Two-day slave girl

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This story happened not so long ago in one of the cities in the south of Germany, and it was told to me by my old friend Margot. I talked to other participants in these events, which resulted in this story.

The name of the city is not specified, the names of the real prototypes are changed. I am writing a story on behalf of Margot (Queen Margot, as her friends called her).


We formed a close female group, and we met quite regularly at my place, since I lived alone in a small cottage on the outskirts of the city. My parents went to their house in the countryside for the summer. We met at birthdays, holidays, exclusively female company.

What we did, but nothing, shared our secrets, discussed fashion, men, and all sorts of things, bought a bottle of good wine for the company, cake, cake, and so on. Sometimes you want to relax in a pleasant female company.

One time in the summer it was hot and we were all completely naked. The sight of a young female body aroused us, I imagine how men get excited and lose their heads at the sight of our charms.

Once, Lucy brought shackles and chains. They began to try on and flaunt their chains. They contrasted with the delicate feminine charms and aroused us even more.

Once Olga brought a guy to us for a bachelorette party. We were shy at first, and then we gave him a drink of the brandy we had brought, and then we tied him to the stairs and began to amuse ourselves. First we undressed ourselves, then we started undressing him. Well, then I will not describe what we did with him.

When our action was over and everyone was dressed, he suddenly suggested:

— I see you like thrills, but I can offer you completely unexpected adventures.

We were interested in what he could offer.

— Would you like to test yourself as a slave?”

— That’s not enough.

— Why would we do that?”

“Slavery is forbidden.

— Don’t worry, it’s quite civilized, for a couple of days, under contract, under the protection of the law.

— Is that acceptable?”

— And why not, if by mutual consent. By the way, many slaves get married later, so you can try it. After all, this is just an adventure for you.

He left, and we began to discuss this proposal. Of course, we had read a lot about the harem slaves, but we could hardly imagine this life, and here is such an adventure. Previously, five girls expressed such a desire. We were unmarried, there was nothing to lose, so we decided to try it.

The next day, I called the guy and started asking him questions.

A contract is concluded for a certain period, where your rights and obligations will be recorded. There you enter what the owner does not have the right to do with you, for example, beat, disfigure, etc., half of the money remains to you, the rest to the club.

From these words: slave, auction, concubine, smelled of the Middle Ages. I contacted him several more times and asked for more details. He also said that the form of clothing at the auction is chosen by us, but the less clothing, the more expensive the slave. You can be completely naked or whatever you want. We decided to try this adventure for two days off.

And so the auction was scheduled for 7 p.m. on Friday. I was terribly worried, I didn’t sleep well, and I kept thinking. All sorts of thoughts came to mind: I was being sold to the Turkish sultan, or I was being captured by robbers. Well, what can come to the mind of a young lady who rarely left her city.

And so, at the appointed time, we gathered at the specified address. It was a small country club, with a common room, a buffet, separate rooms, a hall, a veranda, and a small garden with flowers and ornamental plants. We were met by the administrator, brought to a small office, explained the general rules and gave each of us three copies of the contract. A contract as a contract, there were common rights and obligations of the parties. The word slave was not mentioned in the contract. One side of the contract is the master, the other side is the servant. In general, we came into the full possession of the owner, and each wrote what should not be done with it.

I wrote down that you can not hurt, beat, starve, transfer for use to other persons, you can not do all sorts of perversions. I thought, I thought, what else to write — I didn’t have enough imagination for more.

When we finished our contracts and signed our signatures, we began to prepare for the auction. We were interested to know how much we cost. Each wanted to be sold more expensive for reasons of prestige, but Olga immediately said that she did not want to be sold, and came to the auction out of curiosity.

Then we began to prepare for the auction. I put on a short skirt and a semi-transparent blouse, the two girls stripped down to their swimsuits, and Olga covered herself in a knee-length skirt and a blouse that hid her charms. Then we were put on metal collars with an attached chain that dragged on the floor, and our hands were tied behind us. That’s all, we no longer belonged to ourselves and the process began.

I peered through the crack into the hall. There were men and women sitting at tables, about thirty in all, a small stage lit up, and an auctioneer’s table with a large wooden mallet at one side.

The auctioneer, a middle-aged man, came on stage, and the process began. And the host turned out to be humorous, and so he began his work. I didn’t fully remember his speech, but here’s what he said:

— Ladies and gentlemen. As you know from the newspapers, the Arab sheikh Mohammed ibn Saud lost at the races and in addition lost his manhood, he is forced to sell his harem for debts. Since he was an avid gambler, he spent all his time on games and sweepstakes, and did not pay any attention to his wives, so they were untouched. He has graciously agreed to sell some of his wives in our auction. Before parting, he sobbed for two days, but evil fate was against him, and he had to accept it. So, let’s start our auction,. Please enter the first lot — the incomparable Leila.

