Zero emotions and psychology in the military style…

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Zero emotions and psychology in the military style…


«I wanted to meet you so badly.

But, you didn’t go towards me.

You didn’t go, you didn’t go.

But, you didn’t go to meet me …»

The song «Summer Boulevards», sung by Luna (Kristina Gerasimova).

The modern so-called average person has a choice, either to release what is called emotions outside, or to suppress them, if released, then how to do this without violating what is called the law and if and how to contain it? The third world war has already begun — is it some war with themselves? Love, fear, aggression, pity, sexual attraction and other emotions from the point of view of survival can be very dangerous and can interfere with the survival of a person in a human environment? Can all emotions be suppressed with modern tranquilizers? Zero emotion — profitable now be not emotional? Are you from the category of those who are called unemotional, then you can become a doctor, astronaut, programmer, scientist or a good specialist in other fields, if you are very emotional then you can become what they call a drug addict, alcoholic, neurasthenic or criminal? The presence of such drugs like Adderall (Mydayis) (used in the treatment of what is called attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as narcolepsy, Mr. OVOR that some programmers (presumably emotional) «throws» Adderall and write code), Ksanoks (Alprazolamum), Fenazepam (Phenazepamum) (using tsya to treat what is called panic disorders, anxiety neuroses such as anxiety disorder or social phobia), maprotiline (Maprotiline) (manufactured for the treatment of what is called depressive illness) and the presence of other anxiolytics says that emotions now really only interfere with life? Alcohol is an extremely outdated tranquilizer, with huge «side effects» for the mental and physical spheres of the body («binge», withdrawal symptoms), drugs are extremely «dirty» tranquilizers with a huge negative potential for the body («marathon», withdrawal symptoms»)? Do medical tranquilizers have a minimum of «side effects» or do not have them at all, are they specially made by doctors? Why is such a dangerous in terms of negative side effects a tranquilizer like alcohol sold freely in the store, and medical tranquilizers with a minimum of negative side effects or none at all are sold only by prescription of a doctor and, as a rule, not just a doctor, but a psychiatrist? A mentally normal person in the generally accepted sense of mental normality will never use alcohol or drugs, does the use of alcohol and drugs «plug» holes formed by abnormalities? Is there a healthy lifestyle (healthy lifestyle) for those who are called marginalized and, what makes them marginal, excessive emotionality? The one who has high emotionality has a choice — either to neutralize his emotions with the help of medications or to suppress them in another way, or to show his emotions and then she-psychology in the military style is born? Why be afraid of something — anyway, sooner or later you will die — fear does not allow you to do what you need to do? In trade terminology, «Deferred demand» is dangerous, because what you have demand for will constantly break out?

«… In short, benzodiazepines interact with the GABA receptor in the synaptic membrane, where signals are transmitted between neurons or between a neuron and a working organ. This receptor is known for the fact that, upon encountering gamma-aminobutyric acid (in fact, this is GABA), it suppresses the transmission of nervous excitement. Benzodiazepines «trick» the receptor by «pretending» to be GABA for it. Since there are many of them and each of them succeeds in this in its own way, the effects of such «inhibition» (drowsiness, muscle relaxation, anticonvulsant action and, of course, sedation) are combined in different drugs of this group in different proportions…». Source of this excerpt on benzodiazepine e (component of Phenazepam): https://indicator.ru/medicine/pomogaet-li-fenazepam.htm.

Note: the above drugs as well as other medications which will be discussed in m aterialah Apply this book be only on prescription! The mention of all medicines by the author is not a propaganda of their use — this is only information!

«It is not fair s you are looking for, do you want all you suffered,» the approximate speech Konstantin Kalugin (Andrew Smolyakov) Gero I film «Factory», Russia, 2019, directed by Yuri Bykov.

A real story about how I met on a dating site a pretty girl not from her city who had a car, who rented an apartment and who had a child, she met me in the car, bought alcohol for her money and brought me to her home where everything happened, what should have happened between people of the opposite sex. Can such a person be called independent? Only after about 10 years I learned from her that she lived with her blind father, is this due to her independence? By the way, she worked as a teacher in a kindergarten, which emphasizes her possible lack of emotionality, not everyone can work with children.

«Before the operation I do not feel any anxiety… during the operation I don’t think about anything…”, exemplary words of cardiac surgeon Rakhim Nurgaliev.

Some of the n Signs of the people, which some people find emotional, highly emotional :

1) «swallows» the information is not suitable for IC use in terms of survival, meaning that a noise called information, in connection with a permit to do what is called manipulation.

2) They react too emotionally to provocations coming from someone, for example, they inflict bodily harm on anyone for the so-called insult to them.

3) Painfully endure deprivation of sexual and other relationships, other relationships mean emotional attachment to someone in the form of friendship or love.

4) They need someone who is called a leader («co-pilot»), they are also «amorous», which by the way allow themselves to be manipulated. Many who have life experience, looking back in the past of their lives, will notice that those who were deeply in love with them (or most of those who were deeply in love with them) have already ended their lives due to the use of alcohol or drugs, as they were from the category of those who are called emotional and suppressed their emotions with psychostimulants.

5) Blame others for everything, not realizing that their problem is emotions and, as a rule, this is one emotion-fear that prevents them from achieving what they want. For example, someone leaves for a richer region, and emotional people cannot do the same, because they are scared, even having left for a place where the standard of living will be higher, they will not be able to hold out there for a long time, if they can, it will be painful for them. psychological sense, they will be tormented by fear and / or depression, they are unlikely to do without psychostimulants. There are many stories when some people left for countries with a high standard of living and became what they call alcoholics and drug addicts. Speaking in literary language, for emigration you need to be very brave, a person with strong nerves, otherwise you will never fully feel the difference between your poor country and a foreign rich country, it is better to stay in your poor country and become, for example, a programmer or a person with another highly paid one in 2021 year by profession, for example, a builder. Of course, you can leave with «weak nerves», but you have to always or for some time «sit» on tranquilizers. People of the warehouse (not only from fear, but also with what is called a neurosis-like states) tend to try to become a «state employees» in the life of s th sense they need for someone to «catch» to survive, as a rule such people beautiful exterior data, by the way are those who have sex for a reason not to engage in tsya, and because of them formed the stereotype that all beautiful only need money, the term Hypergamy (replacement partner to more successfully) are suitable, with both sexes, for both men and for women. But this is typical, as a rule, only for people from countries with a low standard of living, in rich countries, the so-called «dependent» people are supported by the state.

6) Too much pity for themselves and the animate or inanimate objects of the material world, in connection with which they can be manipulated, for example, someone causing self-pity can ask for money.

7) Belong to those who are called egocentrists, consumers.

8) They have the so-called increased nervous excitability (neurasthenia) expressed in statements in raised tones, in the pronunciation of obscene words.

9) Suppress emotions in the form of fear, aggression, panic attacks with the help of alcohol, drugs and other psychostimulants.

Emotional people run after the opposite sex and spend time on it, at this time non-emotional people spend time studying and it will be easier for them to survive in the future, they will have an elite job, they can move to a rich country, and those who have gone on about emotions hard work awaits (unless, of course, there are no good relatives with connections who will help «break through» to a good place even if there is great emotionality and if the country’s economy is working so well that it can make even emotional people happy)? In a poor country, with a low standard of living, in the absence of influential relatives, an emotional person can become the one who is called unhappy?

It is worth saying that the presence of emotional people is not bad, if there were no emotional people, for example, humanity would cease to reproduce in a generally accepted way, or reproduce, but not in an active form, would stop falling in love and would undergo other disadvantageous costs from the point of view of survival. … With this statement I do not contradict myself, emotionality is permissible, but only on a non-threatening scale, as they say for myself and those around me.

In a word, if there were some «cold» people absorbed in something, but not the opposite sex and other generally accepted so-called weaknesses or passions, this would transform society in a certain direction. But as the practice of life in modern society shows, from the point of view of survival, being a «cold» person is more profitable than an emotional one.

The inability to experience emotions or the so-called emotional deafness is called a lexitimi to it (from the Greek «without words for feelings»), are those who have such a thing lucky or vice versa?

«Try n omenshe overall tsya people», the words attributed to Pavel Durov, one of the founders of the social second network «VKontakte» and other projects.

«… After all, love is Fata Morgana

And a mirage over the depths of the sea

And let your lips smell like deceit

In anticipation of sweetness

After all, a feeling has no direction

You swim without control

After a long attraction

A short feeling…»

The song" Fata morgana», sung by Luna (Kristina Gerasimova).

