When there is no sense in names

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When there is no sense in names

Having died, the engine sniffed, on a body of our “Scythian” ran a shiver.

— Mother, mother. Interiors of the bus stopped, — naive babbling of the child did not cause either laughter, or smiles in passengers.

People with obvious displeasure left the places, got out to a frost.

— Poryadochek, cafe shines, — among us after all there was one happy person.

— And you if only “to fill in plum”, — I answered, muffling in a scarf. — Here tell what we waited for? It was impossible to leave for a week earlier? Were stayed: on the train, aboard the plane there are no tickets.

— It also is clear, — the sounded reproach remained unaddressed. — Where to take them the thirty first?

By a proshkandybala, did not turn sour carrying out old year, children any more.

— And here, check out “vertukha”.

The killed trudging towards, “in smoke” the man, departing to snow, the first estimated reception of hand-to-hand fight.

— Yes, so nothing, — having inclined over floundering in a snowdrift, the guy approved.

…Failing during deep snow, I went after the rocking back Round whom occasionally called by Artyom. Was angry. Not only that missed all tickets, except the regular bus Oryol-Kharkiv, so also it was necessary to celebrate New year in roadside cafe on the suburb of Kursk. In festive night the winter pleased with snowfall and, as a result, the blocked highway.

We were en route more than five hours, shivered in the chilled piece of iron. A peculiar way to leave the city of the first salute left to us if not sideways, then the aching fifth points, for certain. Even the hope glimmering in the beginning to see the country, the travel duration which somehow is brightening up, died. It remained with two crippled bodies of the cars flaunting on departure from Oryol about a post of GAI there. Further the woods, snow and ice-covered asphalt on which our transport “rushed” no more than 40 km/h stretched.

Having creaked brakes, one more sufferer drove to a roadside. Caught up with us, left along the same route, only on an hour later, Ikarus.

…At the opened door the high footboard was come off by the girl. “My interiors began to move”. The breeze played her lungs as down, hair and, also gently, as well as picked up, returned back on thin shoulders, threw below a belt. Slightly audible perfume aroma, naturally, accepted for its own, proceeding from a young body reached me, began to smell. Graceful, not on weather the dress emphasized symmetry of a figure.

Regained consciousness from the fact that Round furiously shook my hand.

— You what, fell asleep? — shouted directly in an ear, having lost any hope to revive me.

Having guessed the reason of a sudden stupor, began to explain:

— No, Brother. Such not for us.

Probably, words were heard more loudly, than followed, and the girl turned back in our party. All its look showed discontent — the answer to our attempts to discuss and define to whom it suits and to whom is not present. Finally, having pricked with green eyes, passed by, disappeared in cafe.

An hour later, travelers already guzhevat in a roadside snack bar. Among abundance of alcohol of worthy snack was not and there was not enough money for it.

— We came to drink, — Artyom shone, overturning the next glass of smelly cognac in a throat, jammed a bread piece.

— You though juice bought, — inattentively supporting a conversation, I furtively watched the stranger who settled behind the next little table.

— Today juice from mine a sock! And still glass…

So, increasing the pace, the people moved ahead till the nights ahead. Every minute at our table new people appeared. Soon it was necessary to shift two, and later, and three tables together.

Despite “fair prices”, by ten o’clock money practically ran low. The enterprising friend “was afraid” Orthodox Christians from whom the scar from whom two, in case of refusal threatening to damn, ran out on the street and from time to time came back with a quarter-liter bottle of vodka of “a green serpent”.

— In little shop is cheaper nearby. Let’s go, I will show.

… — That, please, — hiccupping, Artyom ordered quite decent, on quality, vodka.

Having wiped goods, the woman handed to already regular customer a bottle of “Pepper brandy”.

…Someone imprudently bakhnut a full glass of this potion and with protruding eyes rushed off in a toilet.

— But though with all the heart, — carried out unfortunate an amicable laughter.

I did not react. Round found my look wandering on the beautiful little girl again.

— Now we will make.

Having jumped from a chair, flew on alcoholic couples directly to it. Took seat nearby, blurted out something, and the crash of a slap in the face muffled music.

Having flashed, it promptly approached me.

— Let’s go, we will dance!

From the feasting brotherhood removed tables several meters, the bartender made radio more loudly…

— You can put hands on a waist, — the people twitching around pushed it to me. — In general, the fact that you embraced, not a waist any more. Closely. We go on air.

Having thrown with the first sheepskin coat, jumped out on a threshold. It was necessary to pass afterwards.

— And to wipe! Here, correctly! — jumped out of shop Round. — On, take, — put to me in a hand the next bottle. — I quickly, now will carry “буэ” in the subsoil shining a whiteness, — and hid behind the cafe building.

The dream stood to me in a half-turn. I saw the scarlet, touched by a smile lips. In the light of a hinged lamp they shone: and calling, it is also repellent at the same time. It seemed both an angel, and the demon, seemed something fantastic, illusive, unreal, very close and absolutely inaccessible.

Wind, developing hair, hid her face, prevented to understand the hidden thoughts.

— Well what you will tell?

On eyelashes snow fell, thawed, forcing the person to sparkle.

— Do not look to me in the face, — horrifying from where my own voice reached, nothing of that kind is resolute I was going to speak.

— I will not look, — turning away, she laughed.

— I know you.

— Tell, — from the little girl, filling me with courage, readiness for rough protection flew.

— … When kept for you our first appointment, having grabbed a hairbrush, ran away into the room. —

With astonishment thin threads of eyebrows rose. The snowflake fell on eyelashes. The burning breath, blew off it away.

— Thought you will not come. You will be afraid! — having quickly oriented, supported nonexistent memoirs.

— Then, in a little rough, violently softened voice roofing felts the reproach, roofing felts joy was heard.

— Rough?! Yes I that day caught a cold, — having turned back, slightly pushed me in a shoulder, — of course, rejoiced and afraid, and suddenly will not come.

— I already then knew all your tenderness, felt force which is concealed inside.

— And from where you knew it?

— Felt.

— And! Well continue.

— Offered…

— I remember, I remember. Ran to shop and brought a huge bouquet of flowers, presented, standing on one knee. I then still asked: “You suggest to meet?”

— As these words and as they meant to me much were easily pledged to you. Strange similar questions still seemed to me, I did not suggest to meet, I offered the life. And in your voice hope notes appeared, vigilance completely evaporated. Having whispered “Till tomorrow”, lit up joy which could not constrain any more, and was behind a door.

— And you remember how for the first time kissed me?

— On this very spot.

It umostitsya quickly on alone standing shop. Safely attracted the little girl on the knees. It did not resist. On the contrary, gentle hands embraced a neck, drugged a smell of perfume. She smiled,

— In a disco drank and when danced, removed lipstick from your lips.

