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«God gave his gifts and goals to every human, to create the world that is His reflection. We must always fulfill our Divine Purpose. It is not going to be hard, but it is going to be pleasant and joyful».

From Spiritual Wisdom

Regardless the fact that the World religion has multiple branches, its Divine root is universal. Since almost forever ago, people of different religious cults in fact worshiped the same Celestial Symbols and the same Laws of the Universe, but losing the Keys for decrypting the Secret Knowledge resulted in the Celestial Truth hiding its original meaning and becoming unavailable for the adherents. The situation became even worse, because different religions associated the Secret Knowledge with different symbols, which with time became absolutely unknowable to the great majority of modern people. Therefore, those who study religions are surrounded by a myriad of unclear symbols; what is even worse, the people totally forgot that those symbols originally had different meanings, very little in common with what they are now claimed they are.

Similar thoughts were expressed by Papus in his book «Tarot and Astrology for Initiates» (M.: ACT, Astrel, 2006):

«Every ancient teaching priest was the Initiate, and knew for certain there is only one religion, while different cults are only to present this one religion to different nations, in accordance with their specific traditions. Therefore, our religious discussions about the supremacy of one religion over others would have been very funny to those ancient initiated priests. They would have hardly even imagined that people with intellect could ever deny the unity of all cults in one fundamental religion.

Now every cult has its own traditions, its own Book, its own Bible, which teach to the unity of all religious faiths, regardless whatever difference may exist in traditions of different lands; but only those, who know how to read, are taught. Those, who possess the Key, would see that all those religions teach the same, but the Key is believed to be lost now.

There is no doubt, sectarianism became the reason for the total loss of the Secret Teaching, which granted access to the Key for the unity, and an attempt to re-discover the synthesis in various religions shall take many efforts from us all.

It is the Tarot card deck that may be considered the Bible of Bibles, combining the book of Hermes Trismegistus, the book of Adam, the book of the original Teaching of the most ancient civilizations of Atlantis, all together forming the basis for synthesized Teachings of all ancient nations with no exception. In Tarot cards, where an ordinary person only sees entertainment, a Thinker would recognize the Key for the Uniform tradition, forgotten long ago.

Therefore, what we need to do is to propose the Key, based on the synthesized (i.e. universal) formula. We only can present a tool, which those who need the Knowledge, may use at their own discretion. We are sure they realize how useful our efforts, as well as their own efforts, could be».

There have been many previous attempts to explain ancient esoteric knowledge with modern Tarot cards. For example, Vera Sklyarova, a famous esoteric literature author, also known as Arev, wrote the book «Golden Tarot. Classical canon Yi Ching» (M.: Starklite, 2005), where she presented the detailed description, and the prediction aspect, of each particular hexagram of the «Book of Changes».

However, this attempt to find parallels between the Yi Ching canon and the modern Tarot cards, based entirely on visual features, results in unpredictable outcome, when each particular hexagram simultaneously corresponds to several totally different and mismatching Tarot cards.

For example, analyzing the hexagram No.3 zhūn (difficulty at the beginning or a trouble), Vera Sklyarova wrote: «I would entirely compare this gua with the overturned Empress, although the influence by the Arcanum XVII — the Star, and by Arcanum XVIII — the Moon, and by other Arcana, is also seen here. The priority belongs to the overturned Chariot, Arcanum VII».

Then, analyzing the trigrams Kan (water) and Cheng (thunder), the components of the hexagram zhūn (trouble), and trying to find the parallel with the modern Tarot card deck there, Vera Sklyarova comes to very controversial conclusions, that this hexagram may, during different stages of its development, correspond to the Ten of Wands, Arcanum I — the Magician, Arcanum XVIII — the Moon, Arcanum XI — Strength, Arcanum V — The Hierophant, Arcanum VI — the Lovers, the Six of Swords, Arcanum II — The High Priestess, Arcanum 0 — The Fool, the Ace of Swords, and Arcanum VII — The Chariot (!?).