There are no civilians, all soldiers, or rather the majority of soldiers, since everyone is fighting for survival and for a comfortable existence? The relationship between some is militarized — is it because of instincts? Objective and biased psychology — are any relationships between some people militarized in a psychological sense and all psychology in its present form is militarized? In the modern world, from the point of view of survival, the luckiest of all is the one who has the lowest level of what is called emotions and is unlucky to the one who has the highest — the so-called emotionality will give him a lot of trouble? Wins in the generally accepted sense of gain in life is the one who lives or begins to live according to objective psychology? Some philosophers have been looking for the meaning of life for many years, they do not like the lassic meaning of life, which is physical survival, or rather the ability to survive physically? H ome philosophers talk or talked about the freedom of the individual only within their continent or within their own country, without thinking about the fact that there are continents and countries where people just have nothing to eat, not to mention the presence of their thoughts about the freedom of the individual? Freedom of the individual in our and past times is possible only at the expense of not the freedom of other individuals, since someone must necessarily work? N Why is the rich countries more than in poorer countries, scientists, poets, writers and musicians? There is always a twofoldness in what is considered to be good and bad — paradox, but if some countries did not become rich at the expense of other countries, siphoning all natural resources out of them and exploiting human resources, then there would not be some scientists, poets, writers and musicians as they became scientists, poets, writers and musicians because they lived in a rich country, so they did not think about how to find money for food, this is what did not prevent them from thinking about science, poetry, literature and music? In rich countries there are always more crimes on an ideological basis than on a material basis, in poor countries the opposite is true, unless, of course, someone in a poor country finances crimes on an ideological basis? A guide on how to become a «moth» divorced from reality — some modern psychology lacks groundedness, it is divorced both from life and from reality, and is also saturated with what are called «memes» — such psychology is the politics of some states, but «use «It is usually those who are from an incomplete, from a so-called dysfunctional or from a» memoized «family, since they have not used anything else before, those who are from families who, on the contrary,» use «a different psychology that promotes survival? Is it unnecessary to go to psychologists and psychiatrists if there is a need for it, is it enough to communicate with a normal person from the generally accepted point of view? In the modern world, especially in a poor country, do emotions prevent those who are not rich from surviving? Who said that alcohol is something bad, alcohol is a very good thing, but it has a lot of «side effects» in the form of withdrawal symptoms and health disorders? Few people know that some so-called psychotropic drugs in some cases cause the same sensations as alcohol (confidence, joy) and at the same time they do not have the side effects that alcohol has (this will be discussed below), why in some places these drugs are not advertised how alcohol is advertised is it not profitable, as there are huge profits from alcohol or is it all that is called" conspiracy theory"? Give a psychological weapon in good hands, to Which they claim ht de ystviya in modern society in terms of survival, as many philosophers and psychologists do not explain from what point of view of action to which they are calling the right, they just call them and everything? In every generation of people there are those who think how to think correctly, and these are, as a rule, those who are from an incomplete, from a so-called dysfunctional or from a «memoized» family? Everyone came into the world for the pleasant emotions for so akimi things like endorphins, dopa mine and so on, with the help of pleasant emotions run higher power people, pleasant emotions stand for what ever the case, for example mating? Someone doubts that a person was created by higher powers, let’s, as the police and police say, turn to what they call facts: it’s pleasant to engage in copulation for a reason, this is so that all living things do not die out, if the process of reproduction was without pleasant sensations, few kilotons of bred to living creature? P ealnost fake it — in today’s world popular theory that we are all the characters super-advanced computer games such as SIMS and that we live in a super-computers of the future, the power of which has increased the civilization of the future to epic proportions, and God is the programmer? What are the higher powers — maybe this is the neural network of the future? The most difficult physical work awaits those who are relaxed in poor states? As a general rule in all countries of the world, «sweet» space already occupied and are inherited, everywhere «nepotism», if you’re from incomplete or out of the so-called dysfunctional families and more from countries with a low standard of living, you’ll get something called «sharaga» and «covens»? Which one to value your life, and which one not, the main thing is that everything is not tired and there is motivation to overcome what is called difficulties? Do not like to overcome what is called difficulties and expose yourself to hardships for the sake of study and self-development, find yourself motivation, think about those who are in prison for life? Do you have to enter into relationships with people because you have no money, money gives you the opportunity not to work?

So as they say do not lose the thread there is a proposal to recall the key terms of the author’s information is housed in a previously written their books and maybe some sort of a The following information I have not been published previously: sex is one of the facts proving that humanity created higher intelligent forces, sex made pleasant for a reason, it is so that living beings do not die out, it would not be pleasant, no one would do it. The main difference between those who are called geniuses from ordinary people is their lack of sexual attraction to anyone at all, or it is present, but not pronounced, the absence of sexual attraction, or its presence, but at a minimum low level allows you to focus well on something, for example on science. Living beings have a sexual temperament, each has its own, conditionally it can be divided into high, medium, weak. The reason, they say alcoholism and drug addiction is a permanent fear, depression, generally in the so-called nevrotiz ation of personality, people who are called emotional likely to use tranquilizers. Why is there something called alcoholism and drug addiction in both rich and poor countries, because those who are called neurasthenics exist in both poor and rich countries. According to information from popular science films, when you psychologically «break» yourself, new neural connections are formed and then after their formation it becomes psychologically easy. In poor countries, in order to live well in the material sense, you only need to study, invent, or successfully marry or marry, but this may not be for long. It is necessary that there is always a money «nychka» so that there is money for a «rainy» day, otherwise, in any emergency, you may simply not survive (divorce, illness, dismissal from work, war in the state in which you live), the money must be for an emergency the case is always, no money, you are in danger! I personally witnessed the actions of «sober» (not emotional) people, about a policeman, she (his wife) works in a bank. For now, many devoted themselves to emotional actions such as divorces between a wife and husband, went to court for this, drank alcohol, a police officer and his wife, a bank employee, saved money, as soon as a political and economic crisis began in the country in which they lived, they took with them the accumulated them money and left for a stable country, many people who lived an emotional life, «sat on the ass», becoming beggars, immediately forgot about all their emotional actions and began to lead the same way of life as a former police officer and already a former bank employee, save money and put them at the head of everything! In some countries, if not married or married before the age of 30, then it is not normal or abnormal in the conventional sense of the word. Almost all beautiful people from those who are called dependent, they are not adapted to life and do not know how to do anything, it is such people as yours and your opposite sex who only need money from you (some guys generalize all girls when they say that girls only need money). You don’t really need to feel sorry for yourself, there are places where living beings are much worse than those, for example, prison, if it is difficult for you to be free, then it is not recommended for you to get there, it will be even harder for you there. Some people notice the suffering of people, their suffering, but do not notice the suffering of animals, there are places where they are caught on the streets are kept for subsequent killing (euthanasia), there are places where animals go crazy, this happens to foxes, which are kept for the subsequent manufacture of fur coats from them, foxes gnaw off their paws. Any person who made you a nuisance can later be «broken off», for example, if your abuser is in jail, you can go to the remand prison and shout anything that discredits the offender in front of other prisoners, for example, shout that he is an informer. There are many «underground» currents, not knowing about which you can lose a lot of money and time, for example, you open a cafe, because you have seen enough of the wealth of a cafe owner, you think that you will get rich the same way, but the cafe turns out to be an unprofitable business and the cafe is opened only for that to «launder» the money that came from another, «shadow» business. Why is money laundering in cafes, because there is less control over the flow of people than in other businesses, as a rule, it is not known how many people came per day, 100 or 1000. In modern society, in any case, someone’s rights will be violated so that you feel good (if you live in a state with a high standard of living), but if you live in a state with a low standard of living, then your rights will be infringed so that someone can feel good from a country with a high standard of living. In general, throughout history, someone is exploiting someone, no one has complained to psychologists and psychiatrists that he gets tired at work. You get tired, so you need a slave, went on a military campaign, brought a slave. For many who could not master a serious specialty, for example, such as a surgeon, engineer, etc. there are slight signs of what is called a borderline mental race with a trinity (mild neurosis, mild hyperactivity syndrome, etc.)?

Tricks that can have a psychotherapeutic effect no worse than official psychotherapy, try to say the following phrase to someone who is called an alcoholic or a drug addict (and preferably more than once): «What did your parents do to you, they spoiled you, they didn’t deny you anything, They ruined your life by doing this, made you dependent.»

In politics, one can also change the way of thinking with the help of phrases, for example: " Calls for anyone, anywhere, to die for their homeland, or for something else, this is suicide propaganda.»

And in general I will not be surprised that soon the desire to «load» people with some information will be regarded as aggression.

Friends, allow you to present the material of my new work, for the creation of which I had to go through a lot, I am really sure that almost everyone, like me, an average person goes through this much and even more, and all his difference from me is only that he does not inform to those around him through what he went through and the analysis of what he went through, so as usual I urge everyone to try themselves as writers, bloggers, etc., the experience of everyone and not only of a psychological and journalistic nature can be useful to someone. When you write something yourself, what you write turns out to be something that is not industrial, not factory, not «rolled», not but menclature, monopoly, in a word, freedom of creativity is freedom of creativity. Perhaps somewhere in the book it is written simultaneously from the first, from the second or from the third person — this is due to the fact that there was no time to adjust the material, please do not pay attention to this and please do not pay attention to other obvious shortcomings — this is again due to the lack of a lot of free time.

Some people are not afraid of losing their job, but of the unpleasant sensations associated with this, some people are not afraid of losing power, but of the unpleasant sensations associated with this — higher powers control all living things with the help of pleasant and unpleasant sensations, especially this is expressed in the reproductive instinct, you do not reproduce" withdrawal «multiplying pleasure — is it so that living organisms do not die out? Many people have an intrapersonal conflict (cognitive dissonance) or stupor when they need to make any decision — is it because their brain considers everything from different points of view, and not from any one, for example, from the point of view of survival? Psychology, psychiatry is focused only on a certain social stratum, like many other things, including a healthy lifestyle (healthy lifestyle)? How to optimize healthy lifestyle for a wider audience? Man’s mission is clearly not to suffer from what are called bad moods and fears, or who controls a person with the help of a bad and good mood and with the help of other emotions? There are only deeply «digging» life teachers, coaches, psychologists and philosophers around, no one to talk to about the day? The time has come when there are many producers of intangible goods (they say that in some countries there are almost as many writers as there are readers) and there are not enough people involved in manual labor? Some, in some states, are disoriented, not realizing that they are slaves (slaves in a non-offensive sense, and even the presidents of poor countries can be called slaves, since the conditions of survival in poor countries are absolutely harsh for all strata of society than in the rich, to stay in the presidential chair, respectively heavier). T nly refers to slaves in classical understanding of this phenomenon, and slaves in its present form, the slaves are allowed to what is called a weakness, which slaves and slave will not name, but they are still slaves? «This is to prove your imaginary superiority on such that…”, what is the initiation of a criminal case, for hazing in the army, for robbery, for robbery, for hooliganism, etc. is it an attempt to equalize the slaves, everyone has to work and restrain what is called emotions? The less emotional you are, the more chances you have to achieve something and become the freest slave among all slaves?

