Welder. Teacher. Photographer. Three IN ONE

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This is a story about how to live in pleasure, try a new, about the comfort zone and a zone of discomfort. Hope she breathes so you move to your goals and dreams.

The words thanks

Great respect and low bow me you are my most important teacher in life and the biggest prop. Kiss and hug you May Thank you for having me. Thanks to my wife for coming acting classes where we go got acquainted. My love for you is infinite on. Grateful to my children. You already have a lot I was taught. I am ready to give free you my love. Thanks to friends, neighbors, colleagues and everyone I know. You are a part of me.

First money only those who succeed are successful. always keen to help others. Those who seek only their own profit doomed to defeat. Brian Tracy We are slaves to our habits. Change your habits and yours will change a life… Robert Kiyosaki We do not endure people with the same disadvantages that we have. Oscar wilde During my career I missed more nine thousand shots, lost by read three hundred games. Twenty six they trusted me to make the final Welder. English teacher 5 victory, and I miss was hanging out I suffered defeat again, both again and again. And that’s why I have succeeded. Michael Jordan Your time is limited; do not waste those of him living a life of others. Steve Jobs

It’s all about thoughts. Thought — the beginning Total. And thoughts can be managed to cuddle And so the main thing is to Verification: work on thoughts. Lev Tolstoy

I made my first money when I was 8 years old. My younger brother and I went to the nearest Shuya gas station and helped fill up cars with gasoline, drivers for us are for it Wali tip. It was a penny, but it was it is a pleasure to hold the first earned money. His first salary that we gave mom. And his first million I earned at 28 when I opened my language school. Today I have mastered three professions. it welder, English teacher and a photographer. How did I come to this, ask you. I am interested to develop, to learn new and put into practice. I paid more than 6 thousand hours of welding, more 4.5 hours of teaching and about 200 hours Photo. I earned all this money. How have I managed to do so much? Pris- live comfortably, I will tell you my the story. For me, happiness is living now. No the end point where happiness awaits. It is straight my here and now.

My way

My name is Daniyar. I was born on May 1 on the collective farm “May 1” in the Karaganda region sti. An interesting coincidence. It was a holiday nickname — Day of unity of nations, people are happy were out. Nicely. I can confidently say that I have there was a childhood. I am glad of it! We bought a-Chu toys, and a month later — all broken or disassembled. I remember in the garden was interesting. One time my brother and I were sitting in a sled, and dad was ahead. When out Do, go to meet the goat with goats and did not give way, but, on the contrary, walked horns forward and tried to butt. Dad took it by the horns and pulled out of the gate. In the summer we ku- fell in the pool right on the territory of the wild, played, rode three-wheeled 8 Daniyar Aibekov bicycles, fought, put up, cried, then laughed. After dinner, everyone went to sleep but one girl always stayed at the table with a glass of jelly. She was forced to drink this loose, barely transparent and Honor a colorless drink, but she did not want to. When I woke up, she was no longer standing for scrap. Maybe she drank it and las. At first, we lived in the village in Karagan Dina region. Then they moved to the city. Every summer they used to visit grandmother and grandfather Coy, went for the cows, collected grass for chickens, helped to clean the barn. More all we liked to play football with local mi boys, run around the garages, and walk to the river. Township Shahan — This is a small settlement, because for a couple of hours owls, you can go from one end to the other gogo. In 1991, I could not even think about Zhetah and WI-FI. We had toys: pistol years, soldiers, cubes, plasticine and other goy like. Even in the first class, we did not know about the internet and after school nine whether playing football or ice-skating a hill. Then they came home with a knapsack of books and snow, for which the houses received nyay At that time, I was interested in English sky, I was looking for tutors in the newspaper and asked mom to call. How cool is that

Mom paid me tutors. Language to me very useful. Let your kids learn English since an early age, ideally — with dick. The benefit of the Internet is a lot of material ala for children: songs, fairy tales, counting and so on. Remember in the second or third grade I was like a robot, I did everything as before written according to a pattern. Not one-step to the side. Like a pedant! After I saw a little and easier to treat it, even with a laugh. Subsequently, it is easier and simpler to relate to things, even in the sixth grade for the first time skipped the lesson. It was something new then

I felt fear and excitement in my stomach. How this? Walk a lesson? Then I tried to smoke I do not remember the name of cigarettes, but my friends and I were very afraid that adults or we passersby will see. In addition, if they tell their parents, then this the end for us. Parents will beat hard. Personally, I did not like this experience with cigar retami, taste nasty in the mouth, and the head starts to hurt. Nothing fun. To someone liked. I remember their important children faces with a cigarette in your mouth. Then it was cool that tyu smoke — it means cool! Now mouth, time has changed. Smoking is not fashionable and wasteful. At school, I tried to study well, without threes then I did not understand until the end that many items are not needed in life. To me not useful chemistry, physics, geometry and much more. Although there is one application Understanding: helps to answer questions of the son, when he does not understand. Starting from the sixth class began to pay attention to one graders as girls. I liked girls are older than me I remember how now: I admired the girl from the eleventh class sa She had wide and expressive eyes, plump cheeks and soft hands. I am strong but shy to come up and ask her name. That feeling school is beyond words with friends ran out and threw notebooks to the air! This is an unforgettable feeling! But there is very big plus of school and school system. This is what they think of you and re-live. You need someone. About your knowledge some takes care. As soon as you finish learn, nobody needs you! After nine of that class go to college for a grant. Faculty of Foreign Languages “foreign language”. In the summer, from the sixth to the seventh class, under-worked as a laborer

Wife, a janitor, a bartender. Small money, but its. It was a personal initiative. wah, personal desire. Of course, not from red life I came to this. I have seen how my mother worked three jobs to feed us, buy clothes and so on.

Dad sat on a glass and even pulled from his home just to have a drink. It was not easy then. Rhodi-Teli cursed, and no-no, and fought. There is a positive side to the coin. This is it poured me, showed all the charms of much different and versatile life. September 1st, I came to college! Two-story building, ordinary rooms — and everything would be fine, only when I went to our cabinet then saw a lot of beautiful girls nis and not a single guy. Therefore, I studied three of the year. A wonderful time, a lot of life lessons, many good people and not so much. The eighth of March and 7 May for- I remember forever. On the second and third courses during training practice, I became the fourth and seventh grades. Different the ca between them is awesome: the first are the children the second are teenagers. Kowtow lam at school.

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