beloved when the time comes. How warm this thought makes me feel. I hope he’s looking forward to it too. the day of my release. Will he be faithful to me, as I am to him?


So that’s Angelica. Countries are not simply drawn on the map. All countries are the fruit of a long war among themselves. Learn. Better. What is the capital of Golisu Island?

— Achisu. Achim. Ahmi.

— Auchasu. You didn’t listen to me at all. And Tatyana get off my knees, I’m not made of iron. You are a beautiful lady. I can slam. And don’t tell me you don’t mind. Girls shouldn’t talk like that.

Chapter 2 New Challenge

Today I woke up with the feeling that a new phase of my life would begin. Mizael, my neighbor sat in bed and looked at the magazines. Bought in the city for a lot of money. Catalog of the best slaves in the pleasure house «At the affectionate Fairy». With cost per lady per hour. Photos of ladies, of course, moved in different defiant poses. Many were not wearing clothes. I don’t like that. Everything is not real.

— Do you have a fight today? Can you win? I bet on you. I need him so much. He pointed to the magazine in his hand. There, a naked elf waved her hand. She’s definitely over a thousand years old. This can be seen from the folds on the hips. Drawing of a figurine of a beauty. Holo recording on a crystal. His new passion. He became friends with Hector. No wonder he spends a lot of time with him. When he runs away from me if I come to the room with my girls.

— I hope so, I myself have plans for this win.

— A quarter-final. Prize fifty gold. What do you want to buy? It’s a secret.

I left the room. Yellows are not as friendly as whites. But I still found friends. Everyone loves boxing. In the dining room, my girlfriend Tatiana sat down next to me. She immediately began to climb to me with kisses on the cheek. Today I did not object. Didn’t waste energy on it. She liked it so much.

— Today you still accepted my love Cladvius.

— You forgot about me. — Said my second girlfriend Angelica Wairat. She kissed me on the left cheek. What got into her?

— What are you thinking. — Tatyana was furious.

— He is still my boyfriend and I always wanted to do that. You can do it whenever you want. Although you know that he has a beloved Martha Little.

— You’re right. Tatyana said calmly. She saw my angry look and stepped back.

— I don’t have time for your arguments today is an important day for me. If you don’t want to be with me, I don’t mind breaking up. You know my conditions. And everything will be mine.

Yes, Claudius. The girls said in unison.

— You build them again, my hero. — The princess came with her lady-in-waiting. The look is cold as always. This is her mask for everyone. But I know how real she is. After all, when I saved her from the cart, I liked her. Some kind of spark passed between us, although I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s a life debt

— No, I’m just repeating my rules to them.

— My hero knows how to manage people. I always like that about you. While my hero. See you in the ring.

She left amid general groans of amazement. I looked at the ladies sitting next to me. They’re so cute. But I have a goal. My love for Martha grows stronger every day. Although attachment to them is growing. They are not bad. Bad thoughts about them came more and more often. The image of Martha was erased from memory. This is bad.

— Come to my room tonight. I’m waiting for you every day.

— I’ve been here once before. Well, at least I managed to leave. — I said, remembering this evening, my cheeks turned red. I won’t be visiting Tatyana again.

— Nothing. I changed clothes and didn’t close the screen a bit. There’s nothing you haven’t seen yet. — She said laughing. She obviously liked what she saw in her as a girl. At last. She really was pretty.

— And what are you holding in your hands dear. Angelica said taking my hand in hers.

— This is my gift from Martha. A fragment of the stone of power that saved me in the battle against evil. Do you want to hold. It used to be white, but has turned black. Martha herself kissed him.

— Yes I want to.

I gave the baroness the crystal. She turned them over in her hand. Then she kissed. But nothing has changed. He stayed black.

— Give it to me. You don’t do everything that way. Tatyana took the crystal. — It is necessary to kiss lovingly to dispel the magic of evil. She kissed him tenderly, passionately even. But nothing happened.

I laughed and took it back in my hand.

— It’s all superstition. You can’t just dispel the darkness with love. This is a fairy tale of true love does not exist. These are fairy tales for stupid girls.

I hit the ladies on the nose with my finger and went to get ready for the fight. I need this money.