As we see, this type of analysis for parallels between particular Book of Changes hexagrams and modern Tarot cards does not bring any clarity, but instead it leads to very controversial conclusions and confuses even further. Apparently, Vera Sklyarova, who wrote that book, was uncertain, too; to justify it, she quotes a good phrase of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe:

«There are people, who are never wrong, because they never ask reasonable questions».

Therefore, parallels between the classical Chinese Book of Changes and Tarot cards, as well as other Esoteric Canons, should not be searched for, based on entirely visual features, which often are rather controversial, but rather in their fundamental composition structure, based on the unity of ancient Spiritual Teachings, which have their roots in very remote past of the human civilization.

«The Book of Changes (Yi Ching, or Yi jing) is the production of a genius, which imprinted Mysterium Cosmographicum with special symbols and signs.

Therefore, the Book of Changes needs special attention, like the Holy Book, one of the spiritual miracles of the world. The Book of Changes is the same valuable spiritual center for Chinese culture, as the Bible for Western culture», — such is the thought of A.I. Kobzev, a Russian Sinologist.

Many researchers of the past spoke of unknowable mystery of that Holy Book. For example, V.M. Alexeev, one of the most serious national Sinologists, wrote, that the «Book of Changes is the book of books, which provides the devoted one with intellect and power, and content, and which is not encased in any intellect. One would see its Spirit as clear as a day, another would see it as dim as twilight, yet another would see it as dark as a night».

Carl Jung (1875–1961), one of the most outstanding European minds, said about this «great and unique work»: «Just like a part of nature, it waits for being opened».

Confucius told: «Should I have had more years to live, I would have devotedfifty of them to studying Yi Ching, and I would have avoided big squalls of life» (Analects, VII, 16/17).

The roots of this book go into remote historical past, and they are associated with mythical Chinese Emperor Fu Xi, who is traditionally believed to have lived in the beginning of the III millennium B.C. In addition, the book might also be associated with Wen Wang (XI century B.C.), also known as King Wen of Zhou, the founder of the Zhou dynasty. However, the first documented reference to this book belongs to VII — VIII centuries B.C. By that time, the original meaning of the text had already been lost in many aspects, and the Book of Changes was used mainly to predict one’s fate, i.e. for fortunetelling. Still, multiple literature sources of that time continued citing it as a philosophical teaching, good enough to describe the World, and the phenomena, taking place within this World.

Among the ancient classical books of the Far East, the Book of Changes is one of the leaders. Its language and its content make the book one of the most mysterious ancient documents. Regardless how many attempts to explain it were made, this book is still not completely understood, and not completely clear. Y.K. Schutski, a Russian Sinologist, mentioned, that «the Book of Changes was of great influence on the development of the spiritual science in China, in very many ways: in philosophy, mathematics, politics, strategy, theory of painting and music, and in the arts in general. The Book of Changes has always been known as an unclear and mysterious text. Despite the understanding of the true value of this piece of ancient literature, interpreting some of its texts is still a real challenge, so peculiar and strange are the images that express its concepts».

Multiple scholars worked on decoding this ancient text, from the old times and until our days. The best minds of China and the neighbor countries of the Far East — Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other Asian and European countries — for centuries have been trying to understand the Truth that was formulated in this book.

Kumazawa Banzan (1619–1692), a Japanese philosopher, created a theory about the Cosmic occurrence of the phenomena, which the book describes. He pictured the silent and motionless Spirit as a tetragon, which was placed inside a circle that symbolized the developing and lively moving matter. He put the word «Truth» amidst the tetragon, thus symbolizing the Celestial Path, and the four attributes of the Sky, namely, impulse, development, appearance and endurance, were put around it.

Before creating the world, they all were the uniform Spirit. However, as the cosmogony emerged, and images and bodies came into existence, everything found its own place.

