Tradition against communism

Бесплатный фрагмент - Tradition against communism

Explanation of the defeat

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The peasant Thermidor showed real evolution to the conformists, not Marx’s class evolution.

Why the left idea now is marginal. Because the left idea, as conformists understand it, is the idea of landless peasants who were promised land and factory proletarians who were promised factories. This is the stage before industrial re-equipment, as far as the peasants are concerned, or the post-factory stage, when everything depended on literal physical strength and the working majority. Those who had nothing began to struggle for material happiness. But the same proletarian who in the interpretation of Ancient Rome had nothing but himself had to “have the whole world” in the interpretation of Karl Marx’s Manifesto. Having acquired material values, even in the reduced form of the Stalinist regime, the proletariat does not need anything else, as it turned out, except vodka. And the Soviet regime got the workers drunk to solve the problems of the next Congress and the state’s economic problems. Only following the tradition and putting down roots, the smartest men began to teach their children to get a certificate. Peasant sharpness! Only in the traditional world with a certificate is any person actually a person. Although the further, the more these crusts have become a fiction about knowledge, especially on the periphery of the Soviet Empire and more of the same piece of paper in the form of a pass to the elite. But it’s too late. The smartest proletarians and residents of the bottom took root, climbed up, and privatized all state property. This strategic carelessness of the Soviet regime, and even more precisely of Marxism, showed that Marx, followed by his friend Engels, although Engels seems to have studied the “Origin of the family, private property, and the state”, turned out to be weak dialectics of human nature, and even more precisely did not know anything about tradition.

What is tradition, why is tradition?

But it is a tradition that explains that a peasant before he becomes a nobleman or an official, needs to start roots get seeds into the right soil. Also, it is the crowd of the physical majority of peasants and post-proletarian peasants in the Soviet system. First thanks to ideas about social justice, then thanks to knowledge and experience have made their way to the very top of power, they to diced in there. And then put down roots. Privatize all property. Then egghead analysts are even looking at this as a conspiracy of the West. But for the correct treatment of the patient, you need a correct diagnosis. Eggheaded analysts who fool heads with the conspiracy of the West and Trotskyists are just a reflection of private egoism, the same as that of the Soros grant-eater. These are the ends of one stick. One wants to get a grant and go to a restaurant, and the other wants to sell his books and be known as a patriot and guru of Russia.

So, why are there no leftists today, and shouldn’t there be? If you look at the world through the eyes of the beginning of the last century.

Because there is no more Karl Marx proletariat, in such numbers as Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky saw them. This is the completed stage, along with the production cycles. Today there are and will be only statists. Or the patriots. Who are also very similar to the fascists.

Suppose you look at the world again with old eyes. It’s just that if the private property has been abolished by law in the state, then this is left-wing statism. In this case, the state manipulates the property because the people have not had the property for centuries. If the property in the state is immutable and has been for a long time because many generations have lived like this and passed the inheritance from generation to generation, then this is right statism. You can also call it something else. And there are many shades of right now because the property has taken root all over the world. And all these people want more property. Including the so-called proletarians. Modern proletarians are no different from ordinary citizens. They have the same property, the same rights as everyone else. They carry the same goals and needs as the population.

The so-officially called leftists today have such leaders as that peasant boy from the village of Mymrino, who grew up, unlearned, penetrated the party, and now began to lie publicly. This is the same oligarch. But an unusual oligarch. He is not selling oil or gas, but faith and an idea. Why they do this, you will learn from this book. Unless, of course, there were never factories in the area where they were born. The same fate, the creeping peasant Thermidor, awaits all the world’s leftists.



Whether he is a revolutionary or Jesus Christ himself, any pioneer should know. Before him, many inert masses used this road. From year to year, the crowd went back and forth from century to century. This is called tradition. It never occurred to anyone that the path could be used in any other way. Walk with other thoughts. All sorts of left-wing thoughts only get in the way of any habit. Like an obstacle in the way that any team member has walked many times. And here is an obstacle… Any sighted person will certainly bypass the new adventure and go on the path again, even with a blindfold.

Life is an interesting thing. Someone’s old and proven skills are immediately passed on to the new generation. This new generation may not care at all and not check the experience of fathers. On the contrary, the young always say that their ancestors were great. They always praise their ancestors. For land, for shelter, for being born into a strong people. In other words, they praise both modernity and old experience. If the old experience were bad, there would be no land or shelter. A person who does not support this patriotism will be met with suspicion. If ordinary people watch in silence, then the nobles or the elite will persuade ordinary people to beat the scoundrel. And he will be banished. These noble people-elders (Zerots) adopted the old experience and the status of their parents. Any modern elite spent a lot of energy with their ancestors to lead their people in the old way. They say their ancestors drove the enemies and aggressors, and now my heirs will remain in charge. We are talking about the traditional elite (Zerots) and traditional peoples. This is the history of many centuries.

And then there is a strange person who says that you are not thinking correctly, that you’re not standing right, that you’re turning the wrong way. Oh, the horror! You are all living wrong. And anyway, you believe the wrong gods.

Now you must imagine the Sanhedrin’s reaction to the appearance of Jesus Christ. The greatest man who called himself the son of God. The Council of elders or the Jewish Zerots were most indignant at this unheard-of impudence. They were on the trail of their fathers, and then this upstart came along. The Pharisees made the main effort to have this rebel crucified. Not the king of the Jews. Not the Procurator of Judea. He just washed his hands of it. Namely, the high priest of Caiaphas and his colleagues for the coveted walking trails managed to kill the prophet.

What do I want to say?

I want to say that in a place where they have walked the same way for centuries, moved by inertia, and observed all the rites, expecting nothing and obeying inertia, suddenly someone will appear. This someone will say, here you go back and forth, back and forth for many centuries, maybe even a thousand years, and now the earth will fall under you. Well, not literally, of course. A figuratively meaning. You are blind, you are deaf, you are inert, like pets that go back and forth with you, and you are no different from them. Well, not directly, of course. But the hint of resemblance to cattle will be obvious. The pagan old gods just love life. Pagan gods or spirits produce this life for life. They just give it to a person, a bird soaring in the sky and a reptile crawling on the rocks. The snake also has a use. Even dung flies are needed in nature. In nature, everything is harmonious, and there is not a single superfluous detail. All this good and evil, good and bad, just and unjust, equality and hierarchy were invented by man himself. And nature just loves life. It does not matter what you think about the way of life, the regime of the dictatorship of the ruler. But all the Zerot or medieval elite will certainly be outraged as it should be for the priests, as it is determined by human nature and by feudal laws. Pharisees spent significant eff and went back and forth a lot: a great-grandfather went, a grandfather went, and a father went. All these people created a caste of Pharisees, a kind of high priest. And here, some upstart, troublemaker, and rebel want to ruin the whole system, knock out the dynasty, break the Pharisees’ career. What will your reaction be, for example, if you are a Pharisee? How do you look at an upstart who knows what you need better than you?