The richer the state of which you are a citizen, or rather, the higher the standard of living in the state of which you are a citizen, the less slavery you are, perhaps you will not have any signs of a slave at all, you will «sit» on a large unemployment benefit and have nothing do not deny yourself not working anywhere, all the hard work will be done in your country by visitors from other countries less rich than your country. Perhaps you yourself are rich, you have a lot of money, or you have an apartment in a financially good place that you rent out to someone dearly, in which case you are definitely not a slave. Dangerous from the point of view of survival if you yourself are not rich or if you are from a state with a high standard of living and at the same time you have s so-called bourgeois (characteristic usually rich) habits or simply habits, which are not conducive to the survival and refer you to the category of those who are called non-self and addicted, as well as if you have personality traits and behavior that are not conducive to survival, namely, you use alcohol or drugs, suffer from what is called gambling addiction, is highly emotional, prone to what is called falling in love, to aggression, to emotional dependence on others people (you can’t do without someone who is called friends), you can’t feel painless without the opposite sex, you have what is called mental disorders, etc. etc. How much you are in danger because of the above can be assessed by imagination, imagine that you are in prison where you will not have the opportunity to realize what you did in freedom, you will not have alcohol, drugs, tranquilizers, etc. … etc., you will not even have a mobile phone since it is prohibited in prison, will you survive at least one day in prison, will you cope with the deprivation of everything, will you remain sane. If you doubt that you will master the prison with such a cart that you have, then work on yourself, «cut off» what are called weaknesses if you decide to live as long as possible. Perhaps you don’t even know that there are people without what are called weaknesses and these are not only so-called negative characters who are in prison for long terms, but also, for example, astronauts. Here it is slavery in its modern sense, you seem to be free, but as soon as you relax you will be in trouble in the form of a prison and other troubles. If you are from a state with a low standard of living and you yourself are not rich, you just have to study, for example, to be a programmer or a doctor, to study from anyone, this is in order for your standard of living to be at its best, or you need to strengthen your psyche or how people say nerves, in order to sell themselves, or rather some of their qualities or knowledge, to an employer, the world is a big market where human resources are also sold, as some politicians say — human resource is the second oil. Additional information on how and what to do in terms of survival is below in the material of this work. If you are from a poor country and ended up in a rich country, you will not receive the benefits that are local, at least once, you will have a lot of work, usually more than places n s, so you before you go somewhere, must have suitable qualities, namely as little as possible of what are called weaknesses and psychological problems. But there is one thing, but any of the slaves can become the master of life, you can work a lot and start your own business with the money you earned or invent something by working hard, sell it and not work anywhere else, as the programmer did if I’m not mistaken whose name and surname I don’t remember, he invented a program related to the work of a taxi, sold it very dearly and went to live, sort of like in London.

Between some people there is a civil war all the time, a psychological civil war, many of each other, as they say, «extinguish» and «troll», on the Internet, on the street, in a store, in public transport, etc. You post your video on the Internet, leave a comment under someone else’s video and some will start to «vomit» you in a psychological sense and it cannot be otherwise, since there is something that is not biologically possible, it is impossible for most to refuse sex and aggression. The task of people is to release serotonin and other internal opiates — it only seems to people that this war is about money, power, etc., the war is over domestic pleasure-inducing drugs — dopamine, endorphin, etc.

You should never follow «memes» it is very dangerous and can ruin your life, ruin the generally accepted concept of the word (about what «memes» are below in the material). All living things look like programmed biorobots, each of which knows what he needs to do, but not a person, or rather some people, they do not know what to do and because of this they have what are called problems. A person is a very plastic material, it is possible to «sculpt» anyone with the help of words, phrases and other information-carrying methods, and even remake him in a psychological sense, from a fearful one to make a bold one and vice versa. Place any person from the moment of his birth in any environment and he will be the way this environment wants to see him or he will correspond to this environment. What will happen if someone from the moment of his birth will be raised by a robot: film «Robot Child» (I am Mother), year 2019, Australia, directed by Grant Sputor.

Good times create weak people, weak people create bad times, bad times give rise to strong people, strong people create good times. "And then all over again, this is the kind of recycle (author’s note). They say that this is ancient Chinese wisdom.

Lyrics: Some of those who become leaders, teachers of life and fighters for people’s happiness are simple idlers who are saved from physical labor in this way, or are they those who cannot do anything? The realities of the 21st century, more and more people do not want to work physically, everyone has moved to philosophers, teachers of life, leaders and fighters for national happiness. H astupit whether happiness of the people if the land will remain only producers of intangible goods and disappear manufacturers of material goods, what will happen if every inhabitant of the earth suddenly realizes that he is" the Messiah,» and work on the construction site at the plant, on the field or in the mine is not for him whether scientific and technological progress will keep pace with such a transformation of people, which will introduce robots engaged in physical labor into society instead of humans. What kind of principle do some of those who consider themselves philosophers and teachers of life have-come out of the «binge» and let’s teach everyone how to live.

Memes can be divided into street and official. Where did the «memes» come from? This has already been said and will be said: with street "memes" everything is clear in other words, street «wiring» with the help of «high» words («this is not a kid,» etc.). They began to use official «memes» when it became impossible to force people to do something with the help of brute physical force. And in this regard, in order to stimulate people to work, they simply started fooling their heads with what is called high morals. Many were harmed and, as a rule, those who were harmed by it came from incomplete or from the so-called dysfunctional families or from families in which their older members were already «memoized.» All the difference is that in families considered to be prosperous by conventional standards, there is someone to tell that «memes» are nonsense and that the main thing is education, money, dusty work and health.

With 100% accuracy, we can say that those who come up with «memes» only need power and money. «Memes» for them are the so-called social cement that gives them stability in society and an instrument of management. Those inventing «memes» think soberly from the generally accepted point of view and correctly from the point of view of survival — their goal is power and money, it is clear that with such life attitudes you will not be lost (for an ordinary person to survive, you can not strive for the first, but the second is mandatory). They start with «memes», as a rule, people from incomplete or from so-called dysfunctional families, which can aggravate their situation, again from the point of view of survival.

«Switchers» are those who decided to change their specialty. It is worth noting that some people from incomplete or from so-called dysfunctional families are the coolest «Switchers», since they can change many jobs before they find something of their own in life and in many respects the way to" find oneself" is lengthened by" memes». By the way those who absorb the «memes» and refers to any information offered to them is not critical today adopted nazyvat s «hamsters».

For convenience, all information of the material can be linked to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle (HLS) sometimes requires a change in personality, this is necessary from the point of view of survival and the HLS itself. Sometimes, if n e Change to howl personality — will not survive or will spend their health. A healthy lifestyle in a psychological sense is, first of all, the absence of «memes» (phrases, words, abstractionisms and stereotypes designed to control and manipulate people, create an inferiority complex and a guilt complex: «I was not in the army, it means not a man», «Are you a coward? " «Mr. de your conscience? ", «T ebe not ashamed?», «cops» zdaval «not patsanski», «U Reda home", etc.). Sometimes “ memes» are a new way of exploitation, after the abolition of slavery, it became impossible to force people to do something, and this was replaced by «memes», «war memes» and how strangely they work on some of them perfectly. And, most importantly, all over the world, as a rule, those who grew up or grows up in an incomplete or dysfunctional family fall under the hypnosis of «memes». Example of information on the Internet: «The girl committed suicide due to the fact that her intimate video appeared on the Internet,» it would seem another in its place told everyone: «Z Avida silence, men dream of me sitting without pants near a computer s yutera". You begin to study the biography of the above get it over lice with a girl and It appears I have, that she is from single-parent families. It follows from this that «memes» are dangerous, in some cases they cause what is called alcoholism and drug addiction and more than one psychiatrist or narcologist will not say this! And they usually «beat» people from the above families, since they have no relatives who will say that this is all nonsense for controlling and manipulating people and that such nonsense as «memes» can be thought of by everyone of their own, and most importantly, to survive in life, health and money. Why did such a thing as «memes» appear? Because the situation in society has changed, no one can be driven into any places by force, but the need for people to be in these places remains. By the way, in super rich countries, locals do not serve in the army at all, even symbolically, and there is a «meme» — «was not in the army, then not a man» does not «walk» among the masses at all. Only people from poor countries serve in the army in these super rich countries, and among them one can assume that there are similar «memes».

Or, for example, «meme» «homeland». Some rulers use it to bind people living in their state to their place of residence, otherwise who will they rule and who will work if everyone disperses.

From the point of view of mental and physical health, «memes» can sometimes harm people, especially the so-called «battle memes», they are designed, as already mentioned, to form in a person, for example, a feeling of inferiority if he does not do something or a feeling of guilt (» fighting memes» — this is the official name of «memes», about «battle memes» they say in educational institutions dealing with information technology). And everyone who has some kind of life experience can say who the main consumer of these «memes» is — a person from an incomplete family or from a so-called dysfunctional family, in these places there is no one to take off the «noodles from the ears», which is so «cool» and pathetically called «battle memes»». Also, again, as already mentioned, all of the above is called manipulation by instilling an inferiority complex or manipulation by creating a guilt complex. Whole stories are devoted to what is commonly called «memes», for example: «The Hot Stone» by Arkady Gaidar, where it is about conscience. A person from an incomplete or dysfunctional family may have several paths in life, before he finds himself, he may be a cleaner, a criminal, etc.

A healthy lifestyle is not only eating organic food, sports, health monitoring (this will be discussed in the material of this work), it is also the availability of the necessary information that will simplify life and, accordingly, prolong it. In terms of survival and healthy lifestyle, «memes» can be dangerous both for the life of so and for health, they can trigger a hit in those places where you can lose and life and health I have, for example, in prison or even in another it was called, some speakers 20th century «center for the elimination of unemployment.»

