Travel Series

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This book will help you remember a lot of necessary and useful words and combinations that you are going to use in casual situations and small talks while travelling all over the world.

The following episodes are combined in order to provide you an opportunity of memorising some words and phrases just reading stories of different people about their trips and rest.

Enjoy and learn!


— Organising a trip

— Airport

— Flight

— Hotel

— Breakfast

— Beach

— Tour

— Restaurant

— Shopping

— Coming back

Episode ONE
Organising a trip

Ann is going on a vacation. She has dreamt about it for the last six months. She started planning her trip half a year ago. Ann made a research and surfed the Internet.

She found out that the most popular location was Spain.

So, she called a travel agency and asked about offers. They were too expensive so Ann decided to book the tickets and the hotel on her own. Ann also submitted papers for getting a visa.

Finally, she confirmed the reservation.

Ann is happy. She departs next week.

Episode TWO


Today Ann is flying away. She set her alarm clock for 5 a.m. She doesn’t want to be late.

She arrives at the airport at 7. It’s 2 hours before her airplane departs. Ann feels excited. She goes to the check-in desk. She gets her passport and tickets ready. She‛s got one bag and checks it in too. Ann passes the passport control.

She hears the announcer asking all the passengers of her flight to come to gate number 9. Ann boards and takes her seat.

The plane is taking off.

Episode THREE

Ann is flying to Spain. The plane took off an hour ago and all the flight lasts for 2 hours.

She has chosen a window seat so now she can overlook the view out of the plane. The sky is clear.

Ann has taken a book to pass the time. She is reading it now. She‛d like to have a drink. She calls over for a stewardess and orders a coffee.

Finally, the plane is landing. Ann can see the airport. She can’t wait to start her rest.

Episode FOUR

Ann has arrived at Spain and now she is riding in a bus to her hotel that she booked several months ago.

The bus pulls over and she gets off. Ann comes to the hotel. She is greeted by a receptionist. The receptionist asks for her passport and she gives it to him.

Several minutes later everything is done and she checks in at last.

Her room number is 101. Ann is excited but she is a little tired as well. She goes to her room.

Episode FIVE

Today is Ann’s day number one. She has planned some excursions and, of course, she wants to do the shopping.

Ann didn’t set her alarm clock. However, she woke up pretty early. She went down to a canteen on the ground floor. Her tour is all inclusive that’s why she is going to order a lot. She has eaten her breakfast and had a cup of strong coffee and now Ann is walking to a beach. The receptionist told her she would like it.

Ann is feeling excited.

Episode SIX

The weather is amazing. The sand is soft and warm. Ann is relaxed. She is spending time on a beach.

She put all necessary items in her bag. Her skin is pretty sensitive therefore Ann has got ready in advance.

Now she is putting some sun lotion on her body. Ann is wearing sunglasses. She also bought new flip-flops in a local shop. The towel is next to her. She didn’t take any money to the beach. She is lying on the beach and getting suntan. In her mind Ann is planning her next day.

Episode SEVEN

Ann decides to take a tour to the local sights. She has chosen a guided tour.

Her group is gathering round at the bus stop. The bus picks the tourists up and takes them to the nearby town full of various sights.

Ann feels excited. She checks in and clarifies the duration of the tour. It is going to take her 3 hours.

She is supposed to visit two museums, one famous park with monuments and finally walk along a well-known street with a lot of interesting things.

Episode EIGHT

Ann is planning to visit a restaurant. She didn’t check the availability of them before. So she is going down to a receptionist.

He is likely to know and tell her the best options. She has found out that the best one is located just two blocks away from her hotel.

Now Ann is walking there. The street is crowded. Everyone is so friendly. The people are smiling.

Eventually she reaches the restaurant and the waiter takes her to the table at the window. Ann takes a seat and reads the menu. She wants to taste something of the local cuisine.

Episode NINE


The vacation is coming to its end. And the last thing Ann hasn’t done yet is shopping.

She likes shopping very much. She knows that there is a nice mall nearby. She has kept some money for it.

Ann is going to visit some clothes stores as well as souvenir ones. She‛d like to buy new shirts of local brands and several bags.

At the souvenir store Ann will purchase some things for her friends and relatives since they asked her for.

Episode TEN
Coming back

That’s it. The vacation is over. But it was amazing. It has surpassed all her expectations.

Ann has packed her bags. She is coming down to check out. She has paid in advance so now she can just relax and enjoy the last moments of this trip.

The bus takes her to the airport where she is going to check in for her flight back. Ann has had a great time and she is looking forward to the next trip.

She hasn’t decided where she is going to travel yet.


— Planning

— Departure

— Flight

— Arrival

— Beach

— Restaurant

— Museum

— Ride on a bus

— Shopping

— Back to…

Episode ONE

It’s winter. But Adam is thinking of a travel. He would like to visit a warm country to have a change from the cold weather outside. His mate is working at a tour agency so Adam is calling him to talk about a trip. His friend recommends him Thailand.This is the most popular location this season.

Adam agrees. He forwards all the necessary papers and pays for a trip. He has chosen a 4 star hotel and several excursions during the rest. Adam feels excited. He’ll be able to have a rest soon.

Episode TWO

Adam is departing today. His aircraft takes off at 12 p.m. He also needs to pass the registration. He called a taxi an hour ago not to be late. Adam packed his bags. He is riding in a taxi to the airport now.

At the airport he is going to check in. So he has got his passport and the tickets ready. Adam is going to pass the passport control as well.

Then he will board his flight and fly away.

Adam has got a hand luggage too. He put a book and his mp3 player there.

Episode THREE

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