Unbreakable Love

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If you want to read my heart,

See this strange poetic cart.

My Talking Subconsciousness

I am on stage, ready for a performance,

Wanting to say: “I am fed up with romance.”

But I’m speaking of it again:

My lips never prefer my brain.

You’ve Made a Difference

My life was dull like rainy weather,

But the sun of love came one day

And brought a rainbow to me.


Filled up with romantic thoughts,

I’m feeling Amour’s shots.

His pistol’s my cardio-trainer

And maybe the strongest unbrainer.

Waiting for You

My heartless thoughts are flying away

Coz you are coming to me today.

At the Ball

I am feeling over the moon and the sun

In our unending dance with my only one.

Eternal Connection

No matter which abyss you are taken by,

Be sure: our gravity will not let you die.

Throes of Separation

Cold days and nights

Are fearless knights.

They touch my heart

When we’re apart.


People think our love will be broken someday,

But its eyesight is perfect, whatever they say.


Life’s full of tortures (I’ll be brief),

But if you love, you seldom grieve.

The Best Muse

Love’s boundless even in inspiration:

It’s chanted by poets in every nation.


I don’t mind my strong tachycardia:

I’m healthy. I’m just loving ardently.



Sometimes it sounds too sweet,

So sweet that I feel sick.

Your glance…

It’s such a tasty treat

That kisses are to flick.


Don’t dare to judge my verse about a loving soul.

Fall in real love at first –

Don’t be afraid of taking this hard-playable role

And of a romantic burst.


Wordy serenades and other tempties

Sometimes mask a person’s soul that’s empty.

But as for you, no matter what you do,

Your heart is tender. Dear, it is true.


My tacit inspiration is awake

Because I love and my love is no fake.

Intuitive Love

Your voice was heard by my subconscious,

That’s why we’re having love emotions.

Inevitable Phrases

Glorification of love is trivial, I agree,

But I can’t help sharing my feeling of tremulous glee.

Music in Blood

We’re able to play the heart.

The strings are veins and arteries.

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