It’s fight night. I’m sitting in the dressing room. My friend Diana Psheno is with me. My best friend. She wraps her hands around me. Help doesn’t work for me. Especially since she has soft hands. And so warm.

— Today you will definitely win. Although your opponent is strong, you are a winner at heart. She said softly looking into my eyes. I guess she’s in love with me. And from the first meeting. Noah can’t reciprocate. I have Martha.

— I have to win today. With the winnings, I will buy something that will help me with my beloved Martha.

— Oh, you’re talking about her. As if there were no other girls in the world. She said angrily. She tried to grow up to my ideals. I drank a lot of milk so that my breasts grew. Played sports, was kind to teachers, studied well to become yellow like me. I liked her abs. She painted well and became delightful. However, she is not my favorite.

— There are no others. She is my true love since childhood. I loved her at first sight. For life. She is my ideal and I will die for her. I’ll go through all the tests just to see her. We will have children, and I dream of growing old with her.

The girl, all angry, walked around me from behind and hugged me. She pressed against me with all the bulges. It is noticeable that they have grown. She didn’t lose hope. It bribed me in it.

— You are dear to me Claudius. She moved her lips to my ear. Her hot breath, the vibration of her voice did not evoke the emotions she wanted.

You are also dear to me as a friend. I am happy that I have such a good friend like you. You know I’ll do anything for you my friend. Ask for everything and I will help you. You are dear to me. At the academy, many are friends not seriously, but for a while or for the sake of profit. I want to be friends with you all my life.

— I know you appreciate me. But you don’t see me as a girl, just a friend. You have two girls walking around the academy and saying that they are yours. I envy them. Even though I know it doesn’t mean anything to you. You are as cold to them as you are to me. They are not competitors for me. Only Marta Mizinchik is my competitor. I went to the slave store to see similar girls. They stand so beautiful with an inscription, a sample similar to Martha Mizinchik, they have an increased price. Seventy gold. They are very popular among the slaves. You raised their value with your stories about her. My breasts can’t compete with them. At least for now. If they do not grow, I will go to the dark quarter to the local sorcerer, he will increase them. Although the price is too high one hundred gold. But for you, I’m ready for anything. But I haven’t decided on it yet. You still won’t love me. The girl licked my ear. So soft. Another guy in my place would have trembled. But not me. My heart is occupied only by Martha. «You didn’t even respond to me. Another would tremble. I have often seen this with other couples. But you are not so simple. Tell me honestly, did Martha hug you like that?

— Yes, she did so often in childhood. I love her. You are my girlfriend.

The girl moved away silently. Tears went down her face. I wanted to say something, but I didn’t dare.

— Enter the ring, everyone is waiting for you. I hope someday you can find a place in your heart for me too.

The girl left and I sighed heavily. I cannot reciprocate her feelings, but I understand her feelings. What can I do to make her happy. There were no ideas. So I got up and went to the ring. My bet on myself should bring me a good sum. A lot depends on it. This is all the money that I saved up during a year of hard work in a restaurant with Vivaldi and money sent by my father. I wonder what will happen if you let her kiss the crystal that Martha gave. It will also remain black. It’s all nonsense.

— Here is our favorite of the public — Said the old director of the academy Castor Otelov in a funny plaid shirt and black shorts. — Claudius Knut, nicknamed «Good Heart». We all know him well as a student of yellow and good-natured. He helps the poor homeless in the city. He defeated Barnabas, who kept the children in his terrible laboratory house. Mayor Anthony Mirage himself gave him five gold coins and a letter of thanks. He is a hero and a good student.

— I’m his girlfriend. — Shouted Tatyana from the hall.

— Me too. — Shouted my second girl Angelica, beaming with pride. The girls who sat next to her looked at her enviously. She got what she wanted.

— Of course, his two lovely ladies. Although the academy is not opposed to this, but this is already too much. Even student Igor Psheno only spins with one at a time. — He pointed with a bony finger at the twin who was hugging another elf girl. What happened to his demon girlfriend. He probably broke up with her. His sister was crying next to him. — Dear girl, do not cry for unrequited love. Come after the fight in my office, I have potions for such a case. He looked sadly at the girl. — But that’s later. Now our fight.

