$ 300 Million

Бесплатный фрагмент - $ 300 Million

As for 3 months to become the owner of 300000000 $

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$ 300 Million

October 2, 2010

Today, October 2, 2010, set a goal — to receive before the end of this year, until December 31, 2010, Three Million US Dollars.

Is man the master of his destiny or slave of circumstances?

There is an opinion, and I share it, that man creates his future himself, by his actions, thoughts, thoughts. If so, then who will stop me from getting $ 300 million in the near future?

It’s like a kind of social experiment, when a miracle happens in real time — a person creates his own destiny. A lot of people have succeeded, a lot of books have been written about this, but all this in the past, yesterday, this has already happened. And what is happening now, it is at this moment, this is a miracle.

Going to this goal, I proceed from the fact that, with any result, I will be grateful (destiny, god, single mind) for everything, at least for the opportunity to conduct such an experiment. Let me receive 300 million dollars not by December 31, 2010, but by March 1, 2011, or by December 31, 2010 I will receive not $ 300 million, but 250 million dollars, still it will be a victory of the human (divine) spirit.

Why exactly 300 million dollars? For nature (fate, god, single mind), the figure does not matter. The figure only matters to me, whether I, because of my faith or unbelief, will be able to accept it. I liked the figure of 300 million, something in it there is such a “native”, probably this is “my” figure.

Initial data. Until today, before October 2, 2010, I did not have any savings (I will write about this in the past tense). All my past life, my affairs, including financial ones, have no value for this social experiment.

So, forward, to 300 million dollars and more!

October 4, 2010

In addition to 300 million dollars, I need, of course, good health, good well-being, peace of mind, good relationships, love, joy and happiness!

After receiving 300 million I will go further, to overtake the oligarchs and the richest people in the world. Why do I need this? To meet their needs, to test their abilities, for self-fulfillment.

I want to be friends. With many people, interesting, intelligent, kind. Also with the Queen of England, her son Prince Wales, the US president (of course, and with the Russian president), the Pope, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lady Ga-Ga and others.

October 4, 2010

Money to money. A person who has the status of a millionaire, attracts money to himself only by status. He (and not him) will be paid for visiting a fashionable restaurant (a shop, a cinema, etc.).

In the Gospel Jesus Christ says: “To him that giveth shall be given; and he that hath not shall take what he thinks he should have.” Therefore, a person who has a goal to receive 300 million dollars — will receive 300 million and everything else, which he has a goal to receive.

About advertising. A person who has $ 300 million (and I’m talking about myself already as a man with $ 300 million), attracts advertising on his blog for a very large amount. Therefore, I ask advertisers to line up in the big queue for the right to place advertisements of their goods and services in my blog.

What is the benefit of advertising in a blog? There will not be bored banners or any cheap calls. Here the advertised product is served subtly and delicately. In the text of the blog, between the lines, you can read about its extraordinary attractiveness. For example, yesterday, at a reception with the Queen of England, I tried … (name of the product). This … (the name of the product) was fresh, elegant and exquisite, the queen herself told me in secret that she liked it.

So, gentlemen advertisers, in the queue!

October 5, 2010

Receiving $ 300 million (from idea to possession) can be broken down into several stages:

1. First, the goal is chosen, I have it — 300 million dollars.

2. There must be faith in the attainment of the goal.

3. Work on yourself (spiritual work).

4. Receiving money by getting a check in the hands of 300 million dollars.

1 and 4 items are clear. How to attain faith and produce spiritual labor (which, in principle, is one and the same):

A) Self-expression

B) Visualization

B) Establishment of control over thoughts (and, accordingly, mood)

D) Meditation or a special spiritual attitude

(R. Abramovich just called, asked me not to tell you more, but we will continue in the next issues anyway)

October 6, 2010


What is 300 million dollars? If you put in cash in packs 100-dollar bills, you get a few cubic meters. To store a house you need a lot of space, some huge safe or a closet, or a storage room, or a separate room. Let’s do this, let it be a check, on which it is written — $ 300,000,000.

For cash, which we, too, of course, will be useful, we will allocate some special place. I allocate space in the couch, take out all the things from there, put a paper bill and imagine a bundle of money worth 1,000 rubles full of space. A total of 100 million rubles will go into the sofa. This is for my pocket expenses. Every morning and evening I’ll pick up the couch seat, get a bill (I put 10 rubles), kiss it, and represent the whole space filled with bundles of thousand-dollar bills. And do not just imagine, but rejoice that I have so much money. To laugh or cry from happiness.