Usually, «squeeze» from a book is done at its end, in this case, it was decided to make a «squeeze» at the beginning of this work and «squeeze» not only from this material, but also from previously published books: «Tacit resources of some good mood» and «Planet of biorobots?»

1. I realized that this is the best way to behave for my situation? With full confidence we can assert on the basis of their experience, that of any person, on the basis of existing achievements in the area of what is called in psychology and coaching rather even of something else, the concept of psychology and coaching here is not quite coming so, most with help with the help of certain information, you can «sculpt» in the psychological sense, anyone. And this is irrespective of the so-called psycho- genetic predispositions of whom they are going to «mold» someone from. From the scared, you can make the bold and vice versa, from the depressive, cheerful and vice versa.

Does genetics also affect human behavior? Affects like everything on this planet no more and no less than half. Those who have home a few animals, for example, several cats, or cats, may notice that some of them are very brave, he was not fighting tsya to run out into the entrance or on the street, someone dared balanced and shy at the same time, and someone generally neurotic who afraid of everything to the point of abnormality. Is this proof that everything is genetically predetermined? But there is, as they say, one but. Animals cannot be «loaded», i.e. fill with information verbally, respectively, in such a way as communication, they cannot be altered.

Lyrics with a grain of salt: those who are called politicians should work in retirement as those who are usually called psychiatrists, they are good at «loading» people, plus professionals from politicians correctly understand everything that happens in the world, they know all the so-called hardware games.

I want to emphasize that it is possible to radically me be the person, in simple words, actions, as well as the environment in which will be s Xia this person and perhaps this will change by itself is a psychological genetics of someone changing psychologically. The fact that genetics has nothing to do with, and the main thing in the formation of a person is information, or the actions of someone and the environment can be seen on the example of the population of various modern countries. In some country, most people will be from the category of those who are called arrogant, in others they will be scared, and the ancestors of these scared people in the past were brave warriors, where are their genes if everything depends on genes. There are such countries. In ashi doubts may shatter, if any, when you yourself spend sociological ICs with research. Consequently, of the fact who are called alcoholics, drug addicts and psychopaths can make a person with mental cosmon BTA and vice versa. And this can be done simply by using the necessary information, taking the necessary actions and placing it in a certain environment. You need to «load» a person with a word. If you want to change someone, this is what politicians and those who serve them, trade organizations and those who work for them know and do, and so on.

2. Do you love power, but do not like politics and civil service? By ak satisfy the instinct for power alternative methods and what is called ambition — write books, music, the word «Sign up» in those areas where he could ut form your fans. Moreover, books and other works do not have to be about politics, they can be about anything, for example, about repairing a car. The easiest way to get to the social status who never had it to write a book, music and so on. How can you then maximize your work? H ome use SEO promotion on the Internet, provoking scandals, connected as collaborators with expertise in what is either or famous people, serve in the army of his government during the military actions (it is worth noting that in some gosudars tvah many artists and writers of various spheres of the previously participated in the war, the state did not forget them and helped to realize themselves). How do you know what topic to write books on and create other works on? You need to know the so-called social order, painful topics, what interests people or what would interest people. It’s like in marketing, the demand of potential consumers is studied.

3. In a nutshell, an alcoholic and a drug addict is the one, who has what is called a neurosis or phobias, or other so-called n ogranichnye mental rasstroys Twa and neurosis-like states such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, and cognitive-dissonance. What is called alcoholism and drug addiction occurs in some of -this fact that they are not right with the conventional view perception of the world, and men in addition to everything in general need obsession than anything, it is an obsession, and not a hobby, it is important, for example, obsession with power, money, science, in order to completely abandon alcohol and other psychostimulants. In order to become an alcoholic, drug addict, neurasthenic, certain qualities of the psyche are needed — being stuck on something, i.e. memory of any event, for example a negative one, and for men the reason for what is called alcoholism and drug addiction is also the absence of obsession. Alcoholism and drug addiction occurs due to the fact that he was not «stuck» on anything before, the vacuum of this so-called logical part of the brain is filled, if we speak in computer language. Individuals who do not get stuck (they have spent time in prison, forgotten, quarreled, forgotten) achieve something global, since they do not «scatter» their attention. Those who are called an alcoholic and a drug addict are people in search of a leader, as a leader in the sense of a person and in the sense of any obsession with something. Alcohol and drugs give the same sensations as a leader in the person of a person — this is calmness and confidence, alcohol and drugs for some is a leader.

4. But to be calm and confident it is not necessary to be a leader, cosmonauts are all calm and confident in themselves, but they are not leaders and. With ccording documentary leaders on a profession «clipped» on Theories in whom testing, on-orbit-controlled people are needed. A leader in politics (especially an opposition leader, so that they cannot collect dirt on him) is not a stuck person, with a stable psyche that does not change under any circumstances, without what is considered to be weaknesses or with their minimum (this is the ideal). An acting leader in politics should have the same qualities as an opposition leader, but this is, again, ideally. He lives for money from the budget of his country, an opposition leader for money from the budget of another country (this fact he can «veil» with donations from someone else for his activities). This policy sells (in the best sense of the word, as it makes the military or the doctor) his strong nerves Politi Cams countries that are prot and delving mi politicians of the country in which it is located. Why did he become oppositional? One of the reasons may be that he didn’t manage to get into the local budget, he didn’t get a place, if I may say so, and he «trolls» the current government, receiving wages for this from the budget of a foreign state, he became a state employee, only another state employee country. If he is lucky and he becomes president, then he will promote the interests of the government of this state on his land. How do some opposition politicians think? And what he gave me (there is one against whom the opposition politician is working, in whose place he wants), let him take me to the government or pay for my «silence». Well, of course, not every current politician is ready to expand the staff in his parliament and take an opposition politician there or pay him for his «silence», well, not every politician is ready to order someone to be killed, since the law enforcement machine can turn against him, and even those who ready to kill someone, too, there is no faith, he can simply «hand over» the one who ordered someone to kill or subsequently blackmail.

No matter how someone loves some politicians, they are still needed so that there is no chaos and civilization continues to exist. Their activities are mutually beneficial both for themselves and for the people living in their country. Politicians have made social services: firefighters, doctors, police, army, they need people to be healthy and live in safety, only in such conditions people can work well. Well, people themselves will not refuse to be healthy, they and their relatives.

5. Always before what is usually called an insult, there is «intelligence» on the subject of who is who they want to insult, whether he will respond to the insult. For example, whatever the boss wants to offend a subordinate whom he does not know personally (how can it be that the boss does not know the subordinate personally, maybe, for example, in the police (militia) or in the army, when there are a lot of subordinates, and the boss is very large, he leads everyone divisions). Why did he want to insult someone, to «cooler» look in front of subordinates who have heard his insult against someone or perhaps even because of the pleasure of insults.

6. The stereotype of some men that women need only money is not true (and some women about men), in ernee true, but here again there was a generalized, with tereotip true, but only in relation to, the names of some women and men. Faithful in most cases in relation to those who belong to a certain social stratum of people, to the so-called not rich stratum, to the stratum of people who do not have money and at the same time they cannot earn enough money for them. Such w omen and men can understand, they tend to live in a poor state, maybe relaxed in my childhood and youth, spending time on pleasure, not to study and work, therefore did not acquire a normal profession. If we are talking about women from the above-mentioned poor stratum, then they may be without a husband, they usually have children who need to be fed, but there is no education that makes it possible to earn good money and there are no other opportunities to get money. They are lucky if they belong to the category of beautiful and only on this they can earn a living or earn extra money. This is where the stereotype of some men comes from that women only need money. In which countries such a stereotype is relevant, naturally, in not rich, where it is difficult to survive, in some rich countries in general feminism, women themselves initiate sex and men should not pester them with offers to get acquainted, as this is illegal. Those women and even men who are well arranged in life and at the same time beautiful will not «strain» themselves with this type of earnings (as some say «beg» and live at the expense of someone). B olee of those women who are considered ugly prepared to contain themselves men, the conclusion: some so-called beautiful, are due to both men and women, usually from the category of so-called «consumer» and" non-self" and thus of poor money layer, those who are looking for whom can be "hooked" so that they can be contained later. Such poor people who are looking for those who will keep them for an amateur, if someone is not annoyed by a relationship when one side in them only thinks how to deceive you or something to fuck from you, then there are no questions. Usually, these women and men, normal men and women do not communicate with them to start a relationship what be flawed people, flawed is, ready to do anything and they think that they have found a queen or king — is told it is one of the women you sheukazannogo type of consumer… Some inhabitants are called the representatives of tacos first type and people schmuck, filth, and believe that these are in any difficult moment to betray and from them there is no impact, in terms of survival. They can not be friends, to help them, too, does not make sense, they only hurt, it is sometimes expressed in the self-determination at the expense of the one who helps them, by his abuse, they just beg t and Zabi rayut from the one who was careless enough to contact them money.

By the way, if you believe bloggers who have long-term experience of living in countries where feminism exists very seriously, then according to their statements, most women after 40 completely stop looking at the world through their feminist beliefs. This is not said to draw attention to feminism, but to the fact that people after 40 begin to think differently, they all become more similar to each other in their views on life.