— No, not so. Only once managed to kiss. I was discharged, having come round.

— But here, about a fir-tree, after dances still drank and defense failed. We kissed to lip pain. They at you for the morning swelled up. And after even admitted how in that evening after our first conversation saw the falling star and rejoiced, taking this sign for the answer of destiny written by someone from above.

… — Maids, you шо pisat? — the voice of Artyom was identified at any distance. Having gone on need, the guy also round the corner found to himself the company.

— Yes! And you that enviably? — the female voice answered.

— No, I pisat too. And who whines there? To someone it is bad? — under its stumps snow began to creak.

— Leave alone it, — the same voice was indignant.

— I want to help.

— Stop to put it in a throat fingers. It has the.

— So what does not put?

The second slap in the face in an evening forced the guy to recede. Having taken away from me binge, it returned to cafe and at once jumped out back.

— Estimate, only came. I got nothing, — the friend who was left without alcohol, was going to shop.

— And, you coo? — blurred in a pleased smile.

— Come on, — the girl was confused, hesitating, got up from my knees. — Still, Artyom… Generally, excuse.

She refused to be strong more and more considerably: looked for supports in my hand and a look.

— As always beat for the truth. Go with me, and that you will die.

— And what at you with the person? — I, of course, guessed an origin of red points, but nevertheless, decided to specify.

— Yes, in general, not clear from where there the fir-tree undertook. It seems at once was not.

— What, children? Did not understand, — the tired shop assistant asked again.

— Of course, did not understand, — muttered Round, trying to count the trifle got from a pocket. — You do not talk slang!

— Who I am I do not botat!? Still as I botat!

— Well, then this, — pointed a finger at a quarter-liter bottle of vodka of doubtful production, but suitable at the price — and it is possible not to wipe!

We returned on a shop. Темыч, without wishing to share with anybody, abused from a throat directly on a threshold.

— And what at us happened later?

— When came, rushed to my embraces. Wanted and to reproach for long absence and to embrace as it is possible stronger. Joy in eyes, happiness in the movements — everything told about sincerity of the flashed feelings. I strong embraced you and very long kissed directly in a corridor. For us it seemed impossible to come off from each other. “Pass, pass”, — at last, wakening, entrained, invited both in the room, and in the middle of the heart. Being exhausted, embraced for a waist which bends the wide sports suit could not wash away, kissed on a neck. Covering eyes, you threw back the head back. And we did not move a little for a long time, did not stop tenderness. “Mother will arrive only tomorrow”, — seductively whispered the attracting lips.

I kissed you, solved all hidden desires. Touching by fingers of smooth skin, too whispered, being afraid to break beauty of the moment. My hand groped a doggie on an olympic sweatshirt lightning, pulled it down.

“Rather, we put on!” — you shouted in the morning when the knock at a door sounded, it was covered with a blanket, in search of linen rummaged around a hand a floor.

— “Yes where these socks?! — you shouted already. — About! Look!”. You remember how took out from under a sofa two couples at once? Last time forgot. And I all thought that it stinks, as from the good man. As it is mother did not notice!?

— And I am already a good man! “A bit earlier come!” — kissed at parting, already in advance beginning to miss…

— And all this was? — coming back to reality, the girl at me on a lap longed.

— Of course, I love you. I love, it is so strong that cannot even be presented.

Just imagine, were called just friends several weeks ago. And later, I remember, made a declaration of love. Put the head to you on knees, were silent, I listened to your heart and admitted. And you also just answered that you know it long ago. But itself did not admit.

— Forgive. I will make it now, in thousand time. Present that we went to the past, to that room… I love you. And, of course, I remember everything. You are such silly. I loved you always. Unless did not notice? Suffered, did not know how to start talking with always lonely and mysterious. Dreamed us at night, in the afternoon in memoirs, waited for return. But you were not, and only cold embraced for shoulders. And your friend received for the truth, blurted out to me in a face that I will be yours.

— Hold, — the friend who jumped out from nowhere put the key allowing to spend night in the nearest hotel in a hand.

…On a black dress, sparkling, tinted by lunar a fair hair fell. The brought eyelashes, the dark red lipstick on thin lips extended with leg hairpins…

— For a moment it seemed to me that it not you and if you, all the same not for me.

— It I, I and only yours, — kissing, left hundreds of beautiful spangles on my face.

Its linen slid off on a floor…

Everything mixed up: the clothes scattered about the room, hair, wet after a shower, burning the whisky which is slowly thawing near candy candles, somewhere beating midnight chiming clock, fireworks behind the chilled window. The silence which is broken off by wind howl.

I sometimes ask that little girl whether there was everything? And, as then, embracing, the wife whispers to me “Yes”. And I trust in the incident, I trust in the past which managed to be turned into the present only over time. And, of course, I trust the friend who from year to year is going with traces of fir-tree pricks on a face, who did not buy the new watch, in exchange given for our night in hotel. And Round still remembers the bill for the minibar drunk by us which is made out it.

— Though the bubble would take out. Choked with a hawthorn, — I hear from it with enviable constancy.

The rejected paradise

— Why it is necessary to you? To it practically nothing!

— And what? You will think, on heels of years is younger, — beat off red-haired the girlfriend.

— Give better with us, children ordered restaurant, a sauna…

— Not, I to darling.

— Oh! What words!

— Yes, I love. Why you are so? Itself acquainted us! Igorek with your younger brother studies?!

— So you drank all juice from me: in a dream saw it, acquaint!

— Do not make mischief! Honestly I speak: dreamed! You will tell, just like that?

— And what, glyadelka you play with it or cards there …? Throw it rather!

The last words were beyond insignificant talks which Ira got used to answer long ago laughing, never listening attentively, not penetrating… That all were a joke, let caustic, let bothered, but not demanding from it any actions.

— My business, — Ira following the green eyes flashed, the monologue of attacking came to an end. — Though in cards, though in glyadelka …, you that? Itself you will look for more young soon., — but the last appeared to anything, and the girl became silent. Its external tranquility was broken nervously shaking, running in search of cigarettes, fingers, but pockets neither on the fitting jeans, nor on the same blouse emphasizing a figure were not. Continuing to be nervous, without knowing how to end a conversation, again in a row looked for hours, this time pondered upon value running the shooter.

— I am late! — having screamed, grabbed from a bench a handbag, took to the heels.

— Give, give, rush to the milksop, — was distributed following, — take away cigarettes, under a bench failed!

— Keep together with the rage, — Ira on the run turned back.

And Nadia, without wishing that, saw all what could not admit to herself in the mild forgiving smile. But enlightenment lasted a moment, the tested envy was soon forgotten.

