World. From death to life

Бесплатный фрагмент - World. From death to life

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Andrey Kolyasnikov

Chapter 1. “Gods”

His hair became covered with a rare gray hair, as if he was already at least one hundred and twenty years old, although, more recently Zef was only forty. For the stay in the Abyss, his face changed — became more rough, his eyes had faded from the old twinkle in the eyes and left no trace. Now he had one desire — that this whole planet was decayed, and her ashes were scattered in the eternal darkness of space.

The people of this planet was taken from Zef all that was so dear to him, since the house (or rather rooms in the company) ending with the light that was inside him and now he felt they had destroyed his life.

Returning from exile, Zef had no time even to change clothes — among the seven young men in gold, he was like a wormhole leading a detachment in his dark blue form of Defense, with a shoulder chevron sign of lightning.

The rest of the squad was younger than Zef Seth: if women at fourteen years of age, men over women, but at different ages. On their uniforms they had no insignia, only this strange Golden color, like the Creators, whose age has passed for ten thousand years.

All in a party were young and are beautiful: four girls, four men — planet Geya saying goodbye with their children.

On behalf of the people read the enthusiastic speech of the Ancient Creator: he said that all the difficulties they have to overcome themselves, that they are now the head of a new planet that only these eight people selected for the Ancient secret mission in a new galaxy, they will not have to return home — their home now being on another planet, now they are “Gods”.

The head of the Gods was elected Zef Seth.

After this statement of the Creator of the Dao Yang, people in the Golden indignantly said someone: someone got called a traitor, others just looked at each other, saying something unintelligible with anger — the outrage was quiet, that Great ruler of the Geya did not hear them — nobody has the right to protest against the decision of the Ancients, or waiting for his Abyss.

— ...Now in front of you forever. — Continued Dao Yang. — Remember about us, and we will be with you. Our voice will be the head of the Defense party-the Creator of Ger Afin…

From what he heard fists got clenched, cheeks tightened, his glance became focused, in the last meeting with the head of the Defence:

— Remove all authority from the senior fourth division Zef Seth. — Ger Afin was angry. He casually wiped his hand blood from his lips and turned to the large window. His black hair seemed to be moving, his gray eyes darkened, and his thick brows furrowed, as if converging on the bridge of his nose. — Today, for the Subversion of the world Order and for the attack on the Creator, he must be in the Abyss, without any privileges.

For some time, Zef stood in handcuffs that bound his hands behind his back. Zef was held by the shoulders by two of, once, his own squad, as if he could run, but Zef Seth only breathed heavily and wearily, inflating his nostrils.

— Do you have anything to say for yourself? Asked Ger Afin Sefh still not turning to his abuser.

— I did what I had to do — I’m sorry it wasn’t enough. — Through clenched teeth Zef Seth. And will now go to the end, remaining a faithful son of the world of Geya.

— Away! Her Afin Ordered It. — With the Council-to say the least…

— …Let it be with luck and strength, and the knowledge won’t leave you. “Dao Yang finished his instructions. — Now move!

Story of the Gods turned on the parade ground, heading to the Shuttle, to send to the space station, closed system former deposed, and now the head of the “gold”, a man in a blue uniform with a zipper on the shoulder.

Seated on chairs, opposite each other — from the end, passing the subsequent passengers of the Shuttle forward (so Zef Seth was at the door of the pilots). People in black form, with a thin white stripe on the side, hiding their faces under their helmets, passed through the rows, tying the hands of the” Golden people” with belts to the chairs. Chevrons with a drawing of the eye said that they are experts from the party Science. No one resisted — it would be useless, and nothing untoward from them, the Gods could not wait for the Gods accompanied by the head, the Ancient Creator of the World Geya, Dao Yang.

Science fastened Zef’s hands to the wide armrests of the chair, and he felt his wrist pierced several small needles at the same time.

— What is it? — Losing consciousness, delivered Zef Seth. In the eyes of all floated: the air and a dope, melted images, like a wax painting dripping down the wall from the hot rays of the sun.

— Order of the Creator Ger Afin: collect your samples before departure. One of the Ministers of Science spoke in an electronic voice and was lost in the mist.

But there, behind a veil of dope from the melted pictures of the Science squad, there were other images:

Zef Seth saw her — a beautiful dark-haired girl with blue eyes: the one that left in the Abyss. Tears were flowing down her cheeks, but her face was filled with hatred.

— I know it’s you, Zef. — Was all she said. — Do what you’re here for. Do it!

The faceless man, in a blue Defense uniform, put his hand on his shoulder and said in an electronic voice:

— Shoot, captain — you have to do this.

Zef Seth looked again through the scope of the pulse rifle, as if trying to hide behind a weapon. “No, he can’t do that, not to her,” but the body no longer obeyed him. His finger fell on the trigger, trembled slightly… the body of beautiful Liya Yume vanished into thin air, gleaming silver dust in a beam of light.

Zef’s forehead dripped with cold sweat as large drops dripped down his face. Zef Seth shook the horror of sleep from his face with his palm and raised his head — before the head of the Gods was his God — Ger Afin.

— My boy — began the Creator, and his face lit up with a smile. — Had a nightmare?! Well, nothing, nothing — and it will pass.

Ger Afin took the hand of his disciple and literally pulled him out of his chair into his arms.

People in gold robes watched this scene, standing at the open ramp of the Shuttle — among the “gold” there was a misunderstanding of what is happening.

Chapter 2. “Abyss”

The sun was close to the horizon, spreading in the sky a yellow spider web.

Machine of Defense, towering two feet over the heated sand, raising clouds of dust in the air, from which the prisoner was choking, eyes hammered the local soil, watery. Sitting with his back to the escort group, chained to a chair, Zef Seth could see only the receding sand dunes, sinking into the fiery glow of the setting sun. The tent from the car of prisoners was absent, it was removed when the body was accompanied by an officer from the party Defense, which was rare, for the same reason, face mask prisoner was not issued.

The dust was hammered under clothes, easy for prison khaki suit, with the bugs of a desert Quarry. Small insects crawled, irritating the skin of the prisoner, but he could only resist, bending like a caterpillar, caught in a glass small jar.

The path came to an end, it was said the bridges are the same as in the World that stretched back and forth over the beautiful landscape of the jungle, this part of the continent. Home of the civilizations of the four parties of the world, small villages, sandy in color, were scattered on the edge of the carpet, like the patterns of squares connected by lines.