I entered the ring. The applause from the stands was deafening. They got drunk. Many people here love me. Although my lowly origins were shunned before. After all, my mother was a slave.

— And here is his rival vampire Masha. Strong and domineering. You know her as Masha «Lightning in the Dark». She is a first year and very strong. Red. From an ancient family of kings Malawi country in the east. She is the second daughter of the King of Izmir.

A beautiful girl in red shorts and a white T-shirt entered the ring. The stands clapped softly. She’s new and hasn’t made any friends yet. That’s why I thought it would be a good idea to put it on.

Hello Claudius. I’ve heard a lot about you and your girls.» She looked at me intently. Appreciated my strength, a smile on my face. Does she think I’m weak? I have a goal and I will stop at nothing to achieve it. — I’m interested in you as a guy. I’ll take you from them. You will be mine. Your Staff of Barnabas is a priceless treasure and will come in handy in my country Malawi. The owner of such an artifact can attract me. That’s why I came to this academy. With such power, I will take the throne. My father will not give it to my twin sister Mira. Date me? I can do a lot.

— First beat me in the ring. I won’t date a weakling.

— About what intensity of passions. Let the fight begin. — Said the director and quickly walked away.

We clapped our gloves together and it started. I moved softly and clearly. The first blow missed her. She is dexterous. Even though she didn’t use magic. Her retaliatory blow landed on my jaw. Strong but I survived.

— You are strong.

— I’m also smart. This is the kind of girl you need. You are a strong warrior and mage. You suit me.

— My heart is occupied by another Martha my true love. Defeating you will take me one step closer to her.

«Then I need to defeat you to prevent this from happening.»

A strong blow hit me in the stomach. I became, retreats to the ropes. But the gong sounded and I sat down on a table in the corner.

It’s been three rounds and I feel like I’m playing. All my attacks miss her. And her punches are strong.

— I believe in you my hero. — Said the princess, surrounded by her ladies-in-waiting and hangers-on. The bull-headed guy laughed at me. He is my enemy Homer and I have long wanted to wash his impudent smile off his face.

Yes, my student. I believe in your strength. You always showed diligence in my lessons. — Said the teacher Melendil.

The vampire hit me in the stomach again. Blood poured from my mouth.

— A lot of people here love you. They even have a heartbeat when I hit you. And there are many. It’s strange you’re so popular with girls. You suit me in this, I was convinced completely. I need a guy like that so that my father recognizes me as his heir to the throne.

— Not.

I yelled and punched her in the face. She relaxed for a moment. This is my chance. The girl fell. The director began to count. That’s ten sounded.

— Here’s our winner. Claudius Knut, nicknamed «Good Heart». Our hero.

How happy I am. Shouted into the void.

Martha, I’m one step closer to you.

I happily ran to the locker room. There Diana helped me change. She didn’t say anything, just hugged him at the end and left. I quickly flew to the director Kastor Otelov. He’s the head bookmaker at the academy. He was waiting for me. He has already put the money on the table. He knows everything because he sees the future.

— Here is your one hundred and forty coins. Almost half of Martha is in your pocket. Fifty coins for the battle, the rest is your bet. Everything is accurate. — He said cheerfully sitting in his office. In a blue robe, he beamed with pride for me. — Keep the money for yourself until better times?

— No, I’ll buy what I need. The most important. Without this, there will be no point in buying my Martha. I have realized this recently.

— Okay, my student. Spend them wisely. If you need advice, I will give it. Even though you will come. See you Claudius our hero.

I happily went to my girlfriend Tatyana, I need her for an important matter. She sat next to her princess and another lady-in-waiting, Sophia, in her red wing. On the way to it, everyone congratulated me on my victory.

— Princess release her for me for a couple of hours. I have important business with her.

— Oh, you still decided to do it with her. This is good. She buzzed my ears that you don’t want her. At the hotel you will say that they will make a discount from me. Then you will go to the doctor for medicine, say that he will also make a discount from me. Enjoy Claudius while you can. The princess laughed. Although I noticed sadness.

— No, what are you. I need her for advice.

— No matter. Don’t hate her. I agree you can go Tatiana.

