Your Majesty Immunity

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Your Majesty Immunity

From author

Each of facts have objective evidence in this book — scientific articles, law documents.

They not always to show in full volume as it needs concerning requirements but I try to mention the source.

If you are interested in detail more write personal message to author’s electronic address iskhakov1964@mail.ru — and I will send you full version of the articles and research manuscripts.

The book was written without special medical definitions and words practically (or they are explained immediately) so that the readers who has not medical education can understand.

What the Immunity and how does it work?

Immunity — it is the such system of our body which serves for protection our organism from out-side harmful factors (viruses, bacterium, toxic substances and other) and in-side produced agents (oxidative stress radicals which destroy cells and tissue, oncologic cells).

Immunity it is very complex system which consists from special immunologic cells and substances located on blood and other organs and systems of the human body.

Immunologic cells also produce and release special substances which destroy and neutralize different harmful agents.

Blood immune system represents “white blood cells” called leucocytes.

Leucocytes are different and include such cells like lymphocytes, monocytes.

Each immunologic cell has own actions and it’s functions.

It looks like military troops in army and navy — there are tanks, guns, rockets, mines, soldiers, military physicians, air-force and other — each of them makes own certain role and all together they fight against enemy.

The same situation for immunological cells — certain cells reconnoiter foreign agents, some cells send signals to other immunologic cells, some cells attack enemy like heroes, some cells produce and release specific substances which destroy microbes and viruses.

Immunity struggles to toxic agents which attack our body out-side and toxic agents which are made in-side our organism (a lot of toxic agents are produced during infection diseases or surgical infection inside abdomen).

What kinds of damage of the immunity are?

On which side will be damage of the Immunity — to allergic, to auto-immunologic or to immune-deficit — it depends from several factors beginning from human genetic and the main from his/her individual characteristics and from features of the influences harmful agent to immune cell.

Please image that immune cell it is Navy boat with rockets and guns.

And artillery round get to this boat — if get to rocket or gun so the boat can not fire to enemy, if round get to engine room so the boat can not move and make maneuver, if the hole after round will be bellow waterline so ship can sink.

The similar situation with immune cells in depending on where and what is damaged and the result will injury their activity — may be allergic, may be auto-immunologic or may be weakening immunity down to immune deficiency.

For example, the scientists have detected that if person has systemic lupus erythematosus (it is autoimmune disease then developed inflammatory damages of the internal organs and skin) his/her young cells hasn’t specific protein ingredients (which they didn’t receive from adult immune cells which in own turn damaged from harmful factors).

So such young cells when became more adult beginning to destroy own normal tissues because absence this protein substance damages correct program immune activity.

About allergy.

Looking in more details one of the types of damaging of the Immunity — allergy.

Very sad event occurred in the winter 2019 in New-York city (USA) — 10-years old child get coma because he had the allergy for smell of products what released during fish fried which his grand mother was cooking for grandson.

What is the Allergy — it is specific reaction of our body in different organs and systems which manifesting in inflammation and symptoms.

While the symptoms depend on location the organs where inflammation is.

Therefore there is the diversity of the allergic diseases: in lungs and bronchi — bronchial asthma, eyes — allergic conjunctivitis, skin — atopic dermatitis, urticarial, cardio-vascular system — anaphylactic shock.

What is the “inflammation”?

Inflammation — it is influx additional liquid (from blood, lymph) and different cells and producing chemical substances which destroys tissues in anywhere of part of body.

If inflammation is inside nose it is appeared by nasal stuffiness, runny nose, sneezing; if inflammation in trachea and bronchi so tickle in the throat, cough, dyspnea; in eyes — redness and tearing; on skin — redness, edema, bullas, pruritus, maceration.

If in vessels — this is the hardest and dangerous manifestation — anaphylactic shock (when blood pressure falls and heart stops).

In the basis of the Allergy is overreaction of the organism (immune system particularly) on the coming substances to the body.

For better understanding the mechanism of the allergic activity I’ll show you very metaphorical example.

You have a tea with jam, cakes and on the bowl with jam nasty fly is landing somewhere arrived (probably from the nearest dump).