Behind a carpet of was visible in the Shine of diamonds, the world ocean. Through it ran the only of bridge to another continent — Abyss. It has taken its origin from a cut of high steel wall. It was the same at the end.

Appeared glowing signs the arrows.

The car stopped, smoothly sinking into the sand, finishing his move.

— Get the condemned man out! — There was a rough electronic voice of the senior group of the conclusion, party Defense.

The pleasant fresh air with the smell of salt water enveloped Zef Seth’s.

— The captain of the party Machinery, the Aik Semis! — Said low growth the man in the brown form, hiding the face under the helmet. His shoulder had the sign of the party, in the form of the atomic structure. — You are late.

— Some problems with the port, we had to drive here through the Farms… — Said a senior representative of the Defence unit. — There, now, your colleagues are working on it.

— Not fortunate — you will eat in his sector. Use. — Said Aik Semis to Zef Seth, and shouted to the servants of Defense that fussed at the cargo tank:

— Take this bastard!

Two young men ran up to the prisoner, and led Zef Seth, taking him by the shoulders, to his car. Because of the pulse guns on the sides and their work, in the form of transportation of large loads over long distances, the machine was called “cargo tank”. Such were only in Career, other continents did have this technique as unnecessary.

Zef Seth’s driven a car like this before, being still a Lieutenant, but in the detention compartment, he to visit for the first time.

The compartment was small and uncomfortable, it was necessary to settle down directly on a cold floor of armor of the tank, having bent under itself feet. A request: do not close the previous three sections are, ex colleagues Seth’s refused.

The road was long. The car was humming and shaking as if it was not moving through the air, in the perfectly smooth space of the bridge, but driving over bumps and bumps. Zef was constantly tossed so that he could not sleep.

How much time passed, Zef Seth didn’t know, but he felt no less than a day — when he heard the whistle of shot guns — it was the soldiers Defense, they fired the guns in wild birds that live in these parts. In Abyss wild animals could not get because of an invisible wall of plasma cells, which the hood covered the mainland, dont allowing the winged creatures to leave him, recognizing at the genetic level the structure of the fugitive. People, and other living creatures, it did not concern.

Soon ended with the whistle of shells.

The airbag broke out under itself fragments of a stone and a brick, loudly hitting them on the tank bottom under the prisoner. The car started shaking like she was standing on the vibrator, but soon all was quiet — the tank stopped.

The automatic doors of the compartments are opened one by one, and Zef in the beginning, stretched out his feet, after, stretched out on the floor in full growth.

— So you’re just gonna lie there? — the electronic voice of the soldier of Defense on other end of the car sounded again. Most likely, it was an officer, but without wearing a helmet, or turning off the internal chip, it is impossible to recognize the insignia, only chevrons with the sign of the party on his shoulder. — Come on out!

Bending like a snake, Zef Seth crawled to the exit, turned over and got to his feet.

The soldier of Defense, only touched handcuffs and those connected in a tube which was easily placed in a small hip pocket of the soldier.

“In this part of the planet, the sun has just appeared above the horizon. If we assume that we drove three hours, and the time difference is seven hours, then I must be in the third sector of the Abyss, — thought Zef — still ocean, felt his breath and the stone bridges over the sandstones. I’m definitely in sector three.”

Through a veil of twilight somehow were visible outlines of the aborigines. They came out of the building — the building looks more like an abandoned factory, or the home Community, only unkempt and less practical than in World. With a dozen people approached the cargo tank, headed by an old man, he talked about something for a long time with the Defense, while the new society looked at Zef Seth.

The elder patted the senior Defense detachment on the shoulder and approached the new man deposed by the Society. The short old man looked to be about one hundred and fifty years old: gray straight hair fell below his shoulders, slanting eyes the color of coal (they drowning in their darkness), a narrow wrinkled face, with a long beard sinking to his chest, owl’s eyebrows. He was dressed in a satin robe with wide sleeves that was belted woven from different skins of the beast with a belt.

— My name is Go Yang. — Introduce myself old man. — I’m the head of sector three. Come with us Zef Seth. We’ll figure something out.

Large containers, from the tank, were piled on the platform of the loader, and in return returned empty. Go Yang explained to the recruit that he will not work today, as Zef needs to sleep and rest.

As Zef Seth supposed, the building was an old house Society. The first floor consisted of some columns. It would be empty if it was not used as a garage: of two loaders, one column — a car and a double carrier, but they occupied only a corner at the end of the floor, in the opposite corner there is a warehouse of containers, but there were few of them.

The second floor (according to Go Yang’s explanation) was intended for joint pastime. There were departments: kitchen, living room to socialize, the gym. “Fortunately, though the toilet and shower in the rooms of the third floor.” Zef Seth Thought.

The third floor consisted of fifty rooms, most of which were empty, but twenty-one were occupied — the twenty-second was for Zef Seth.

It definitely resembled an apartment in the Community, except that instead of four residents, there was only one. The kitchen has been modernised to a high standard, or even the pantry, but still got here with nothing but a knife that gave him Go Yang from the guards. The knife cut not only the blade, but also at a distance of a meter of plasma-rays, like a cap over the mainland. This beam did not recognize the DNA of the essence, so it could be used both against an animate object and against an inanimate object, it was only necessary to press a small blue stone at the blade itself. The beam was extinguished carved metal sheath, painted black and gold flowers.

Zef Seth put his knife on the nails nailed to the center of the white wall of the empty pantry.

Hall, shower room, toilet, bedroom and storage room of this apartment have got was not even in Society. Sitting on a soft bed, not even disassembling it, Zef Seth fell asleep quite calmly, and would have slept until the evening, but he was awakened by a tall, two meters tall, black man. The man introduced himself to Tato Alya. He asked Zef to come downstairs for dinner. The face his was clean-shaven. Brown-eyed man with long arms, looked funny, with his lean physique, and a round curly head of hair on his head.

While going down to the second floor, Zef learned a little about Tato Alya. At the time, he was a Technician in the World, when he was thirty-nine years old, Tato decided to experiment with robots — he wanted to facilitate the work of Technicians, programming robots on their own repair, thus Tato reduced, in the number of people, his party. But someone upstairs thought it was a diversion, and Tato Alya was here. He is now Fifty-three years old. In a year that promised liberation and transfer to the island of old laymen. It was common — those who left the Abyss could not get into the World, so he was sent to the Islands, where he ended his life the old people of the parties in luxury. Zef checked the Defenses of such Islands, which were not far from the Farms, and seen waiting (as, at that time, Zef seemed) his relaxed old age.

