Abkhazia in legends

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О книге

The book “Abkhazia in Legends” represents selected epic tales, myths and legends, including also those of Greek origin, connected with Abkhazia in which mythological conceptions, nature, history, religious beliefs, cults, mentality, morals, customs and the way of life of the Abkhaz people have been reflected. The front book-cover shows the drawing of Medea — the daughter of King Aeetes of Colchis. The book is intended for all those who are interested in Abkhazia and its folklore.

О книге

Об авторе

Lina Belyarova

Lina Belyarova is the authour-compiler, translator, illustrator and designer of the books about Abkhazia, a small magnificient country located at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains by the Black Sea. The author devotes her creative efforts to the popularization of Abkhazia all over the world both through retelling Abkhazian epics, myths, legends and showing a great many imaginary ethnographic pictures of life in Abkhazia in her pencil drawings that make her work so special and attractive.

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