“I am late, I am late”, — a tongue twister Ira chattered, thoughts being already far from reduced where it is only possible, are expensive. The huge heels increasing already considerable growth of the girl cut sparks from narrow stony paths, but not invitingly clinked on the district asphalted roads.

— Hi! — she rejoiced to darling. — Forgive, was late as always.

They were still divided by decent distance, but Ira could not be silent. She wanted to blurt out all formalities at once and not to spend on them time when accepts a kiss, will feel the pleasant shiver in a body turning hot evening into a long-awaited cool.

— Well, here and I! — she continued to shout, embracing Igork, bowing to lips of darling.

— What you shout at all street, — being confused not for yourself, but for it, the guy discharged Ira a little, looking around. And let for passersby it is indifferent, and nobody paid attention to them, all seemed to it on the contrary.

— Well be not angry, — again Ira too loudly answered …. Already kissing the guy on all, excluded repeated reproaches.

Inhaling a smell of her body excited with jog, burying in the red hair giving a lilac, Igorek forgot about delay, forgave excessive fieriness.

— Hi, children! — it waved a hand, shining bracelets on wrists, having noticed his friends observing them I will meet.

And they answered with easy bows of the head, and that without realizing some, whispered mild greetings in reply. Tried to guess — what she will tell Igork, represented how it to listen to its voice intended to you to one?

The silence was included into the small yards of the small town, the night cool recovered the nature, old chestnut avenues breathed freshness. Everything is silent. Did not pursue the word, ruptures of embraces did not come. Soon for two there was one breath, lovers divided the twilight. Only occasionally night was dispersed by patches of light of headlights of far cars or incidentally scattered light from kitchens of the first floors. It became somehow uncomfortable, and at the same time Igorek managed to admire small girl’s face freckles, its bright, streaming on gentle shoulders, curls. Light accompanied with a gryukanye of pans, getting stuck in foliage, died away also suddenly, as well as appeared. And then he felt the elastic, nestling on it breast, came off scintillating lips, considered bright-red waves of hair and the eyes shining near the moon now.

— As strongly I love you, — her whisper joined singing of invisible crickets, it was interwoven into a rustle of the foliage calling an easy breeze.

— I you too, — shy answered Igor, attracting the girl to myself, hiding inconvenient confusion.

She gave in, kissed, was discharged and, loudly laughing, again nestled on lips of darling.

Unexpectedly the sun ascended.

— Till tomorrow. No, to today. It is good that to today, — without ceasing to laugh, Ira interrupted herself, corrected the crumpled blouse.

— Let’s go to a holiday?

— As you will tell. On the square — so on the square, to the park — so to the park, I do not care! Do not worry, — not in forces to leave she came back, laid down transparent palms on strong shoulders, — from where you have money? How many is — is so much and if absolutely …, so at me are.

— It is obligatory for you to remind of my age, that you are a student?!

— Forgive, I am so… And you noticed, I do not smoke?! You remember …, oh yesterday! — fitted a finger to lips, and against the background of a red varnish of nails lipstick was more clearly designated by places unfinished the guy. — Oh! Already the day before yesterday! You asked me to leave off smoking, I any more never threw…


— Means so. Now in a shooting gallery, then on the square, — Stas as the senior for all company planned evening.

— I will not go, — Igorek quietly indecisively responded.

— Aaaa …. To the freckled you will run?! — Stas teased, and the others willingly picked up.

— Anything. Freckles will pass with age.

— No, will not pass! Forgot? I with it in one class studied! That in fifteen years was freckled that now in twenty. And lanky fellow invariable. I remember two times on final with it danced, after even imagined offered …, and it …, generally, the lanky fellow. Besides awful!

— And what then danced? — someone from children interfered.

Stas reacted with a furious look, but right there, having been with the answer, calmed down.

— It was a pity, here and danced. And in general, leave alone, give better about evening we will talk. And you blow to the is more red. Crashed on full! You do not write verses yet? You look, reddened. Precisely writes! Fell in love!

— Fell in love nothing!

— Well of course, only to it also you run! You are able to run at us! Though you are able to do everything recently! Jack of all trades: both in soccer, and in study. And to it everywhere the layman. Go, go, she will make the good child of you!

“Why I told them that she after kisses laughs?! Especially to Stas, — Igor regretted, going on a meeting with beautiful. — And it can it is right, can so she scoffs? And still these freckles …", — tormented with the bothered and already seldom avoiding thoughts, reached the avenue of the park.

Ira was not yet, she continued houses to preen the feathers in front of the mirror.

— It is time to think of life, communicated…! Future, what? — again mother piled on the agony, disturbed and spoiled mood.

— How you think what earrings it is better? — being afraid to be late, Ira threw out at once all jewelry of a casket on a table.

— Fie you, I to it one …. For whom you dress up? For whom it is better? On girlfriends look …, and you, what is worse?

— Mothers, if you do not cease, we will quarrel! — having thrown jewelry, Ira frowned.

— Yes because of whom to quarrel?! Found too! How you will live?

— Let’s live! Do not worry!

— And so know: from me you will not get paid peanuts any more! It is not enough to support to me of you, so also provide friends of your juveniles!

— As you can!

— It you as can? Give still become pregnant from it!

— And what? I will want and will become pregnant!

— Then home be not put!

— I can leave right now!

— Good riddance! You will want to eat, you will return!

Having shut the door with a bang and having heard following dissatisfied grumble of mother, Ira jumped out to the yard. Ran by the girlfriends who are taking seat in the car and, without noticing the views of foreign guys eating it, rushed off on a meeting with Igor.

The pink dress was brightly drawn among monotonous dresses of people, the girl came up because of turn and, having noticed Igor, habitually waved to it with a hand. “All behind, the main thing — I with it”, — there were her last thoughts before a usual greeting.

— Hi, my darling! — the voice blew over the walking crowd ringing. — Forgive, was late!

— What you shout again! How many it is possible to speak…!

This time Igor was not mistaken — passersby did not lose sight of them. But as the reason of attention served not shouts, and a translucent dress, harmonious suntanned legs and happiness electricity scattered by Ira.

— … Let’s go, we will look how the youth kisses, — two women approached them.

Lovers turned back.

— Sorry, — one of them whispered, nudging the second to flight. — You saw as her eyes shine, and there are no tears! — women shared impressions, without caring for proximity of discussed.

— Here you see, everything is good. In total nonsense! — kissing the guy, forced it to embrace herself for a waist. — Let look, let envy! — her laughter, childly happy, floated over the heads. People smiled, became to each other warmer.

Already being sorry about the made decision to appear in public …, “moreover and on credit got”, Igor seized the girl by a hand, dragged in darkness of the park. Ira, hardly keeping up with him, sprained legs on the garbage scattered around, beat heels a frequent tattoo from the broken paths.