But this is a rebel and a revolutionary, as well as a prophet and a pioneer.

He appeared for a reason. Soon there will be more of them. Turmoil is inevitable. And they will win because it will be supported from below. But these rebels will still lose because nature loves order. It creates quiet people, people of law and ceremony more than rebels. And people of the rite do not need anything. Only to go here and there, even though all my life and fulfill the covenants ancestors’.



Where people of the right come from. The Pharisees are not only actors of the distant past in Judea. Pharisaic is a common definition of double standards and hypocrisy in simple terms. All earthly Pharisees are pre-attributed dishonesty and hypocrisy, and a Pharisee doesn’t need to be a noble and respected person in society. A Pharisee can be defined as anyone who pretends to be righteous or honest. For example, an official observes the law, but at the same time, there is interest in this ostentatious hypocrisy. He is formally executing the law, but in reality, he is stealing. And in any cult and rite, there are Pharisees; in the state, there are Pharisees. Pharisees are needed to maintain the system, and they are even more necessary than principled truth-seekers. In a corrupt state, the Pharisees are more important than the conspirators. And many people can be conspirators. How did the Pharisees get there if there were so many corrupt officials in power? Why are there no honest and principled people in power? And around all only shout Corruption! Corruption! Nothing like screaming does change. These cries of corruption are even boring.

What is it?

But here’s the thing. For example, everyone wants to get something quickly. Steal it, get your hands on it dishonestly, or privatize it and make a lot of money out of it. For traditional people, it is also important to have elite status to be respected people. Status is significant for traditional people. The faster this status is obtained, the more realistic the tradition will be. Ancestral precepts. Status people also have more opportunities. Everyone goes to them with their interests. This is culture. Traditional people are interested in becoming respected or achieving success, especially when market relations come.

The USSR collapsed. Maybe you stole, maybe you were a smart broker on the stock exchange, maybe you sold cars on the market. Maybe he was a servant, a sycophant to a former Communist boss, maybe a hypocrite, maybe even openly robbed the common people. The output is valued only the results of your work. Therefore, traditional people always remain a hostage of their culture. For people who value hierarchy, everything else is not a hindrance to the goal. And the goal is always the status of the Zeref. That’s how Zerefs are raised. They are raised in respect. For them, the respect for the elders in the first place.

There is nothing shameful about it. But, as always, all the excess occurs on the norm and the bad increases on the good. An over-respectful person takes a big step forward if the subject they over-respect has a weakness. Any official likes flattery. And flattery is a false status. Let it be at least some, but the status! Then it becomes a habit not to respect itself but to work with someone else’s weakness. The young servant is doing better. Therefore, in the traditional world, they dislike an independent and strong personality at all. By the way, where did it come from? How could it even be here? The dislike of a strong nature created all the conditions for breeding servants, outwardly very respectful, in fact, passers-by professionals. The people do not know Pharisaic, but they already want hypocrites to be the elite.

The traditional people even come together to choose the most suitable hypocrite.

How do they do this? Completely without the proverbial democracy and secret elections in voting booths. They do it without saying a word. Completely instinctive solidarity. They don’t even teach it specifically. This comes from traditional culture. This is culture. All the weak unite against the bright personality. Another question is, why do they do this? After all, traditional people like the relationship. In this case, the kinship of blood passes into a new kinship of souls. In this new world, all together, they can play the hypocrite: praising each other, ascribing non-existent feats, and enjoying friendship with the owner. No one here will prevent them from acting pharisaically, although they and I do not know. However, it turns out again the shortest path to the cherished goal.

Thus, Pharisaic or ostentatious hypocrisy is a quality of the traditional world and a trait of traditional people. They value their time and save their effort. What could be easier than a faithful (pathetic, even heroic fanatic) face? You don’t even need to perform any feat for this. You just have to flatter your boss. Perform the rite properly. The ancestors performed rites. This is also a rite of passage. Clap, perform, March in the square. There is one phenomenon, but this is essential.

As long as you don’t actually take the risk, the rite people gather at the rite mass not to sacrifice their bodies, but only their means. They agree to perform the rite so that they are not suspected of disloyalty and thought hostility. And already first rebellion traditional parents can squeeze out of their children drop by drop. An affectionate calf will suck two mothers (You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar). Here, such heifers or Pharisees seep up (get up, become elite) like sand in a cage. And then the most remote and most common goal comes within arm’s length of all the infiltrating hypocrites. They are trying to fulfill their traditional task: build a house, breed similar heirs, and pass on all their wealth to them, including through sheer hypocrisy and opportunism. And if there are only twins from the traditional culture around, then no one asks unnecessary questions at all. The raven does not peck eyes at other ravens. Everyone understands that tradition comes first. Because of the time limit of great competition, the entire top is overflowing with such Pharisees. They fill the space with their quantity. And the mode doesn’t hold up. Collapses under their weight and falls. At this moment of collapse, I assure you that new hypocrites have already matured. They are already waiting, waiting for their turn. They also humbly affectionate like calves sucked two mothers to take over the baton.



All the Narodniks and socialists are always shouting: People!

The people are poor, the people suffer, the people are sad.

I will say right away, and the people do not even know they are suffering. Inert people fulfill the covenants that are called life. I would compare these people with the biblical first man Adam. He lived quite happily in the garden of Eden and did not know that he was suffering from ignorance. And many centuries, the ancient peoples also lived in ignorance. And then a particular serpent creeps up and persuades the second person — Eve to eat an apple from the tree of Paradise. Eve ate an Apple and found out that she and Adam were suffering from ignorance. What if the socialist serpent had not crawled up and agitated the progenitors of all mankind, that is, of all peoples?

On the one hand, it seems that the serpent is right. He is a well-wisher to people, not as this notorious owner of the garden of Eden. On the other hand, he condemned the first couple of people to eternal earthly torment. In this conflict-to enlighten Adam and eve or not, the conflict of conservatives and socialists is laid. I’m not on the whose side but in the middle. Adam and eve produced so many people that the endless suffering of the people also produced a crowd of socialists. They are now shouting: People! The people are poor, and the people are suffering. Did the people ask them? Well, they are still as stupid as the first Adam. You should eat the Apple of knowledge for it. And all socialists like snakes crawl out of different holes and push apples directly into the mouths of inert people. What does this mean?

The previous chapter spoke of the sacrifice of socialists and Narodniks for the bright ideals of the revolution. Well, that’s it. All socialists proclaim ideas with a long-term plan for their implementation. They promise a lot to the people and take them on a remarkable fantasy journey. But if the people who carefully listen to them resemble the primitive Adam? These are primitive people, for example, who live in the desert or in the far North graze herds of reindeer. What can they see in the drawn future? They don’t see it. They don’t want it at all.

