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By Marina Batitskaya

Copyright 2017 Marina Batitskaya

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Chapter 1

«Andrew! Hold on, Andrew!» shouted Veronica and grabbed man by the hand.

«Siamo spiacenti, hai probabilmente commesso un errore.» [Translation — I`m afraid you`re mistaken]

«Andiamo, cara. La ragazza ha fatto un errore.» [Translation — Come on, honey. The girl made a mistake]

Veronica followed with her eyes for they a long time. She could swear that was Andrew! Her Andrew…

Three years earlier…

Veronica grew up in a wealthy family, which has always dominated by love and harmony. Veronica never heard of parents screaming at each other. That is why; Veronica had no doubt that too can raise a family with the beloved man. She had a nice slender figure and flawless complexion. She had abundant red curly hair. Her eyes are green. She was a very attractive girl.

At all love to the only daughter, parents did not spoil her. On the contrary, Veronica was very lovely, polite, well-mannered girl open for close people, but able to hold a distance with strangers. She as if would look narrowly at people around, trying to understand whether it is possible to trust them. She always was a good student, but was not a nerd, just was easy to study for her. Schoolmates respected her and treated kindly. She always helped those who needed it. At external softness, however, Veronica had strength of character. Always responsible, independent, she precisely knew what she wants from life. Some considered her the arrogant, spoiled parents. Her selectivity in the choice of friends was the reason for that.

Love Veronica met at the University. She enrolled in the faculty of Engineering on specialty «Architecture» at the request of parents. Her father owned a large construction company and he wanted his only daughter to assume his role and one day was able to continue him business. Veronica did not object. First, because she really loved the parents, second to her it was very interesting. She and Andrew studied at the same faculty, Veronica a sophomore and Andrew in the final year. They met at an evening devoted to «day of the architect». Dean of the faculty of Sergei Mikhailovich spoke to the gathered students. At that very moment, Veronica heard behind a chuckle. Turning around, she whispered, «Young man, you would not be able to behave more quietly?» «Just for you!» replied person.

«It’s curious that I haven’t seen you before. Call me Andrew!», as soon as Dean finished his speech the person said.

«Just than you didn’t wished it!» quipped Veronica.

«You’re never at a loss for words», smiling Andrew replied. «Do you believe in love at first sight?» he asked.

«No way, and you?» she smiled slyly.

«Not for a moment until I met you», sighed Andrew.

So trivial began their relationship. It really was love. Veronica had realized that she crazy about him and that Andrew is the love of her life. Andrew was tall, dark-haired person with brown eyes. Moreover, he had a wicked sense of humor as well. He only ever had eyes for her.

Passed year…

«Don’t be bashful, my parents won’t bite.» Veronica assured him.

«I see. Anyway meet the parents is a crucial moment. Don’t you think?» sighed Andrew.

«Surely. But how could anyone not love you?» she smiled.

«What makes you think so?»

«Do you think I don’t see girls flirting with you?»

«Really? I did not notice.» his eyes widened with feigned amazement. «Do you think your mom will fall in love with me?»

«Fool!» laughing, said Veronica. «Although, possibly she`ll suffer the same fate.» After this they laughed.

«Andrew Viktorovich and Elena Valeryevna, if I recall correctly?»

«Yes exactly so. Let’s go! Parents are already waiting.»

The doorbell rang.

«Honey, open the door, please. Probably, this is Veronica came with her boyfriend.»

«Are you worried, „future mother-in-law“?», asked Veronica`s dad.

«Again, are you kidding me?» smiled Elena Valeryevna.

It really was Veronica and Andrew.

«Good day! This is for you, Elena Valeryevna.», holding out the flowers said Andrew.

«Thanks! Welcome.», replied Veronica`s mouther.

«Good day! Andrew Viktorovich!» they shook hands.

«Nice to meet you, namesake. Veronica so much told about you. Well don’t just stand there, come in.», Veronica`s father said amiably.

The day went in so friendly atmosphere. Andrew and Veronica`s dad see eye-to-eye on most things. They discussed the current construction and new projects. When the men’s went to smoke, Veronica asked, «Mom, how do you like Andrew?»

«A very nice young man! Then we will see. The main thing that you were happy with him.»