In general, those who do not want to work, especially physically and at the same time cannot engage in intellectual work, develop, so to speak, cunning personality traits: a tendency to manipulate, etc. Always surprised people (both men and women) who invest their money in such people without looking at themselves. They do not have repairs at home, sometimes they do not have health, new clothes, but instead of investing in themselves, they bring money to «schematists» who do not always give something in return. But those to whom they give money dress fashionably, buy cars, whiten their teeth, monitor their health by spending money on examinations, etc. First of all, you need to invest in yourself and you also need to save money for a rainy day, you don’t invest in yourself, but in someone, or in something (alcohol or even worse, drugs), you don’t save money, you don’t study, you are «fooled» by «Memes» are also a threat to your survival. What if love? But what about people who are in prison for life, they live without sex with the opposite sex, without communication with the opposite sex? By f course it all depends on the prison regime for good behavior can be assigned to and meeting with his wife or her husband, though not frequent, and treatment depends on how serious the offense is committed. Everything that is called and considered weakness harms survival, building relationships with a cunning and at the same time not rich person who at any moment can direct this cunning against you is dangerous. With any difficulties in life (loss of work), you can lose everything (there will be attempts to sue an apartment, divide up property, etc.), in addition, you can be replaced by another life partner, all this can «break» you even more and alcoholism will begin, which generally not acceptable from the point of view of survival. You can contact such a person if in no other way, but the attitude towards him should be appropriate, you do not need to confess your love, so that later you will not be manipulated, not to marry and not to get married, so that you do not lose your property later in a divorce, etc.…

For those who want to find with the help of a dating site a generally accepted point of view, independent, not difficult for a person’s character, I advise you to look for him among emigrants working abroad (in Europe), not even among emigrants, but among those who are working there. After talking to them you will immediately feel the difference between them and the people of your region, and this difference is likely due to the fact that people with other characters’s earnings ki do not go, go simple, not tons of ore, or not complex in the sense of the nature of the people complacent «Peacocks» usually stay at home.

Lyrics: Some people call some people in the form wolves, and some do not think so, they consider them «peacocks» and that the most «peacocks» are where they wear the uniform.

7. Beautiful girls are all evil, as the hero of the film «Love is Evil» said (this film will be discussed in this work), and they are evil (irritable) because there is a lot of competition from among the "consumers" who are beautiful, as a rule. find the one who will contain the «consumer». And in general, all women need permanent relationships, or rather, most women, they were programmed that way. It is necessary to «roll up» to the beautiful if there is a specific provocation from them, for example, they stare at you, saying «roll up» to me with their eyes. Without it there is no point in trying to get acquainted, the chances certainly are, but they are usually very minimal, beautiful or how else they are called «Peacock» is better just to ignore if they do not show interest to you, «ignore» too high, it is said to ambition, temper which you comfort.

Lyrics: the more beautiful, depraved, beautiful and more accessible a woman that a man found on a dating site on the Internet, the further she lives from him.

Is it bad that you met a proud person — pride is the lack of cunning, and the absence of cunning if you are from the category of ordinary people and are in an ordinary society is dangerous from the point of view of survival. On dating sites, are there those who have a communication disorder («star fever»), which sometimes (I emphasize, sometimes, not always) interferes with starting a relationship and getting a job? By the way, arrogance can also be carried from to a violation of communication, the arrogant have great chances of never finding a second half for themselves, and if we draw an analogy with trade, then often too expensive goods in it may never be sold and it will have an expiration date.

If you are an average man (average not in the offensive sense of the word), then you probably will not mind women writing to you first. Register on Facebook and get ready for the fact that girls and women from African and Asian countries will write to you and invite you as friends. Some of them themselves will offer you to have sex through the Internet, you just have to invite a couple of girls from these countries as friends, after their girlfriends will find you themselves, at least until the moment and at the time of writing this book it was just like that. For whatever reason, they themselves will take the initiative in everything, they want to leave these continents, or you are of interest to them as a man, draw your own conclusions.

8. As some men «jump» from a relationship with a beautiful woman if she does not give herself to them, so most beautiful and not only beautiful women «jump» from a relationship with a man if they do not see prospects, if they see that they have not «hooked» a man with anything, they are told about this by the fact that a man can disappear for a week or more, not communicate. Still beautiful women can end a relationship if a man does not spend financially on them (again, the same can be said about some considered handsome men).

9. Women need relationships, women, or rather, most of them are «programmed» for this by higher powers. I came to see a female doctor, her first appointment was kind, a boorish or other incident came the second time, the woman’s boss was kind for a while, then she became irritable — all these women turned out to be unmarried and had no serious relationship with the opposite sex, so they expected that they would be approached with an offer to get to know them more deeply. This did not happen and they" turned on" their real character. By the way, it is desirable to know and correctly interpret the signs of the opposite sex, if he is of course interested.

10. You need to moan when having sex even when you don’t want to, etc., well, this advice is still suitable in the case under consideration in this paragraph, or rather it will do, but not in all cases. It seems that the coaching of intersexual relations has reached its «omega» point, everyone knows everything, there is nothing more to add. But to do to ugly people what beautiful people do is contraindicated. Watch the video where a beautiful coachers teaches people how ugly introduces s camping, but there is one, but- beautiful always live better than ugly. The trainings are generalized, for those who are considered ugly and for those who are considered beautiful, but everything should be different. A beautiful girl does not need trainings, she is already being «rolled up» from all sides. And all that can be said to those who are considered ugly — you need to be active and approach the men yourself, this can «outplay» the beautiful, since they are usually proud and because of this they are afraid of men, they simultaneously attract them to themselves and push away from themselves and they have no activity in the sense of «by Dr. Katov» to the man. A real case about which it seems like it was said or will be said: a man came to an unmarried girl to the doctor to get to know him, she was naughty and he did not come again, although she provoked him for the first time to tackle her, smiled and gave other signs.

11. By the way, to beautiful women whoever and wherever they work, as a seller in a store, as a doctor in a hospital, men come to look at them, but they do not know and understand everything. As a woman acquaintance said, ks tati is from the category of those who are accepted to be considered beautiful: «Guys do not like being fucked by their brains,» she meant that they do not like when women don’t give themselves up to them at once or try to manipulate them. About screaming in sex when you don’t want to. There are those who love naturalness and, moreover, this is expressed in everything, if a person loves non-commercial music, then he does not want unnaturalness in sex and in relationships, he needs naturalness in everything.

12. In family and household relationships, if one of the family members is proud (husband or wife), then the other should be simple. It is the same at work, ideally if you are proud yourself, you need to find a job where the boss will be easier for you. In short, if you are complex yourself, then you need to look for a simple partner. And yet, a husband or wife needs to be «loaded», convinced of something, this will concretize the family.

13. As one guy said: «She has a whole round dance of» deer «like you.» How to stand out in front of a person who is considered to be beautiful, for example, a female? E If the girl does not transmit appropriate signals (smiles for example), then it is better to ignore and not" drive up" to her, as she did «a dance of the deer you» and you risk in this regard, to be like everyone who it rolls up to her, when you do not get to know you become different from others. Conclusion, if a woman does not give any provocative signals that you are interesting to her (does not look, does not smile), then there is no point in «rolling up».

14. It is necessary to recognize the signals of the opposite sex, if a woman looks at a man with lazy eyes or smiles at him, she knows that he «rolled up» to her, of course there may be «misfires», but women behave this way when they want to provoke someone. tackle them.

15. There are psychological and physiological needs that do not change and are repeated in the future, recycle. «… First you need to offer vodka to him, then to me, and then pour yourself for yourself», exemplary words of one of the heroes of the film «Heart of a Dog», USSR. «… to him, to myself, then to me… you torture yourself as under the tsarist regime…» approximate words from the answer of another hero of the above film. Etiquette is clearly invented in order not to irritate others and other considered negative emotions, i.e. people know pretty well how others will react to their behavior. By the way, directors do not always shoot films out of sheer enthusiasm, they are also ordered «music» by those who are in power. In the USSR, films were filmed and shown glorifying the workers (the proletariat), and immediately after the collapse of the USSR, the main characters in the films began to say that they did not like the proletariat.

16. It is noticed that courageous people without so-called borderline mental disorders do not have what is called withdrawal syndrome in its generally accepted understanding, or rather, there is no psychological component of it, no matter how old these brave people are (no feeling of anxiety, no hallucinations, etc..). It was also noticed that such people are not addicted to alcohol and other psychostimulants. Conclusion, and the withdrawal syndrome («withdrawal») depends on the presence and the degree of borderline mental disorders.

17. There is no so-called interclass mobility, you cannot become someone from someone — this is what is called propaganda used to incite people against the current government and in any state by political opponents, and are these words just politics? Write a book about what you know better or not worse than some, and you have acquired social status from there. Also, you work on a non-prestigious job that you read, for example, learn some kind of programming language or a foreign language and you already have a solid profession. And in general, if you do not learn anything, but do not drink alcohol, in any case, you will be promoted to a leading position, this is almost 100%. Formula: don’t drink alcohol — boss. By the way, there is a stereotype that a programmer needs to know mathematics, but as far as I know, this is not so, at least as far as web programming (website development, etc.) is concerned, mathematics and other exact sciences are needed only when creating game engines, means objects pushing off the wall in the game, etc.

18. The ideal, from the point of view of survival does not need not to whom to communicate, of course unless those BOJ is going smoothly for your psyche, or vice versa communicate, again, if the consequences after "binding" with someone or go to you as painless and the some then regret what happened. In a poor country, what is considered weakness will interfere with survival and all this needs to be cut off: friends, alcohol, etc. Here you can do it much more painlessly than, for example, in prison. Officially in the prison they want to «cut off» the so-called weaknesses of all the prisoners in the category there.

19. Be careful with some state employees, fraudsters or their children, as some of them, in order not to work, are physically accustomed to manipulating people. And they have in stock so-called «battle memes» (verbal means like: «you have no conscience», «you are not a man», «I would be ashamed», «weakling», etc.), for deception or motivating citizens to act in the right direction.

20. Why give in to someone’s manipulative criticism, anyway, sooner or later they will die, in fact, you succumb to the influence of the future, no matter how strange it sounds, corpses, do what you want, act like a soul lies.

21. Why do citizens of some countries live better than citizens of other countries, in connection with which in some countries the standard of living is higher, while in others it is lower? Because some believe the rich countries, the ancestors of living in the moment, the people there, creating colonies in different continents and from there were taken the wealth and slaves in their own country, in a word, there are countries which have exploited their citizens, and there are those, which have exploited foreign citizens. And in other countries, a high standard of living due to the large availability of minerals, etc.