— Well what you? — having stopped, rubbed peredavlenny darling a wrist. — I can and kiss in public, it is not a shame to me!

— Enough! Sit down on a bench… and stop to laugh!

Without knowing how to splash out anger, Igor strong seized the girl and, realizing the powerlessness, became greedy, also the evil her is sick to kiss. His hands did not know refusal in anything. More and more persistently and more safely he demanded proximity.

— You want? — nevertheless Igor decided to ask, without weakening a grasp at all.

— I do not know, — its voice for the first time grew dim.

— And at you was?

— Is not present …. I am afraid …, but if you want… if it is so necessary, then I agree, I agree to everything. Only be more gentle, to me it is painful…

Voices abated, only rare couples sighed in undercover places of the sleepy town yes the strongest of the noisy companies finished drinking the remains of a holiday and wine. Slightly rustling, small beads in pools the rain laid down. He held her moist palm and quickened the pace. She did not do up the tousled hair and did not laugh any more, did not joke.

— You will come tomorrow? — its voice shivered, she did not want, but asked. — Do not embrace, at first answer.

— Of course, I will come, — having carelessly waved away, Igorek burst out laughing.

He laughed and the next evening, telling about a love affair to friends. Stas encouragingly patted him shoulder and congratulated on the won victory.

Both of them laughed, and the others were silent. Smoking one cigarette for another, also I was silent. Already felt sick me from the received nicotine dose, but I continued to smoke and consider a dirty pool at myself under legs. I knew that I will not see a welcome wave of her hand any more, now, hiding a wet face in hair, having taken off shoes with the broken-off heels, Ira went home and whispered to the one who did not come any more: “Today I was not late”.

Paper country. Look from outside

“Arrive to us on a visit,

we will look, than to be proud”

Without noticing dirt, Ania fast paces splashed on summer pools. Her small sandals were blotted through long ago, and harmonious legs became covered by droplets of black clay on the skirt. Recently heavy rain if not it, the girl would be long ago at home ended. The elements which only raged held it for several minutes in rural club where there passed the Friday disco.

Wiping thin hands, large tears, the girl rushed, without sorting the road at all and, eventually, flew on a huge hummock, flatwise fell in a pool.

— So it is also necessary to me, — she shouted in emptiness and loudly began to sob. — The silly woman, what was frightened of, — the self-condemning thoughts in the head, — twenty years, and all as small rushed. All this is even done,… much earlier. What do I wait, really for the prince on a white horse? In reply absolutely antiput, calming thoughts rushed: he does not love you, just wanted to use also all. Any feelings, only the animal attraction is felt by him to you. To it all the same: you or another.

— No, it good, — she fought with the second I.

“You remember, remember” …, — something pulsing was distributed inside and left under the heart, forcing to feel the aching, pressing breast pain and almost not to breathe. Before eyes the events which took place only half an hour ago, but already in time to turn into something very far as though happened absolutely to other person and, this millennium rushed.

The pasha, the huge blond guy with an athletic constitution, gently entrained it in undercover corners of club. Thanks to thick walls fires of a disco and din of youth it is heard not so distinctly as if through a thick layer of cotton wool. The guy begins it to kiss greedy. Ania, without suspecting anything, gives in on his caress, as well as a week ago. He looks after her more than a month, and in it there is nothing prejudicious. The boyfriend this evening wanted from it bigger, than just kisses and usual caress. His hand impudently slides off below a waist. The girl, at last, understands in what business. With a force tries to push away him from itself. The pasha is much stronger. It strains all over and it after all manages to be discharged on some distance.

— Let. I do not want, — not the, and some stranger, by an animal voice the girl shouts. The pasha of it does not notice or does not consider it necessary to pay attention and again, more persistently, tries to bring closer the girl to himself. In red, furious eyes the burning, devil sparks jump. With horror Ania notices that in them there is nothing human. All tenderness, all warmth which she so appreciated disappeared. There was a naked whim which hardly something you will stop. Having collected the last strength, strongly hits him a palm in the face. Without expecting such serious resistance, he for a minute was taken aback and let out the girl from embraces. Confusion in his eyes lasted long not, it is replaced by anger.

— You that became stupid that you afford! — the rage strongly distorted his once beautiful face. White teeth grinned as if at a predator, skin became covered by red spots. — What is not enough for you yet? Month I follow you like a dog. Flowers, candies, constant wastes, and you., — on shout a lot of dancing in good podpitiya already ran together and silently observed offstage, being held a little off. — Well also go away to the city, it was secured by a nose here to twist. — Still yesterday’s friends were silent with malicious, mischievous smiles without saying a sound. Following it happened to listen to so much filth that if not personal participation, Ania would not believe for anything that all this was thrown up by it. That of whom she thinks for a long time at night that because of whom and for whom in her the most pure feeling began to arise.

And now it seemed to it that she hears following sneers of drunk guys and dissolute maidens which began to coil around the first guy in the village at once, serially interrupting each other, inserting the sharp needles of a sneer and reproaches into its address. Even now, lying in a pool, and listening to the remote roar of crowd, to it seemed that laugh at it.

— No, well as it could! Knows that tomorrow I leave. Decided to justify the expenses that money was not gone, what cynicism. Really everything has the money equivalent. Though, probably, it was necessary to make what he wanted. No, is not present — after that to me not to live. Better tomorrow I will leave, and everything will be over. And as he admired me what words he told: and about thin as if at a birch, a camp, and about black as oil, is a little with curls hair. About huge brown, not knowing a bottom, an eye, about scarlet lips, the correct small nose and ringing, such natural laughter lovely to his heart. Its course of thoughts interrupted terrible whistling howl, distributed over the next landing. Ania reflex raised the head towards a sound. Already cleared up sky flickering in myriads of stars was cut by a fiery arch. In a second deafening explosion sounded, the falling trees cracked, boomingly sighing disturbed by a case.

— A meteorite, probably, — the fast pace, places which is broken on run went to glow of the inflaming big fire. Unknown curiosity attracted it farther and farther forward. She did not remember a past any more and with ardent persistence was torn through bush thickets. Soon blood zasochitsya on the scratched hands and legs, but the girl did not give up. At last, it managed to reach the place. … Gleaming green fires, something metal stuck out in plowed as a huge plow, the earth. The furrow left afar and disappeared in darkness of night. Around the tumbled-down uprooted century oaks rolled. Here and there the bush burned down. Ania heard how her scared heart fights, but could not return back any more. Near what was similar to an aircraft cabin the person without life signs lay.

