Turning time backwards

Turning time backwards

54 стр.
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The events take place in 2198. Julia Wexler from the School of Magic in ε-galaxy is to have her internship in ω-galaxy. The events take a new twist when Julia is sent to the Earth as a participant of a teleportation program into the past. Who is Julia Wexler? Why is the school management after her and how does she win the support of the teenagers and make friends with them?



Susanna Arutyunyan
Anna Kazaryan
Mariya Kazaryan
Illustration on the cover by Susanna Arutyunyan — Cove 3, Dragon Paradise: Dragon Tamer (2015), oil on canvas, 50х60 cm Susanna Arutyunyan earned her PhD in technical sciences. Anna Kazaryan is a graduate of the department of Physics of Moscow State University. She earned her PhD in mathematical sciences. Anna is also a member of Creative Union of Artists of Russia. Mariya Kazaryan is a schoolgirl.
Над книгой работали:
Lilit Bekaryan
English translation by
Arabo Sarkissian
Cover design by
Ninetta Adamyan
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