If you don’t want to have tea with fly together you think to go out the fly.

It may be made some methods — to say “Go out, fly, good buy!” or to brush of by newspaper or wave by hand or put adhesive tape for fly fishing near.

Made these simple manipulations or chose some of them you can get away from fly very easy.

But you can take in your hand the Hammer and hit the fly — the results — everything will be destroyed — cup, can with jam (jam will be on the ceiling), the table will be broken too.

What is the fate of fly — it is 50 on 50% — may be died from knock may be to go out.

“It is impossible, nobody do that!” exclaim you and you will be right.

But the allergic immunity did this.

That is the basis of Allergy is overreaction on situation (allergen), instead waving the hand for going out the fly hitting by hammer to everything that waere near and everything was destroyed.

So the Allergy it is than organism and it’s immune system don’t think correct and immune system hit to the place where something substance goes into the body and in additional damaging own near placed normal tissues.

Because the reaction and activity of the immune system must be optimal and balanced.

There is incorrect over-activity of the immune system then allergy (consequently it is insufficient activity of the immune system — but it is not about allergy).

What the allergy is caused?


There are substances (allergens) and our body reacts to them.

The same substances make allergy of people but another people don’t receive.

Why it is happened?

It depends on condition of the immune system of body and level of the allergenicity of the substance.

The high allergenicity substances do exist — they cause allergy for all people (or at least among mostly people even among people who has normal (non allergic) immunity.

There are some substances which cause allergy among a few people.

And should probably mention about allergens which I called “seldom meeting for us”.

For example, black caviar of some fish which consuming is not for us.

I remember the end of 80-th years in the Soviet Union where was lack of food and everything (0,5 kilo sugar on one member of the family in one month, one peace of soap for one face, people run to shops to buy something to eat).

In these days of the deficit for us who were the students of the medical institute was showed the boy at the hospital who had allergy to black caviar.

Poor boy!

Most of the students at that time not only did not tasty but didn’t see it.

Simplified classification of the allergens (what kinds of the allergens are divided) identifies home (domestic) allergens, drugs, food and etc.

For example, the most prevalent natural allergens will be street dust, pollen tree and grass, domestic (home) fungus on the walls and ceiling, pet dander, bed bugs.

Another example, home (domestic) allergens are represented pets (our favorites), bugs of household dust, bed bugs, flowers, household chemistry, toys (made incorrectly) and etc.

We will be talking about bad ecology (exactly about plastic) sooner but bad ecology gives us not only allergy and such negative consequences of organism what some diseases develop (immunity damaged too).

What damages immunity?

What damages the immunity for development different negative conditions and allergy too.

Destroyed immunity:

Bad ecology.

Ponds of all countries have drugs including antibiotics.

Netherlands’ researches counted the concentration of two popular drugs in rivers and lakes and made the conclusion that these drugs are in the water of the every corners of the World where people live.

Their conclusions were demonstrated in journal “Environmental Research Letters” and describe two types of drugs — antidepressants and antibiotics.

They right that at the last years the scientists reveal antibiotics in the sewage constantly which get to ponds and killed plankton and causing anomalies in brain activity and fish behavior and other animals.

How showed their calculations, for example, level of concentration antibiotic Cyprofloxacin was raised in 10—20 once in average in the rivers during past two decades.

While its concentration in big cities even bigger.

The result is that for drinking goals we use water with different drugs.

When we drink this water our immunity receives hard blow as in boxing but we can not protecting normally.

Frankly the good news is — no these drugs in water in poor countries Equatorial Africa (by the way there are no rivers and sewage in these countries), no these drugs in the Central regions of Amazon and in Asia desert areas.

Bad ecology has plastic which is placed everywhere and all spaces around human.

Plastic is made of phthalate

According results of the scientific researches which were presented in framework of the medical forum in Ufa-town (Russia) 2—5 April 2019 phthalate increases the amount of eosinophil and level Immunoglobulin E i.e. cause as minimum allergy of organism.

Toxic chemistry penetrates immunity and it fails with growing oncology cells.

The biggest chemical-pharmaceutical company “Bayer” has begun to pay billion dollars compensation to patients in the USA at 2019 which proved in court that they have cancer diseases because chemical “Rowndup”, which produced that company.