For 300 million dollars, I draw a check on the paper, print out the amount on it, paint the check the way I think the check should look. The check I put in my desk and from time to time I take it out from there, I admire it and am happy. I try to rejoice as hard as possible, a whole check, I embrace it, I stroke it, I talk to it.

October 6, 2010

The project was released on October 2, at the very beginning of the fourth quarter of 2010, it will be easy to count all the stages of accomplishment. This came out, of course, spontaneously, like all good things (and I have everything just good — and events, and mood, and thoughts, and thoughts).

By the way, at the beginning of the project (at the beginning of the quarter) it is convenient to conclude an agreement for the publication (sale of rights) of this work. It is better to do this at the very beginning to remove all the “cream” (and the cream will be greasy).

How does a person who has a check for 300 million dollars feel? How does he walk, what is his posture, how he says, how he communicates, how he laughs, how he enjoys life? How does he enter an expensive boutique? How does he communicate with the boutique sellers? It is important.

We must rehearse. So I’m walking down the street, my check certainly stayed at home, so it’s safer. Compared with the way I went to get $ 300 million (and I already got them, this money), my gait changed. I feel more confident, my back straightens, I do not look at my feet (as before), but directly in front of me, or even above the heads. There is a smile on my face (a half-smile), I’m happy, I feel confident, content, from me, three hundred million dollars.

So I go to an expensive boutique, where I have never visited before. There are no buyers in it, some sellers. They look at my, not quite fashionable, not quite new, quite inexpensive clothes, and expect something from me. Maybe I’m lost or confused…

But I do not look at them. I pass, slowly, past the goods, evaluate things, choose. The seller asks me if I need his help. I, without looking at him (her), something I ask and without waiting for an answer I go further.

Here it is, a real test for a millionaire.

October 7, 2010

Between the goal setting and its achievement there is a time interval. Firstly, it is not interesting when all desires are fulfilled at once, and, secondly, if all desires were fulfilled at once, this could lead (sometimes) to sad consequences. Because in a person’s head there are always so many different contradictory thoughts and images…

Nature (destiny, god, supreme power) satisfies the goal of man in the most simple and natural way. And, when the goal is fulfilled, those channels that are already laid are used. That is, there is no need to stand up again, there are already ways to achieve the goal.

It turns out that there is no time frame for achieving the goal. For example, today I set a goal for myself, tomorrow I received it, and yesterday (when I did not yet have this goal) had already been laid by Destiny’s path to its (goal) fulfillment. It’s hard to understand, but when you get what you decided to get, you are surprised to notice that for a very long time the sought solution has come to you (even when there was no desire), but it came just today.

Surprising and great!

October 8, 2010

A convenient format for keeping records, I mean the blog. You write any size of the message, it is saved, someone writes a comment, you can respond to it (comment). Plus beautiful design, plus service, thanks to the portal Mile.Ru for such an excellent opportunity. We must also take into account that this blog is highly quoted, in particular, in search engines. Of course, this is not LJ, but still… Thanks again!

So, I go for a walk around my area of St. Petersburg. The weather is good, the sun, there is no wind, the present Indian summer. By the way, I made this weather for myself (good). I’m going slowly, remember the check for 300 million dollars, which lies in the desk. The head is raised, the shoulders are straightened, the face is kind and disposable (I hope). I have nowhere to hurry, I go, I enjoy life.

Cars are passing by on the street. At the wheel of the most expensive brands are sitting young beautiful people, they are smiling, talking on the phone, talking to fellow travelers. They have, just like me, painted on the face the joy of life. This is our password, the password of millionaires. People who have gloomy faces, dressed for the most part not in the most expensive clothes, they are concentrated, somewhere in a hurry. They probably think that by their concentration, persistent work, perseverance, they will succeed, they will earn themselves for something there…

Doing hard work, showing persistence, overcoming obstacles, people go against the laws of nature. After all, in nature everything happens without tension, naturally, with love. Therefore, nature favors happy, smiling people, giving them expensive cars, good friends, beautiful girls (boys) and everything else.

At the crossroads is a young girl and when cars stop in front of a traffic light, she walks along them and some drivers are stretching out some sheets of paper in an open window. Here the cars went, the girl comes to the sidewalk. Now, when cars are coming, she peers into the faces of passers-by. Here she comes to me and holds out a leaflet. Pedestrians pass by, of different ages, sexes, and other varieties. But she came to me. A half-naked young girl is drawn on a leaf and says: “The most beautiful girls are only for gentlemen.” So, I already went for the master. The method works.