22. From nekot oryh poor countries leaves the elites but in the sense of intelligence and mind, some people try to sell their intelligence and their ide cial psyche more expensive, such as going to work of IT — corporations, serve in the Foreign Legion, etc.

23. Why is it that in the civil service and in some power structures, in some countries, the attitude to all employees on the part of the bosses is different, selective, if the employees have the same abilities? P otomu that there are those among the employees, who have a connection (or their relatives) and those in which they do not exist and there are those employees who have a business (or their relatives) and those who do not. Under the «distribution» in such places fall and pull all the work, as a rule, those who are mere" mortals", without connections and business. And the «thieves» turns lyrical socio-everyday sense posture 69 is a what is called blat, Mode th You-I, I — you, or cross-pollination.

By the way, another answer to the question why it is harder to work in law enforcement agencies and in other social services of poor countries than in social services of rich countries is because in poor countries social services are overloaded, there is no money to expand the staff, there are few people in these services, but there are many challenges.

24. Everything is relative and everyone lives according to the firmware of the higher powers — you are a person, then your cat loves you, you are a bird, then he will eat you.

25. The fact that a person and other living beings were created by higher forces is proved by the fact that it is pleasant to have sex — it was created so that the living does not die out, so that you always want to reproduce.

26. Lyrical (funny) presentation of information guarantees that it will be remembered and liked.

27. The presence of an increasing number of «geniuses», life teachers (coaches) and «leaders» in a poor state can threaten its economy, since there is no one to work physically if there is no influx of labor from outside.

28. If you are rich or have a high social status, then do not believe that some people around you have frank feelings for you — for most of the poor you are of operational interest — many think that you will give them money or want to "promote" at the expense of you by arranging any be a scandal associated with you.

29. If you want to connect life with a rich man, this does not mean that he will give you money and material goods, money and material benefits of him, and not yours, and a simple worker can give you more. In my time, one girl went for a ride on a yacht with an oligarch, the whole world found out about this, but no one said that he gave her any material benefits and this was not visible from her either.

30. Let some who teach life first sort out their lives? When you criticize everyone around you do not have enough time for self-criticism? It often happens that the so-called teachers of life have a lot of their unresolved psychological and other problems.

31. The range of definition of progress in any country is a high standard of living in it.

32. Who are complex people and why do few people need them? Why do some serve in a foreign legion, work in" G coal", while others use alcohol and drugs? N otomu that they have what is not in others (what is considered to be positive) and at the opposite n are none that have etc. in g of (what is considered to be negative).

33. To survive in a poor country, you need to have to do certain moral and professional qualities, and it does not have, or have, but at least what is called a nuisance to live weaknesses and how to show some of the events it is sometimes rather applies to rich countries, there FIW do vocalist one BANNER a string of a musical group who lived in a country with a high standard of living by conventional standards and committed suicide.

34. The ideal psyche is when it doesn’t «blow the roof off» from life, when life doesn’t drive you crazy, you don’t use alcohol and drugs. Perfect mental schi thawed something when you forget everything that is called negative (the one who hurt you and do not feel sorry for someone hurt you), when you do not inspire you too hard than «gruzanut» when it is not to anyone not emotionally become attached, when a soldier on the battlefield or like a prisoner in prison you live for one day without making plans for more than a year or even less, and when there is some kind of passion that does not interfere with life, for example, for science. Passions can be divided into those that promote survival and those that are opposed to survival.

F ilm of magic tablet, which may be called populariser tranquilizers «darkness FIELD» (Limitless), US, Mexico, 2011, director Neil Burger.

By the way, as already mentioned or will be said, a very large percentage of what is called alcoholism and drug addiction comes from fears, from depression, that is, from what are called neuroses and phobias. Some people, instead of the necessary information settings and instead of medicines, in order to feel comfortable and calm, use, for example, vodka (ethanol) or heroin as a medicine and unnecessary information settings, not knowing that there are necessary information settings and approximate medical analogues of what they use, capable of removing fears, while these medical analogues are not accompanied by withdrawal symptoms, there are no such «side effects».

Attention: some psychiatrists and narcologists (mainly those who practice the so-called «coding») do not tell their patients that there is a sedative (tranquilizers) and sleeping pills to solve their problems, most likely this is due to the fact that psychiatrists and narcologists have interest to earn on the so-called «coding» from alcoholism, etc. As the doctors themselves say, you need to find a decent doctor. It’s like with lawyers, there are decent lawyers who will try to stop a criminal or administrative case before going to court, there are those who will definitely do so that the case does not end before the trial, but ends up in court so that you can earn more money on the client.

Cure for phobias, neurosis and depression, or rather the information that serves as a cure for neuritis eskers, phobias and depression, as well as their consequences in the form of alcohol and drugs need to always look at the others, those who feel comfortable without chemical psihostimulya tori, they will tell you why they are and it needs to be adopted. In addition to the information drug has drug medication in the form of a sedative «ì» «elenium» (perhaps they have a nyaty of production and there are already more modern counterparts) and sleeping pills such as" With Nexia» or «Zopiclone-LF».

ATTENTION: all medications specified in this material should be taken only after consulting a doctor! Mentioning of medicinal products by the author is not propaganda of their use, it is just information!

As an informational medicine against fear, there can be an attitude that sooner or later everyone will die anyway, so there is no point in being afraid to do what needs to be done in order to survive. You get to know the opposite sex, speak on the podium and no stupor, anyway everyone will die sooner or later, it is pointless to be afraid, to be ashamed of someone, since he and you will sooner or later cease to exist, it makes sense to be ashamed or afraid of someone if this someone sooner or late as everything will become as it sounds unpleasant corpse. Do just what you need, satisfy the need for communication without dissonance between fears and desires, without fear of social censure (you yourself can act as a censurer of someone, invent and promote your morality).

But we must not forget that there may be needs, including needs in communication with certain people, that run counter to the principles of survival or that may in the future run counter to the principles of survival because of the personality of these people, for example, communication with certain people of the opposite sex or with those who are called friends. Those who feel comfortable without friends, without the opposite sex, without alcohol, without drugs, without the Internet are considered independent. There can be different things in life, you can get to places where these qualities of independence can play a decisive role and such places: prison, army, etc., places where you need to experience hardships, but if you have no needs, then there will be no hardships as such, therefore, in order to survive, you need to reduce needs.

And one more interesting thing revealed in the course of observation: people do not have the so-called borderline mental disorders in the form of anxiety and panic disorder, depression have almost no abstin en tnyh syndromes (» brittle»), in a least pronounced. In such people there after the abolition of alcohol (ethanol) or drug panic attacks, fears and depressions («comedown»), which are those who have the above symptoms.

In short, as a rule, people who are called courageous (unemotional) do not become alcoholics and drug addicts after using alcohol or drugs. There are too nervous and whether the so-called suggestible people have great s chances to become one called a drug addict or an alcoholic, and their problems may be associated not only with drugs and alcohol, they can bude t Mans ipulirovat in many cases, because they say so fit for this in their moral qualities. They usually refer to the so-called «stuck» personalities, so they fall in love and get stuck on other phenomena that are not conducive to a comfortable existence and survival. They can be manipulated by people of the opposite sex, organizations called sects, some psychics, some fortune-tellers, some politicians and many others. For example, it is enough for an inspired person to say while eating mushrooms that among what he eats there are poisonous mushrooms and he will immediately have a panic, it is such people who are a gift for those who are called manipulators. Therefore, traditionally people impressionable (as they are called) and inspires you need to remember that they will be have an interest manipulators or if you use the «meme s», «sisichniki» looking for who to suck in the material sense, who wants to become a household state employees, for this they have a number of tools, for example, dress sexually when it comes to a person of the opposite sex, etc. Moreover, the paradox is that, as a rule, those who manipulate are similar to the people they manipulate, they are usually also impressionable, may have borderline mental disorders, it is because of this that they did not find themselves in life and became manipulators. It turns out that both the manipulated and the manipulated by him are similar in their psychological constitution to each other.

Let’s go back to psychiatrists and tranquilizers. As a rule, tranquilizers have the same effect or almost the same (depending on the power of the tranquilizer) as alcohol or drugs, but at the same time they do not have such «side effects» as from alcohol or drugs, tranquilizers for this are created to damage the psyche and for the internal organs during and after the end of their intake was minimal, and the positive effect is maximum! Some do not know this and treat phobias (eg social phobia) and depression with alcohol or drugs. The paradox is that tranquilizers are sold only on prescription (we are talking about real tranquilizers, there are some drugs that are sold without a prescription and are issued for tranquilizers, but the effect of them is usually no no, probably selling them races to read on the placebo effect), and the most powerful tranquilizer alcohol, with its severe consequences after consumption, is sold freely in stores, without a doctor’s prescription! Here politics and economics probably interfere, states need money in the budget, and most of all money can be earned on what gives people pleasure. Although states both gain on the free sale of alcohol and lose, many people die from alcohol, i.e. human resource is lost, and as the politicians themselves say, human resource is the second oil.

What you need to know if someone decides to visit a doctor in order to obtain a prescription for the purchase of any tranquilizer in a pharmacy. You need to know which doctor to go to, to a therapist, neuropathologist or psychiatrist, and for which medicine. Typically, the therapist will write a prescription for the sleeping pill Zopiclone. What is «Sonex» (Zopiclone). In addition to the hypnotic effect, this drug has a sedative property. If the use of «Sonex» (Zopiclone) is just started and one pill is taken at night, then in the morning, in addition to sound sleep, there will be a confident, friendly, calm mood, you can go to any interview, psychological testing or other important event without experiencing any excitement. If the sleeping pills to drink during the withdrawal syndrome induced by alcohol, when it comes to insomnia, the sleep of the drug problem should solve the s without problems, sleep restores camping without pohm elya. If there is a need in the daily use of the drug, it loses its power as a sleep aid, in the morning there is no euphoria as the initial reception, I think this is due to the depletion of additional and humin (or other) receptors (by the way with «attenuation» of love or sexual attraction to depletion of certain receptors is probably also associated with some person), which should begin to recover after stopping the intake of «Sonex» (Zopiclone). The drug at this stage, if there is a need to continue using it, begins to act as a tranquilizer, as a sedative.

