Бесплатный фрагмент - Worldview

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I didn’t plan to create this book, but during my long years of living on this planet I made such interesting conclusions about people and the world that I would like to share it, I myself surprised how mutch my world view has changed, in some places it contradicts generally accepted standards and for someone It may seem shocking, but such view of the world seems to me the most logical and closer to reality.

If in my book I hurt someone’s feelings, don’t be offended, everything in this world is changeable, maybe tomorrow your or my opinion will change, but this is how I see this world now.

And I ask you not to take some of my words seriously, I have a strange sense of humor.


1. Life principles and the meaning of life.

2. Morality and conscience.

3. The ability to keep punch.

4. The laws of nature.

5. About health.

6. The State and person.

7. Man and woman.

8. About religion.

9. About the world.

10. All life matters.

1. Life principles and the meaning of life.

Never bend under anyone, even if your life depends on it, because if you give slack, then the one who has gained power over you anyway will try to kill you, not now, later. You become weaker every time you allow them to humiliate yourself and in the end nothing from you remains, it’s like death of the soul and life no longer brings joy, only winners enjoy life, the rest live in fear and self-hatred.

Don’t forgive, people should know that they can’t do harm you, just apologize is not enough, you can forgive only if person has corrected the deed and will never do it again.

Not spare anyone, I don’t think that it makes sense to help and invest energy in person who does not respect himself and others, in most cases people themselves to blame for their problems, we do not monitor our health, and when we fall ill we seek pity from others, like a parasite who ate his life resources and now wants to drink someone else’s blood, I do not spare the poor and homeless who do not care of their appearance and hygiene, anyone can get into a difficult situation, but you need to take care of yourself in any case, especially in a big city it is not so difficult. I especially do not regret beggar men who ask for money from women, that’s the point of investing in a creature that has killed manhood in himself, a man asking for money from a woman is not a man, but just an animal.

Pity is very dangerous feeling, it’s like a blood transfusion, it contradicts the nature where the best and the strongest survive, it is a way to give your happiness to someone who did not deserve it. Besides, we humiliate people with pity, if you feel sorry for person, then he feels even more miserable and begins to feel sorry for himself even more, while ruthlessness gives person strength.

Do not promise, and if promised, then do not fulfill the promise that harms to you, the promise is fetters, I am a free person and I decide what to do and what not, a promise and an oath is a loss of freedom and power over my life, a way to give myself in someone else’s power, keep a promise only before those who are stronger than you, whose opinion is important to you or your well-being depends on it. lt is the principle of politicians that they do not fulfill promises, because people are weaker than them and can do nothing in return. So never believe the promises of someone who is stronger than you and he knows that you can’t do anything in return.

Purity of thoughts.

I mean an internal cocktail of human thoughts and emotions that makes of us who we are, it controls our lives and is reflected in our appearance. That there is observance of inner purity, it is order, control, self-observation, self-restraint, it is restraint in thoughts in relation to others, you don’t need to think bad about people if you don’t know what is in the mind and inside of the person, if you throw dirt at someone, then you will get dirty first. Internal restraint and control is reflected in our appearance, such person emits more subtle pure vibrations and dominates over others.

I don’t trust anyone, I know that i can’t open up completely to anyone, it makes you weak, everyone, even the closest people, periodically tests you for strength to gain leadership, gain power over you, as in a pride of predators, if the leader weakens or loses vigilance then he soon will lose power over the pride and his life.

It’s useful to make such habit, always and everywhere to carry a voice recorder or a hidden mini camera and turn it on every time you talk with people, it will give you power over them and maybe save someday, if you have a good relationship with a person now that doesn’t mean that it will always be. So the only way to get out of the conflict as a winner is to have incriminating evidence on person. And even if someone attacks you, you will have evidence for the police that your guilt in the conflict is not.

Not count years lived on earth, many people depend on this number, it is important for them, therefore their appearance and internal condition automatically adjusts to this age, but person can die at any age, the most important thing is health, appearance, the amount of energy and enthusiasm for life, often 60 year old people have better health than 30 year old. It is important at any age to maintain the state of begin of life that we had at the age of 17.

To appreciate what you have and enjoy it, everything has value, a place to sleep, good health, the presence of clean water and food, the clothes of which you can cover nudity and warm yourself, if all this you have then you a wealthy person, you have a good start up to build the life you want.

2. Morality and conscience.

Morality is what society has laid down in us, even if we haven’t done anything wrong by natural laws, but if we have a ban in our head, then our conscience will torment us, in fact, our morality and conscience must be consistent with the rule, if what we think and do destroys us, means it is wrong, if it helps our survival, it means right.

For example, I’ll write about cannibalism, an interesting topic, right? I understood the psyche of Cannibal, he ate people he didn’t like, but he wanted some of them, so he felt himself more human, like the ancient soldiers ate parts of the body of their enemies or friends to take possession of their strength, it was cannibalism not for food, it is symbolic cannibalism. And it seems to me that people become like what they eat, for example, if a person eats a lot of pork, then he himself becomes like a pig.

Many of us thought about the topic of cannibalism, what kind of tast have human meat, had we eaten people if we didn’t have other food? I think most people would have crossed this line humanity if they didn’t have to kill a man. I also thought about it and realized that even if human meat saves my life, this life will be defiled and it will be difficult for me to live with the realization that I am a cannibal, we are all mortal, it is better to die as a human than to live as a beast.

Although some people are so enraged me and looking like animals that i really want to kill them and eat some of them to show them, you are not a human to me at all, an act of humiliation.


Justified and unjustified murder. If you kill a person for your survival, then this is not considered a murder, people have been doing this for thousands of years, it is a law of nature, natural selection. People think that they are good until they must make a choice on which depends their survival, politicians understand this. If people need to take other people’s resources for survival, they will always find a reason that will calm their conscience, for example, the enemy wanted to attack first, if not me, then he, or he worships the wrong gods and he is subhuman, or past grievances will be recalled and this will be an act of revenge. People are kind only in comfort, safety and satiety. Man is an animal with a special type of weapon — the brain.


Theft is a controversial concept. If person steals from strangers, then this is war booty, people have been doing this for thousands of years, whole civilizations are based on this, but if person steals from his own people, then he is a rat, this violates the internal order, leads to chaos, destroys civilization. This can be seen on example of Germany, before immigrants arrived there, here was possible to leave the car unlocked or to leave a valuable thing, no one would take it, because the Germans had a sense of national unity, it was below their dignity to steal from the citizen of their country and at the same time the Germans one of the most aggressive nations in relation to other countries, in addition to wars, huge capital is now flowing into it, mainly due to the fact that they support US policy, and America is the world leader and aggressor who takes what he wants from any country in the world.

So if you are among strangers, take what you want is not theft, but war booty.

* Friendship and betrayal.

What is friendship, real is when people are ready to sacrifice themselves for each other, but it’s not normal, you can help a friend only if it does not harm you, it’s better if people immediately agree on this, so that then there are no offenses. Each person has his own level of strength, his weak point, after which he will betray, it can be money, power, a woman, fear for his well-being when friend is in trouble, it is better if you know the level of strength and weak point of your friends and will not expect to him overstated requirements.

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