October 9, 2010

This morning I filled out a questionnaire that came to me via e-mail and it turned out that I had already earned 250 rubles (in several polls). The company that conducted the polls sent me a gift certificate (password), on this password I went to the site of the largest Internet sales firm in Russia (I will not say the name, it’s not advertising). And now I have the opportunity to choose any product from the catalog (for 250 rubles). And so it’s nice and healthy, choose from the catalog. Such beautiful goods, pictures, which is not here. Consciousness that I’m browsing the catalog is not just out of curiosity, but as a buyer, it warms my soul as a whole and tells me that I’m on the right track. I will not even make an order even now, I’ll visit later, and choose, choose…

250 rubles. It seems to be a trifle. But I will fall in love with them, I fell in love with them. I did not take anything away from anyone, no one crossed the road, I did not have to dig a ditch with sweat. The money came to me after I wanted to receive it ($ 300 million) and set this goal. Of course, to earn 250 rubles, I filled more than one questionnaire, and several, and some before October 2, when he announced his goal ($ 300 million). But, as I wrote on the previous page, the events that led me to receiving money began to be pawned a very long time, maybe even before my birth. It’s hard to understand, but it’s true.

By the way, I often write this figure — $ 300,000,000, it’s not accidental. I’m sure that the more often I write it (this figure), thereby more approaching the moment when the universe will give it to me.

So, 250 rubles — the first contribution of fate (nature, god, universe) to my goal.

October 9, 2010

I received a notification from another survey company about the payment limit reaching 1000 rubles, and within a week the amount will be transferred to me by postal order. Of course, I filled in these surveys before the decision to receive $ 300 million, but the money is coming now. And maybe (most likely it will be so that the initial data for obtaining the entire amount ($ 300,000,000) were laid down by destiny (nature, god, universe) “into the budget” earlier, and probably for a very long time. Time paradox that events are built in the opposite direction: the past is transformed into the present through the future.

By the way, these surveys on the Internet are a very interesting thing. You register for free, periodically you receive questionnaires by e-mail. And after filling you get from 20 to 100 rubles and more for each poll, depending on its complexity. I can give a “tie” (link).

And can I borrow money for providing addresses to survey firms? For example, 50 rubles for 1 address, 100 rubles for 3 links. 100 rubles are answers to 2—3 polls. That is, the costs pay off almost immediately.

But we, the former Soviet people, immediately have a mass of complexes. How so, to take money, fu, is not very beautiful. Therefore, maybe we are all not rich (I am until October 2, 2010, when I got rich). We can not take money, can not give money, some kind of incomprehensible shyness. It is necessary to overcome it.

Therefore, for providing links to survey firms I will take money, the fee is indicated above.

In addition, I will accept the money (with gratitude) for buying everything (at the time of request) of this blog’s material. Of course, it can be read completely free here in the blog. But to someone who wants to get the compiled readable text, I will send it by e-mail. Moreover, the material of the blog is gradually growing and reading it in the future will be completely harder.

The price of the composition now (at the time of the request) is 100 rubles. By the new year, we raise the price, I think, up to 300 rubles apiece. It will be the sale of materials of a living book like the sale of a book printed book in a bookstore. The email address for buyers is listed above.

October 10, 2010

The attitude towards wealth (the rich) as a whole in the New Testament is somewhat more negative than poverty (begging). Although neither Jesus himself nor his disciples were poor, much less beggars. Christ tells the disciples: “Beggars will always have,” thus unequivocally not ranking their students and listeners to the poor (beggars).

If you carefully read the Bible, “put” the statements of Jesus Christ and his parable to his today’s (real) life, you can find (in my opinion) a lot of interesting, important and useful. Christ says — It is difficult for the rich to enter the kingdom of God. To which his disciples exclaim in amazement — So, who will be saved? “It’s not possible for a man, but everything is possible to God,” answers Jesus.

That is, it is equally impossible for a rich and poor to enter the kingdom of God. But everything is possible to God. What god? God who is in every person, inside him. How to move from man to god, how to become a god? Everyone chooses the answer to himself, including with an eye on the Gospel. One of the ways (maybe the only way) is to follow Christ, develop spiritually, discover the kingdom of God within oneself.

In one chapter of the New Testament, Jesus says so: “The kingdom of God does not come in a significant way, here it is, or there.” The kingdom of God is inside. “That is, God is inside every person, he needs only to be born and develop. And then everything is possible to God. Including $ 300 million.

And, of course, the most interesting is how to become God (as it does not sound scary).

October 10, 2010

When I read the Gospel, I sometimes asked myself why Christ Himself did not leave any records. Wrote would be simple and understandable for all people, such as instructions, it is necessary to do so and so. And he spoke in parables. Then I understood why. Because each person himself must go through a certain spiritual path. All are in different parts of it, someone at the beginning, someone a little further away (someone else did not even get close). Having written, for example, clearly the entire spiritual “charter”, Christ would condemn himself to an almost complete misunderstanding of people. Few people are God, I guess. Those who would understand the essence and meaning. And the rest, alas, is not given. So Jesus says in the Bible: “But to whom is given.” Therefore, the parable is more acceptable and understandable.