Furthermore, they like the pictures themselves. This is the promised land. In all promises, people will find the most important thing for themselves. This will be important, substantive, and material. They will wait for a bright future, in short, but will settle down already heading to a bright future. After all, heading to the new Eden of socialism, no one forbade implementing the tradition: building houses, starting families, and producing offspring. So, they do not see in any pictures of revolutionaries only tradition. What the ancestors did yesterday from below, they will see today at the top. Yes, these revolutionaries promise to give the land. What else does a peasant need? If the revolutionaries promise to livestock, the nomads will see many cattle. That’s all they need. Each Zeref has its Eden in mind. If the population is made up of Zerefs, they can only really be attracted by traditional fairy tales. But in these fairy tales, everyone will see their own fairy-tale end.

But when Zerefs get into a fairy tale, Zerefs rid of the storytellers and leaves his fellow — Pharisees. Of course, they will understand that they no longer need storytellers socialists. Ordinary people do not prevent the Pharisees from removing the revolutionaries from the hill. Inert people are always busy with themselves, their work, their family, in general, they are busy with old things. And, of course, they will choose the right leaders. They do not need long-term tasks; for example, they do not need socialism in the whole world when they do anything in the village. Pharisees perform their rites. Thus, the revolutionary socialists are dangerous for them, not traditional people. Dangerous for revolutionaries are their comrades; they are also Pharisees who came to perform the rites out of habit immediately from the village. As long as there was a common enemy, the Pharisees were in the ranks of heroes. Even they performed feats for a bright future. Of course, as real Zerefs, they also saw their prospects in the future.

Heading to their cherished dream, they recognized the socialists as their friends. But as soon as the Zerefs received the first harvests from the victory, they quickly grouped even without a team. They saw their goals. To carry on the tradition is all that is needed to Zerefs. That’s all the Zerefs need. This is how new dynasties of “tadpoles” began, which at first waved their tails quite correctly and revolutionarily. From a tadpole, as we know, will be a frog. Just as a traditional person is not stuffed with stories about the big ocean, he will still dream of a swamp.



So it turns out that the Pharisee isn’t concerned about abstract content. He is much more interested in a full plate of soup. But to get to it, he needs to make a smart enough face. He is smart enough to please. And since speakers or super people, whether they are seven or seven spans in the forehead, still remain infected with tradition (well, not all revolutionaries fell from the moon, after all), they take this rather intelligent expression of the face for an ideological one. Even leaders and speakers can’t be on their toes all the time. They relax and want peace and comfort. What kind of person doesn’t want to go to a corner and sleep? And this is just the moment of conditional silence and comfort, and there is a moment of triumph for all the Pharisees in the world. It doesn’t matter where they got to with the dream of a cherished bowl of soup with their dedicated and intelligent expression.

All ideas in the world, from the religious direction, that is, the metaphysical plan, to the revolutionary change of the social system, suffer from the hypocrites of the Pharisees. They just make a religion out of an idea, and a Church out of religion, and a soup out of a Church. It may be five years or even seventy-three, but everything will open up. It will be revealed how they infiltrated the party of revolutionaries, how they exterminated the revolutionaries, how they raised their offspring in the house of revolution, and how their offspring got tired of hypocritical chatter. Furthermore, the descendants of the first Pharisees broke down the house, the Church, and religion — all in the spirit of tradition. The first generation of hypocrites only adjusts to circumstances. If it is necessary to be revolutionaries, they become revolutionaries; if it is necessary to be counter-revolutionaries, they become Thermidorians of the revolution.

The second generation of Pharisees parodies the hypocrisy of the first Pharisees with the same success but with a lower temperature of passion. These are just the words and deeds of hypocrite fathers for the second generation. Therefore, it is not difficult to repeat it and not take any risks. And their fathers took real risks. But during the risk, they knew what it was for. For the family, for tradition. So, that their offspring do not live as badly as they did, their children would live in a world “where neither you nor I will have to live”. And they were not as poor as their father had been. The Zerefs liked Communist ideas because of the future prosperity of their families. And nothing else. All traditional people should understand all ideas; in other words, they should be supported by the people (the physical majority). Otherwise, the leaders and prophets of the revolution will not be able to defeat the old party of hypocrites, idlers, feudal lords. This is the rule of wrestling. The old traditionalists-the Zerots, the feudal elite-were no less concerned about the future, but they had nothing to offer the new generation.

Revolutions always happen when the population grows. Very much growing. Traditional peoples under feudalism reproduce well despite poor sanitary conditions this means that the old stocks or cooked family stocks are not enough for a new crowd of mouths. All the losers of the Zerots (feudal lords of the old elite) had and will have problems with forecasts and provision; in modern terms, there were problems with logistics. This technological progress, which has always come with the trade aggression of advanced Nations and trading peoples, is to blame for everything. Therefore, not getting their share, as their fathers did in their time, young Zerefs starve, grumble, and migrate-they find a way out. In the cities where they escape from starvation in their native village, they find work and a dream. Of course, they find in the new dream and the prospect of living better than their parents. Just such hungry and excited guys come to meetings of socialists of different stripes. And the world, drawn in the beautiful words of revolutionaries, certainly like. After all, everyone understands the future as they want. In the beautiful words of revolutionists, all people are equal. Everyone is born to be happy.

But this is not the case. At first, faith is never like hypocrisy. Faith is never like mass hypocrisy. Otherwise, the hypocrites would have killed each other before their beautiful fairy tales were realized. And Zeref plans are always mundane. And this is the second rule. Fiery speeches really ignite them. They move and shout back to the revolutionaries: “We agree!“But even lit by these wicks, they still do not realize that these same speeches are listened to by their ancestors who have passed away.

Furthermore, these ancestors did not die at all, it is only outside; in this world, they do not seem to exist, but they do. Inside each Zeref they are more alive than all the living. So, they listen to the revolutionaries and do not mind at all that their children and heirs live well. Now, during the meeting, the voices are still silent; they are silent during the revolution because they see a very bright future for their grandchildren, even during the civil war, they keep quiet, on the contrary, encourage the faint of heart they give them your fighting spirit and passion of all the tribal ancestors. And when all these paths are passed, and the real realization of the dream remains just a little, here all the ancestors, inner voices come to life, wake up from non — existence death, and quite really manage the affairs and thoughts of their descendants.

Now internal voices tell Zeref-beat the revolutionaries!

The revolutionaries themselves have no children at all. They only want to have children when the future is bright. The revolutionaries gave all their energy, strength, and health to the altar of struggle. (And the Zerefs, on the contrary, always have many children and abundant offspring no matter what). And then the Pharisees hypocrites begin to put revolutionaries in prison, begin to torture heroes, disgrace on the whole country, and, in the end, are shot as traitors. O great voice of the ancestors!

These voices really showed their power. Especially during the Stalinist trials. After seventy years in the USSR, no one understood how it happened? Why did the great red Empire fall? And it didn’t fall to an external enemy. If the enemy attacked, everyone would unite against the enemy. United and won. But it fell to its elite. We need to pause here.