The guy hardly and pain rose on elbows, having turned the head, looked at the girl. She had not to see such look. In the depth of blue eyes boundless misunderstanding, reasonable and, at the same time, children’s naivety was read. He, silently, called her, asked to help. Now she was frightened by neither the aircraft, nor attires (precisely gold scales) of the pilot. The girl is not enough that then understood, but knew one — it is necessary to help. Without realizing, itself admired it: strong body, regular features, ideal oval. Only the chin acted a little more forward, than would follow. The person with absolute absence of wrinkles and folds, is slightly more yellow skin color, than at the European, with an oranzhevaty shade, made impossible determination of its true age. It always had to seem to young people, is not more senior than twenty-thirty years. Passed still some time in silent indecision. The sky was gradually filled with noise of screws of the approaching helicopters — a pursuit. Caustic smoke made the way in lungs, forcing to spill from “dream” and to start actions.


Several hours passed so far, Ania dragged the guy home. Changed clothes for clothes of the brother who did military service at this time. Having hastily said goodbye to the grandmother, previously having listened to reproaches — for the night, looking … — and all something like that, went to the hometown…

During the road “guest” did not pronounce also the word. But it became much better for it. He at a single glance understood the rescuer and attentively considered all came across to it.

Several hours of jolting, and here the old rusty bus, having slapped exhaust gases, was behind turn, having left two anonymous in the middle of the crowding, eternally hurrying people with glass views. The newcomer with amazement considered by the passing people and all was surprised how at such huge speed of movement they manage not to face with each other. As if and not people at all, and mechanisms with the built-in microchips which are responsible for unknown routes.

— Let’s go, we will go rather, — the girl began to bustle, — again the rain gathers.

It seemed to it, he really understands it. Gently smiling, took by hand and also accurately entrained. Did not manage to step into a zebra, at green light for the pedestrian as they were hooked by by the flying car. In a disgusting way having clanked with brakes, “Mercedes” moved down on a roadside. Outside the bald enforcer the size about an ancient case got out. Around, as always in these cases, idle gapers began to gather. Helping to get the companion on feet, the guy inspected surrounding people. As did not try, but neither sympathy, nor compassion, in general could not catch any participation to the event. To them even no who was going to help. Only one of ways to dispel melancholy yes in the evening to discuss at supper (the farther, the less remains to those for a talk. Souls become empty day after day), to poprichitat a little, — like, these rich men absolutely became impudent, it is necessary to do with it something. … Here if me so … — they were mistaken. Bring down them to death, consequences would be the same. The person would lie to himself on the road several hours and all fastidiously would pass by. And you will report that where follows, you will waste time a great lot: give evidences, on vessels will wear out. Let is better who be another will show mercy.

— With you everything is all right? — the appeared in time Dpsnik shook it for a sleeve.

— Normally, — the girl snapped, trying to put the disheveled hair in order.

The suitable jockstrap impudently radiated with the muzzle which reddened from the wine reek of alcohol. His chubby clean-shaven cheeks and a chin which practically merged with a neck became covered by a perspiration. Yellow eyes were made buldge out from orbits as if after intensive jog. The fat, hairy fingers which are entirely covered with gold rings carelessly twirled keys from expensively car.

— I because of you punched a wheel, — was distributed as from a pipe, — who will pay repair now? — it seemed that he has nothing to borrow hands as on his white satin suit there were no pockets where they can be hidden, everything was necessary to manufacture possible bends at itself over the head.

— You passed on red, — the young attendant of the law interceded.

— And what? — with enviable genuineness the violator was surprised. — I am the People’s Deputy and I hurry for work, will think the traffic light. It not for me is put, and because of me. — Stretched in advance prepared red trashy book. Having a little rumpled, the militiaman flaunted and disappeared in the unknown direction, previously having barked that the crowd dispersed.

— And where it is told as if rules not for you? — the girl on shout broke and nearly attacked on the offender with fists.

— You to me still talk. Rejoice that it is live remained. And your sickly friend oklematsya it seems too. Because of me and you it will be known, — it raised a forefinger up, — ambulances get stuck in traffic jams, and here… ridiculously to speak, — writhed a fastidious grimace, and the person grew stout even more. — Though you can work the caused damage, — having greedy narrowed eyes, it pulled short hands to Ania.

— Get out!!! — the girl shouted and right there received a slap in the face. Contracted waiting for the following blow, the hand for this purpose was already brought. Even a moment… somehow it hung in mid-air. On a face of the despot the fear which is every second developing into horror was expressed. He that was urine endeavored to get moving forward a hand, but she did not obey the owner. Ania, having widely opened eyes, watched on this the mute scene. When understood in what business, turned back to the satellite. His look shone some heated metal: without anger, without passion, without any emotions. Heart-rending absolutely baby’s cry of pain was distributed. The hand of the fat man began to be curved in the unnatural party. A little more also the crunch of bones would be distributed. The person was saved only by a faint. Having failed all the weight on hot asphalt, he broke off. Without moderating gravity, the guy transferred eyes to the car. The car instantly flashed and burned down completely.

— There is enough, — Ania begged and in just a moment learned already familiar and such native, tender look. The girl promptly pulled it in silent side streets of the big city, far away from views of curious, ubiquitous crowd.

In air began to smell ozone. The first heavy, still rare drops of a rain lifted more, than beat dust. Wind rose. Boomingly raised a howl in narrow double-exit courtyards and lanes. People hastily gave up all affairs, took off not finally dried linen from ropes and disappeared in the close apartments. The lightning sparkled, the thunder peals shaking hearing afterwards reached. Before the sky broke through falls, satellites managed to run in in a ragged entrance where Ania rented apartment. The door quietly creaked, passing in the friends. Here smelled of mustiness of the left housing a little — about a month the room was empty. The small, purely cleaned room with simple furniture served as a reliable shelter from struggles of life for the hostess. Only here she felt safe also full tranquility. Here she could cry, think of everything, remain alone with the I, collect the thoughts and even to dream. Dreams were available only about great love which surely has to come. Anastasia laid to the guest on a floor, itself settled on a tiny sofa. The dream quickly overcame it, the brain was squeezeed out from the taken place events and it failed in darkness.

— The calculating machine, quite primitive, but another is not present. — The guy thought, taking seat for the computer which hid in a room corner.


Having with pleasure stretched, Ania slightly rose over pillows trying to remember yesterday’s events. Through non-existence fog consciousness looked for the necessary thread. When it was made, the reality got into a brain, stinging as if one thousand needles.

— Good morning. — The guy smiled, getting up because of a table.

— You know our language? — she sat down on a bed and at random a leg began to look for slippers somewhere under a sofa. Instead of the answer it continued: — you can call me Konstantin. To be pleasant to me this name.

— I need to learn from you very much. Even I do not know what to begin with. — She spoke through a shoulder, trying pobystry to lay a bed.

— Where your house? Where yours … — fell down questions.

