Unlimited Memory

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How to Train Your Brain to Learn Faster and Remember More

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Unlimited Memory

How to Train Your Brain to Learn Faster and Remember More


Improving your brain’s ability to learn new things and retain them is a skill many desire. Did you know that it is not that difficult? A majority of people have issues learning new things and most complain that they are more forgetful. In this book, you are shown what to avoid to improve your cognitive functions. Learn how you can focus your mind on remembering things by adopting simple habits as well as complex ones.

Registering information correctly is the first step in the process of retaining the information. In order to retain the information you want to memorize, it needs to have make sense so that you can improve your ability to recall it. If you cannot make sense of a bunch of information, it will be so hard to take it in. You should feed your brain information in a format it will understand.

For example, a computer takes in a lot of information through the keyboard. However, it uses a software to convert the information to binary (a form that it can understand.) In the same way, the human being takes in a lot of information. The human being takes in information through the 5 senses. Because we are not conversant with the way we should process the information and in what language to store it in, we just take it as it is and try to store it that way. That is why registration of info is done incorrectly. In the coming chapters, I will show you a few simple exercises that you can conduct to register information in the language your brain understands.

A sharp mind is an asset in your life. I will show you how you can exercise your mind. These mind exercises are for everyone because they are novel, challenging and fun. At the end of the day, they are rewarding. Not only do they prevent your brain from atrophy, they boost your cognitive reserves. Read on.

Chapter 1 — All the basics you need to know about your mind and memory

The mind

In life, your physical muscles need to be flexed to keep you in shape. Did you know that your mental muscles need flexing too? There are mental muscles for logical thinking, metaphorical thinking, analytical thinking, verbal thinking, critical thinking and visual thinking.

In the same way, the muscles in your body work together to create motion, your mental muscles work in tandem to create clear, purposeful thoughts. For your mind to be fit, you need a few qualities.

— Mental flexibility: The ability to switch from one line of thought to another especially when you are creating something.

— Mental strength: When you apply your mind to something that requires concentration such as learning a new thing, doing math etc.

— Mental coordination: This quality is all about timing, agility, and balance. This comes into play when you balance a few activities by orchestrating your thinking.

— Mental endurance: This is the quality you need when you want to put your ideas into action. This is the ability to keep at something without allowing yourself to be distracted.

Benefits of being in good mental shape

This book is all about giving you effective exercises to keep you in mental shape. Why even bother getting mentally fit? Mental exercise is a progression of thought. When you apply your mind to something, you manipulate your mental resources. Mental exercise is something that requires attention such as brainstorming, playing a challenging game, figuring out how to solve a problem etc.

One of the main benefits of being mentally fit is having a sharp mind. Physical exercise makes your body stronger and makes you look good. Mental exercise does the same to your mind. You become stronger mentally such that you can learn new things very fast. You also possess impressive memory and your concentration is off the charts.


It is pretty incredible how your brain is alive every day during your existence and stores what you encounter each day. Consider that your memory reserve is like a book, it is very likely it would look quite substantially thick. It would have a lot of information on how your life has been since you were a small child up to this point that you are reading this sentence. Here is an informative overview on the incredible thing we call memory.

Definition of Memory

Memory is, put simply, the essential process of storing, encoding, and retrieving information. Your mind and being are made of memories. The normal person you see out on the street is made up of memories. If you take away your memories, you will not live in the present. You will not live or have a desirable future without your past.

Chapter 2 — Attention, concentration, and Interest


Mental test

Imagine you have 20 volts of attention in total. If you devote your mind to something, you spend 5 volts. If you get distracted, you waste 5 volts. For instance, you are seated at your desk and you settle into an uncomfortable posture. That alone drains about 5 volts of attention. Now you get bored. You see your work as a chore and you are at crossroads. Part of you says “do it”, the other says “don’t do it”.

Another 5 volts are chalked off. Now, your mind gets distracted. You start thinking of your summer plans, the movie premiere, the dirty laundry, the dirty dishes, what you will have for dinner, and it goes on and on until you use up all your remaining attention volts. The task at hand fades away completely.

We are guilty of going through life using our mental energy on everything besides the tasks at hand. We clog our minds with many thoughts. We are busy anticipating, worrying, analyzing and planning.

We lose our attention volts that way and we fail at the tasks we set out to accomplish. Therefore, one of the first things we should do to improve our attention is loosening up our minds.

Exercise to improve your Attention

How can you loosen up your mind? How can you focus your attention on one thing? Try this before you set out to do something.

— Sit down at your work desk.

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