When life loses its meaning

Бесплатный фрагмент - When life loses its meaning

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What is the meaning of life for me?

What is the meaning of life? For this recognition, wealth, money, for another — creativity, self-improvement, love of the profession and the comfort of home.

For every person there is a certain sense of life. Someone committed to education and have career success; the other tends to create a big family and have the comfort of home. We can’t say that someone is wrong in choosing the purpose of its existence. Perhaps it depends on the child’s upbringing from birth, what life values he has been vaccinated, great importance is the example of parents.

In my opinion, it is important for everyone to have a purpose, and the meaning of life, it means that the man lives not in vain, it doesn’t exist, not live, namely living. My meaning of life is self-improvement, because it is a constant discovery of something new, constant development, which means that I do not stand in place, not degrade, I constantly make new discoveries.

The value of life to each of us.

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