Whoever I was in prison

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Nobody wants to go to jail, but some of them still find themselves. How to spend this time with dignity, and maybe even with benefit? In prison (prison, colony) their lives, their own orders. Prisons differ from each other, the cameras are also all different. But they have in common. Those are the basic rules that allow you to exist in places of detention relatively in order and safety. Save in prison health, incl. Mental, and life, that’s the task of every prisoner. How to do it with the least loss, here will help everyone who wants questions (and answers) of this test.

They say that the army is a school of life. A real school of life is a prison. And pass it — a great test. Here a person can be seen right away who is worth what. Here for months and years, smart and stupid, strong and weak, zdy and kind people live side by side. Prison — it’s scary. But you should not be afraid of her very much. And here many remain people and live in it, without losing their honor and dignity. What do you want, on occasion…

The test consists of 17 questions and 4 possible answers to each of them. Answer all questions, count the scores received and see which conditional group you belong to. What if the result does not suit you? Look at all the test questions again and analyze your and all possible answers. This tells you how to behave in prison (God forbid) and in other (difficult) situations.

Test questions

1. You enter the camera for the first time. Prisoners look at you. Your actions?

Guilty smile and mumbling something inarticulate, without looking up — 1 point

You smile and try to talk to someone, seeking an arrangement — 2 points

Say loudly: «Hello» and seriously look into the eyes of cellmates. You have a calm and confident look — 3 points

Say: «Hello, tramps», go into the camera and take the best place — 4 points

2. Cellmates offer you to tell why you were arrested and about yourself:

You with a guilty kind start to mumble something — 1 point

You start a long and detailed story about yourself — 2 points

You briefly list the articles of the Criminal Code that are imputed to you and quite a bit about yourself — 3 points

Work off the questions with a joke and put special curious on the place — 4 points

3. At a meeting with the prison operative you are invited to become his informant. Your actions?

You agree and accept all the conditions of the «opera» — 1 point

You say that you will think to delay the decision of the issue and not to harm yourself — 2 points

You firmly refuse, despite all the persuasions and intimidations — 3 points

You send the operative far away or, realizing the full measure of responsibility, you agree. But not to talk about cellmates, but in order to solve their (cellular) questions — 4 points

4. Someone drops something (in prison) or the thing falls by itself. Your actions?

You throw it first — 1 point

Pick up the thing, pause — 2 points

Wait until someone raises it — 3 points

Say: «Well, there is nobody to lift something?» — 4 points

5. A cellmate suggests you play cards on «just so».

You agree and play — 1 point

You agree and play, but not «for nothing», but for something specific (water, matches, money, etc.) — 2 points

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