Everyone should recognize the leaders of the USSR are not leaders, but hypocrites. The Pharisees destroyed the USSR. Grandchildren and children of farmers. Yes, they have changed beyond recognition. They are entirely different from their ancestor’s hypocrites-fellow revolutionaries who shot these same revolutionaries in 1937. But they, like their fathers, listened to voices all the time. The tradition actually lives, only changes the quality. Fathers have many conservative qualities, and their children have few conservative ones. But that’s enough. Tradition penetrates both religion and social revolution equally and successfully. The Zerefs, as traditional people, can believe at first. But they will still remain true to the precepts of their ancestors. The Zerefs don’t care what religion or system is around them. Either feudalism or socialism. They will always adapt. They take on the appearance of an environment almost like animals. Why do animals change? With one goal — they want to survive. Tradition challenges all traditional people to survive. But if there are prospects to survive and double or triple in number, no one objects to this. They always have many children. All Zerefs are potential hypocrites, but they don’t know about it. All regimes and all churches and other buildings, dictatorships are held up by the number of Zerefs; in the end, all States and dictatorships are even held up by the inert human cement. All those who strongly want to survive and then multiply, rather than bring a headache to the next ruler, will accept any idea, but with the covenants sleeping in them, with the ancestors sleeping in them. Reepham anyway, once again, what system, what religion dominates, what idea dominates and absorbs. They will accept everything. But for one purpose.

After the school of corporal (training of sergeants), I got into the unit. A strange soldier, a Caucasian “grandfather”, came out of the three-story building of the barracks. Whether he was actually a grandfather ( “grandfather” is a soldier who has served a long service) or not, there are some subtleties in the details of clothing. Of course, he had a loose leather belt (for ordinary soldiers, it is made of leatherette), and his boots were short (either cut off or sewn individually). But what was most comical about this overweight figure was the brown-lacquered panama (headdress of soldiers in the South) hat on his head. The usual panama hat is a protective greenish color. The Armenians standing below, among the ten or twelve, began either to admire this view or to evaluate the fat man’s outfit — there was a polite exchange of opinions with a clear hint of surprise, obsequiousness, hypocrisy.

By the evening, at a meeting in the house of cinema in honor of the celebration of the next anniversary of the Soviet power, of course, the entire regiment was assembled. There were the officers (political officers), officers. At the end of the meeting on the occasion of the Soviet holiday, the floor was given to this obese “grandfather”. It turns out that he was a candidate for the Communist party. Of course, another batch of duty words sounded. The fat man assured with pathos and a Caucasian accent the younger generation will be true to the precepts and build communism…

On the way out of the great hall, as the crowd is slowing down in front of the door opening, someone slapped me on the back of the head. I was bald, and the battalion commander mockingly ordered me to cut my hair. From this, the slap turned out very juicy and sonorous. Turning around-a natural reaction-I saw this fat man-a candidate for the Communist party! Moreover, he accompanied this slap with a kick, which I don’t remember exactly, but most likely, the kick was from him or from his countrymen. The sadistic outburst was accompanied by more racist words: A chump! Hurry up. These actions, together with racist words, were more like the action of a member of the Ku Klux Klan, but not a future communist.



Who was nothing became everything. The world revolution is canceled.

When the Bolsheviks accidentally came to Europe, they saw what is there the people did not want communism, no one was eager to build a just world, according to Marx. Nobody. Even the European workers and the German proletariat were in the vanguard of this strikebreaking, not to mention the German burghers and Junkers. And some groups of European rebels, which rose after famine and devastation after the world war, were suppressed by local groups of the bourgeoisie. But not because the leaders of the rebel groups were only Jewish youths. The only time the Bolsheviks could interfere in their future and expand the base of victorious Marxism was during the Soviet-Polish war of 1920, when the genius of Stalin intervened in the fate of the world and the USSR. What a fateful and fateful accident! But was it an accident?

The mountaineer Stalin with painful self-esteem and the terrorist who led the world revolution with peasant gardens and the Russian world failed not only in their military plan to take Warsaw and then continue their March on Berlin but also created the path of the USSR as “socialism in one country” or socialism in a “besieged fortress”. This moment, or an accidental coincidence, determined the end of Marxism as a project and of the world revolution as a matter of fact. Socialism was defeated. Socialism did not take place as an alternative system.

Russian world, as we know, is built on the community, on the so-called Russian world. This world allows controlling every community member to work well, diligently, not be lazy, and not raise their heads. When Karl Marx’s propagandists came, there was no better audience than the Russian one. The most sensitive ears and the most responsive hearts they no longer found. It was not the European hearts of the burghers and Junkers that were the most fertile ground for agitation, but the Russian peasants, because they did not recognize individuals within the community. Speculators of various kinds — the bourgeoisie were not completely created in Russia. The big bourgeoisie was not formed; it was not enough. There was an absolute majority only of the small peasant bourgeoisie. Speculators, various hucksters were despised by the people. The Russian community had a dictatorship of old people. It was the dictatorship of folk, as a dictatorship conditioned by cultural history; therefore, they liked the idea of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Dark, ignorant people felt their world of fathers in the dictatorship. So, the Zerefs found their beards in Marx’s beard as the fish found its pond.

All that was alien to the world (of the old) and control should have died out. Under the banner of this dictatorship, the zerefo-remids (Zeremids) or the offspring of serfs exterminated the entire Communist aristocracy (the intelligentsia, Lenin — Trotsky’s associates) under the leadership of Stalin. Thus, according to Revcon, the proletarians, who were the oppressed, former peasants of the community, became the” creators “of the world of communism in the interpretation of traditional artists — creators, who in 72 years with the arrival of the market, will also become” personalities”, individuals — buyers. Note that all the personnel for reforms and the government are always drawn from below. The people themselves give them. The opposite is true. Not the aristocracy, at least some feudal, it was shot first, not the Communist intelligentsia — from among the revolutionary authorities, they were shot in 37, and the lower classes.

We already know that Zerefs becomes Zeremids, then Remids, which is the scale of reflection growth. Fools have never been put over the Russian world- the community and its part; otherwise, there will be damage to all the community members. They never gave fools rights. Under so-called socialism, the best of the worst was chosen, or rather, modest and sympathetic, respectful of the elderly and tradition. Not the most talented were made leaders but were chosen from candidates with folk roots. Discipline and subordination are in the first place. From here, any sprouts of selfishness were suppressed and cornered by the community. Receiving Remid’s quality or right of the user received and the benefits, consistent with tradition. Do you ask why the revolutionary peasants exterminated the revolutionaries?

New and expensive items replaced the old badges they used to wear for prestige. American jeans and sausage could replace them, all the universe. And when the Remids had a second generation, and then a third, and even super-literate all, Soviet former pioneers and Komsomol members from the generation of creators of socialism turned into greedy and corrupt bankers and stockbrokers.