Even such definition as “chemical AIDS” was created and utilized by journalists after that was cleared that some substances (like polychlorine diphenyl — sorry me chemistries) use for producing plastic, transformers (and certainly robots transformers also), furniture via waste untreated water get to fish and after to our food and consequently in our body and begging to work destructively for immunity.

(It is concerned the question eat or not eat Baltic smoked sardines).

Allergy on domestic chemistry.

It is history about allergy of the domestic chemistry which was said by Angela Stepus physician from Tolyatti town (Russia)

“One boy 12-years old had bronchial asthma and asthma attack began very quickly after when father took boy from the school on his car.

With the most expressed by attacks took place when father come on the car right after attending car wash — on the very good cleared and washed car.

Even they have agreement — if father goes for sun by car right after car wash — father calls to sun and sun before coming into car uses broncho-dilatation inhalers (boy has inhalers in all his pockets).

Than more time is spend from carwash moment than less the bronchial attack of suffocation was.

If the car didn’t receive washing so the child had not bronchial attack after being inside car and accordingly the child didn’t use the inhalers for stopping breathlessness.

Physician in my face decided to know what’s the matter and went on own car to carwash, was looking the process of washing and noticed that after car washing the smell of fresh bananas was inside the car.

So, it turns out the staff of car wash wipe by cleaning liquid the front panel of the car and liquid disseminates bananas frankincense. Because naturally this liquid produced not from banana juice so chemical substances as flavoring of banana smell is allergen which causes child’s bronchial attack.

Now the car is washed outside only, no domestic chemistry onside and the boy don’t have bronchial attack in the car or after being inside car”.

It is very good that the physician is concerned, attentive and an enquiring.

Food and cooked meals.

Let’s speak about poor nutrition which we want or don’t want but have in our daily ration.

Not only poor food is in ration of the adults children ration has poor nutrition also.

The research which was published in journal “Questions of nutrition” in 2018 N 5 estimated that children tinned meat have N-nitrosodiphenylamine.

This harmful substances caused the growth cancer cells in body should not to be in children nutrition ABSOLUTELY.

But it detected in food for children (poor children) and children immunity is not good and another systems also just they receive “chemistry” in tinned meat.

By the way frequency diathesis among children it is children imperfect ferment system of digestive tract which can not dissolve child food components normally.

Inadequate nutrition caused allergy accordingly and mean to damage the immunity.

Generation which grown up in the Soviet Union (former country in the territory where Russia) remember testy of the sweets and cakes — all of them were produced from natural and high quality row materials and food products without chemical coloring and preservatives.

At that time we knew nothing about any flavorings, E-substances — we had jam which was made was from natural food and tasty too.

Now the consistency of most candies look like plasticine (and no difference in appearance).

The list of chemical adding substances (exactly flavorings) including in food remembering any textbook for students.

Mindful about lucky childhood when candies were good and welcome gift now we go to relatives and familiars with children and take these “chemical bombs” in colorful wrappers — with our hands we destroy children immunity.

Remember about former Soviet period of my childhood.

Our family was living on the Nord where Polar circle and on the south where warm sea in Georgia.

Citrus fruits were on the North before New Year only and in gifts — 1—2 very tasty and fresh mandarins in pack.

In Georgia where citrus fruits were grown and harvesting began in September and in February its no more on the market.

Now we see fruits in the markets all year — from where they were brought in?

They are transported from very long distance and indirect shipment to supermarket.

Why they are very good and have appetizing view after delivering via three seas and don’t rot.

The right answer is — they are processed by special agents and these agents are from chemistry text-book and not convenient for health.

I remember dried fruits from that period — punch from their was delicious and useful (as physicians said) but the appearance of dried fruits were not good for presentation exactly dried fruits from Middle Asia (with sands and particles of hair of camels or donkeys) but its were natural, without chemistry, grown and dried under Asian sun.

In now time no difference between fresh and dried fruits on appearance — how managed to keep them?

Simple answer — chemistry penetrates deeply to human deals! I translate for human language — we ad chemical preservatives and fruits will be as live and wonderful forever!