— Do not hurry, — gesture of a hand Kostya stopped it. — I will tell everything to you. Everything is good in its season. For a start … — my house is not visible from here. It it is so far that even light from our star cannot reach your planet. I arrived by the invitation. Only I do not understand why came across aggression. I was brought down. In the message of “Voyager” it was told about human good intentions and suddenly how it on yours? — he for a second thought, — rockets…

— Do not ask me about such things, — the girl hung the head. Probably, it was a shame to it with all six billion people.

— Let’s go for a walk better. Today day off and so, by the way, strange weather.

Indeed: from yesterday’s bad weather there is no trace left also. Behind a window birds sang, the sun brightly shone, its beams cheerfully got into all corners of the apartment.

Day was given fine, and, above all heat droplets. Air was very pure and fresh.

At the guy all it was impossible to fit into a many-sided human stream in any way, and he was continually forced to listen to abuse from the people who came across it.

— What is travel agency? — stopped opposite to a bright sign.

— Yes as to explain to you? — Ania thought. — These are people who send persons interested to have a rest to the different countries. At an excursion there… do international passports.

— And it that it?

— The document allowing the person to travel. The usual passport, — it got into a handbag, — is necessary in that country where you live constantly.

While Konstantin accurately rustled with sheets of a sinenky book, the girl diligently explained what can be made with the passport and that promises its absence.

— Unless people are not capable to move on the own planet? — sincerely the newcomer was surprised. The girl only helplessly shrugged shoulders.

— You are free? — Konstantin was softened.

— Of course!

— I other opinion. What it consists in?

Ania was struck dumb, nervously fingering fingers as if they stiffened from a frost. Earlier she and had not to think of such things, all by itself was understood.

— We are free in the choice, — barely audible as the uncertain student at examination who is afraid to be mistaken, she whispered.

— Unless you have it, for example, specifically? — still quietly Konstantin argued. It seemed, he did not notice that the girl does not own a situation at all, and it would be much easier for it to interrupt a conversation, than to continue this torture.

— People constantly never fight for it, but, on the present did not receive freedom. You are always deceived. Only the form of your life changes, but contents remains, as well as hundred, and one thousand years ago. The most awful that the majority suits it. History knows one thousand examples. Revolution of 1917. The poor fought for the power with the rich and, it seems as, even won a victory. There passed a little time and that we have. … Everything returned into place — remained both poor, and fantastically provided, and all at the expense of the same poor people. Those who excessively work direct all efforts and time, have practically no anything, the others own everything, do not need anything — the ordinary nobility. One try to live by rules, others the law not писан. Itself saw yesterday. The one who has to serve the people eats it, smothers for the sake of the pleasure. Believe me as you speak, the onlooker sees most of the game. — He tried to smile, but there was only a poor excuse for a malicious smile. The topic of conversation was too serious. The girl corrected a short skirt that was not necessary at all.

— And wars! It in general something special. As one person or even group of people can decide destiny of millions which and in eyes never saw. Never leave in the battlefield, hide in cozy bunkers. The simple people die for others interests, for-for the sake of others profit. If it is necessary for politicians, let will gather and are at war. Elected them for the solution of peace problems. Nobody granted them the rights for war. Here personally to you there is though some business to the borders established by someone once? — Ania listened carefully. — I see what is not present, as well as to most of normal people on the planet. There are, of course, broods of Nazis and to them similar, but them practically nothing. Even it is more interesting to population bulk when nearby there live a set of nationalities with the culture, with the outlook. How many useful it is possible to gather each other. Everyone wants without any unnecessary red tape, firstly to call of heart to go to any corner of the native planet, but not to dream of it, as of something divine, available only to the elite. In you there are inclinations great, light. But you, for some reason try to eradicate all this, to create from yourself beings, similar to cars. There is no common goal, and that says it all. You as in the dark, jump aside from one extreme in another, look for an exit, without seeing it at themselves near by. What in general your civilization aspires to? There is no answer, so, everything is false. There is no vector on which it is necessary to fit forces and to achieve results. Nothing unites all as one family. You are trampled down centuries on one place — a step forward, then back, and any advance, and die in contradictions if undertake nothing. It is the law of the Universe: or living beings become wiser, overcoming difficulties together, or they perish. It is not necessary to think that when the trouble comes, you unite for its permission. It is necessary to begin with trifles, at the last minute to be in time nothing.

— Words, words. Let’s not philosophize. Let’s go better to the park, at this time it is very beautiful. — The girl of the got excited satellite stopped.

Indeed here it was pleasant to Konstantin. Neither noise, nor soot of cars. Though what has to be everywhere somewhere remained. Only silence and green trees moreover rare chatter of birds. Having sat down on one of benches, Ania accurately, almost tremblingly, took him by hand.

— I know nothing about you? — quietly, without looking in the face, it began. She wanted to tell, learn the most important, but she did not find forces and courage to make it. — Do you have a work? Who are you? Family? — after the last word hasty added not to give itself — Friends?

— In your understanding there is nothing of that kind. We are others. — Whether pity, whether a regret sounded in its voice. He, apparently, did not notice the main issue or pretended that he did not notice.

The silence hung. It was not that burdensome silence which arises between two unfamiliar people, and they should stir about any nonsense, not very well about what if only was not this country of shyness. To them just it was good together. To everyone alone with the thoughts. Nobody felt awkward as if their acquaintance lasted not one decade.

— As whom do you work? — suddenly for some reason the guy asked.

— Not important. — She waved away. — My work is not pleasant to me at all. If I on it did not self-study, did not read books, was not engaged though I something useful, probably, would go crazy from understanding of hopelessness, uselessness of the spent time.

— Replace it.

— Хм, — the girl of its naivety grinned, — everything is not so simple. At first it is necessary to gain the diploma. Tried to study, there was only not enough money. From relatives one grandmother remained with me, — on her face warm, a little sad smile appeared, — pension also falls short of a living wage. The government promised to raise, and all one kopeks will leave, the prices much quicker up creep. It needs to be helped.

Naturally it was necessary to explain what is a living wage, pension and still a set of passing questions.

Having listened and having deeply thought, Konstantin decided to specify some moments:

— It turns out, these are the settlement means necessary for the person for a month for elementary survival, so to speak, that with hunger not to die?

Ania, silently, nodded and became covered by a small shiver, having a presentiment of a new wave of indignation.

— Now she receives less money. So far everything is correct? — having received the affirmative answer, continued. — The state itself appoints this minimum, gives to the person even less, so obviously dooms him to death?

She had nothing to tell.

