Young maple

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Fairy tale “Young maple”

At first it was just a sandlot. In winter the children from the neighboring yards played snowballs there. In spring snow melted, and the grass made its way. The poppy was the first to blossom later the whole field became covered with yellow dandelions which gradually grew white and scattered in different directions.

One day in summer builders came there and broke the peace of this small world. The construction began and soon the work was in its full swing. From early morning din noise was heard but by the evening everything calmed down. The next day everything repeated again.

In the fall the construction was over, and on the sandlot four beautiful white houses towered. The builders were replaced by the gardeners. They planted many trees, very young and small. The majority was put near the houses, but three trees stood separately. Those were three young maples, they were put specially near the playground, in hope that they will grow up big and will give a lot of shadow, protecting people from the hot summer sun.

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