Women and Sex

Бесплатный фрагмент - Women and Sex

Why is sex useful for women?

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The manual discusses important issues about women’s health: how does sex affect a woman’s body, is it harmful to lack of sex for a woman’s body, anorgasmia. Sex increases IQ, relieves stress and even regenerates collagen! Lack of sex in a woman destroys marriage and relationships.

Female and male orgasm: how to achieve mutual pleasure?

Why is sex for women useful?

A person who has an intimate life is OK, is more healthy and positive. Knowingly, with the regular presence of bad mood and depression, doctors recommend that you have more sex. Such a person, as a rule, is open to dialogue. There are, of course, many controversial points, but the fact remains that in the presence of regular sex, people in principle feel happier and satisfied with their own lives. Moreover, there is well-founded evidence that sex positively affects the internal physiological processes in the body.

So, for example, after getting an orgasm in the body, the production of phagocytes increases several fold. It is these components of blood that enhance the general protective functions of the body, and also specifically work to destroy cancer cells in it.

Previously it was believed that an active sex life indicates a not particularly developed intelligence. In reality, it’s the opposite. The more often a person has sex, the higher the level of his IQ can become.

In the body in this process, a substance is produced that responds to the formation of new cells in the brain. Thanks to sex in the body, the level of the prolactin hormone increases, which is responsible for the brain’s ability to work and counteracts the formation of diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

Sex helps keep the body toned. In the course of it there is strengthening of muscles, as well as active burning of calories. Thus, sex can replace a lesson in the gym or dance training. Morning sex can be a great alternative to a morning run.

The state of stress, anxiety, insomnia beautifully removed by sex. After him, the absolute majority of people fall asleep fast, hard and sweet.

Sex supports cardiac activity and active blood circulation in the vessels. It gives a significant load to the heart, which is why after a transfer of acute conditions associated with cardiac activity (for example, heart attack), it is strongly recommended to abstain from it.

Increased immunity can also be associated with regular sex. The amount of immunoglobulin is increasing, viral and cold infections pass faster and in a lighter form.

If your head hurts, then you should not abandon the offer to exercise sex, because in its process hormones of happiness, endorphins, which alleviate pain better than any tablets are produced.

It is understood that regular sex employment keeps the entire urogenital system in tone. This is important in terms of the metabolic activity that occurs in it. Women who have an active sex life, rarely have inflammation in the female genital organs.

Regeneration of skin cells, actively triggered by sexual life, active production of collagen — all this will help look beautiful skin. That’s why you can often find a popular notion that if a person looks great, it means that in his personal life everything is in order. Particularly important is the effect of sex on counteracting wilting in people over 35 years of age, when collagen production in the skin is sharply reduced, into metabolic processes in it are slowed down.

Sex and nothing superfluous!

Certainly, each person’s needs and desires differ. However, the normal physiology of each person is determined by the need for sex. And it is hardly possible to challenge the fact that sex is, if not the main, then certainly a permanent desire, along with the need to satisfy the feeling of hunger.

However, if the orgasm was guaranteed by a man during sex, nature guaranteed (in fact, without fertilization of the semen, fertilization does not occur in any case), then the female orgasm in this process is not at all necessary. That is why statistics on the topic of women’s satisfaction with sex testifies that only half of the polled representatives of the fair sex regularly have it. Everyone else gets this bonus either rarely, or never.

So, if a woman, even having a sex life, remains dissatisfied with the outcome of this process, then after a short period of time she will be irritable, tense and she will not be satisfied. If you look closely, it’s easy to recognize such a woman. How to understand her body, which simply wants to discharge. A woman who has an orgasm during sex is calm and harmonious. She is smiling and radiating a positive.


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