Tato Alya spoke quickly — chattered incessantly.

The table was covered with all sorts of dishes: salads, meat of different kinds and preparations, sausages and lush bread. Such food, he did not like, his liking was more usual: in tubes or capsules, in extreme cases suspension, is at a meal time was not spent — to satisfy you while working, not having received the treatment to the doctor, and after this put still and rest.

Now, as stated, the Referral Network, there was nowhere to hurry — you need to come to terms with the new World of the Abyss, with its culture and people.

At the table, Zef counted eighteen people, but the chairs were twenty-two as occupied rooms after his arrival here. It seemed strange to Zef, but did not bother him, and he took a free chair in front of the head of the table the local Community.

They ate silently, chewing food thoroughly. When all, more or less eat till full, an elderly lady, sitting on the right hand of the Go Yang, brought from the kitchen a new bright red drink, pouring it over the glasses. Strange aroma and taste of the drink seemed Zef Seth, but more strange was its aftertaste — the sensation: he began to whirl the head and relax the whole body, like a Zef Seth took a slight poison, but the taste is berry juice permeated the body with warmth and some freedom of the senses. Zef took another small sip and leaned back in his chair and confide his fate.

— This wine. — Explained Go Yang.

About the wine, Zef Seth read earlier: it is made from berries and fruits, after to fermentation. It has the poison of alcohol, which in excess is deadly, and gives a person a false sense: of strength, of superiority, of heat. Bad effects: on the brain, liver and heart. Wine, like other alcohol, was banned for more than two thousand years — for it it was possible to get to the Islands (without the right to return to the mainland), or for five to ten years, or even for life, here — in the Abyss.

— Let’s meet a new member of the third sector. — Suggested Go Yang. — You’ve already met me. This lovely lady — he pointed to the woman that brought the wine — my wife Una Tok. — She was not tall, just over five feet, with wavy white hair down to her shoulders. — We got here together, because we already had a cell of Society.

— You lived separately? — Foolish he was smiling, himself not knowing why, asked Zef.

— Yeah. — She Replied. She had a beautiful soft voice. — But it was so long ago — fifty years ago. So now it’s our Society, it’s our World, and that’s all there is to it. — She kissed her husband and went to the company of three people that played instruments music. Nothing like ZEF had not heard, she gave birth to some satisfaction and a surge of all feelings at once. “Perhaps, this and there is ecstasy” — thought he.

— It’s where she and her work are prepared. — Guo Yang said softly.

— Thank you so much, — Zef Seth thanked Una, so she could hear. It was satisfying. — – But before Zef to enjoy the pleasure himself as they all laughed and he frowned in confusion — what he said was wrong.

— Thank You. The main thing that was delicious. — She answered through with laughter.

— Tasty?! — Zef Seth was even more embarrassed. — How is it?

— Not important. — Pat on the shoulder his Tato beside him. — Soon understand.

When everyone took a breath and the music started again, Guo Yang continued:

— You already know Tato Aley. — He turned to the musicians. — There: Aruma Fan the one with the harp — our chief physician.

— Yes, Yes, and my wife. She’s been here two years because of me. — Explained Tato. The Aruma were the opposite of her husband, with the exception of growth, which was about 180—182 cm: white skin, as white shining hair, clear blue eyes, thin lips. — At us in one day, day of reproduction — she it three days ago was 30 years old. — Arum Fan held it sharply with hand on all the strings of the harp, breaking the structure of the music. — Sorry honey-wine hit in head. Sorry, Go.

But the head of the third sector, as if not noticing the fact that he was interrupted, continuing with the same good-natured tone:

— Another girl of Sutt Bay — assistant Aruma’s. You have probably already heard from our talker Tato that a year later he was transferred, so a Forums Fan, will take the Court. — A fair-haired, with dark skin girl, middle growth played on mechanical piano. Her eyes were like two emeralds with amber chips, to look about the same age as the main healer. She nodded to Zef Seth and smiled, two small dimples forming on her cheeks.

— For guitar sits Nick Nom. — The guitarist hit the string, and his fingers twirled the “turntable”, bringing the notes to the empty sixth string, where the last blow to it was executed fast"slide”. It was like he was recreated from the blood, got a little bit older Set, long black straight hair that slightly reached for his shoulders, a thin mustache and goatee. — He helps Tato, for the same reason as Sutt, Aruma. Let’s move on to our table:

Those who want to leave us now — a man and a woman rose from the table, but the presentation of their Go Yang, stopped the couple. Both white with gray, like a wolf, eyes, average height, she him on the shoulder. With white curly hair and a similar hairstyle, as if from one test tube, both no more than seventy. — Our couple Ron Duk and Sarah Boi. They work in our gardens. — Sarah and Ron, bowed, and went upstairs into one of their rooms.

It again appeared some strangeness in this society couples live in separate rooms, rather than, as in the World — for the cell Companies issued a separate house, but put everything in its place:

— We have eight cells. Those sitting at the table-at a table similar to the screen, sat two middle-aged couples, no older than Sarah and Ron. They moved holographic chess. On chair for red-brown chess sat dark-haired a man with brown eyes, narrow the face of. Tall, he was average, and next to him is a redheaded woman with green eyes and a pretty face. Against them — for blue figures-played a lady: dark-skinned, with long straight hair. Growth is about the same, but the blonde man beside her was full, like a ball at the younger. Such people, he had only seen on the Island. In the World, all were tightened, not having a drop of fat, because morning exercises and daily work, do not contribute to completeness, and food from tubes, better than any diet. Eyes, chubby men, was the color of the waves of the world ocean, diverting attention from the face. — For darks play Bad Ais and Zoe Vum. In the World there were teachers, but as from the party of Science here specialists are needed, but no one should teach, they work in the gardens. For bright chess played by our repairmen, programmers, make yourself clear, Technology: Ira Pos and Duk Lomer.

At our table there were two strangers to you couple. All of them work in the gardens — on our Farms. He pointed first at a white young girl of thirty, with black hair and narrow eyes. Next to her is a guy with dark skin, brown hair, blue eyes and a big nose with a hump. They were sitting on the right side of Go Yang. — Kira Mom and Gena Mezik.

And finally, Sura Lobbe and Vik Tima. — Tanned white couple sat to the left of leader.

Sura was a strong woman with a broad bone. Blue eyes, brown hair, height medium. Her husband was a little above average growth, blonde, with expressive grey eyes. In appearance he was about fifty years old — at the beginning of middle age.