What is the basis of the gospel? Following the two commandments:

1. Faith and love in God.

2. Love for one’s neighbor.

With the second commandment, it seems everything is clear. Treat your neighbor the way you treat yourself. And how do you feel about yourself? Do you love yourself, do you respect yourself, do you protect yourself? And if you do not love, you do not respect, you do not care? It turns out that until you love yourself, you can not apply this commandment, and in general, then, be a Christian. If you do not love yourself, then you can not wear a cross, attend a church, pray, because you can not fulfill one of the two main Christian commandments.

Hence, one’s spiritual development must begin with inculcating self-love.

10.10.10 (dozens)

The first commandment of Christianity, however, like all other spiritual sources, speaks of faith and love. Faith and love of God. Faith and love for yourself, like the likeness of God.

How can you believe and love a god that you have not seen and will never see. Only in one case, if you grow this god in yourself, that is, become a god.

The external side of the question is clear. It is necessary to read spiritual literature, follow certain rules and regulations. But at the same time, there must be an inside. The worldview must change, the inner qualities of a person develop. With the development of internal spiritual “data”, its physical data must also change. There must be (even) physiological changes in the organism, because the inner and outer worlds are one and the same thing.

What is the external expression of man’s spirituality? Of course, his external data. A person, developed spiritually, can be seen, as they say, and with the naked eye.

But with the development of spiritual (external and internal) human qualities, there must be (and they are) internal (and external) signs, allowing to determine the degree of development of spirituality. I mean physiology, certain bodily sensations. Very interesting!

October 10, 2010

Today is an interesting day, 10 is 10 months 10 years. If I believed in superstition, I would have something to do. However, today I received an offer to sell the rights to publish a blog (these materials) from one publisher. The sum was named — 100 thousand rubles. I refused. It’s very cheap.

You can count. In my opinion, the cost of author’s royalties from one copy of the book is 100 rubles. If you receive 100 thousand rubles, the circulation must be 1000 copies. This is very small.

Today, in the week of the release of the blog, the number of friends on my page is more than 2000 people. After some time, I hope to multiply this figure many times, say up to several hundred thousand people. Let the readers, even one-time, be 100 thousand, this is an author’s fee of 10 million rubles. If there are people reading these materials for free in a blog, then there are those who want to buy a book with these materials. Moreover, the publisher will not need to invest in advertising.

Of course, 10 million rubles, not 300 million dollars, then there will be other income.

And the last will be the first — approximately so said Jesus Christ.

October 11, 2010

They began to address me (on the Internet) as a person who already has a lot of money. Someone asks for treatment, someone suggests investing them (money) in some kind of project. For example, a person needs only $ 500,000 to establish a line for the production of new purified vodka. Payback — 1 day!!!

As for representatives of network marketing, they also dramatically increased their activity. Some time ago I participated in one, or rather, two projects. To enter, then I joined, but I could not attract partners. By itself, I like the idea. I invested a little money, attracted other participants, and expect big money earnings. But, faced with the negative attitude of all potential partners to the idea of MLM, I dropped out of the race. Here, it seems to me, to do some new projects, we need a new idea, exciting, as they say, creative. Well, nothing, I’ll choose the time, I’ll think of something, for the sake of interest.

I wrote a message to Agent yesterday, one baron. It’s nice, before the barons did not write to me.

I feel, as in the air, a premonition of 300 million dollars. Invisible vibrations and waves are ready to materialize the whole amount.

October 11, 2010

Yesterday, as a wealthy buyer, I walked around the furniture store. The store is located on 3 floors, elevators, escalators, many kilometers of exposures. What is there just not. There is, for example, a table for 150 thousand rubles. There is a wardrobe for 200 thousand rubles. I have not looked at all the furniture, I’m tired of walking. At the exit, 2 girls approached me and offered 2 tickets, such as lottery tickets. If a coin rubbed on three sails of ships, and there are 3 identical flags under the spraying, the owner will receive a prize, a prize. I got free tickets (as a rich and important buyer). On the first ticket flags did not match, but on the second under the foil there were 3 identical, Russian, flags. The winner, the lucky one is put (for choice!) One of four prizes — camera, mobile phone, web camera, map “Zenith”. To receive a prize it is necessary in the tourist firm conducting a lottery, having preliminary written down by phone.