— I for the 100-th time speak to you, I very small, nothing not meaning person, ask…

— So does not happen. There are no little people. There are low beings, and are those who press on you, forcing to consider themselves nobody, to feel a pettiness. They take away from you the most important — awareness of the importance, so, kill will to live, aspiration to great fulfillments. Force to live not as you want and as it is necessary for them… And as whom you studied? — it changed a topic of conversation. From his statements Ania absolutely became dejected and all stooped.

— On the chemist, — she quickened. — To me it very to liking. I can talk for hours about this science. — Therefore as her eyes shone, it was possible to draw a conclusion that it could become valid business of all her life.

— Give I you to everything I will teach, work as whom you want?

— My knowledge in this area more than is enough. The diploma is necessary, money., — the girl was upset again.

— If you know everything and are able, and you only have no piece of paper, you also cannot work?

— Not pieces of paper, and plasticity, — it was necessary only to laugh from such absurd, so they are easier had. How to explain to the purest baby that such treachery, a lie, benefit? — What do you try to obtain?

— I try to understand you.

— Well and how progress? — The ironical smile slightly touched her lips.

Konstantin only negatively shook the head and a little later added:

— You and do not understand yourself, I see, and seek to understand nothing. Everyone invents close worlds where only to it it is good, do not try to make cozy the general house at all, what occurs behind your window you does not concern any more. Life consists in several square meters of your apartments and comes to an end behind their doors. Everything that in not it, hostilely, unichtozhayushche badly. While we with you walked, found time to read several thoughts by the walking people. One of them thought of the forthcoming checkup of the vehicle. I quote: “as all complicated: month if it is necessary to stay in turns no more until everything ends. Better than ladies of money and documents, in ten minutes everything will be ready”. — Here also explain to me, please, why this service is necessary? That to take bribes? The car will go anyway, even without check. It is possible just to abolish it. From it more accidents will not be. The thinking people on the faulty car will not go, and fools and so will pay and will have either an accident, or another nasty story. Another counted the benefit from deception of workers, something with a salary there, the majority did not know, than to feed a family. “Where still to earn additionally? As it is at two works,… and there is not enough money all the same”. It is a high time to raise a question: whether you are reasonable? Whether people you in general? What you on invented stuff does not do you by the highest beings as you consider. What does the person to that? Kindness, compassion, help to the neighbor? Where your young civilization managed to lose all this, without having managed to get plainly? Even animals feel the guilt more sharply you. Are ready to accept obediently deserved punishment, let and from weaker. People, knowing the fault, will use the best efforts not to be punished, will even convince themselves of own innocence. Though your society not bad is conceived. Only everything that is offered is not valid. If everything was carried out as has to, would be tolerable for the majority. Only it is not clear if: the mechanism does not work, it needs to be cancelled, thrown out or repaired, and people are content with the destroyed system which end is not visible.

— Probably, you are right. I am afraid of this world too. I am afraid to seem in total silly, ridiculous, to express the thoughts in public. Suddenly someone will condemn them, will deride. To me not to endure it. I dream., you will not even believe what I dream of, — she made a helpless gesture, — about an old age. I want to retire and hide quicker from the whole world. I understand that I wish myself death, but I can do nothing with myself. It is awful, I know. It is ready to offer the best years of life. But also my acquaintances drag the same miserable existence if not to tell, sickly vegetation. Also think also, just aloud it is not accepted to speak about it. They should fill days stuff if only somewhere to put time and to give intelligence to the life. For them life a burden, an invisible yoke. One are engaged in a collecting, others in card play, the third still some nonsense, the absorbing value having everything for their life. Many find a consolation in children. You do not think, against children I have nothing — it is fine. Badly the fact that the majority bring them for simplification of the life. To some extent is a weakness or egoism, I do not know. Could achieve nothing in due time, lowered hands, made a family. There was an excess excuse, a justification: not to great fulfillments, peanuts it is necessary to feed. Here I will bring up them, and they let make miracles. Simplest it is thoughtless, rested as a ram, to mechanically carry out some duties, to be exhausted physically before consciousness loss. It is much more difficult to try to change itself and society. What beyond our powers, and in most cases just laziness, we perelazhivat on shoulders of the descendants, they in turn on the… I even am not afraid of death. If necessary I will easily go to it without delaying, seconds. But to panic, to wild horror I tremble before authorities in any their manifestation: officials, militia, the administration at work is simple. All of them have on me improbable, hypnotic influence. When they shout, threaten, I not in forces something to object, I lose a speech power. But then I burn with anger. I build huge offers, phrases which need to be told in reply and I know that I will never be able to say them aloud. The next quarrel if it is so possible to call it, will end as always with acquiescence.

— You are not fair to yourself. You wish silent, quietly bright life. And all this is inaccessible to you now. For some reason, you think in old age everything conceived will come. Maybe so. Watching what to want. Your uninteresting, monkey business irritates you, exhausts as penal servitude. Such as you millions and you spend the best years, huge forces on absolute nothing. Beginning from arms, finishing any small institutions which build the existence on a lot of papers. There is a lot of them that there is no uniform control system anywhere. Everything so far came that already nobody knows as has to be as it is correct. You spend precious time, standing idle in lines to officials for the sake of some piece of paper, the signature, the press. How many in it it is engaged to the people? What for? If your world is especially material that too not the best option. they make nothing, and others should work for themselves and for someone else. You pay a heap of taxes. The money which is honestly earned with toilers disappears in the unknown directions.

Since early years to death you live only in the bans, some ridiculous rules, a framework which do not facilitate, and complicate existence. But believe me, your structure of society — not dogma, happens differently. People force… to study at once, not to from year to year what would like, and to what someone decided to teach you to. To someone whom you do not even know, more visible what to teach you to and what is not necessary to. Then work for pennies. It is very favorable, to earn millions from someone’s work not to live in the framework erected for the majority. Your great rulers of the destiny as louses on a body — are eaten off will not burst yet, but will drag away up to this point not one soul for themselves in an abyss. Therefore you dream of an old age, of death, difficultly to realize all senselessness of such existence. If there is a miracle, light at the end of a tunnel is seen, with enthusiasm you start working, plan, endow everything, but when reaches paperwork, underwater rocks which often break the ship of a dream begin and you sink because of shortage of the signature, money for a bribe and other trifle without which it is perfectly possible to do. You justify youselves, the pier in a different way is impossible, or shout, show us as well as we will make. Really do not look for compromises, you do not want to see — already showed, as well as more than once. When to happen to see — the following excuse: we are not able. And so indefinitely. But trust, so will not be always. People to regain consciousness from a dream. Time of terrible revaluation of values and life will come in general. The handful of people cannot own the planet, and especially minds of millions are not subject to them. There will be an hour, and all people in a flash will understand the importance. In a flash the poor and the rich, slaves and misters, defect and crimes will disappear. Awareness of unity of the Universe will be excluded by murders and theft. It is silly to steal from himself.