— Yes, — he turned to, who quit the table, musicians, men. One was a little older, he Set, with dark skin, green eyes, slim and not that tall, the other, was already over a hundred years, but the body he was sturdy, stocky and of medium height, broad-shouldered, green eyes, white skin, slightly tanned. He instilled some great power in himself. — I forgot about you. The younger one, Sam Acer, also works in the gardens. And senior your future partner and teacher, as we think: hunter Luka Mia. That’s all. Now you know everyone.

— As, us you have already sent to the Islands?! — Heard Zef Seth, behind the familiar female voice which was once driving him into a frenzy.

— Sorry, — hesitated Go. — something with my memory today. Our last couple, perimeter guards Alec Shane and Mora Dor. Finally, our perimeter security programmer…

Zef Seth turned around and saw a black couple in front of him. She is a slender, short brunette, with wavy lush hair and brown eyes. His eyes were brown, too. Growth Alec was a tall, strongly built, twice as wide as the Zef Seth (although the body was athletically Zef folded). Big fists, and a skin with a bluish tinge. Head shaved bald. She was no more than forty, he is 50—55. And, of course, she:

— Liya Yume? — Zef was not just surprised, he was dumbfounded.

— What’s he doing here? — Whether Liya Yume was furious. — Do you know who that is?! Zef Seth himself. How did you get here, you’re a truth — seeker, a servant of the Creators and the law?!

Leah exuded a fire of hatred, splashing it on a new member of Society. To the scandal broke out, intervened Go Yang:

— Hush, hush Liya — not he same you sent here. It happens that the Defense fall into the Abyss. Take me, or Luca, again Alec — aren’t we from the same party. — But Liya was unwavering. — He banished you to this continent? He’s the one you… — Go interrupted himself in mid-sentence, realizing that might say too much. — It’s my fault I asked for a new prisoner. We have one hunter, and the other twenty-fifth sectors are complete.

— I’m not doing my job? — Intervened in the conversation Luka Mia. — And what about the nineteenth sector — there are only eleven people.

— No, my friend — meat in abundance always, hides, fur. — Go was embarrassed. — Look, we’re not so young, and on the nineteenth: there are some swamps and dead-end production of copper.

Liya Yume sat down on the chair next to leader. She lowered her head and clasped her arms. Her voice was heard through the tears:

— Why him? How? You couldn’t get here — it’s just not possible.

I’m still here. — Zef Sath down next to her, and wanted to put a hand on her shoulder, but decided not to. — And that’s not gonna change. You know how I feel about you.

— Explain to me: how?

— Really, — supported Gena Mezik, Liya. — What did he get? — The question was addressed to Go Yang — he talked to the guards and should know the details.

— Our captain of Defense Zef Seth beat Ger Afin. — With full satisfaction on his face, Go said.

— Beat?! — Zef’s face shone. — No, I punched him in the face a couple of times.

The music died down, the game of chess faded into the background. Mora clapped big eyelashes on Zef, she, exciting all question attributed, to the head of the Community:

— That’s impossible. We at the genetic level can not even, without their knowledge, to touch the Creators. Liya tried to blow up The center of Geya Eternity. I’m in the playback program contributed new data on confessions and the denial of leadership. They were all sent for recycling — twenty Junior — and me with Alec Shane sent into the Abyss.

Liya wiped her tears away and turned to Zef. Her face was as beautiful as it was three years ago:

— Captain? — She remembered the words Go. — When did you become Captain?

Zef bashfully lowered his head:

— When I took you. Sorry! It was only then that I began to think about everything you said: that the Creators were nothing more than humans; that they were just like us; that we were all just genetic robots serving them… when I wanted to question the head of my party, he told me that I had no right to even breathe next to the Creators. Then he began to insult… — Zef paused, as if remembering something. — I’ll go up to my room and not spoil your evening. Sorry. Will you pick me up tomorrow? — He turned to Luka.

— Certainly. — Answer Luka. — Stay with us. You, above all, made his choice, and the rest can still be corrected.

But Zef Seth had heard nothing.

The whole evening Zef is physically practiced, not letting in my room nobody and Tato came to him four times.

Chapter 3. “Gods”

After arriving at the space station, the Gods were distributed among the cabins. It was all done in style, like privileged persons. Getting on the second tier — in the residential complex — as if you get Into the center of Eternity Geya, where only the Creators lived and their protection, there was also a peace Council. Corridors with laminated walls of red oak, and with gold stucco in the corners and cornices. Unusual doors to the cabins were the color of the walls, opening to the side with his hands, turning a small round handle, at the level of the belt.

The walls of the cabin was gray. Furniture, walnut. A Bureau, covered with green cloth, stood against the wall with a large round window that was decorated with beautiful green bindweed (unfortunately Zef, he did was artificial). On the right side of cabins was a big soft bed, on which lay a white form. Such clothes were worn residents by Geya, people who have not reached adulthood. From clothing Junior that featured gold stripes and the absence of chevrons, or any insignia. Form was a rag, Zef Seth already had the experience to wear such cloth, as a prisoner of the Abyss — it was not an exosuit for the citizens and Ministers are Geya.

On the suit, lay two bracelets.

— Copper… — throat Zef pleasure even dry.

The bracelets were the color of pure copper — it was a favorite color got Set. Copper on Geya mined rare — in its purity, revealed harmful substances, and it is rapidly oxidized, turning into dust so it was coated with a special solution polishes and only used on bracelets of leaders of Defense, and was mined in the Abyss. Zef, the color of pure copper gold, resembled the glow of the sun. These bracelets were the purpose of his service.

Only the locks snap into place on hands, a bracelet merged with the skin, as if they disappeared.

— Everyone is asked to gather in the briefing room. — Said entered the room a soldier from the party of Defense. He was in a dark blue suit, but without a helmet. — Follow me.

The corridor was filled with people in white and dark blue mixed up. First squad veered off to the left around the corner, then coming in heavy double doors, they were in a straight corridor with many doors. Corridor ended with a transparent, automatic wide door, behind which was hiding a big, lit a lamp, room with lots of soft Seating with tables, as in the younger Society on written and oral exercises.

Defense planted the Gods in places in a semicircle in front of the wall — screen, Zef was offered a fourth table, almost in the center, opposite the office of the owner of the audience. The soldiers left the room, and it appeared Ger Afin, as if out of thin air — it was not visible because of the dark suit that blended in with the screen off, the Creator stood with his back to the audience. But when the screen was lit, green light in a small lattice, Ger Afin turned around. Above his head, as if in the air, reflected from the screen, the planet rotated in the cosmic dark, among the shining stars.