Of course, the incredulous reader will say: “This is a deception, divorce.” Like, you will receive a prize if you buy any of their products, or something like that. And I believe I will choose the time, I’ll go and see. Let it be some kind of promotion, but still it’s interesting to me. They chose me, appreciated me, they courted me. And I really like it.

There are many fierce people in the world, once deceived by someone. I do not want to be one of them. I want to open my heart completely to this world. And I am sure that when I fully trust him (this, my world), then the world will be poured out and flunked from his bounties.

I will believe everything like a child. No wonder, Jesus Christ told his disciples, until you become less and become like this child, you will not enter the kingdom of God.

Faith and trust, words with one root. And faith is the main word in spiritual development, in the development of the Divine within oneself.

October 12, 2010

For whom do I write here in this diary? For yourself or for readers? Probably, for themselves, and for readers. Write for yourself is important in the sense that, declaring a great goal, $ 300 million, I take this goal to the world, fix it, there is no way back. Said A, we must speak and B. Publication of the goal spurs, stimulates, you can say. In addition, a public diary will allow detailed, accurate and subtle passage through the entire stage — from setting goals to obtaining money.

For the readers, of course, I write too. First, it is a kind of self-realization process, a self-inflicted self-esteem, which makes you feel almost like a writer. Secondly, of course, and I would like it to be the main thing in this description, so that my notes help some person realize their desires, develop more spiritually in this life. If someone helps my records, I will consider my mission accomplished.

In addition, there is an opinion (and I agree with him) that the shortest way to get something is to give it away. Want to receive joy, give it to others. Want to get love, give… Want to get $ 300 million, help others get them. Dollars (millions of dollars) will suffice for everyone, paradoxical as it may sound.

In previous notes, I left an email address to contact me. I can not answer everyone in My World because of the Agent’s fault and the messaging service. Reply to the comments, too, does not always work. On the most frequent questions or suggestions I will answer in the very text of this blog. Who wants to receive a personal consultation or an answer to your question — write to the mail.

Earlier I wrote that I would send a complete blog entry (at the time of the request) by e-mail for a symbolic amount.

Now I offer a printed version of the notes, which I will send by mail (mail to Russia) with my autograph and a written blessing.

For those wishing to hold personal talks on Skype, it is possible that someone will help.

Please contact us by email.

October 13, 2010

To receive money, you must be able to give them. The fuller you give, the fuller you get. The main criterion for giving (as well as receiving) money are emotions. If you feel joy from the giving (receiving), the spiritual ascent, then give (receive). You can give not only money, but also something else, for example, a flower, a smile, joy, a compliment. Or just mentally wish a person all the best. And it will return, will definitely return, including money.

How much to give? How many do not mind. If it’s a pity, then do not give anything to anyone, not even trifles. For the benefit it will not work. If a person does not believe in God, buys a candle or sacrifices something to the church, then he does, at least, a useless action. “I want mercy, not sacrifice,” says the Gospel. If you sacrifice, you tear something away from yourself, thereby losing something. And when you give with joy, then in the soul you feel ascent, you acquire something inexplicable, but important and necessary.

The same goes for getting money. If there is no sense of joy, a favorable attitude toward the fact of receiving money or something else, then you do not acquire it.

Wonderful words were said by Christ: “To him that giveth shall be given; and he that hath not shall take what he thinks he should have.” What a deep meaning in this phrase. It will be given to someone who has the opportunity to accept it.

October 13, 2010

The uniqueness of this experiment is its on-line, real-time mode. If a written book is about the success of a person in some area, you can read without problems in any number, then the diary, written right now, is quite rare and unusual.

Anyone who writes about his accomplished achievement is undoubtedly a hero, he is worthy of admiration and respect. But all this has already happened, it is not as interesting as something that is happening right now, before our very eyes.

The past success is a “dead” success, it is not particularly interesting not only to the readers, but to the author himself (if he is interesting to the author, this is not right and good). Because the path to success is more important than success itself. Success is a milestone, some intermediate stage, it is now completely irrelevant. If a person has achieved success and stopped, then this (stop) means stagnation, stagnation, negative. If a person is alive, he must move forward, always.

Examples of my words are numerous. I will not mention here the names of famous people who have reached some of their peaks (even at a young age, which is especially hard at the psyche), but then they could not step over their already reached summit and go further. Of course, this is difficult, but who said that all the ways are easy?

“The gates that lead to destruction are wide,” Jesus Christ said.