«I feel good with him, Mommy! Do you think he loves me?»

«No doubt, I saw how lovingly he looks at you. Just get married when you`re out of university.

«Mom, of course! Besides, he didn’t asked me to marry him still.» she remarked with a sad smile.

«Sweetie, all in good time! Most likely, Andrew realizes that he will have to find a good job and to make sure your future is secure.»

«You’re right, mommy!» sighed Veronica.

Andrew indeed got a job in large engineering company. Veronica did not doubt him, so as they had such high hopes for him as early as the University. Why Veronica`s father didn’t took him to his Corporation, in spite of he was in awe of Andrew? Andrew Viktorovich knew Veronica’s boyfriend first needs to prove himself, to show what he can do. Does he by oneself be able to provide for her? It is worth noting that Andrew excelled in work and he had good standing with the leadership. Veronica was very of proud of him.

Two years later Veronica graduated from University and was expecting to the official ceremony. Veronica received a bachelor’s degree and couple decided to celebrate it. For this occasion, Andrew took some time off for to go on a romantic trip with his beloved, namely to Greek island of Peloponnese. He chose a lovely apartment, with a private pool on the terrace and a beautiful view of the sea, in one of the luxury hotels of Costa Navarino. Veronica was very happy.

«At last we are here!» wearily said Veronica

«Are you tired sweetie?»

«Little bit. Well, it was a long flight.»

«Would you ever visited me if I was sent on a business trip to Australia for a year?»

«What are you talking about? You cannot leave me alone so a long time, can you?»

«Surely. I mean to you will visit me if necessary?»

«I will leave all and I will follow you to the ends of the earth. Or you’ve had enough of me and you want to get away?»

«Do not be silly. Can you get bored me? Never did not think about it. Now I will think about it.,» he was kidding.

«Run before it’s too late for you!» Veronica said laughing and threw a pillow at Andrew.

Andrew popped out to the terrace. Veronica ran after him. Then she pushed him into the pool, but he managed to grab her hand. They both tumbled to the pool, laughing with all the glee in the world.

It has been a wonderful July evening. It seemed that the sky lit up thousands stars at the same time…

«I never have not seen such a starry sky. I seems I can touch the stars. Look as close they are.» whispered Veronica.

«The brightest star in my embrace right now.»

«I so much love you, Andrew!»

«And I love you madly, my little darling» he replied softly.

There was a knock at the hotel room

«Good evening! Here is your dinner.»

«Leave it on the table in the hall please.» Andrew said to the hotel employee.

«I could eat a horse!» announced Veronica.

«What a glutton you are! I didn’t know about it.» Andrew teased her.

«If you will to mock me, then I have to eat you!» she smiled.

«OK, I’m being nice. Go to dinner, sweetie.»

After supper, Andrew smoked and brooded about something. Veronica listened to the sound of the sea and looked at the starry sky with pleasure.

«We have had a long and exhausting day. Let’s go to sleep!» Veronica suggested.

«OK, I am a little tired also.» Agreed Andrew.

«Do you mind if I take a shower first?»

«No doubt, ladies first!» smiled Andrew.

Veronica lay down after shower. «Now it’s your turn. Moreover, open the door to the terrace please, because so smells of the sea at night.» she asked.

«Whatever you say, my heart-throb!»

«Don’t have to sarcasm»

«Come on; just don’t go to sleep without Me.» he said it and went to the bathroom.

«No way, not happening!» she said when he left.

Veronica did not meet expectations him and fell asleep. «I knew it» — barely audible said Andrew, entering the bedroom. He lay down beside, embracing his beloved tenderly. He kissed her and said quietly «Good night, Darling!» Veronica turned and sleepily said to Andrew, «I Hope you woke me up not in vain?…» Andrew passionately kissed her lips at this moment. «Beloved…» Veronica whispered languidly. «I’m madly fine with you, honey …,» he said at deep voice excitedly.

It was a magical night truly, although not the first in their relationships. They are happy, have fallen asleep at dawn only.

«Wake up, sleepyhead!»

«Andrew, get off me! I want to sleep!»

«Get up, or else I’ll have to wake you up differently…»

«With pleasure!»

«You asked for it!» Andrew pulled Veronica into his arms, went out to the terrace and jumped into the pool with it.