— Can anyone tell me what planet it is? — Loudly, as if with a smile, asked the Creator.

All felt catch in question, but venture to answer one: dark-skinned, short — haired — Aik Semis. Until recently, his shoulder was decorated with a sign of Technology, in the form of the structure of the atom, and now he is among the Gods — who would have thought?!

Aik raised his hand, after having received the nod of the Creator, stood up to reply, like a Junior at school:

— This is our greatest Geya World in the universe. — Aik was the last in a row of listeners. — And his Sputnik Vega.

Visitors to the briefing room were located through one “boy-girl”.

“That’s why he was not in Quarry. — Thought Zef. — Now you’re without a helmet.

— No. — Smiling, said Ger Afin. — This is a planet once called Earth. Yeah, it’s almost identical to Geya, the Creator waved his hand, as if scrolling through the hologram, by clicking on a particular continent and the section turn red within its borders. Although it was not necessary to touch the screen or the image at all — everything was controlled by a wave of thought, like any multimedia, technology,… in work, in your room, at home, in Society. But thus created a certain effect of presence, which is more disposed to himself, to communicate, rather than soulless presentation. — This is World on Geya — on Earth his was called Eurasia. Farms 1 and 2 — North and South America. Quarry — Africa. Abyss — Australia. Glaciers — Arctic and Antarctica.

All this you can learn, in the Society of the Gods, on Earth. For each provided a full version of the study of the relief of the planet and their names in the past and our time, on your screens in the residence. Earth, unlike Geya, had about two hundred fifty two countries — it’s like our single universe, multiplied by two hundred fifty two times, with different laws, division into races, cultures, Nations and religions, or confessions (the latter you studied in individual courses, as a Junior). All this led to civil strife and wars, which subsequently destroyed life on the planet when inert bombs were set in motion. People always sought to destroy itself — you have to fix these errors of the past, for the future of mankind. However, one way or another, I will help you in this — so to speak: I will give impetus to the creation of a new world of mankind.

World on Earth already exists for two thousand years. It began with the independent development of man (here I, of course, deceive — in many ways we, the Creators, helped people). They are different from you — the Geyalings — they are not born in the apparatus of recreation, receiving, at the same time, knowledge for the future party. People on Earth are born in the womb of a woman, having reproductive functions, to create the younger involved two (the younger they call children). Earthlings other in the relationship… — the green-eyed blonde, raised his hand. — Yes Alya Mut!

— That is, their life and development is similar to the animal world of reproduction, with preliminary intercourse?

Straight long hair, with a smile having dimples on the cheeks, of medium height — Zef Seth noticed her still on platz in front of the spaceship, her face seemed very innocent, but not childish. There was something in Alya Mut. Before Zef may notice her, she was a companion to Liya Yume, from the party Science, but for the love of it Liya, Zef anyone didn’t notice next. Maybe it’s the longing for Liya says in it now and therefore Alya attracted him now…

— Good question. — Ger Afin smiled today is a rare occasion when it was possible to see him like this. — If you have questions, ask them now — it is not known after what time we will contact you: a month, maybe two, but you do not despair, you can learn a lot from your robots, or in the instruction on multimedia. About people and animals: Yes, all people are reproductive, they mate, after, a woman, bears a child for nine months, at least six.

Any other questions? — The gods began to look at each other, then all turned their eyes on the Creator. — Good. Remember: this experiment was conceived by the Supreme Creator Dao Yang, the head of the Science party, the Creator Tanya Mor and, of course, me.

— Who’s the head of the defense party now? — Dark skin, lush long hair, brown eyes and a slender figure of a brunette — she (who asked the question) looked quite beautiful, in a white robe with a Golden stripes.

— Kata Rice, you no longer belong to parties on Geya — you are now all Gods. I still will continue to manage the Defense. In my absence, I will be replaced by the Supreme Creator Dao Yang.

Now let’s move on to the most sensitive point: you have to create the cells of Society. First couple: Zef Seth and Alya Mut. Alya smiled Zef, but he remained stone-faced, as if not noticing it. — Next couple: Olik Baidas and Vicki Mon. Next: noin the ocean and Kata rice. And in conclusion: Aik Semis and Osia Ayamo. The decision of the Creators is not subject to discussion — on Geya, and on the Earth.

The light in the corners of the room blinked twice blue lights.

— We need to wrap this up, you wait in the dining room. You must get used to the other food. Finally: all of you have been given bracelets, do not remove them if you are outside of Society — it is your weapon, personal armor, exosuit and personal physician, as well as the chip — the internal chip out of you have been extracted. Those who do not know how to use them, you can contact Zef Seth or Katya Rice. The defense party has been using them since Junior. Each bracelet is individually suited to its owner, recognizing his DNA. You can’t use a bracelet that doesn’t belong to you — it won’t help you.

White dining room was half-filled with servants OSS (orbital space station). They sat at long tables on 8—12 people, robots — food carriers rode nearby. The gods sat at the table extreme, but Zef departed from them, crouched behind the opposite. He was joined by Alya.

— What with the servants to sit lower self-esteem?! — Evil joked swarthy, with straight nose, strong blue-eyed brunette. He, like the Aik Semis prior to shipment, was a Technician. A gorgeous blonde, not tall, slender, as if with two sapphires instead of eyes, echoed her husband:

— Why should he it’s — our leader easier into the Abyss. — Vicki Mon and Olic Baidas was satisfied.

Robots brought the standard set of food: salads, boiled meat, and juice.

— Of course — Zef’s fists clenched so that the knuckles turned white — in the Abyss what is missing is you — Farm and Equipment — you’re just made for each other. Shershems would have liked you — they would bone licking your bones.

Aik jumped off his chair, but the Kata stopped him:

— What take with him — a traitor never will become one of us.

— I don’t think you should say that. — Interrupted offensive argument is one of Defense. White man in his fifties with short brown hair, of medium height and sparse gray-green eyes. He came to the table of the leader of the Gods and said so that it was heard at the next table:

— My name is captain Tuck Yao. You did everything you could for the benefit of the World Geya and I know it.

— You… — finished Zef, as he was interrupted by a Tuck:

— Yeah. For any of us, you’re a hero. You are the one who deserves respect and be a real example to everyone in the World.

The lights in the dining room blinked due to the shaking of the OSS. The robots fell to the floor, the food rolled on the tables. Began to panic.