But they were not replaced. Why? And here’s why. We must remember who these leaders of the Russian world were in the form of the CPSU and the USSR. And they were all zeref-remids, or the first generation of the city. For Zeremids dressed in an expensive suit is an important and memorable event. The Zeremids are all very vain and weak to promote, always waiting and waiting for witness’s flattery. All modest people love flattery. That’s the law Tracia (traditional society — Revcon). All weaklings love it. The President is also a huge” person”. At market flea markets, traders do not sell eyeglass frames with the names “President”, “Diplomat”, “Prime Minister” for nothing. Many private organizations are also headed by presidents, political science centers, and institutions where there is only one employee, and he is also the President. It’s not just fashion. This is flattery. Therefore, it should be clear that if Zeref can be bought with forty varieties of sausage and jeans, Zeremids and Remids are bought by status and flattery, especially if the new status frees them from the world allows them to enrich themselves immeasurably. Immeasurably! Thus, it will be necessary to upset the “conspiracy theory” supporters that the USSR fell due to external intrigues and the undermining of American intelligence. In fact, the traditional values of encouragement, growth, and market gifts have coincided.

For Zerefs the petty dreams, for Remids is gold!

But first, a lot of good words-flattery. As individual presidents, Republican and peripheral leaders began to reduce the community’s residence, or more precisely, its control over their affairs. Hence, the stake is not on Soviet idealism, not on past residents and conscience, but on civil (forces) and ethnic solidarity and on the return to the Russian world, on national identity. Since literate but disenfranchised people (scoops) were given imported items in return, therefore they did not resist these so-called reforms from above. They fell silent at once out of habit. After all, the upper classes (old people) know better. So, the new nationalism turned out not at the expense of the Zerefs, who in the second generation become Zefa-fanatics, but at the expense of one name, that it is allegedly nationalism, we are building a national state, and that’s it. That’s it.

The Remids are statesmen.

This is the elite. They can’t be nationalists. In any case, the Soviet ones, but only in the form of a project. That’s why the first nationalism was not real, but an invention of the CPSU (old Communists-Pharisees).

Not yet. If for silence and submission shops (now supermarkets) fill with sausage, cheese, tea, and other deficits, why not? Since any building rests on a Foundation, they dig a pit of products for nationalism. The selection of less reflective people in the new market elite was not only at the expense of ethnicity because you are a Zeref, a person from the people, and not a Remid. Native speech became the best means of selection. What languages were spoken peoples before the revolution? Went permanent wailing and crying on the language of ethnic groups from different parts of the USSR. Which began to subside as the first forms of the market building appeared. Don’t forget for a moment that all these reforms were written by a market composer. The market is the main customer of ethnic music here. The Zerefs, people from the people born on the periphery, came out on top again and stood in the line of trumpeters of privatization. They were only needed for privatization. According to the law, the traditions have become the new Zeremids to become the new traditional elite. And help. And join the new elite. At this time, new residents settled in the cities and their children grew up. And reflexivity has become borderline, has fallen. Now there is neither democracy nor freedom. Only food is plentiful in the supermarket in a painted wrapper. But the market in the middle waving his wand invisible the conductor of the orchestra: “All who sell all are personality!”

So the children of people who ran away from the settlements to the cities and engaged in anything, mostly in trade, became Zefa (zefag = zeref+ refag) and gave the most real symptom of nationalism — being chosen based on external data and ethnic speech. Thus, Revcon reveals the influence of the market, which needs Zeref workers. Maybe someone will say at this point that Marx had nothing to do with it. He wanted the proletariat to make leaders, creators of socialism and thus destroy the traditional world. Who has nothing become everything… And where was the market? How did it get back? Yes, the proletariat or a former member of the peasant world could become everything, but for this, it did not have to destroy its intelligentsia. Only the intelligentsia, destroyed in 1937, could save it from failure. After all, Zeref never gives a single front-the whole. And the market surprisingly came from the other side, in 1991. And it said: the person is the one who chews.


The Zeref- a traditional person with rigidly set social actions, low reflection almost zero, hence the word zeref-reflection zero (zeref).). Has no semitones, serves the idols of the genus, communicates in the circle of native blood. Zeref has no semitones of perception, is categorical, irreconcilable, hostile to others and to another opinion in the development of rejection of “not your own”

The zeref ‘s loop — the baby boom, overheating of the population.

The Zerot (zeroot = zeref+root) — the traditional feudal elite

The zerot’s loop creates a solid cast, impenetrable social barriers. None of the lower castes can enter the feudal elite. The lack of social mobility pre-revolutionary situation.

The Remid — a new traditional elite, rulers, officials, authorities, teachers; remid put actions for zerefs, determine morality, laws, politics, reflection average-middle (remiddle).

The remid’s loop — the elite’s struggle with the brightest personality, the cooperation of second and third parties against the hero and the prophet.

The Refag is a person of a trading civilization in several generations; reflection is high, selfish, utilitarian-refag (re + high).

The Zeremid is a man of the first generation of traditional elites (or city, fresh citizen). If this is a modern Zeremid, it is usually a former villager who has superficially mastered the culture of urban life; he is half urban and half rural. He has a half-hard social reflex custom, neither the inferiority complex that wants to cover up, so he invents a new ancestry, creates a fine root and has the fancy “tail” behind.

Zefa is a man from the city’s first generation with inclinations towards the market and speculation, and to trade, at least what, he was forced by circumstances.

The zeremid’s loop — the Zeremids are approximate imitators. They imitate the elite, any idea, any direction just to be good for their families. By imitation, hypocrisy, and even fanaticism, they harm any cause, state, or idea. Hypocrisy, pharisaism, fanaticism, the adjustment of marginal strata to the existing idea and order. When the elite religious organizations from governments accumulate the Zeremids, there is stagnation and crisis. The collapse of the idea and system of Zeremids conformity is inevitable. They adapt to the system for the sole purpose of supporting their family. That is, they do the same thing as the Zerefs, but for this, they want to get into the elite, the privileged stratum, or the state system, they quickly learn, master new skills, and imitate the formal standards of idea and responsibility.

The Zelot is a superman, a hero, a prophet, the most gifted among the traditional elite. A Zelot is an ambitious but disinterested person, he is a fighter against the traditional elite (Zerots), with Pharisee officials (Remids, Zeremids), with the people, if the peoples are obsessed with dark passions.

Revcon — revolution conservatism



Who is the Communist Sharikov? A certain Professor Preobrazhensky operated to transform a dog into a man. This new half-human was given the name Sharikov. Sharikov is a character from Bulgakov’s novel.

Karl Marx: “Crude communism” is only a form of manifestation of the vileness of private property that wants to assert itself as a positive community” (18, p.116). Great! Russian peasants liked Marxism so much, but the Russian intelligentsia did not. The European intelligentsia and bourgeoisie did not show much passion for Marxism.