Wood became East, Fire became South, Metal became West, and Water became North (directions on a map, or magnetic field sectors). «Impulse wakes the matter of Wood to give birth to spring. Development wakes the matter of Fire to give birth to summer. Appearance wakes the matter of Metal to give birth to autumn. Endurance wakes the matter of Water to give birth to winter. Truth is the Spirit of the matter of Earth. It is in the center of the tetragon, and on all four its outer corners. This is the absolute form that is the creative work of the Sky and the Earth — its inexhaustible thesaurus». The systematization of the material, which was initially known, is the achievement of Kumazawa Banzan.

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646–1716), a great German scientist, analyzed the Book of Changes, and he managed to discover the binary code, which is now used in all calculating machines, including our computers. It is the same code that was put as the basis for trigrams and hexagrams in this ancient Chinese book.

The Book of Changes influenced Confucian, Taoist and Buddhist Chinese philosophy. Therefore, to know the Truth that is hidden in this unique manuscript, we are going to discuss Taoist Cosmology, a direction of its philosophy, in more details.

The first phase is energy in rest, and this phase has the name of Water. The second phase, according to this philosophical teaching, the origin of all is the Sky. It is the embodiment of the enduring creative power, and no obstacle can prevent its development.

Therefore, the perfect human, who fully realizes this Celestial principle, may demonstrate the creativity in his actions, which is favorable for everything surrounding him. The same important for the Taoist teaching are the idea about the similarity of the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, and the idea about the possibility to simulate Cosmos and control the created model.

The Book of Changes comprises various combinations of the two opposite energies, called Celestial pneumas, which were the female pneuma Yin and the male pneuma Yang. The combination of the two energies was reflected in 8 trigrams and 64 hexagrams, which became the basis for this book.

If the number 64, which reflects the amount of possible hexagonal combinations of the 6 Celestial pneumas, is divided in four sectors of the cardinal directions, then each of those sectors would correspond to 16 possible combinations, which may be depicted in 16 sheets of the corresponding extended universal Tarot card deck.

The number «sixteen» is associated with the symbol of completeness and measure, and it is the favorite number in India. Indochinese goddess Pussa is pictured with sixteen arms. The classical Indian aesthetics comprises 16 images of beauty. 16 mantras represent a unit in poetry. Vedas mention 16 chants during the preparation of the sacred drink Soma. In Indian music, one tintal comprises 16 beats. In classical Arabic literature, the number 16 is the sign of perfection.

It is worth mentioning, that each hexagram of the male sign in the classical Chinese Book of Changes is balanced with a female sign. However, when hexagrams are distributed according to corresponding suits, male hexagrams that correspond to odd numbers will be associated with the suits of Clubs and Hearts, while the female hexagrams will be associated with the suits of Spades and Diamonds.

Analyzing Tarot cards, Papus emphasized that it is the numbers, which are the most trustworthy and the simplest elements for studying. Therefore, the numbers may lead us, and it is via numbers, how we can discover the Law of Analogy. Let us recall the existing classification of numbers, and it will be easier for us to define parallels between Yi Ching Canon hexagrams and Minor Arcanum Tarot cards.

In his book «Astrology for Initiates and Tarot of the Bohemians», Papus mentioned there are multiple types of Tarot card decks, consisting of different amounts of sheets. Let us list some of them. For example, the Italian Tarot, or Mantegna Tarot card deck, consists of 50 sheets, Bologna Tarot card deck has 63 sheets, Venice Tarot card deck has 78 sheets, Florentine and Munich Tarot card decks have 97 sheets each, Hindi Tarot has 96 sheets, Chinese Tarot has 77 sheets, and the modern European Tarot card deck has 78 sheets.