It is incomprehensible, so to speak, not a modern approach by some doctors and not only (close or tie to the bed, coding) to relieve withdrawal symptoms, or rather understandable, most likely this approach is used for those who do not have money or vice versa to make money, because if you tell everyone, that withdrawal symptoms are easily relieved with the help of tranquilizers and antidepressants, you can lose income. And in general, if you know that there are tranquilizers and antidepressants, then it will not come to the use of alcohol and drugs in general, since a comfortable psychological state will be achieved with the help of drugs and the need for alcohol and drugs will disappear.

In the modern world, withdrawal symptoms are removed precisely with the help of tranquilizers and antidepressants, with the help of sleeping pills (doctors have a powerful sleeping pill with which they can immerse them in a medical coma for several days so that the «withdrawal» goes away painlessly), but I suppose you can do without This, apparently, is one of the approaches to the removal of withdrawal symptoms with modern methods.

The neuropathologist prescribes the so-called not strong tranquilizers, the psychiatrist is strong. But there seems to be one thing, but the psychiatrist prescribes tranquilizers extremely reluctantly, or rather, he may not prescribe them at all, advising him to drink valerian with excitement. Most likely this is due to the fact that not to add people to drugs, so as not to make them addicted, the so-called pharmacy addicts. And there is one more thing, but it seems like a visit to a psychiatrist (I don’t know just a visit or a visit for tranquilizers) is registered by the visitor’s psychiatrist, so they try to go to a neuropathologist for medications, and not to a psychiatrist.

Conclusion: emotional people use something to become unemotional, to calm down. Is it difficult to be a king psychologically when there is nowhere to move up the career ladder, you are the king and that’s it? There are rich countries with the highest living standards of their people (due to political correctness I do not name which ones) or even one rich country where drinking alcohol in a public place is not considered illegal, alcohol can be bought from the age of 16, in short, the country consists of a large number of people which are called by us (perhaps not only by us) dependent. Is it good or bad when you can drink as much alcohol as you want, since your country gives you a lot of money in the form of wages or unemployment benefits? From the point of view of survival, it is not good, since in these many «drinking» rich countries (in this country) there are many people with diabetes mellitus caused by heavy drinking, some have their legs cut off because of this disease. The pancreas does not like alcohol very much, just as other organs do not like alcohol.

I waited for a long time, and then God said: «Get on your horse and take whatever you want, if you are brave and strong,» the words of one of the main characters of the film «White Sun of the Desert», USSR, 1969, directed by Vladimir Motyl.

Those who cannot «sit down» on a horse and take whatever they want (this is especially true for those who live in a poor country) so he is not brave and not strong turns into someone who is called a neurasthenic with the subsequent transition to someone who is called an alcoholic and addict? The phrases of those who cannot «sit down» on a horse and take whatever they want, but want to take something: «You broke my life», «you are my» weight «that does not allow me to prove myself ”? Do tranquilizers help some to remove some of their emotions and become what they call brave and strong without running into what is called alcohol and drugs?


The more unmet needs, the more aggression.

Dominant alfasamets and resentment (fr. Of ressentiment / rəsɑtimɑ / «resentment, rancor, bitterness»), everything is interconnected? Many are familiar with the feeling experienced after the so-called psychological clash with someone, you think that you need to return and take revenge, or you should have answered with a more correct or more aggressive phrase. With fishing is all this inherent in the so-called average people and «schematics»? Whoever communicated with those people who have achieved something in something, they are either not emotional, while they have a passion for something that does not interfere with living, or if they are emotional, they have become «schematics», studied the algorithm of actions to realize their emotions for example went to the businessmen to have money to meet their so-called interfering affluent people live seq and Bost.

36. Drinking alcohol is either overly emotional people drowning out their emotions (such as fear, etc.), or people without «download», without passion for anything, in the positive sense of the word. It is enough just not to drink alcohol and luck will find itself.

37. Study the marital status of those who succumb to what is called manipulation and they will mostly come from an incomplete or from a so-called dysfunctional family. Each new generation of people, usually from an incomplete or from a so-called dysfunctional family, does not know what «memes» are, and those who are called manipulators manage to take advantage of this.

38. Witnessed that previously did not know each other people, different ages, different genders, different sexual orientations, using the same so-called «bluff», which should was to signal to others that they «turn their» millions «They deliberately, in the presence of other people, the subscribers were giving instructions on the phone to the fictitious about loading the wagons. «Memes» and «show-off» Scientific explicable phenomenon is peculiar to average L yudyam of discharge «skhematoznikov» "bluff" this is their «scheme». The most ideal option is not to come into contact with strangers and contact only with people from your professional field for which you have a passion, if any. E If left to the people, get ready for wiring not to make any transactions on the street, get ready to manipulation, because in the words of Amos surgeon man half animal, Napoli guilty man.

39. «Memes» (» you are not cool", " be ashamed", " you have no conscience", etc.) ruin the lives of some people and cause what is called cognitive dissonance.

40. If someone over 30 years old is not married or not married, this is suspicious and may say that this someone is a difficult person.

41. After 30 years, some men experience a «midlife crisis», usually due to the fact that the opposite sex is no longer as interested in them as before, but after 35 and above, a «second wave» begins when these men again begin to be interested in women, since many of them get divorced or lose their husbands for other reasons, for example, their husbands start drinking alcohol, do not experience a «midlife crisis».

42. Any power that the one that this guy in the hands of the pick will give to make him work. H e go on political demo n stration (unless of course you have not decided to engage in professional politics), give up the so-called friends (unless it is the friends of your professional sphere), from the opposite sex, the word «bays» as much as possible as much as possible everything that interferes with study and self-development — wasting time studying, if you are from an incomplete or dysfunctional family, this is the only way to improve your standard of living and live longer, this is the kind of life those who want to achieve something live, they refuse what they think are weaknesses, not susceptible to «memes» (not suggestible) and to manipulation. Some go to demonstrations in order to emigrate later on the status of a refugee, but you can emigrate with a better quality by receiving any specialty that is in demand all over the world: a plumber, a builder, a doctor, a software engineer, and in this case you can always return home.

43.Zamecheno that nekoto p s «want» only than the «ship» to pump up the emotional information to manipulate, «fighting memes.» How is it done, for example, in politics. It hired some politicians or rich country people from the category of so-called leaders that acts on the territory of the country with which the country conducts «cold» or psychological warfare (struggle for power) and is so employed person is a national of the country against which he was hired to work. One of his tasks is to «load» people, make them dissatisfied with their lives and raise a riot. But the funny thing is that the rich country that hired him does not give money to everyone who is dissatisfied in the country where he raises a riot, does not make the same large salaries, pensions and unemployment benefits for all dissatisfied people as for its citizens. Only «cargo», only «memes», no one wants to give money. And again, who is carrying this «load», who absorbs this information, most of them will be those who grow up in an incomplete family or in a so-called dysfunctional family. As a rule, those who grow up in the so-called prosperous and complete families will not go anywhere to rebel, they study and they have the «antidote" to «memes» and to manipulations received from their parents.

44. Most l Yod she sprung x in single-and especially in the so-called dysfunctional families, which had to communicate and actions which had to observe, think emotional categories (fear, aggression, self-pity, sexual attraction), with overshayut actions on an emotional basis, have a tendency to «dig deep» in the emotional sphere, they are directly absorbed in emotions, in short, they spend their life and time on emotions. They can be easily manipulated with «memes». Because of their emotionality, they usually have little to concentrate on, and therefore they cannot engage in intellectual work, or rather they can, but they cannot reach heights in this area, emotions interfere with them. There are emotional people from the so-called complete and prosperous families, but these people know how to satisfy their emotions within the framework of the law, and those with marital status, on the contrary, often do not succeed and they end up in prison, well, but the task of the prison is “ cut off from a person what is called weakness, so that he can become independent, so to speak. Prison is an institution that was created, as a rule, for countries where there are poor people, in rich countries the locals are not in such institutions.

45. How people who have reached any heights in the intellectual sphere of activity behave, they «hammered» on emotions and on extraneous «downloads», they are not taken by «memes», they are not emotional in the negative sense of the word, they are absorbed in one passion, for example work that they really like. It is these people who are driving progress forward, the Internet, software for the Internet, for industry, etc. they are products of their existence. It is worth repeating that these people completely (of course, not intentionally, but spontaneously) «hammered» their emotions; they are only interested in self-development and passion for what they do. How do they feel when doing their job? They completely «disconnect» from the world around them, they are able to instantly forget all negative experiences, all this displaces the passion for what they are doing. To understand this state, one can compare it with the state experienced when reading an interesting book — you are not, you are swallowed up by reading.

46. If you are in trouble, then this is completely or not entirely fate, you just relaxed and fell into what are called negative emotions and passions, lost your youth for this, did not accumulate knowledge and money, for which you suffer. History knows kings and other rulers who relaxed without paying due attention to the people and overthrew them, and they simply relaxed and thus determined their fate.

47. There is no trouble for her, everything has a so-called dualistic concept, everything gives something and takes something away, where there are some minuses, there are pluses in the other.