Russian peasants liked Marxism for its clear side of equality. When Marxism came to Russia, the soldiers of the Russian Tsar were tired of dying for the Tsar. Even before the world war and the revolution in Russia, the land issue became more acute. Russian intelligentsia did not need land; Russian intelligentsia needed civil rights. The bourgeoisie did not have equal rights with the Russian nobility. Russia was still a feudal power. Not all Russian intelligentsia was fascinated by Marxism, but almost all of them sought equality in civil rights. Hence, the search for truth and this truth is actually bourgeois. The Tsar was not arrested by noblemen who had dynasties but by young noblemen whose fathers had recently received the title along with their government jobs. Of course, there were no Marxists among these patriots. But then they appeared a few months later as the main actors of the revolution.

Someone will think that the main motive of the Russian Revolution was banal envy. “Take and share!”. But this is not the case. You can’t say that about the intelligentsia, but you can partially say that. The main quality of the bourgeoisie is ambition. Marxist intellectuals spoke on behalf of those who disliked these smart and important intellectuals. In any feudal community, smart people were never liked, considered upstarts. Therefore, the people became important and intelligent after the revolution, and the revolutionary intelligentsia was shot. Russian community (and not only Russian) has always wanted to have a strict leader. The leader of a feudal community must be strict, even cruel, and not necessarily smart. Therefore, any official elected by the revolution quickly turned into a feudal lord. Such a master of Soviet Russia was Stalin — the new red Tsar. The new red Tsar and his people shot smart intellectuals and raised the “lousy” intelligentsia. This intelligentsia also disliked talented people out of a dislike for smart and extraordinary leaders, every Soviet leader after Stalin was even funnier than the previous one. They looked more like the heads of a Soviet collective farm, a kind of Russian community, but without a Tsar, an Orthodox faith, but with mechanical tractors instead of an ancient plow. Soviet leaders replaced each other in high positions and decreased even in physical growth: small, small, then even smaller. This is not the self-sufficient person that Karl Marx described. There was no place even for the intimidating Soviet intelligentsia. However, all the peasants wanted to get joy and got it. Everyone wanted to be intelligent to become a master of bureaucracy. The feudal hierarchy has not disappeared. She just changed and became unrecognizable. But all former peasants received education to get a state position and a high salary.

Then these same people wanted freedom and democracy. But all the intellectuals who came out of the people disliked their people, were Russophobes. Because all educated people, all intellectuals were harassed, they went through bullying, as did the revolutionary intellectuals before them. But they were not shot as revolutionary intellectuals. Because they came from the people, they kept their anger at the crowd, and this anger accumulated from childhood. They were teased as children because the Russian peasants and proletarians disliked people in clean clothes with exemplary behavior, handkerchiefs, and scarves. The whole country was a colossal construction site of socialism. The proletarians under dictator Stalin built new factories, power plants, bridges, and Railways. And then there were some suspicious and clean people walking around. No, they didn’t like intellectuals. Therefore, 72 years later, when the Russian democratic reforms began in 1991, all liberal Russian intellectuals had some kind of flaw, some physical flaw, and even mental abnormalities. This intelligentsia was teased cruelly from childhood. Why should liberal intellectuals love Soviet Russia? They suffered from strabismus, and many remained psychopaths. Karl Marx’s alternative man and the real Communists were destroyed by rural Pharisees and their assistants’ surname Sharikovs in 1937. This means that Marx did not describe the social emancipation of a person from the people, in our case Zeref (reflection zero, ze-re), but a person still average, with low intelligence and a person of weak culture. To remove self-alienation, that is, when a person is aware of himself as a person, they need basic knowledge, the ability to read and write, and culture, starting opportunities. But in conscientious Russia, the dictatorship of the proletariat, that is, the new dictatorship of the Russian community, was taken as the basis.

Who are these proletarians? Why are they so just and Holy in Karl Marx? These are just Russian peasants who worked for a while at the factory but were or remained peasants by blood and spirit. The Marxist intellectuals raised them above the ground. Did the saints almost. But then the romantics were themselves destroyed, tortured, and shot by these same proletarians — former peasants — this ignorance. And Russian Marxism proved to be a heavy tax on the entire people, the entire society, and all so-called Marxism, which eventually led to the fall of the USSR and the restoration in 1991 the capitalism.

Even after becoming intellectuals in the second and third generation, farmers will think about how to increase their allotment — to build a dacha, for example, or arrange a son in a prestigious University. When this desire became great, privatization took place in Russia. Privatization and new feudalization based on new technologies continue the same tax on the elite when the new elite wants recognition not by the Russian community but by the world elite. The children and grandchildren of Russian peasants have joined the ranks of the world’s elite with big money. This money, this gold, they stole from their people.



All traditional families have many children. Orthodox fathers could not pass on the same inheritance to all their sons. In Europe, the father passed the inheritance to the eldest son. This inheritance transfer to the eldest son in the family was called a majorat.

The younger children were forced to find their luck. The younger sons went to the city. They created dynasties of urban artisans. All urban burghers — this is all once deprived of the inheritance of their grandfather’s younger sons. Of course, dynasties were created for more than one year. All people grow up, grow old; the moment comes when the younger sons self must pass on the inheritance as fathers. That is, the moment comes when the fathers of the city burghers themselves became stewards of their property. And again, the inheritance was transferred, as it was once in the native village. But it was not so oppressive in the city, not so abrupt. The bourgeoisie has always had opportunities to soften the old mores. Therefore, in the city, the discontent of the younger sons and indignation occurred gently. Younger sons mixed with older sons, and inheritance became a formal action.

Of course, by tradition, the privileges of the elders were formally preserved. But the older ones might be idiots. However, it was always the younger, frivolous sons. Because their parents spoiled them, it is impossible to transfer the property that was acquired by many works of the father and maybe several generations of ancestors to a stupid heir. This can’t be happening. But no one, no father, ever thought of sharing the inheritance equally. This would violate paternal ethics. For traditional people, hierarchy is important in any form. Otherwise, according to its elite (Zerots) will ensure chaos. But where and in what place could the idea arise-to take and divide all the property?

There are places and societies where no one likes the rights of the eldest sons. Such a mood and resentment were always in the younger sons’ minds! The traditional world itself is rebelling in the face of younger sons, and slaves can also be sons and peasants, pirates, bandits, raiders, and even proletarians. Not all rebellious workers are the youngest in their families, but all” proletarians have nothing to lose but chains.” All the rebellious in the world of tradition and the whole world of mankind lived in a hierarchy, among the injustices and exploitation of the weak by the strong, but all the rebels rose against injustice, against hierarchy, against the order established by the elite. The traditional elite is a common father for all. The comparison of the discontent of the younger son, of all the younger sons, with the despair of all the slaves of the world is somewhat strange. But you can’t start a family without a material base! And for what should all the oppressed in the world rebel?

For human rights, for justice? The poets invented this justice for the philosophers of the New time. All traditional people are outraged if they cannot repeat the path of their ancestors, the path of their fathers. For this, they must break the system if the system does not allow them to have children. For what then should they live? Who needs then it’s a dog’s life? That’s why the “take and share” appeared not in the primitive socialists of the people but within the people themselves, which can not, if deprived of the opportunity, repeat the path of their ancestors. There is no tradition, and there is no popular sense. Take and share appeared in the crater of tradition. It was those people who were deprived of their conditional inheritance who raised their fiery lava of protest. Who is there again before your eyes?