The abovementioned examples demonstrate, that the amount of Tarot card sheets was not the same at all times and among different nations. Out of the abovementioned decks, Hindi Tarot deserves special attention, with its 96 sheets — the amount, which, apparently, reflects one of the main laws of the Universe. The Florentine and the Munich Tarot card decks comprise the amount of sheets, which is close to 96. The universal Tarot card deck that we propose is based on the 22 sheets of the Major Arcanum, and the 64 sheets of the Minor Arcanum, based on the classical Chinese Book of Changes, and in total it comprises 86 sheets.

Please, find some time to read more about it in my other books: «Universal Tarot card Deck», «Runic Tarot», «Buddhist Tarot» and «Astrological Tarot», which, together with the book «Yi Ching Tarot», represent the complete cycle of publications on the matter.

Yi Ching Tarot card meanings, Minor Arcana

Sector Northeast

This sector of Bagua, in accordance with Feng Shui, the ancient oriental teaching, corresponds to Wisdom and Knowledge, and to the blue color. It symbolizes coming spring. We should pay special attention to the Northeast sector of our house. Initially, the entire living space should be cleaned and become free from unused old clothes and items. Then, to activate this sector of the house, nice pictures of mountains, porcelain items and nice minerals with the blue color and items with square shape must be placed there. The activation of this sector of your house, and keeping it clean all the time, would improve your Wisdom, therefore, you are going to obtain new Knowledge easier and for the benefit of yourself and the people around.

Wands (Clubs)

They are associated with East and with the season of spring. This suit symbolizes business activity, the purpose and glory.

The twenty-second Yi Ching Tarot card

22. One, or Ace. It symbolizes a new idea, or a new approach to things, and also income and luck. In a combination with the King of Cups, it predicts an achievement, the same with the Strength, the Two of Cups or with the overturned Ace of Swords predicts multiple descendants; the combination with the Devil predicts illegitimate children; the combination with the overturned King of Pentacles means that your children are going to fall into sin many times. The overturned position predicts wishing success too much, which may result in an accident or plans crush. In a combination with the Two of Cups (for girls), it means love that might be dangerous for reputation.

The hexagram qián (the Creative), which has the number 1, symbolizes initial accomplishment, where endurance is favorable. In action, make sure dragons do not dominate, then there will be happiness.

The fiery Zodiac sign of Aries is in active phase, controlled by Mars, Sun and Jupiter. The Sun is in this constellation between the 21st of March and the 20th of April. Aries belongs to the Trigon of Fire, and it is a male active sign. Those people who are controlled by this sign are brave, full of energy and progress, and they are unconditional leaders. They may be generous, but also very egoistic. This Zodiac sign has much destructive Energy from the preceding epoch of creating the World. Biblical tales associate it with the Lamb of God, the symbol of the Jesus Christ’s sacrifice (John 1:29–36). In the ancient mythology, the constellation of Aries is presented as a winged ram, covered with the Golden Fleece, thus symbolizing a spaceship that brought our remote ancestors to Earth from Iriy, the Paradise that corresponds to the star systems of Sirius and Orion atthe map of the Sky. Please, find the time to read more about it in my new book «Atlantis — the ancestral home of Slavic people».

The twenty-third Yi Ching Tarot card

23. Two. Those your plans thought out to the last detail may need clear choice between happiness and success. If the unfavorable card, the Two of Wands, is near, it might predict death of a beloved person. In the overturned position it says your choice is wrong. In a combination with the Devil, it predicts stress, unhappiness; with the overturned Ten of Pentacles, it warns you against getting involved into a gambling game; this card near Ace or Three of Cups predicts a pleasant surprise for you.

The hexagram zhūn (Difficulty at the beginning) No.3 symbolizes the initial accomplishment, where the endurance of a mare is favorable. Not shown where to go. Making knights is favorable. Four horses pull in different directions! Tears till blood flow like a stream.

Mercury, Moon and Saturn control the earth’s Zodiac sign of Taurus in active phase. The Sun is in this constellation between the 21st of April and the 20th of May. Taurus belongs to the Trigon of Earth, and it is a female passive sign. Those people, who belong to this sign, have determination and will. They are inventive, self-confident, autocratic, and very jealous. In Greek mythology, Taurus is presented as white bull, which Zeus turned into, when he kidnapped Europa, the daughter of Agenor, who was a Phoenician king of Tyre.