— Please remain calm. All officers and the leader of the Gods, assemble in briefing rooms. — The voice Ger Afin’s sounded in the speakers mounted in the walls. — Everyone else to their stations. The gods go to their cabins, put on costumes and bracelets, after to gather on the first floor in the fourth box. Repeat…

— See you at box. — Said Zef Seth Alya’s and exchanged glances with Tuck, came out of the dining room.

The officers were puzzled. They came out of the briefing room for two, three, people. In of it remained two: Creator of Ger Afin and the leader of the Gods Zef Seth.

— You understand, my boy, what about it is not must know among the Gods. — Said Creator. — I’ll let them know in a while. You have now so, how me known, tense relations, and this would undermine their faith in me, and in Geya’s. You know what I mean?

— Yes, the Supreme Creator, I’m sorry… the Creator.

— Well, that’s good. Now go to the cabin, in ten minutes you should be in the fourth box.

The portholes, not only in the cabins, but all the way up to the lower floor, were closed. Eight people in gold uniforms gathered at the fourth box. Until recently, they arrived at the OSS through the next gate, now they had another way.

Ger Afin did not utter enthusiastic words, he said: “see you soon” — and the Gods entered the open spacious box. The gate closed, and the little Windows of the fourth box shone with a bright white light.

— Safe journey! — Said Ger Afin nowhere.

Chapter 4. " ASS Of Russia (Air And Space Forces Of Russia)”

— Counting down. — The helmet came the voice of Colonel Semyon Ivanovich Pavlov. — Ten, nine, eight — on voice was heard, that Pavlov worried. He stood on the bridge, looking at the huge screen on the wall of the secret bunker of the Russian aerospace forces. The screen showed a different world through the eyes absolutely identical androids, with the exception of the bands on the shoulders of military uniforms. – ...Seven, six, five… — Blinds security Windows spaceship have ascended upward, forming a single broad bar. Previously, they served as protection from the space dump that humanity has arranged here in less than a century. The bright light of the sun blinded the screen, showing the most amazing picture of the Morning star that the human eye had ever seen. — ...Four, three… — Engines buzzing like air pumps, blasting the vacuum with hydrogen. — ...Two, one, START! Space the machine is moved along the arc, entering the atmosphere of Venus.

First, the spaceship covered the blue, with rare green tongues, flame, after he seemed to plunge into the ocean. The liquid the thickness of a kilometer did hide a planet rich in oxygen.

— This is major German Afonin. — Said android with white stripe. — We’ve entered the planet’s atmosphere. Dense sulfuric acid shell passed. Reflectors simulate glass removed. Judging by the sensors — the monitor in the center of the control panel showed something similar to the algorithms — the shell serves as a protective layer, that is, the shield of the planet from external influences, both physical and natural. For example: cools the layers of air from heating, when exposed to sunlight. We begin to reduce the angle of reflection of forty-seven degrees, the initial speed of ten thousand kilometers per second. Proceed to reset the beacons.

The white hand of the robot moved the cover somewhere in the corner of the panel. Finger pressed the yellow button under the cover. In the cabin he heard the signal three times blinked blue and all was quiet, leaving only the noise ripped the air behind.

— Forward! — Face hided tension. Pavlov smiled, to check the operation of the machine, at such remote distances from the Earth, business remained for the latter: to land and start again, and then come home. For the first, you can not worry — the spaceship will do everything on its own — over the latter will have to work majors with white stripe and with blue stripe on his shoulders that ran the machine. — Everything is fine guys: behind the Shuttle temperature and oxygen stats are normal. The atmosphere is viable.

— Well, well. — Droning Romanov, sitting in a corner with a Rubik’s cube, he continually mixed all colors, and then, within a minute collected it. It seemed that Petya did not pay attention, not to the cube, not to the screen, as if he was not here at all, but he saw everything. — I had to fly — this is my project, and I had to get there first.

— Peter Stepanovich, — said the Colonel, not taking his eyes off the screens. On the bridge anymore who were not, four binding operators sat at computers at the bottom, right under the bridge. — I understand everything, but it is one thing to be “left-handed”, another prepared fighter. No one knows what to expect from the project “Morning Star”. Thanks for the car — it has not failed — Russia will not forget you, but about the flight: it’s not up to you. Remember: I manage the project and you are here only because of me. Of course, you would like to be alone, but this will not happen.

The screen twitched and wheezed — the connection was lost.

— Herman Alekseevich, Daniel Karlovich — can you hear me? — Pavlov got nervous. — Will someone tell me — what’s going on?

Through hissing broke the voice of major Daniel Karlovich Mor :

— We hear you well, we feel great. Back to the set point. Begin vertical descent.

— Turn on the beacon and display them on the screen! — Said Pavlov in a microphone on the table. After turned to the androids in the micro-adapter on the right ear:

— We’ve lost visual contact with you, but we’ll try to find you now. — A planet with its reliefs appeared on the screen. — No wonder it is called Sister of the Earth’s.

— What’s up? — The voice of the Android with a white stripe.

— Planet similar to Earth, to decay it on the mainland, as on ancient maps. — Explained Pavlov. In the center of the mainland, in the middle of the highlands lit up a red light. There was a double picture, each part of it was decorated with the initials of the androids. — You’re back.

Green virgin terrain among the mountains and rivers, opened before the eyes of those present in the bunker. She was getting closer, getting brighter, more beautiful.

The car stopped. The door hissed up. Shutters-blinds fell on the Windows.

The sun, making its way through the thickness of sulfuric acid, blurred bright heavenly light. Clouds are clearly drawn in the heavenly silence golden mist. Here the time was approaching evening.

In containers were placed samples: of soil, grass, trees, rocks, water… part of the cooling compartments of the first section was filled. The Rovers were launched.

The androids stepped into the machine, but the technique failed, unable to even close the door, the panel was turned on, the buttons were shining with lights, and the car still didn’t work, not responding to the commands of the pilots.

— What you got? — The Colonel’s angry voice could be heard.

— Not clear. — Herman Replied. — The spaceship is not responding to our commands. What we do? It is necessary to move to the next point, but without a car we do not have time, and here it is not necessary to leave. Who knows what can live on this planet?!

— Find out. — Pavlov joked, but the joke was taken seriously:

— Perfectly. I’m moving.

— What about Daniel Karlovich, will you leave him alone? — In the Colonel’s voice was heard sarcastic notes.

— I’ll handle it. If that — ‘ll call. Major Moore replied.