Traditional people are Zerefs. Yes, Sharikov’s new Communist looks as stupid as the former dog at first glance. But weren’t all the world’s slave-like dogs for the exploiting elite? You cannot compare all the poor and deprived of the world with the fool and upstart Sharikov. But all the unfortunate people before Sharikov and after Scharikov thought exactly like a Communist Sharikov-take and divide. And Sharikov is a former dog based on Bulgakov’s novel. Previously, there was no teaching of scientific communism. Karl Marx was neither. There was no one to tell the great Spartacus and his slave companions that their cause was that of the doomed. Slaves could still beat the Romans. They could break out of a Roman prison or a Roman Empire. But no more. Then the slaves would create their state. And this state would be paternal again. That is, there would be their tribal fathers. All the fathers have their own older and younger sons. There would be favorites, but also outcasts.

Hundreds of thousands of slaves of capitalism will begin to storm the proletarian sky in many, many centuries. And what are we going to do with them? Don’t look at all the suffering slaves with perfect eyes. Not all slaves are saints, and not all are unhappy. They will take and divide all the property of the “father”, as they think according to scientific communism, but in fact, as their fathers divided them.

But what will happen in the end? It is necessary to look not only at the source of the mountain river but also at the swamp of the Delta. Like all traditional people before and after them, they will create a society of new paternal ethics where there will be their rulers- the red elite, and they’re oppressed with red faces from indignation. Some will have privileges, and others will work for them. And their grandchildren, that is, the privileged third generation, will receive the inheritance bequeathed by their fathers bosses-the property of the entire state of the USSR. Where there is tradition, there is always repetition. That’s why all the revolutionaries and slaves are disenfranchised in our country as conditional younger sons.



In the 60s of the XIX century, Turgenev’s novel “Fathers and children” was published in Russia. The novel became popular. It was popular among Russian liberals, and in Soviet times it was included in the school curriculum. This work is well shown the contradiction between generations.

In fact, Russia was expected to reform in 1861. Russia lagged the West and therefore lost the Crimean war. The Tsar abolished serfdom. Young people raised in the spirit of progressivism, nihilism, and socialism began to resist the conservative fathers. Old people always gravitate to the old ways. In the world of the glorious past, it is customary not only for the Zerots (feudal elite) but for all people of middle and above middle age to live comfortably and well.

Young people are not interested in their past life, its rules, and customs. The old morals are like fences for keeping cattle, and the laws are like the enclosure of a circus cage, in which young people walk like wolves from corner to corner. The young must always make themselves known to prove to the old generation that they are better than their fathers. They are not interested in life according to the laws of their fathers. We are not talking about the self-realization of the social bottom. There everything is obvious: home, food, rest, and offspring. Only the rich people can afford to self as “to save the world”. Or destroy it to create a new, better, brighter life. This is how our Remids 2 come into conflict with their fathers. And Remids 3 or the third generation of urbanized citizens just have to do it. Something is not born out of anything but comes out of a dream. They are Zerefs, and the traditional people have no time to dream. The burghers of Zeremids also do not have enough time. They have a lot to do in the stores. They need to buy and sell goods.

Remids against Remids.

The ability to sell or buy has always been popular among the townspeople. The burghers loved money because they were always short of it. It was the bourgeois who later became the most grown rich of the peasants. Burghers, as well as peasants, wish their children a good, rich future. In Russia, small nobles fell ill with liberalism or bourgeois diseases. Small nobles were also ruined. They also became almost bourgeois. Although they always remembered belonging to a noble family. Of course, they also got sick of feudal. It is difficult to live in a feudal society. The noble looks at the rootless man with arrogance. The rich bourgeois despises beggars on the street. Even a poor nobleman knows that he is superior to any bourgeois. That’s why many people have become ill with democracy. This disease was also transmitted to young people. So young people went against their fathers. The liberal currents matured in parallel with the socialist ones. All these contradictions, the struggle of fathers and children or the struggle of generations, will result in the great Russian Revolution in half a century. It is necessary to carefully look here only who will be against whom.

Let’s consider the left-center of the Russian Revolution and its representatives-the cadets (constitutional Democrats)

Milyukov P. N.

His Father was Nikolai Pavlovich Milyukov (1826—1878 / 79), an architect who came from a noble family. The leader of the cadets, P. N. Milyukov, gave private lessons as a student after the death of his father to provide for his family. He was left at the University to prepare for a professorship.

Muromtsev S. A.

Father-Andrey Alekseevich Muromtsev 1818 -1879, Colonel, the officer of the lifeguards of the Moscow regiment, then commander of the 2nd Grenadier reserve regiment, landowner Muromtsev Jr. in 1884 was dismissed from the university for political unreliability. He came from a noble family. He was recorded in the noble genealogical books of the Tula and Vladimir provinces. And why? His contemporaries write about him: “an Honest and morally scrupulous man, Muromtsev always carefully studied the case materials. And if he had any doubts about the authenticity of the documents, he usually refused to defend himself, although he was offered a large reward.” Here is a man who is improving his reflection. (this is a super person for Revcon).

Kokoshkin F. F:

From an ancient noble family, whose ancestor, according to legend, was Duke. His grandfather is a famous playwright. The father, Fyodor, the court counselor, Commissioner for peasant Affairs in the Hilltown of Lublin province, an official for special assignments at the Ministry of national education, a connoisseur of literature and art, and most importantly — a simple genial and warmhearted never display your intellectual superiority, so usually the people of his caliber. Another characteristic of him: “when he was ill with tuberculosis, he endured his illness extremely cheerfully. He could protect his health so that others did not notice it, was always cheerful and worked much more than the average healthy person as if rushing to do as much as possible in the short period of life allotted to him by fate.” These are people who are playing with their fate. A plate of soup is not enough for them. Revcon is sure that such people will not betray their ideals because of sausage. Because only the bourgeoisie loses their ideals for the sausage. They will not indulge in pleasures, gluttony, and perversions. These are great examples for their sons. Therefore, the Remids 3 would be their moral copy. The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

Now consider the radical tilt of the victorious revolutionaries.

Lenin, V. I.

Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov was born in the family of Ilya Nikolaevich Ulyanov, an inspector of public schools in the Simbirsk province, the son of a former serf of the village (Zeremid).

Trotsky LD.

Leyba Bronstein is from the family of a rich landowner-landlord from among the Jewish colonists of the Kherson province.

Stalin I. V.

Father-Vissarion (Beso) came from the peasants of Didi-Lilo village, Tiflis province, by profession — a shoemaker (Zeref). Prone to drunkenness and fits of rage, he severely beat the mother of little Soso. When Soso was eleven years old, Vissarion “died in a drunken brawl — someone stabbed him with a knife.” By then, Soso himself was spending a lot of time in the street company of Gori’s young hooligans.