48. Self-develop and enjoy it, learn a foreign language and everything that you like, for example programming, there are many video enthusiasts on various topics in the net. Do it so that you’re not looking for a job, and she you to before you fawned politicians and rulers, as is the case in my time with the programmers and plumbers (in this case, the fawn only chiefs), whiny so for that they do not left the country to where they pay more. In the past, when there was no internet, you could never have met the above enthusiasts. You can change to such a state that you don’t care about everything emotional and what is connected with it. Pump yourself up with knowledge, learn a foreign language, get a demanded profession and improve — this is required for survival. Do not" pump up" with street and other «memes», go along your own path of self-development, do not «get involved» in any "movement" that does not contribute to survival, do not succumb to the influence of those who are called manipulators, a sign that you are being manipulated when they want to you did something for free (it does not mean a request to transfer an old person across the road, etc.) or for a fee, but with negative consequences for you not worth the money you were paid (to transport drugs across the border, etc.). If you are from an incomplete family or from a so-called dysfunctional family, then while you have no life experience, you can make a lot of unnecessary «body movements».

49. The less rich the state, the more it has to deal with the people, it wants its citizens to work and serve in the army, in rich states citizens of other countries serve, but since you cannot force anyone to do this by force, then how In the past, «memes» are used like: «I wasn’t in the army, so sick or not a man» (meaning states where 100% of the population is rich, and not some part of it, as a rule, these are oil-producing states).

50. Sigmund Freud «hung» on sexual problems of a psychological nature. In a few words, his work can be characterized as stories about how the brain «hammers» some people, presumably with a high sexual temperament, their suppressed sexual desire and how some of them start what is called cognitive dissonance after they begin fight among themselves sexual attraction and various «memes» (masturbating is bad, animals have sex, etc.). Some people can’t stand the dissonance between «memes» and their desires go crazy or die. Hence the conclusion that «memes» (invented by someone or by those people who control other people), whose task is to stabilize society, have the opposite effect, and most often this negative effect occurs in those who are from an incomplete family or from a so-called dysfunctional family. Those who are of normal in the conventional sense of the family does not pay attention not to what «memes» of this taught their close relatives, they are enrolled in higher education institutions x, y are installing self-developing Xia, they theoretically are more suited to life if they are both made talk is not spoiled. Well, if they were spoiled, then their very close relatives should teach how to survive being spoiled. In general, there is information that can be obtained only in very narrow circles, for example, in a family and nowhere else. The family knows the psychological algorithms that work and help to survive, it is worth emphasizing that this applies to a normal family from the generally accepted point of view. T ak higher power programmed some people (experience discomfort if not sex), then a higher power it is essential that all living things reproduce. Having sex is pleasant for a reason, it is so that all living things do not die out. By ak some scientists say we can be characters or a computer game in the computer of the future.

Temperamental men and women have sexual fantasies (someone has a higher sexual temperament, someone lower, they say that it depends on the amount of a hormone called testosterone, which both men and women have). By the way, it is its large number that prevents you from focusing on study and self-development, self-development in the sense of increasing knowledge in some area.

51. The same Sigmund Freud said that the formation of what is called the psyche begins from childhood, and not only him. Accordingly, those who are called alcoholics and drug addicts are those who were not «loaded» with anything in childhood, in the sense of information necessary for survival, with the help of which they can earn. In a word, they have nothing to sell to the employer, not intellect, not a strong psyche. But naturally, everything can be corrected, but it will be painful from a psychological point of view.

52. In each case, there is both positive and negative.

53.Pochemu everything, that is connected with the life of nature are called, probably because politicians did not want n Using the fully give up power to religious organizations.

54. If someone meets a rich man, this does not mean that he will spend his riches on him, his riches, and not the one who meets him.

55. You always need to be friends with the opposite sex, he will help.

56. The paradox is that someone who is not afraid of anything has a chance to survive and live longer than someone who is afraid of everything and suppresses his fear with alcohol or drugs. It’s the same with those who tend to feel sorry for themselves.

57. The «skhematoznikov» it is impossible to start a family, as they are absorbed by the solution «skhematoznyh» problems, or rather the creation of schemes to deal with them: where to find the one who is with me for ymo tsya sex, where to find alcohol or drugs, etc.

58. In each case, you need to dig very deeply. Someone comes to a psychiatrist, complains of depression, caused in the eyes of someone who complains about his hard work, which does the psychiatrist prescribes antidepressants. The paradox is that, according to historical data, some struggled with the bad mood caused by hard work simply, created colonies of slaves and they worked for them. Or, according to the same historical data, those who were slaves raised an uprising to no longer work, as they were in a bad mood from work. Now in some countries the doctor prescribes medications for those who are psychologically difficult, for those who are tired of work, but cannot leave it. Well, the doctor will not say go find a slave or go to a rich country where you do not need to work and you can «sit» on a large social benefit, he prescribes pills. And the authorities of these countries will not let you in on their holiday of life, because if they start to let everyone in, their holiday will end and they will have to go to work, and possibly even physically.

59. While the emotional suffer from unrequited love, lack of relationship or sex, people of science are constantly moving forward.

60. This is not a loss of morality, just everyone has become like politicians, many have understood what «memes» are and they themselves want to manage everything with the help of these «memes», including politicians (morality can also be attributed to a «meme», because morality is what is beneficial someone, and not morality is something that is not profitable). Politicians or those who serve them decide what is «zapad» and what is not, depending on the situation, and interpret it into «memes».

61. You drink alcohol, but you yourself want to communicate with the opposite sex who does not drink alcohol, do not drink and communicate.

62. Do not listen to anyone, send all the "teachers" of life to hell, you can only listen to someone on whom you are dependent on something.

63. In films in which the so-called «cool» are shown, you need to write a warning that this is just a movie, and outside the cinema, all cool (half-cool) in one place are groovy and their house is a prison, as warnings about the dangers of smoking are written when in any the cinema is smoking. Those who grow up or grew up in an incomplete or in a so-called dysfunctional family should be provided with benefits. Since it is they, those who are from an incomplete or from a so-called dysfunctional family, receive the greatest processing of «memes» that distort reality and cripple the psyche, and then the body, and it is they who cannot compete in some cases in terms of arrangement in life with those who are from complete or a prosperous family.

64. Do not climb into the place that is not yours, from the presence in which you do not develop hormones of pleasure, continue to look for your own, then from which you experience pleasure. The whole life of all living things «tied» to the hormones of pleasure, using n their higher power speak live with uschestvam what they need to do, n for some do not know how to come to what they are pushing higher power.

65. There are people who live easily, they do not need sex, they do not need love, relationships, and if something and nuzh n on this basis, it is very rare, in which there are no other things which are called weakness or have them at least. E st those who were not lucky (in terms of survival) have a lot of what we call weakness, they need them or negotiate, or become «skhematoznikami», look for ways to meet these weaknesses.

66. There are people of the opposite sex in whom some will be in love and will want them and it will even be mutual, but they will not succeed, because their difficult nature will not allow them to start a relationship, each of them will wait for a «tackle» first and for one of these two or for each other, they will become, as the poets say, a «muse» or, as coaches say, «motivators» for any life actions and achievements, in order to show each other what they are worth and what they can achieve. So you can exchange glances with someone you are in love with or with someone you want until you retire.

67. In countries that are considered civilized, what is possible in countries that are not considered is impossible. People with needs that are considered to be inadequate leave to realize them (if they do not want to suppress them) to the so-called «third world» countries, since laws do not always work there and, accordingly, there is no responsibility.

68. Emotional people drink alcohol for various reasons, in most cases because of anxiety and fear, then they can get what is called alcoholism («binge drinking»), as alcohol and drugs cause withdrawal symptoms («withdrawal») and a new dose of alcohol or drugs is required to relieve this condition. The reason for what is called alcoholism and drug addiction, again in the absence of information, can be replaced from a drink with a sedative medicine and a sleeping pill that does not cause withdrawal symptoms, for example, "Sane Ks». Attention: the above drugs should be used only after consulting a doctor. Why in some countries some psychiatrists and narcologists do not advise using drugs instead of alcohol is not clear, perhaps there is a desire to make money, doctors usually offer so-called coding for which you have to pay, regardless of the personality of the person who came to him, and this personality will be alarming and in addition beaten by «memes». Regularly use alcohol and drugs as a psychostimulant, those who are prevented from socializing, so to speak, or feeling comfortable with some kind of psychological moments: lack of impudence, fear, embarrassment, depression, not shared emotional attachment to someone else or, in other words, love, the so-called ideological vacuum, cognitive dissonance, etc. Fear, embarrassment, depression and the rest of what was said above disappear, after which the desire to use alcohol or drugs disappears.

69. «Memes» are invented and used by some politicians to manage people, those who serve them and various leaders, they themselves naturally do not live by them. As a rule, «memes» are not guided in life by those who are from a normal family in the generally accepted sense, those who are from an incomplete or from a so-called dysfunctional family fall under the «distribution», they are the main consumers of «memes» which sometimes make their life very difficult.

70. There is a stereotype that a child from an incomplete or from a so-called dysfunctional family will not grow up normal in the generally accepted sense of the word, because he pulls into his head various information trash that does not contribute to survival, i.e. «Memes» mean «memes» both invented on the street promoting «light bread» which then turns out to be «heavy», and «memes» invented at the state level. How can «memes» get in the way of surviving and adapting? «Memes» usually run counter to the physiology and psychology of a person, they can create confusion in the head or the so-called cognitive dissonance. For example, you are taught from childhood that the Motherland is the main thing (this is especially practiced in the civil service), if you left for another state, you betrayed your Motherland. But suddenly, the standard of living in your state has dropped sharply, in order to survive you need to move to another country, with a higher standard of living, here the so-called cognitive dissonance may turn on for some, it turns out that you need to leave so as not to die of hunger, but you cannot betray your homeland either. Or someone went to war and he is told to kill enemies, while he was taught from childhood that it is forbidden to kill anyone. There are people who cannot immediately «switch» to another mode of thinking and again they get confusion in their heads or the so-called cognitive dissonance.


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