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— Kitty cat, lazy cat!

Where is your new school bag?

— My new school bag is in the house,

Will go to school a little Mouse!

— Kitty cat, lazy cat!

Why do you speak French so bad?

— The little Mouse studies French,

I like to sleep on the big bench.

— Kitty cat, lazy cat!

Why are you thick and very fat?

— Because my little worker Mouse

Prepares dinners by two hours.

— Kitty cat, lazy cat!

Who is your best, lovely friend?

— My lovely friend is a grey Mouse,

She plays me the music of Strauss.


Look at me! I have a ball!

My ball is red! My ball is small!

It can rise! It can fall!

It likes to jump again and more!

Look at me! I have a doll!

My doll is nice! She has a soul!

She can cry! She can eat!

She likes to walk, to play, to sleep!

Look at me! I have a friend!

He is good! His name is Fred!

What is wrong? He went away…

What could I do? What could I say?


When a bee flies with some honey

Vinnie Pouch dances so funnily

And his friend rabbit Bugs Bunny

Comes to him, he is thin and hungry.

They are singing at the table:

«We are happy, Bee is able

To prepare a lovely breakfast!

Sweet, nice honey! It`s the best!»

«Dear friends, please, eat my honey —

Says the bee — and don`t be hungry!

Every day I`m very busy

To make honey is not so easy.»


Look! In the darkness, steps go down

Gollum is running a circle around,

«My tired knees are trembling — he thinks-

Here I loosed my gold precious ring»

Bilbo is happy: «I found! This is mine!»

He felt a frosty shiver through all his spine,

Just thought on a moment:

«Need to come back?» —

Putting the ring into a reliable pocket.


— Oh baby, little baby

so sorry I was wrong

For you, I might be better

For us, I might be strong

I thought about money

The money filled my heart

I`ve lost your love, Oh honey

I`ve lost my faith in God.

No more excuse

Don`t want to lose

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