— That’s good — happy Herman — I’ll be around — in the boundaries of the square.

People from the bunker ASS Russia, watched the beautiful views of nature of the mountains of Venus. So an hour passed, two, but any evidence of life to be seen.

— In this country someday will all well work. — Shouted the Colonel into the microphone, looking at a gray screen android Herman. The link again has interrupted. — At least just to work! — He turned to Romanov, the same didn’t pay on the Colonel any attention, collected the cube. — You can explain to me: why again the connection is terminated?

— Most likely, this layer of acid that protects the planet has an electromagnetic substance — it interrupts the transmission process, as a passing wave, which fails to the least stable, to her, a member of the crew. This time it was Afonin.

— What about the car?

— Same waves. It will take a little time, and it will work. You’ll see. You wouldn’t be nervous — take a Rubik’s cube, or crosswords, and relax. Only I you, its not will give.

— Why are you all such geniuses… — Pavlov wanted to swear but stopped in time — he remembered that he was told about the behavior of autistic and sociopaths.

On the screen of major Afonin, a picture appeared.

— Herman Alekseevich you can hear me? — The Colonel couldn’t understand what was happening. — Major Afonin can you hear me?

— No feedback. — Said Romanov.

— I can see that without you. Major Afonin, can you hear me?

Herman looked out from behind the stone, among the rocks and rivers of boiling lava. There, below, gray horned people in loincloths, pulled on ropes, behind itself a system from women and children similar to earthlings, than on these horned inhabitants of Venus.

— You see this? See? He whispered into the microphone. — I’m going to zoom in. That’s impossible. — High, edifice brown girl hair with blue eyes eyes, turned to Herman, if seeing his. — Is It Taya? — Surprise, Herman rose to his feet, and again the connection was lost.

— Who’s Taya? — The Colonel asked Daniil Karlovich.

— Why are you asking me?

— Afonin saw a red-haired girl and said: Taya. After the connection is terminated. If he was not an android, I would have thought that the major was cut down from behind — of head.

— Where saw — I do not not understand. He called his wife Taya, but she died four years ago — Taisia Nikolaevna Smirnova. Where’s Herman?

— We don’t know yet. His sensor went crazy-he jumps all over the planet. You need to find Afonin’s: he came to the link from places more like hell — around the rocks and rivers of fire, in the rocks a lot of caves. From the place where he came out, overlooking the plateau with a large stone horned skull, in the center of it.

— Is this a joke?

— We’re not an organization where you can joke like that. Our operators will launch drones to repair the machine. We will control them from The earth. With God major — you’ll need It.

In the booth, on the bridge, climbed the blonde middle age. Her hands were trembling, as was her voice — she was frightened:

— May I address you, Colonel?

— Captain, please!

— We’ve got an emergency — room simulations Afonin’s in motion.

Chapter 5. “Gods”

For a year and seven months that the Gods were on Earth, Ger Afin did not get in touch, but it did not bother anyone. Eight envoys of Geya was busy with people, studying them, not physically getting into their world. The gods were interested in everything that concerned the man: his relationships, language, hunting, life, psychology and even love joy (although the latter was something vile to the Gods, but only in the beginning, but later, strange, and sometimes desired).

The gods no longer quarrel, as if Abyss, in the life of a Zef, it was not, but not for leader of Gods, he is often exploring the people on the screen, left to itself, was sad, for all this time — haven’t touched your Alya Mut never. He didn’t recover his body next to her, not kissed her, as if Alya is not his wife, but she kept silent and endured, though, and worried.

The gods did not quarrel — they were divided into two camps, vneglasno boycott each other. On the one hand was the cells Zef’s and Aik’s, on the other the rest. Everyone pretended that the other half does not exist, but only in the home, and the work had to communicate, dryly, but still… Zef Seth didn’t pay any attention to it, but his wife tried to reconcile with the rest, after I tried and Aik Semis, and Osia Ayamo, but all was in vain. Having lost a year to the irreconcilable Gods, wasting time on the empty, Alya and Zef engaged in their duties.

People built temples to the Gods, with columns and statues of the Gods themselves, if all were like themselves, then Zef Seth, called the Sun, was portrayed as strong, but an old man with long gray hair and a beard. He was standing in a cassock with a hood over his head, with his arm outstretched, with his hand open to the people, showing something on it. The sun was considered the Supreme God who gave people life, and the protector of all adversity. According to the legend: the palm of his hand, kissed his wife — the Goddess of the Earth and after the palm of the God the Sun is out people.

Zef liked to look after people in temples, they rarely asked for anything, basically glorified Gods and sang them songs, bringing to Gods berries, fruit, wine. On holidays, people carried sweets and pastries to the statues of the Gods. All this tempted the head of the Gods, and one day he could not resist the temptation, decided to visit people.

Dressed in human clothes, wearing bracelets on his wrists, taking a knife similar to the one that helped him in the Abyss, Zef Seth teleported himself to the temple. While the people nearby was not visible, Zef Seth sat down at the marble feet of the God of the Sun, I decided to try an offering to the Gods: breaking the pie, he ate a piece and drank wine. After more, and more… The taste of strawberry pie was amazing, such robots, in Society, did not cook. From pleasure Zef Seth closed his eyes and forgot himself, until he was brought to his senses by an old man, wrapped in a gray cloth with patterns on the edge of the garment. The stranger was struck with his staff the stranger on the shoulder, shaming him:

— Ignorant, how dare you touch the face of God? Food you could get, but the barn, in the Pantheon temple, have not allowed anyone. How could you desecrate the shelter of the Gods?

— Excuse me, — confused Zef, but gathering thoughts… — I wanted at least a little time with my dad, eat with him, like old times.

— So you’re the son of the Sun God?! — The elder was indignant, but looking at the marble statue, then at Zef, he cooled his ardor. — Yes, your features are similar, but how will you prove your kinship?

— You have often asked the father, salvation from the dog-a giant that is attacking the village. You said that only the power of God could defeat him. So, he sent me to you. The road was long — I was hungry. Only from my father’s dish did I eat and drink from his jug. Tell me, how could I save you on an empty stomach?!

The old man pondered — “what if he is the one for whom he pretends to be, and if he lies, the beast will destroy him and will be fed today”? !

When Zef watched the people, he saw a scary black dog, two meters tall. He attacks the nearest villages if they don’t give him a sheep or a cow. The dog traverses the village in a circle, every day, eating fresh meat, having visited once a month in each of the nearest village. Tonight was this town, Lika, and Zef Seth knew about it.

