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It’s good to be rich and healthy. However, to be rich and healthy is not enough — it is much more important to be happy. But what is happiness? This is a difficult question.

For many centuries poets, philosophers and thinkers have been trying to understand what is happiness.

Many people think that if you find the answer to this question, then immediately happiness will come. It seems as if the genetic code is unraveled, then all will be healthy and will live for three hundred years. But it’s not all about our body and regarding happiness and other joys for the soul, then, in my opinion, no such luck which could be found and dived into — exists and cannot be.

In my opinion happiness is a change for the better. It can be compared with acceleration, in general, it turns out that happiness is when you live by changing your life for the better from all sides, suffering from change and rejoicing and misfortune is a smooth life without shocks and events, even in a healthy body.

From the moment you decide to change, as long as you get results, you probably will fluctuate between the old and the new. You might want to use these simple tips every day until you build up confidence in your ability to bring about change and know that life is always ready to help you.

If we wait until we are perfect, and only then begin to love ourselves we will have wasted our lives. We should start to improve in all aspects — here and now. In this world of change we must be flexible in all areas. One needs to readily change himself and his beliefs in order to improve the quality of his life and his world around him. To achieve that you might like to use these simple and unpretentious advice in this short manual.

Health and beauty

Your body, like everything else in life, is a mirror of your inner thoughts and beliefs. Each cell responds to your every thought and every word.

You need to keep in touch with your body and listen to its message and add your amendments to these messages. You must at all levels give your body what it needs for optimal health. And that’s exactly the way it is.

Balanced diet holds of great importance in order to have a healthy body and skin. Normal eating is when a person gets as many calories as he consumes. We ought to know that people whose activities involve brainwork must receive about 3000 calories, and people of physical labor — 3500. It is believed that a healthy body weight in kilograms is approximately equal to the height of the body in centimeters minus one hundred. If the height of a man is 170 cm, his normal weight should be 70kg. Deviations in one side or the other to 5% are acceptable. We must eat regularly, preferably at the same time, no less than three times per day. The food must be spread out as follows: for breakfast — about 30% of the daily portion, for lunch — 50% and for the rest — 20%.

As is known, one needs five groups of dietary constituents: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and mineral salts (excluding water). Therefore, a person can and should eat a wide variety of products. It is now well established that it is beneficial for the human body to receive a variety of fats — vegetable and animal, which must make up 1/8 part of the total daily amount of fat, but the fats should be alternated by day. In providing the body with vital substances the prominent role belongs to fruits and vegetables. Tomatoes are useful to all — they contain a lot of organic acids; there is a lot of potassium in eggplants. Vitamin A is found in carrots, cantaloupe, spinach, lettuce, green peas, sorrel, green onions, as well as in fish oil, cheese, liver, eggs. Vitamins B1 and B2 are contained in yeast, liver, fungi, dough, milk and cheese. Vitamin C is found in potatoes, sauerkraut, lemon and hawthorn. Vegetables and fruits do not only enrich the food with vitamins and minerals, but also make it more tasty and digestible.

Healthy sleep

Dream is free form of inhibition and self-healing time. Our body is restored and gets refreshed and most delicate nerve cells of the human brain get proper rest, restoring their efficiency. When going to sleep, we need to think positive thoughts — thoughts that will create a wonderful new day. When drifting off to sleep, try to feel peace of mind and body. In order to establish a good restful sleep without waking up, which gives the body a complete rest, we must adhere to the following rules:

Before going to bed it is recommended to ventilate the room, and even better to leave the window open (just a little) regardless of time of the year.

Go to bed and get up at one and the same time if possible; it is advisable to stop mental work for two hours before bedtime.

Take light food in moderation two hours before bedtime, do not drink tea, coffee or alcoholic beverages just before bedtime, do not smoke, especially in bed;

Go for a walk in the fresh air for 10—15 minutes before going to bed.

Warm (not hot) water procedures for half an hour before bedtime cause a rapid onset of sleep (you can simply keep feet in warm water for a while).

Wear underwear at night that does not restrict breathing and movement, and preferably made of cotton composition.

Regardless of age, it is advisable not to sleep on your left side.

Third of the time a person’s life is spent sleeping. By sticking to these simple rules before bedtime, after a certain time, the body gradually begins to recover itself — it is no coincidence that in some cases, sleep is used as a therapeutic agent.

Exercising every day

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