My girlfriend ran up to me and kissed me on the cheek. She is so gentle. She is so beautiful in this lush dress.

We left the academy. The city is always lively and beautiful. in the main streets. There are many dark corners behind the beautiful facade. And my friends bandits homeless children live in them.

It didn’t take long to get in the right direction. Soldiers passing by the golem saluted me along the way. I am respected.

So that’s where you took me. To a real estate office. — Said my girlfriend near the Sign «Realtors Mermaid».

— Of course, only you can help me buy a good apartment or house. I would be ashamed to come alone and ask for a double bed for the house. I would have been offered a little room in a hostel and that’s it. And so when a girl is with me, they will offer a big house.

— I knew that you think that our future is to be together. That’s right, after the academy I don’t want to go back home. I will live here in the city. We will be good together.

— Everything will be decided by time.

I did not argue with her, otherwise she would leave and opened the door, letting the lady in. My home is just for Martha and me. From one thought that we will only be together intoxicated thoughts. But I pulled myself together.

Three mermen with scales instead of skin stood near two armchairs. This is clearly where all the negotiations will take place. The chief merman was sitting at a large table sorting through papers. Looks like we’ve entered a heated argument.

We want to buy us a house. — Said the excited girl. She liked the idea of being alone. Especially on two local beds. She is a beautiful girl and such thoughts sometimes visited me.

— It is very good. Young people came to the address. Sit down in this chair and let’s get started.

We sat down in a comfortable chair together. My girlfriend sat as close to me as possible. And she wrapped her arms around me. This picture embarrassed three adult men under forty. It’s in my hand. There will be fewer questions.

— We have many options. What type of housing do you need?

— We need a house. Not strong big. But not small and cheaper. — I said cheerfully. — No more than two hundred and eighty-five gold coins. — That’s all the money I have. Of course, I could save up to three hundred and go for Martha, but where will she live. I can’t go to the hostel. The hotel is expensive. And we still need to do paperwork for release. Also to the mayor Anthony Mirage to give a bribe to the priest of the religion of light. I still don’t have enough money for it. I need a house with a separate entrance to the basement. Multi-storey is better. Where can people be accommodated? Arrange beds. — This is a good option for homeless children. There they will at least spend the night calmly clean and without disturbing me having their own key.

— The amount is not big and the requests are strange. — Said another of them. Hidalgo is written on the chest. «But we have options. Look here.

He waved his hand and three holograms from the crystal in his hand flashed in front of us. Three cute houses. All of them are unique in their own way.

— They fit all your needs. They have two storey cellars with rows of beds. They had large families. The difference between them is in the areas where they are located. In the golden area near the academy, this house. He pointed to the red house. -But Orcs settled next to him. And they stink a little in there. So the residents are gone. Although they themselves were rat people.

My girlfriend immediately shook her head. She can’t live there. Even though I didn’t call her.

— No, we need a clean house without a stench.

— This red house in the area of the poor. In a dark area. There are a lot of bandits there. And the night is restless.

My girlfriend shook her head again.

— I can’t walk in the park at night. I so wanted it. It won’t suit us. I need a park. There I will walk with our children. She smiled at the men. They exchanged glances. They thought she was pregnant. It’s good for me. — And this white house.

— He won’t fit. It’s in the elf area and the parks there are always crowded with vacationers. And too noisy under the windows. Children will not be comfortable. Here is a better option for a new mother. He took another crystal from his pocket. It is evident that he kept this house for others. A beautiful three-story house was highlighted. Obviously more expensive than the previous ones. — A house in the area of the gnomes. It’s clean and bright. It’s thirty minutes walk from the academy. It is sold furnished. The previous owner couldn’t get along with the gnomes. He is from the elves. They don’t get along well with them. You people will be happy there. Especially newlyweds. The parks there are empty because the gnomes are more fond of holes. And it’s so quiet there. Gnomes are famous for their kind nature.

He said and smiled like the other two.

— We’re not married yet. — She said coquettishly. — But I think after buying a home we will think about it. I will persuade this stubborn one.

The girl kissed me on the lips. I didn’t push her away in front of the realtors. She knew this very well, so she did it. Our first kiss.

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