October 14, 2010

And the essence is where? And the essence is this. To get something, you have to give something, for example, labor. You can dig a hole all day and get money for it. And you can do a day’s spiritual work and get hundreds of times more. I will refer again to the Gospel, when Christ says that there is no one who would leave his mother, father, wife, children, estates, land for me (Jesus Christ) and would have here (in life, on earth) hundreds of estates, lands, children etc. And after the resurrection and eternal life. What does it mean? This means that by coming to God (in this case through Jesus), a person will receive (in life, here, on earth) one hundred times what he had in spirituality.

What does it mean to work spiritually? How to develop in itself the sprouts of the divine. How to become a god? Where are the practical recommendations, methodical guides? Where is the instruction, finally???

The instruction is as follows: Gradually, very slowly, step by step, day after day, month after month, year after year develop our spirituality. We read spiritual books, in particular, the Bible. Practice the spiritual devices that the heart and soul tell us. We gently and reverently cultivate the divine sprouts in ourselves. This way is not long, long in life. But the results of this spiritual work can be seen already today, which I try to tell in my diary.

Having gone through a certain (yet very short) spiritual path, I can say that I have reached certain certain peaks (low ones). For example, he cured people, in particular, by photo.

In the following entries, I will dwell in more detail on practical steps to achieve this goal.

October 14, 2010

What do you need to achieve the goal? You need to have a connection with your inner world, your “true self,” your sprout of the divine. How is this relationship achieved? It is achieved by monitoring its thoughts. It is necessary to try to spend most of your conscious state, as if not going mentally out of yourself. Ideally, it would be good to turn off thoughts from your “diet” altogether. Concentrate on the inner sense of self, its essence. If you shift attention to some external factors, try not to leave your mental “circle” anyway, controlling the process of interaction with the outside world. Maybe this all sounds too abstruse, but here it is difficult to find understandable expressions or even words, describing the sensations themselves, which can not be “touched” or carefully examined with an armed eye.

In short, the main task is to constantly be “in yourself”. Distinguish yourself from external factors and impacts, do not merge with them into one. For example, when you see something, an event, do not completely “pour in” into it, forgetting about yourself. We must look, but not see, figuratively speaking. Looking at the car, do not be there with your consciousness, but tell yourself at this moment: “I’m looking at the car.” That is, in fact, “I do not see the car, but I’m looking at the car.” Achieving this without training is difficult, but possible. We must train.

It helps to “be in yourself” meditation, exercise with it.

October 15, 2010

Is reading generally useful? Lao Tzu said that the whole being knows without studying, sees without looking, reaches without doing. “He knows without studying.” That is, why read books, if you can understand the phenomenon of an internal, divine view. For the person who has achieved perfection (but for that it is perfection to reach it, but not to achieve), really, why read when all the truths (and most likely only one) are already known. But for the remaining 99.99% of people reading is a necessary and useful thing. Of course, this is my personal opinion.

Different books are read differently by different people. Some (books) are immediately captured, others are not openly interesting, others are so-so… Why does it depend? It depends, perhaps, on how much the person is already prepared for accepting something new, for (from his) development (I’m talking about books of any content). One likes to read works on philosophy, another likes detectives, the third does not read anything at all. Nature (god, universe, quantum fog) helps the reader to find the literature he needs right now. And he immediately understands, barely glancing at the contents, that this is exactly what he needs right now.

Therefore, in principle, I am now writing these lines for myself and for those who need them (these lines) and precisely at the moment. And to help myself and other people who are now with me in any one range (I do not know what it is measured in), I send to these my notes, which will be either in electronic or in print form, from His heart, from his divine sprout, great love and his blessing. Feel?

October 15, 2010

A person who has set himself a goal, for example, to get $ 300,000,000, should understand that achieving this goal will not solve his problems if they have, of course. For example, thinking that 300 million dollars will bring him happiness, joy or something else, the recipient of money is deeply mistaken. If he believes that having a lot of money on his hands, he will feel calmer, more secure, more confident, then he is also mistaken. He (the recipient of money) will not be protected, not happy, not sure, not joyful. And maybe even money will add a negative to his mind and behavior, add problems and failures. Paradox?

A person is unhappy, he has a bad mood, negative thoughts. He is looking for a way out, he wants to be happy (like all of us) and thinks, if I have something (like $ 300000000), then I definitely will be happy. But he does not need money, he needs to rebuild his consciousness (without the reorganization of which he can not realize his desires and dreams), he needs to learn how to be happy now and in the environment in which he is. How to learn to be happy here and now?

What is happiness? This is an emotional state of a person, reinforced by (usually) positive thoughts. If the thoughts are negative, then, accordingly, there will be no happiness. If negative thoughts are replaced by positive ones, then the owner of thoughts will be happy (for the most part). Think positive and you are happy. So simple? Yes.