The twenty-fourth Yi Ching Tarot card

24. Three. A good sign. Whatever you plan, it will be fulfilled depending on how many efforts you invested. In a combination with the Fool or with the High Priestess, a literature enterprise that make all your family famous. In the overturned position, it predicts that all your troubles must soon be over.

The hexagram xū (Waiting) No.5. The owner of truth has initial accomplishment. Endurance facilitates happiness. Fording a big river is good. Enter the cave and welcome three unhurried guests. Treat them with respect, and there will be happiness, finally.

The airy Zodiac sign of Gemini is in active phase, controlled by Neptune, Mars, and the Sun. The Sun is in this constellation from the 21st of May till 21st of June. Gemini belongs to the Trigon of Air, and it is an active male sign of Zodiac. People controlled by this sign are attentive, thoughtful, and they have success in science and in art. At the same time, they often run to the extremes, may be nervous, uneasy, suspicious. They easily get ideas and principles, but they often do not go all the way to the end. In myths, the constellation was associated with Dioskouri, sons of Leda, a Queen of Sparta.

The twenty-fifth Yi Ching Tarot card

25. The Four.An obstacle to overcome. Be ready to face any problem. In a combination with the Two of Swords, it predicts reconciliation; in a combination with the overturned Ten of Cups, it means a trouble that causes anger in a house; with the overturned Ace of Pentacles, it predicts your financial prosperity. In the overturned position, it means the same.

The hexagram shī (the Army) No.7 symbolizes endurance. A mature person deserves happiness. There will be no blame. The grand king rules the fate, starts dynasty and inherits to his house. A miserable man should not proceed.

The water Zodiac sign of Cancer is in the phase of growing. Venus, Mercury and the Moon control it. The Sun is in this constellation from 22nd of June until 22nd of July.

Sector East

It symbolizes the spring blooming. The east sector of Bagua corresponds to the green color, with a Tree as its symbolic element. The symbolic shape is a cylinder and a rectangle. The sector corresponds to family prosperity. For your family to prosper, in the east sector you should have a family tree. Your family wellbeing will depend on how you care about it.

The twenty-sixth Yi Ching Tarot card

26. The Five. A violent protest suppresses itself. Tensions and troubles are expected in any startup. In a combination with the Four of Wands, it predicts good luck; with the Tower and the Two of Pentacles, it is bad luck; with the overturned Ten of Pentacles, it warns you against possible theft. In the overturned position, it predicts a court case that may be the best solution for you. With the King of Swords, circumstances will develop in a way that is not good for you.

The hexagram xiǎo chù (Small accumulating) No.9 symbolizes accomplishment. Heavy clouds with no rain; they come from our West end. It is already raining, and a good place is found. There is still time to gather stuff! The endurance of a wife is dangerous. Moon is almost full. A noble man marches towards unhappiness.

The fierce Zodiac sign of Lion is in its growing phase. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars control it. The Sun is in this constellation from the 23rd of July until the 21st of August.

The twenty-seventh Yi Ching Tarot card

27. The Six. This card means upcoming fulfillment of your hopes and good news. In the overturned position, waiting for success will take longer than expected. For a girl, this card is a warning that someone shall try to cheat her. In a combination with the Seven of Swords, do not lose hope; with the Oblivion, or with the Five of Swords, your message shall be lost or come to the wrong person.

The hexagram tài (Pervading) No.11 symbolizes happiness and progress. Small goes away and great comes. The city walls fall into the trench again. Do not engage troops. Proclaim your will in your city. Endurance is for regret.

The earth Zodiac sign Virgo is in its growing phase. The Sun, Venus, and Mercury control this sign. The Sun is in this constellation from the 22nd of August until the 22nd of September.