The assistant brought Katrin to the stage and hooked the chain from her collar on the hook and pulled it hard so that Katrin stretched out on the stage and raised her head up. The auctioneer went on to say:

— This is the incomparable Leila, the sheikh’s beloved wife. He wept for two days when he parted from her. The initial cost of the lot is 500 €, the step is 50€. She wrote down the following restrictions: do not beat, do not starve, do not transfer for use to other persons, and something else. Please place your bets. Here is a magnificent specimen of a European beauty, please pay attention to her beautiful eyes, her sensual mouth, her slender neck and large and elastic breasts that did not know the touch of a man. — And so on and so forth.

The people became animated, and the first raised his hand.

— Here is a true connoisseur of female beauty, who else is interested in this lot?

In general, the cost of Catherine brought up to 650 €.

— One, two, three — sold, and the buyer led Catherine away.

Then another slave was sold in the same spirit. Then Olga was brought out. It was all sheathed up and expected to go unsold.

The auctioneer began, This is the mysterious Zulfiya. The sheikh could not guess it and left it untouched. Under this long decoration, there are mysterious charms that only those who buy it can appreciate. So the starting price is 500 €. After setting the price, the hall was silent, otseknivaya charms hidden under the dress. Then the auctioneer began to reduce the price. And now, for 300, an elderly man bought it and, to her obvious displeasure, took it out of the hall.

It was my turn, and my heart was pounding in my chest. I almost fainted, but I managed. I was taken to the stage and the chain was pulled tight by the hook. The collar cut into my neck, and it hurt a little, so I didn’t pay much attention to the auction.

The auctioneer started:

Here is the magnificent Ayla, which means moon-like, the last beloved wife of the sheikh. Having lost his manhood, the sheikh sobbed for three days, wishing that he had tried Ayla. Appreciate her lush hair, radiant eyes… and so on in the same spirit.

My price went up to 700 €, and I was bought by a middle-aged man. The attendant unhooked my chain from the hook and took me to a room where the buyer signed three copies of the contract. Then he took my bag with the necessary things, and we headed for the exit. He led me on a chain like a dog with his hands tied.


The man put me in a late-model BMW and we drove off. We crossed the center and on the outskirts of the city drove up to a small cottage surrounded by greenery. When he got to the covered box, he took my chain and gave it a gentle tug, inviting me to get out of the car. I was uncomfortable with my hands tied, and I said,

“What, I’ll be like this all the time?”

“I decide here.

— I’m not comfortable, I was beginning to get angry, it wasn’t in the contract.”

— You talk a lot.

— What am I not allowed to say?”

— Yes, you can’t.

Fuck you, untie me and I’ll pay you a penalty.”

— Did you think it was a game, no, it’s a hard life. The contract is signed, so we will fulfill it.

“And if I don’t listen to what you’re going to do to me, you can’t hit me.”

— I will educate you.

He led me to a hook set in the ceiling, hooked the chain from the collar around the hook, and pulled it tight. The collar cut into my chin, and I stood on tiptoe. It was uncomfortable. He started to take off my blouse, and I protested. He taped my mouth shut with duct tape, and all I could do was mumble. Then, without paying any attention to my grunts, he untied my hands and took off my blouse. Then he pulled his hands back and tied them again. I stopped resisting, realizing that it was useless and would only make my situation worse. My head was thrown back, and I couldn’t see what he was doing to me. Then he went somewhere and snapped the metal bracelets on my already bound wrists, and I felt the cold touch of the chains. Then he took off my skirt and panties, and I was completely naked. First of all, I thought, and then I stopped resisting altogether.

Suddenly, a sudden pain shot through my right nipple, and then my left.

— Don’t worry, these are pressure rings with no penetration, so infection is impossible. And now some advice:

First, you are a slave here and you must behave accordingly.

Second, you are forbidden to have an opinion and express it to me.

Third, you have the right to answer only my questions, to ask your own questions only if I allow it.

And finally, you will call me master. The rest of the rules are in progress. Got it?”

I grunted indignantly.

— Now you’ll think about what you’ve heard.

He unhooked the chain of his collar, and I was able to examine myself. I was standing completely naked, with a chain of rings hanging from my nipples.

Then he threw his cloak over me, took my chain, and led me out into the street. It was late, the streetlights were on, and the street was deserted. We walked a couple of blocks, and cars passed us. When we saw the pedestrian, we crossed to the other side of the street. Around the bend, I saw a forest or park, I didn’t know, and he led me into the depths and stopped near a small tree. He tied the ends of the rope that bound my hands to a tree, then took off his cloak.

— Think a little about what I’ve told you, “and walked away, despite my piteous sobs. I still mumbled that I would be obedient, do not leave me here alone, but he left and I was left alone.


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