Unusual school

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Chapter 1


It all started with the fact that we were forced to leave our home and move to another city. No one wanted it, but simply had no choice. It was a small town near the village. The first thing we did was apply to the school. I had a younger brother, he was 3 years younger than me. I was 17 years old. At first glance, the school was no different. The maximum that I did not like is the location of the school, next to it was a cemetery. I actually could not understand why near the cemetery to do school. But soon, I forgot about that when we started the exercise, none of us had noticed him. My brother made friends with our people was not so much as at her last school, only 11 people in the class. The guys who were born and live here, a lot interesting to us said that at this place a few years ago, and why the people of this town so everything is concealed. At first, I was thinking that this is a fictional story, but in a short time when I began to feel something strange, I was just thinking, what am I doing these stories, and it is time for me to quit believing in different stuff. By itself, I don’t believe in all these stories, I was a kid. We’ve lived here for a week, and all is well. I managed to adapt and get familiar with the area. My old town I knew well. I wanted to completely get around this area in search of a good place. I remember in my old town, was a small house where no one lived. I had completely closed the entrance to it and make a secret entrance, and when I needed to hide, or something to wait out, I only went there about her no one knew, even my younger brother. All that said the boys from school was terrifying. They said that as soon as I started to build this school, the cultists began to set fire to everything. But why one day they disappeared, nobody knows why. After this incident, they are never seen again. And generally it is a very suspicious place, I don’t like this at all. After a week, we and our class went to a nearby area to have a picnic. Since, for a picnic in the cemetery, was not the best idea. We have to go was not far, we decided to walk. We were told to take warm clothes, as it could remain there for a few nights. The school provided us chamber and things. I really liked this idea, I myself am a lover of travel and was not at all against it. We left early Friday morning, school in the day we missed. We had half a day to go to a place where is very beautiful nature. As we went through the town, I decided to seize the moment, and a little exploring. We have passed many abandoned houses. The teacher told us that a long time ago, in that moment, when they built a school, most people left because you were scared. No one clearly could not explain what was happening. As we walked, I found a very strange abandoned house, he was of unusual shape, similar to the false lock, when I asked my teacher what it was, she gave no answer, and I’m very curious what it is. We had about 3 kilometer and we’re there. As soon as we arrived, I really liked the nature all around was so beautiful that I stood for a few seconds and just enjoyed. It is time to expand the tent and to make kebabs. I took a tent as I had already had a very good experience, and assemble a conventional tent did not work. In one tent, they fit 6 people. Had to put second. The time we are well. Unfortunately, the teacher did not tell about this forest. I’m sure there used to be something big, but after a lot of people left from here, all is lost. Already getting dark in the woods was creepy, but we were very much, and we were not afraid. It’s time for bed was it’s midnight. Everyone fell asleep, I could not sleep I was disturbed by the question of what there is can someone live on. I didn’t want to get out of the tent, but really wanted to use the toilet, and I had to get out of the tent. As soon as I came out it was light enough the first time was that the moon is red. I don’t know why exactly that night, when I sleep in the woods, but still. Everything was quiet, even the wind was not. I went on to sleep, in the morning, when I woke up, I saw a woman scream, I immediately knew who it was screaming. It was a girl from our class, she got out of the tent because it was very sick, but it was not the most important. She saw a black cloak, which paddles up a tree, hanged. We are very scared. It took the rope and hung on the tree like he hanged himself. The teacher immediately told us that we’re leaving, she was in complete horror. And I think this is just the beginning.

Chapter 2


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