The twenty-eighth Yi Ching Tarot card

28. The Seven. Success will come for sure, provided there were enough efforts all the time. All your previous plans or the business that you started are close to completion, still, time to relax has not come yet. For a girl, it means fulfillment of her wish; in a combination with the Hierophant, it predicts a marriage proposal. In the overturned position, it predicts hesitation; behind the Three of Cups, it warns you about a fire accident.

The hexagram tóng rén (Concording people) No.13 symbolizes accomplishment. Fellow people are in a field. Fording a river is good. A noble person’s endurance is favorable.

The airy Zodiac sign Libra is in its passive phase. The Moon, Saturn and Jupiter control it. The Sun is in this constellation from the 23rd of September until 22nd of October.

The twenty-ninth Yi Ching Tarot card

29. The Eight. It predicts upcoming travelling and changes. This card is favorable mainly. If this card is near cards of Cups, the journey is going to be pleasant; if nearthe cards of Pentacles, the journey is going to be boring. In the overturned position, it warns you against a family dispute, and it symbolizes hesitation.

The hexagram qiān (Humbling) No.15 symbolizes modesty. A noble person should possess accomplishment. Proclaim modesty. It is favorable for moving troops for punishing cities and countries.

The water Zodiac sign Scorpio is in its passive phase. Mars, the Sun, and Venus control this sign. The Sun is in this constellation from the 23rd of October until the 22nd of November.

The thirtieth Yi Ching Tarot card

30. The Nine. It predicts slowing one’s business down and financial losses due to undefined circumstances. In the overturned position, it symbolizes grime and warns about possible delay and upcoming obstacles.

The hexagram suí (Following) No.17. Initial accomplishment means favorable endurance. There will be no blames. What is taken will get closer to it, and what follows you will bind it. A king must reach the Western mountain.

The fiery Zodiac sign Sagittarius is in its passive phase, controlled by Mercury, the Moon and Saturn. The Sun is in the constellation from the 22nd of November until the 20th December.

The thirty-first Yi Ching Tarot card

31. The Ten. This card predicts a catastrophe and disappointment, malicious intent. In the overturned position, it predicts successful overcoming of those misfortunes. Near the card of Moon, it warns you about deception by a person who calls himself your best friend.

The hexagram lín (Nearing) No.19.Initial accomplishment, favorable endurance. The eighth moon brings misfortune.

The earth Zodiac sign Capricorn is in the phase of demise, controlled by Jupiter, Mars and the Sun. The Sun is in this constellation from the 21st of December until the 19th of January.

The thirty-second Yi Ching Tarot card

32. The eleventh. The hexagram shì kè (Gnawing Bite) No.21 symbolizes accomplishment. It favors those who use quarrels. Put gyves on the neck and destroy ears. Misfortune.

The air Zodiac sign Aquarius is in its phase of demise, controlled by Venus, Mercury and the Moon. The Sun is in this constellation from the 20th of January until the 18th of February.

The thirty-third Yi Ching Tarot card

33. The twelfth. The hexagram bō (Stripping) No.23, it is not good to have (a place or direction) where to go. The huge fruit is not eaten. A noble man will receive a wagon, while a miserable man will have his house collapsed.

The water Zodiac sign Pieces is in its phase of demise, controlled by Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. The Sun is in this constellation from the 19th of February until the 20th of March.

Sector Southeast

The symbolic color is orange. The Southeast sector of your house is in charge for wealth and power. The approach to the activation of this sector should have a reason. If you wish to plant a «money tree» into a nice ceramic pot with good soil here, make sure the soil to be replaced on regular basis, at least annually, to get all the ingredients needed, and be watered in time. The Tree shall oppose the Earth, and it pulls its power, initiating the destruction cycle for the element. Also, to activate the Southeast sector, one can store Chinese souvenir coins, made of the green stone of nephrite or copper, here.

The thirty-fourth Yi Ching Tarot card

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