I remember that in our Soviet school that milk is very useful for children. Even cartoon is there words of song “Drink children milk and you will be healthy”.

That we have with milk products now?

The Department agro-control of Russia in Tumen, Yamal-Nenets and Khanty-Mansyisk regions checked all milk products in 2018 years which entering to different organizations (hospitals, kinder-gardens, boarding schools) of the regions.

Investigation showed that were falsification all milk and sugar milk, 82% of butter, 67% of cheese and 50% of cheese.

As told in this department such milk production is low-quality and dangerous for consuming.

By the words of former General sanitarian physician of the Russia Gennady Onischenko “we lose the culture of nutrition when eat any rubbish — sugar gas water, sweets, crisps” (it was pronounced on the scientific conference in Ufa, Russia 2—5 April 2019 year).

On this conference a lot of time presentation of the scientific research results about influencing of the preservatives to human body organs and systems.

The conclusion — influencing of the preservatives to people health have not investigated to end but that investigated everything is very badly.

The shelves of our supermarket have a lot of products long term storage, semi-finished products, food of very bright sometimes unnatural color.

What is inside food? It is difficult to read by unarmed eye on the label — may be under microscope?

But who of us goes to the supermarket with microscope in the pocket?

There are such preservatives as Sodium benzoate (E 211), potassium sorbate (E 202), ascorbic acid (E 300).

The most harmless (and sometime useful) it is ascorbic acid (vitamin C).

Remember by the way very widespread opinion about benefit to take vitamin C — it helps from all diseases, protects from virus infection during winter, relieves stress and so on.

Nut the problem is that ascorbic acid don’t use as preservative separately.

The preservatives are putted in food several.

If such preservatives as ascorbic acid (E 300) and sodium benzoate (E 211) are used in the same time the result is very harmful chemical substance which destroys the tissues of organs (exactly kidneys).

Scientists made experiment with rats.

Rats are added preservatives in their typical nutrition and their behavior is changed — they began to wash less (it is bad). The main (and so sad) problem is instead to go as typical rats (on their four legs) they have become to leap on the hind legs — it is the sign damaging behavior as aggression.

The result is the preservations have pressed to brain and brain activity become damaging its behavior is changed.

May be it explains the increasing of people aggression — they eat a lot of tinned food, ready to cook food, long term storage of food products.

Practical conclusion about preservatives.

If people eat something where are ascorbic acid and together something where is preservative E 211 so problems with health will be sooner.

Buying oranges (where ascorbic acid is) and cheap chocolate you will be “I am feeling not good!”

From this another practical conclusion about preservatives — look attentively to the label — if your child eats that include something where is ascorbic acid and in time preservative E 211 so wait for problem with health (if not in this year but sometime further).

No eating together ascorbic acid and E 211!

By the way estimated that a lot of sodium benzoate (E 211) in cottage cheese from factories and even (attention) — in children juices.

The opinion is that the best natural juices — apple juices because the apples a lot and no benefit to falsify its.

But how said grandfather Karl Marx (famous ideologist of the XX-th century) where big money so capitalists go to crimes and will produce water with chemical flavor “Apple” instead natural apple juice with title “Apple juice”.

The preservative called “propionate” which adds to bakery products for not to be mould participated in experiment. Adding this preservative to food for rats and health volunteers caused the damaging of the carbohydrate metabolism and increase the risk of the diabetes development.

Estimated that there is shortage of the micro- macro-elements in food and nutrition which we consume.

The shortage of the micro- and macro-elements in nutrition (calcium, magnesium, zinc and so on) caused their shortage in tissues and organs which in turn caused the damaging of the activity of the cells of the tissues and organs (and immunity too).

Medication and immunity

Antibiotics and other medications influences to immune system negatively.

All medications have side effects which expressing in different degree and manifesting in organs and systems and damaging biochemical processes and the most sad “to hit” to immunity.

Read the annotations to something medication — everywhere the side effects are and a lot of contraindications.

Sometime the list of contradictions is more than half of the volume of the annotation.

I am not against medications absolutely — medications are prescribed for you by physicians in according your conditions and diseases — don’t make self-treatment.

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