Of course, it is obvious that Lenin and Trotsky (Remides 2) came into conflict directly and indirectly with their fathers. Stalin (Zeref) did not come into conflict with anyone. In reflection, he remained like a domineering father. Methodology Revcon of remedy 2 — Lenin and Trotsky, along with other revolutionaries’ victory over the liberal democratic current, over Remids in the third generation, then lost the political arena to Zeremids or children of children of the petty bourgeoisie (cooks and cobblers). It should be said that representatives of the people-zerefs-will do not steal in a state of strict control of the Russian community, although their Zeref reflexes are always strongly expressed in their blood. When the community’s morals are strong, thieves, traitors, and rats will be dealt with briefly and harshly. The feudal community severely punishes thieves. But when the Zerefs break away from the community, break away from the people, they first get small and low burghers, then thieving officials, if the revolution raises them to the administration. The heroes of Turgenev’s novel “nihilists” in the person of Bazarov turn into Narodniks, terrorists, and anarchists.

But where did the impudent privatizers, who do not recognize any boundaries of decency, come from in the USSR?

The second “people’s” generation or Remids 2 from the Zeremids (from the” rotten intelligentsia”) blindly copy the experience of their ancestors-to steal and run away, but also hypocritically obey the Charter of the Communists (the Russian community). Peacetime, a time of loosening discipline — a good time to mature from Remids 2 future hypocrites. Remids 2, if there is no war and discipline falls — this is half of today and half of yesterday’s state. Are there any super people among them? Sure. When the community’s morals are alive, reprisals are near and imminent, for example, in the Second World war. The people performed feats. The sons of peoples-Zerefs died as heroes-honor and praise to them! Eternal memory them of all descendants. But at this very time, the people’s officials of the USSR are growing up children pioneers. Later, they will become Komsomol members and want Russian liberalism and democracy.

The Remids all are the real socialists (Remeds 2). They are strong Komsomol members and ardent activists. They are” a worthy change of fathers.” But we already know who comes to take ready-made; these are lying fanatics. These are hypocritical activists. These are hypocritical performers of the Communist rite. These are the Pharisees. This is performing the rite when there is no war and discipline falls and corrupts them. They don’t feel the tension of their fathers’ time. This is a new revolt of sons against fathers. So, they are ready-made liberals and disgusting hypocrites.

The fall of the USSR is not connected with a plot by American intelligence. This is not the result of low world prices for Soviet oil. The USSR raised its reformers, as the Jewish Sanhedrin raised its Pharisees. All young nihilists do not deny the revolution but deny the stifling religious rites, and it is difficult for them to squeeze out postures and screams. Of course, all hypocrites had to go through the school of hypocrisy. Then the whole system becomes corrupt and consists of hypocrites.

Well-off people (Soviet Remids 3) did not break themselves, and they had wanted to live beautifully, openly, and not according to the code of communism. They hated the discipline of the Russian community in any form. All the bourgeois of the world has one face. Traditional fathers Zerefs always will their children and grandchildren a good livelihood. In this sense, the revolutionary discipline also hindered the fathers. But their children did not see the revolution, all Remids 2 and 3 haven’t seen the revolution, but they knew that it was. It is impossible to transfer the tension of the revolution to a full and free repose. They wanted to get rid of even the memory of the revolution. They did not recognize socialism, nor did they recognize revolutionary equality.

Furthermore, they wanted to show their superiority. This superiority was in their blood. Their fathers passed this superiority and humiliation down this superiority and humiliation in the traditional genes.

The new Russian Democrats were not against their fathers, which is not the case with all traditional peoples. It is not customary for people of the people to contradict their fathers. In this case, prosperity and a secure future are more important for all traditional people. Even if they had to turn into revolutionaries and kill nobles, now they were red nobles themselves. They became the red bureaucrats in the Soviet community. Why do they need this revolution and red rites? Zerefs will never mind the luck of their children. They chose the side of the revolution to remove the nobles as competitors. And the children of the Zeremids (collective farmers) of Remid 2, their sons, chose the side of their luck-rites, performed them hypocritically; thus, the grandchildren of the Zerefs refused socialism altogether.

Modern conflict.

Suppose children and grandchildren have become radical bourgeois. The parents of privatizers may still miss the Communist idea. This is the time of their youth. They know what treachery is. Any community does not forgive betrayal. To make pensioners feel less sad, the authorities of Russian democracy create the red party freak. And look at the leader of this party. He is also a freak; he is a provincial and was born in the village of Mymrino. He seemed like a Remid statesman, but he is an elite first generation.

Furthermore, he is the real Zeremid. He had become a freak in the status of a new communist leader. Zeremid, like all parvenu, still likes to break out upward. He grabbed the bird of fortune by the tail. Now he will not give this post of First Secretary of the Communist Party and member of the State Duma of Russia to anyone.



The second nomenclature tier did not appear anywhere, even if democratic elections were held. According to the rules of social evolution, all elected Democrats or newcomers began to play by the old rules of the game.

Communism, if it was communism, in any case, the new phenomenon of the Russian tradition can be called rather experiments or a return to prehistoric times using modern technology at that time. But in the culture of the people themselves, no communism could change anything. The man hasn’t changed. Russia changed so much that it created a new “communist” evolution of the Russian people, which became a parody of the interrupted evolution of the Russian nobles. Nothing has changed in the reflection of the people.

So, the party of Communists (VKPB, then CPSU) did not choose the best, honest and gifted, except when it was necessary to risk and die. They selected the obedient and disciplined. In the Russian tradition, this is the norm. It was not very profitable to be a Communist during the war if you can say so at all. It was possible not to return from the battle, die. It means to stop the tradition. And according to tradition, they need to build a house and raise their sons. What happened? What in VKPB began to accept not heroes but bulls of producers? Not violent heifers, but calm, easy-going, if you can talk about bulls in general. The heroes of all times could be attributed to the people of the idea. This is indisputable. Because they risk not fulfilling their covenants, they do not perform rites.

But people of the rite can always be found where profit resides. So, what did the rite people do in the CPSU? And why did Stalin’s mother really want her son to become an Orthodox priest? No mother in the world would want her son to starve. Jesus Christ did not suffer a Martyr’s death for humanity to interpret his words in its ethnic way. But all ethnic groups have always had one universal approach: all people want to live, and ethnic groups want to survive. And tradition has always been responsible for this problem; the only function of tradition is the survival of the people. Therefore, any religious denomination and the ruling party are always filled with tenacious guys. You look at them, and they smile at you. You’re going to look at them and want to stroke them, and they are so docile and obedient like children. And they came to you: to the Church, the mosque, and the party with the sole purpose of living. They will settle and multiply. It’s a tradition.



In the inertia of self-destruction, there is some mistake. A strong leader, Stalin, cannot pick up all sorts of quiet and timid nonentities. Why did people at the level of collective farm chairmen end up in the highest positions of the Soviet state?

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