«Ow!!! Are you crazy? Fool! Is that way to wake me? I will be neurotic because of you at the earliest possible date.

«You will never see that fate!» laughed Andrew.

«Do not drive me to despair!»

«OK, all right, all right! Please do not be angry with me. Just I wanted lift up your heart, honey.»

«Oh, that. That explains it! Thank, you did it! All right, I am not mad at you.»

«That’s better! Moreover, today we have a rich excursion program. How I could let you oversleep all?» said Andrew leaving the pool. «Give me your hand, sweetheart.»

«Uh, no! I will do it. And, by the way, what were you saying about a tour?»

«Go get ready. You will see for yourself.»

Veronica primped her hair. She wearing denim shorts, top and sandals.

«I’m ready.»

«About time! I almost fell asleep until waited for you.»

«Don’t push me, Andrew!»

«I think I got it, that you’re not in the mood. I will shut up!»

«Tomorrow I’ll tip you to the pool while you will sleep. Then I will watch for your mood» quipped Veronica.

«It’s a good thing I so heavy.»

Both left the hotel room, laughing. They went to Olympia — one of the largest sanctuaries of Ancient Greece, where for many centuries the Olympic Games held. They wandered among the ancient buildings, or rather what was left of them.

«Can you imagine that these monuments are almost three thousand years old?» asked Veronica.

«And they are still preserved.» replied Andrew.

«But it`s amazing!» she said admiringly.

Andrew approached Veronica. Looked deep into her eyes and pronounced «Will you marry me?» «Of course, Andrew!» she exclaimed. Andrew pulled out the ring saying, «I want start a strong family with you that will exist for thousands of years as so as Olympia…»

«It seems to me a thousand years is too long, honey!» Veronica smiled.

«Can you be serious sometime?»

«No doubt! When I choose new shoes.» she joked, «But you love me for this, right?»

«No, it’s not right…» he paused for a moment then continued, «I just love you! That`s all.»

«And I love you!» replied Veronica seriously.

Vacation went amazing. As if, it was a honeymoon. They swam in the sea at sunset, walked around the cobblestone streets of a Greek village. Veronica was back home with the feeling of absolute happiness. She rejoiced!

Chapter 2

Andrew Viktorovich had met Veronica with Andrew at the airport. Veronica`s father asked while putting them suitcases in the car «How was your tour?»

«Wonderful, Daddy!»

«That is why I see you’re glowing!» he smiled, «Hi, Andrew!»

«For it there is a reason …,» said Veronica with enigmatic smile.

«What is this reason?»

«We’ll talk about it at home, Daddy.»

They were silent the whole way. However, Andrew was visibly nervous. He was convinced that her parents good attitude to him, in spite of this, he don`t knew how they would react to his wanting to get married to Veronica. After all, so far he has not earned money to own home. «Will she happy with me? Dating — is one thing and marriage is another.» mused Andrew.

When everyone gathered in the living room, Veronica announced «Mom, dad! We have important news. Andrew asked me to marry him. I agreed. The wedding will be in October.»

«Congratulations, daughter! I’m so happy for you!» first responded Elena Valeryevna.

«Is it too early?» Father replied.

«Dad!» Veronica said resentfully.

«Daughter, I do not mind. Andrew, you know how I feel about you. I just think you’re still too young to such big step.»

«Andrew Viktorovich, I understand your concerns. Nevertheless, I promise that I could take care of Veronica and I will do everything for her to be happy. I really love your daughter!»

«Will have to take your word for it. I hope you will not disappoint me. So, let`s celebrate this joyous occasion?»

A few days later Veronica`s father asked them both to come to his office. He wanted suggest to them something. Father even did not say daughter what they will be discussed.

«Veronica, are you ready?»

«Yes I am, Daddy. Tell me a secret what are you going to tell us? I asked mom, but she is silent like a fish.» Veronica asked impatiently.

«Curiosity killed the cat, you know? All right, enough talking! Car is downstairs already.»

Veronica and her father went outside, got into their waiting car and headed to the office. Andrew was waiting for them at the entrance to the office to company.

«Good morning, Andrew Viktorovich!» Veronica’s future husband greeted him.

«Hi, Andrew!» replied Veronica’s dad.

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