It is more difficult to achieve these very positive thoughts. Here it is necessary to make a lot of efforts, to make a great spiritual and mental (mental) work, which, with unaccustomedness, it seems, maybe even impossible. “Man is not possible, but everything is possible to God.” Full and constant control over thoughts, not a way out of yourself, that’s the key to success.

A worker worthy of a reward is also a word from the Bible.

October 16, 2010

I walked on the street today, I live in Petersburg, and was surprised by the number of pharmacies. Pharmacies and playing salons. You go, you look, a pharmacy, a gaming establishment, a pharmacy, a games room, a drugstore, a gambling… Occasionally, of course, there are other trading enterprises. There were a lot of gambling establishments after the law on their prohibition was issued. Paradox? Probably, very much the desire to play these machines. Is it good or bad? And it’s not good, and not bad, but it’s so simple.

And why are there so many pharmacies? Because many people want to buy medicine. And why many people who want to buy them? But because many patients. And why…

Often I see in the city of stray (homeless) dogs. And I have never seen a stray dog hurt, for example, lying with fever, with a sore look, coughed or sniffed. They feed like we do, if not worse. Special conditions for comfortable living they do not. Stress …, but do they have any stress? Probably, also there. But quickly passing.

Why are people still sick? The answer is simple, from negative thoughts. If you read on the next pages (with this entry) what people write, in My World, then everything falls into place. Black (negative) words, mate, envy, insults, blasphemy, regret, reproach, threats, in short, a complete set. If words are black, then black is also the thoughts (black, in the end, and actions), so here it is and the disease. From you blackness — in return and you blackness. Why does not everyone understand this?

October 17, 2010

The main (whether anyone will argue?) Factor of a person’s health is his mental, moral state. With any disease you can cope (not to admit, which is even better) by setting (adjusting) your body to health. In addition, of course, you need to monitor the condition of your body, not to harm it.

Harmful substances (poisons) are alcohol, smoking, chocolate, coffee, tea, meat and dairy products. Poisons act not only physiologically on the human body, but also interfere (harm) its spiritual state, if we say “near-scientific,” destroy its subtle vibrations. Try meditating, for example, after taking the heaviest poison — alcohol (in fact, I do not advise).

In principle, the physiological state of a person and his spiritual world are interrelated. You can not be sick and happy, for example, at the same time. Psychological health is the way to physical health. Physical health is an aid to spiritual health. Not for nothing, Jesus Christ directly linked the state of human health with his moral foundations. “What is easier, say — your sins are forgiven you, or get up, take your bed and go.”

As for the actual nutrition, the untreated living substances — fruits, vegetables, nuts — are useful. All the rest is not so useful, but due to habits a person is taken for food. The main principle in nutrition, except for not using poisons, is not satiety.

October 17, 2010

Different ways come in response to my blog entries. I will not say, of course, that 100% of them are positive. I treat them (to all responses) simply — it does not concern me. Why? Because all these opinions, wishes, judgments automatically, without affecting me, return boomerang back to the author. Man wishes me luck, luck will come to him. He doubts, doubts will prevent him from living. He expresses criticism, and thereby does himself harm. There are opinions that witches, sorcerers, as well as people who do something for some ritual, can harm a person, this is not so. They harm only themselves, and, of course, those who believe in this. Plots, curses, spells, all this is complete nonsense.

Why does a person react to something negatively? In the vast majority of cases, he does not like something that he does not like first of all in himself. Paradox? No, thus nature (…) tells him lessons that he has not yet learned. That’s when he corrects (retake the exam, set-off), then he will not already meet with negative specific phenomena, which earlier, being with him, prevented him from living. Does it sound complicated? And who said that it will be easy.

And it’s easy for me. I’m like a tank, like a bulldozer, I’m heading straight for my goal. And nothing can turn me off this path. No doubt, no one’s opinion, nothing. I do not need these very badly 300 million dollars. But I set a goal, and I will achieve it. What do you want (set a goal and achieve it).

3000000000 $ — I love you and adore…

October 17, 2010

Nature (…) is infinite, unlimited and omnipotent, like me, in its composition. For her (nature) it does not matter, give me 300 million dollars or 300 billion, or 1 dollar, or take away and what I do not yet have. Therefore, as a multifaceted person with multiple needs, I need other things and qualities. That is, I, along with the adoption of $ 300 million, set goals and open my heart (nature, being) to accept the following needs I need.

In addition to 300 million dollars in the bank (I have a check in my desk), I ordered 100 million rubles in cash, for which I released a place in the couch for them (bundles of banknotes). I wrote about this earlier. Now, today, October 17, 2010, I order myself good health. Health will be useful to my body, restore my eyesight (yesterday it was – 3, today I think, much better), the body will become more flexible, the muscles stronger, more boldly. Wrinkles and excess fat will be automatically removed, the body will be (become) young.