— Ania, — its voice became tender as singing of birds around, — I need to tell something to you.

In his eyes and so everything was told, but the girl more than ever wanted to be mistaken.

“So should not be, — heart went on, — I waited for it all life”.

— It is time for me to depart, — sounded as a thunder.

Konstantin spoke for a long time, but she did not hear him any more. She felt sorry for herself, it is a pity for the destiny which deceived her again, having left alone with pain. Released hope and, without having allowed to enjoy, took away back.

— You do not take offense, I will tell still something. In the world you are doomed, to be unfortunate. Your purity here — defect. Good people at you are necessary to nobody, they are derelicts. There is, of course, a choice: or to turn into the zombie, having merged with the others, or to battle alone against what is not fated to be overcome. In any case, you will not be able, the system you will break. And at the same time someone has to begin to fight, to offer voluntarily the life in the benefit, to become the black sheep. To doom itself to deprivations and offenses, such is a fate of martyrs. But anyway, the choice always remains for you.

— When to you to leave? — she tried to hide melancholy, his words now did not concern Ania at all. Tomorrow without it was already always on the mind. Day, as well as thousands of others similar one on another as uterine twins. In them there is neither joy, nor happiness only contemptible loneliness pulling down.

— Already soon.

— Let’s walk last time.

It readily rose from a bench and held up it the hand.

Went slowly. Did not talk about anything and what was to speak to them now about — two such close and such far. When parting for ever any words sound silly and it is not necessary, only muffling the feelings aggravated to a limit, obscuring heart reason. So, without noticing that, came to an end of the park. Greens smoothly passed into city policlinic. This new building with the shining glasses and a brilliant roof not absolutely was in harmony with surrounding lindens and chestnuts.

— I need to come, — she nodded on policlinic, — will wait?

— I will wait, — it is somehow lost the guy answered and it was discharged in a shadow of trees.

Actually, urgency in a visit to the doctor was not. Just Ania needed to take breath, to stay alone, and that is a little more and she would burst out crying.

Wind rushed into the corridor which became permeated with the smell of drugs and human sufferings, mechanically curtailed for a corner and came to be near a door with the green plate. “The office No. 10 Yurov Andrey Aleksandrovich is a family doctor” — it appeared on her.

People it was decent. Having asked edge, the girl took seat on a rigid stool and began to consider a ceiling. She did not want to come to light, she delayed parting and did not know how to make it. In the head various options of a delay of an inevitable event fought. But everything was not that. The turn of patients disturbed by something brought out of a stupor.

— Here all with a temperature and, nevertheless, do not jump the line. Wait as all!

The patients who approached after all did not wish to wait. On their communication it was clear — the father and the son. Yes they were also similar. Both are small, chubby. Solidly dressed. Only the father unlike the son, had a small high temple on the head. The guy possessed a stately blond head of hear. Constantly exchanging words with someone by mobile phones, with the important, dismissed gait serially departed from an office on several steps. However, it did not complicate to listen, at desire, what it there is a speech about.

— No, in hospital. Now we stint and we will arrive… What? Already all gathered, we will be soon. Cover.

— Stas, — called up the son closer when that hung up too, — turn big… Well anything.

Dialed number and it was shortly thrown with someone a couple of phrases. At once from an office the voice of the doctor was distributed,

— Fabrikin, following comes. — Having rested eyes against a floor people were silent.

With a type of the winner, in a rush of superiority and fastidiousness to people around, the youth came into the opened door but, being proud, forgot to cover it for himself.

— Generally, the sick-list I to you wrote out. Let at me will stay though it and is not necessary. In ten days you will come you will take away… I will set all seals…

Ania still unnoticed left the building, as well as entered it. It was far in a midday and corridors long ago became empty. Its own steps softly and in a disgusting way were distributed somewhere in a nape.

— Everywhere it occurs. Really indeed did not notice it. And others do not want to see. It is easier to close eyes and to consider that all and has to be. Everywhere small rage, lies, cruelty and other defects, being summarized, lead to general suffering.

Konstantin was not anywhere. On a trunk of a linden under which it melted the white sheet of paper loomed. Ania the shivering hands broke it from a hairpin and brought to the person. The large tears which are painfully burning cheeks laid eyes, preventing to read. Brushed away them a hand. Through a white veil lines began to appear.

— Forgive, I am not able to say goodbye. It is so easier for you. As if you did not persuade, I have no right to remain. I love you very much. Your Konstantin.

More Ania did not constrain tears. Loudly sobbing on anybody, without paying attention, went back on the park.

— Your Konstantin, — she infinitely repeated, and tears with a new force broke from long eyelashes.

In the sky something rumbled.

— I will not give up, I will not turn. I will fight. Whether you hear me, — she cried that was urine, having raised the head to the darkening heaven.

Watered a rain. Began to smell ozone.


Always it is possible to call night fires of the big city majestic, but they are those not for all. Only on the person not habitual, the visitor they are capable to make a certain enthusiastic impression which will quickly grow dim if to remain long enough in networks of the Megalopolis. But the most interesting is the fact that the person is capable to get used to about what he absolutely thought until recently as of the fairy tale, a children’s entertainment, of something absolutely unreal, at times even silly. And what this fairy tale, good or bad, here solves everyone for itself, beginning to turn it into a reality. When it stops being only words, the indistinct plot shown in the forgotten telecast we operate nothing any more. Soon there is no riddle left in it: all to become it is boundless simply and clearly, available even to the child. And suddenly the moment when you for yourself find out that you value comes and constantly you think of those values which violently, under the general hum of collective intelligence, systematically step by step squeezed in your head. But as it occurs — it is impossible to notice, there is no rigid use of force or rough persistence. No, anything there is no it. Just people going to you on a meeting on infinitely noisy sidewalks very clearly express a cold secret, they as if attract you to enter their faceless ranks, to become one of them and, having fastened the same mask of frosty importance, to run forward, constantly being late and, all the same, without being in time anywhere. Though each of them knows, as there is no place to hurry to him especially and there is no need. And here, when you become one of them when you instead of soul have conscious emptiness and impossibility to return a former state, to return itself then you understand all insidiousness with which you were deceived. Angry with such blasphemy, with frenzy you pull on yourself the shape which is so lovely stretched to you. And, of course, you run on sidewalks near the others, inviting everything the new and new, meeting on the way lambs to a mouth to a wild animal, thereby increasing number already of the considerable victims.

The most prestigious restaurant in Friday evening widely opened the doors for the guests who were full of with own importance.

The huge sign eclipsing all other shining boards spoke about prestigiousness of an institution. VEGA, — the name of restaurant, club and the definition of this pleasure institution which is not thought up yet was poured by all inconceivable fires.


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