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The story is written in a humorous genre. Traffic police officers Mikola and Zinovy work on the Great Road, which leads to their home village of Godyukino, where there was no other job for them.

Violating the highway code?

Mikola Gudko and Zinovy Korobey lived in the village of Gadyukino and worked in the Traffic Police, since they had nowhere else to work. In Gadyukino itself, all the vacancies ranging from the tractor driver to the milkman were occupied, so after leaving school they had to get a job at the local Traffic Police Department.

Of course, they could poke their noses into the police, but there, while applying for a job, they had to go through a serious competitive selection, therefore, in order not to complicate their lifes, the friends chose a job on the road.

— Well, why not? The work is not hard, all day they are in the open air, which means that it is good for the health and entertaining.

In fact, sometimes there happened pretty interesting stories. Once they even had to help birth a woman in the driver’s seat. A couple of months ago they met the presidential motorcade. Though, they saw it off as soon as they met it, but all the same, it was an event. They have a lot to remember together!

And so, one day the friends are on the Great Road, controlling the speed limit, the device shows a violation, they slow down the suspect’s car. Introduce themselves as it should be, and pretty sarcastically ask the driver:

— Violating?

— God be with you, guys, have mercy, take a closer look at my car — firstly, it was produced in 1950, and has long been unable to go even 60 kilometers per hour, and secondly, consider its special purpose — this is a funeral hearse. It is for those who have nowhere to hurry, and there is no need for them.

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