In addition to good health, I need a good relationship with people for a full-fledged life, including with relatives. From today, these relations have become good, kind, joyful. I love all people and nature (…) from today I create only such situations where I happily and enthusiastically communicate with all the very interesting people I meet. I love them, they love me, great!

October 18, 2010

I put the goal (and open my heart to its receipt) — to have a new apartment. I need an apartment in Vyborgsky district of St. Petersburg, in the area of Poklonnaya Gora. The apartment is in a new house, a floor on the tenth floor, with views of the Suzdal Lake (I already looked after the house). 4 rooms — living room, bedroom, study and guest room, large kitchen, corridor, two bathrooms, loggias. The windows of the apartment open on 3 sides. Two rooms, a bedroom and an office, have windows on two sides. Bathrooms have a toilet, bidet, sink, bath, shower, “Jacuzzi”.

I took a millimeter paper, and painted on a scale the entire layout in the apartment, arranged furniture. It turned out very cute. The total area of the apartment is 225 sq. m., the corridor is 32 m, the kitchen is 27 m, the bathrooms are 9 and 21 m, the living room is 54 m, the bedroom is 36 m, the cabinet is 28 m, the guest room is 18 m. I painted windows, doors, loggias. In a large bathroom, I also provided a window, I like it so that it is lighter.

Almost every room has TVs, several computers, everywhere good new furniture. The ceilings of the apartment are 3 meters. The house has a concierge service, security, underground parking. The living room is made in light colors, with a large white leather sofa and armchairs. On the floor is a large fluffy carpet (palas). The bedroom is large, spacious, 2 TVs (just in case). The office is bright and cozy. The kitchen is modern, equipped in the style of “Hi Tech”. In the large bathroom you can enter both from the corridor, so straight from the bedroom. In the living room from the corridor is not a door, but a large archway.

Live and rejoice, great!

October 18, 2010

How will I spend the day in a new apartment? In the morning, of course, jogging. I’ll wear a brand-name suit, branded shoes, a cap and run… A good place to run is Maurice Thorez Avenue, more precisely, Sosnovka Park. Clean air, pine trees, what can be more pleasant in the morning?

Then the shower in the modern cabin, where there are all the functions, including massage. Good shampoo, good gel, good shaving foam, good cologne. Clean fresh towels, with a small pleasant smell of perfume…

At home I walk barefoot, clean, warm, hygienic. The temperature in the apartment is set to optimum, the air is fresh. The first snack (you can not call it breakfast) in the kitchen is a banana or another fruit. Then the cabinet, creativity, work (can you call it work?). In other words, it is an occupation that I like on this day. I’ll find what to do. In breaks in work — simulators or exercises.

Afternoon — lunch. We go with his wife somewhere to eat or eat at home. After dinner, if there is a mood, I’ll work a little more. In the afternoon, a walking tour is possible. Walk slowly, admire the surroundings, take a camera with you.

In the evening — entertainment. Cinema, theater, restaurant, taxi, a full set of gentlemen’s pleasures. All, of course, with the lady of the heart. Wow? Highly.

October 18, 2010

The apartment is bright, warm, but not hot. High ceilings, large windows, air conditioning, everywhere natural materials. Bare feet comfortably touch the tree, fabrics, bellows, warm ceramics.

Furniture is not very much, the apartment looks spacious. The designer has worked on the glory, the color scales are well chosen. Everything is nice to the eye, quiet, there are no bright calling tones. There are only some touches…

It’s nice to be anywhere in the apartment. Therefore, maybe, I change places of “dislocation”. I take a laptop and go to the living room. I lay down on the white fluffy fur palace, under it there is a dense floor, collected by a parquet from valuable breeds of a tree. Then I’ll sit at the table in the kitchen, I’ll look from the window to the beautiful views. I lie on the bed in the bedroom, click on the remote control. I climbed into the Jacuzzi bath, poured myself in the elastic streams of warm water. I’ll sit at my desk in the office and, at last, work.

On a sunny day I’ll go out on the loggia, I’ll sit in a rocking chair, I’ll put my face to our northern St. Petersburg sun. No worries, no plans, no obligations (sounds scary?). I and my apartment, we are friends.

If the weather frowns, I’ll sit on the exercise bike (in good weather you can ride on a bike), I’ll work with muscles. I work dumbbells or a small barbell. I’ll put (for a long time) a rubber mock-up of the “enemy” and I will work out punches and kicks. I will not miss.

October 18, 2010

Бесплатный фрагмент закончился.

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