Why Hedgehogs Are Spiky

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Why Hedgehogs Are Spiky

Once upon a time there was a Hedgehog, a cheerful and kind-hearted creature. The only thing he was unhappy about was that he had quills for fur.

“I wish I weren’t so spiky,” he complained to himself. “My friends might prick themselves on all these quills!”

One day the Hedgehog was basking in the sun in a glade, daydreaming:

“I wish I were fluffy and had a long tail. I wish I had fur so that someone could pet me. I wish I could meow and purr and then flop over on my back for someone to give me a belly rub.”

All of a sudden, he saw a Fox prowling through the grass.

“Here comes Ms. Red Hair, and she’s least likely to give me a belly rub!” he thought fearfully, curled up into a ball, and put up his quills.

The Fox crept up to the spiky ball and cautiously pawed it.

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