— Well, — said the old man with a sly squint — I hope you’re not a fool to give his life for a piece of cake and a glass of wine. My name is Nikon — I am the Lord of these places, and this is my capital, but how will you allow yourself to be called?

— Z… — Zef wanted to say his name, but he changed his mind, — Zarnitsa.

— Well, come with me, Zarnitsa.

Nikon lived in the center of the cities, in a large stone house. The elder had many servants and two twin sons, Arthur and Stepan. They asked to fight against the beast with Zef, but he refused the twins, afraid to hurt them with his weapon.

The sun went over the horizon, when a terrible howl woke nature horror of the most secret corners of the human soul. Bonfires lit at the gates to the capital. The Moon was shining in the sky, its full strength.

People hid behind a high fence, fearing that Zef would not defeat the giant dog and he, angry at the people, would pounce on them. In this case, one of the townspeople tied a cow at the Central gate of the city.

Glowing yellow eyes appeared in the darkness, they approached more and Zef saw the open mouth of the beast, with huge fangs. Saliva dripped from the fangs of the dog, he saw Zef Seth — he stood with a dagger in hand, with my right leg forward.

A huge mass of living evil, nearing Zef Seth, the beast jumped and… God cut his leg with a knife. This angered the beast, and then the dog hit Zef with his paw, from which Zef rolled head over heels on the ground, but before putting the knife, God hurt the dog.

“And you’re not that simple. — Thought Zef. — Is you on four legs more than two meters, and on the back all four”? Finger lay on a small stone, and the dagger stretched into the akinak with a Golden glow.

The beast jumped, and Zef, bending back, cut the dog’s chest. The predator was breathing heavily, blood was pouring from his body, he moved towards the offender, but God, as before, stood in the rack. The dog turned to leave, but Zef leaping on its tail, made a jump and was on the neck of the beast. A wave of his hand and… a glowing Golden akinak pierced the thick neck of the beast.

The predator was defeated.

People happily ran up to the winner, picked him up in his arms and carried through the city to the house of Nikon, lighting torches his way. The wound on his chest got overgrown.

Large long tables were displayed on the terrace. All sorts of treats brought the townspeople to them. The whole capital was celebrating the release of the beast, people would say a Eulogy in honor of Zarnitsa, his Father and Mother.

The moon was high when Zef Seth, after waiting a moment, fled from the feast. He stealthily made their way, through the dark streets, the smell of the sea, to the temple: law support teleport — the exit point where the point of entry. Open the temple, like a huge rotunda with columns, with sculptures and roof, was situated on a high mountain where the temple was open, though the rock split in half with his giant axe. Someone took off the skin of the dead dog and spread a carpet at the throne Of the sun God, spreading fire in the altar.

Zef stood on the “new carpet”, lowered his hands and crossed them in front of him, but did not have time to go into Society, as a familiar voice stopped him:

— Thanks Zarnitsa, and come to us, we will always be glad to you. — It was Arthur the son of Nikon, Zef distinguished him from Stepan at the birthmark on his neck.

“He lit the fire and laid the skin of the dog here. — Guessed Zef. — So it was not long ago at the feast”.

— You’re a good son of your father. — Zef Seth told Arthur, turning to him. Bracelets appeared on his hands Zarnitsa. Arthur, surprised and shaken. Until next time! — He said and only managed to see Arthur’s smile, as a bright light enveloped Zef Seth, and behind the light were familiar walls.

Zef’s back in Society.

On bed slept Alya. The light of the full moon adorned her face with its silver sheen. Zef has never seen her so beautiful. She smiled, and the smile had dimples on her cheeks, and innocent blush decorated them. Zef bared his body, remaining in the boxers (to remove the bottom of underwear, among the geyalings, it was considered disrespect to the partner), quietly climbed under the blanket and gently hugged her.

— What’s wrong? — Said Alya waking up. She turned to face him, running her fingertips over his body. — Are you naked? With me?

— You always go to bed with me, exposing his beautiful body, — whispered Zef, kissing his wife on the lips, neck, chest — and I didn’t notice it, being busy only with themselves — living their past. I didn’t see I had the best wife. — He kissed her passionately on the lips. — Only you don’t tell someone that they are not offended. He said that with a face full of seriousness, which made Alya laugh, but the laughter turned to languor.

Zef kissed the underbelly of Ali, rising to the belly button, kiss it, the tip of his tongue, lightly touching her skin, up to the total elastic chest Alya, languidly breathing. Alya screamed, and firmly pressed his face to his chest.

So made love inhabitants of Geya.

Born in incubation machines men were deprived of sexual potency, yet experiencing excitement and pleasure without ejaculation, their ovaries, like women, were dead. Women had no uterus — they did not bear children, did not lay eggs, like animals.

Citizens of Geya were one million people from the Youngest to the Creators. The inhabitants and servants of the Islands, though privileged, were not citizens, nor were the prisoners of the Abyss.

Incubation machines were the prototype of cloning machines, except that the object being cloned did not die, turning into dust in a nearby machine, it did not transmit the memory obtained from the samples taken before. Geya men were created by babies. The computer, and sometimes the operator, was loaded into the personality and memory of the created, the necessary programs: knowledge, for a particular group of the party, necessary for the World.

The machines emitted a yellow light, but if the created pattern was not standard: in future development and thinking, psychological inclination, or physical abnormalities — the machine shone with blue light. In such cases, the operator, in manual mode, pressed the button to destroy the sample. So the baby died in capsule hatching machine, not taking life, while capsule was sucking the ash flows of air.

People on Geya lived to two hundred years — earthlings lives in two times less.

All this distinguished geyalings from earthlings, as their sex was different. In the first form, love joy earthlings, geyaling was sick — it seemed to them something disgusting, although some actions were similar.

— What is it? — Surprised Alya, feeling with his hand, bumpy skin lines on the back of Zef. — Are those scars? Real scars? Where you got them? Show me!

Zef turned his back to his wife and she turned on the light and saw four stripes on the left half of her husband’s back, a little more than fifteen centimeters long.

— I earned them in the Abyss, but now I don’t want to talk about it. — Explained He Set. – I’ll tell you later. I had a great day today: I ate strawberry pie and drank the best wine, tasted the beautiful meat of wild boar and chicken, with salads, olives and cheese, without thinking about the dangers of food, saved the city from the raids of the giant dog, and made love with the most beautiful woman in the galaxy — what could be better?!


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