Tom in the Lazyland

Бесплатный фрагмент - Tom in the Lazyland

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Tom was very lazy boy. He didn’t like studying at school and reading the books. He also didn’t like to work. But he liked to play games and eat the sweets. Tom spent a lot of time playing with his friends. He never listened to his parents and helped them. He was very naughty boy.

One day Tom was going after school, his best friend and classmate Tim said:

«Let’s go to the Lazyland! It’s very funny city. I am so tired of these lessons!»

Tom was surprised. He asked:

«What is it?»

«It is a place where we can have fun and nothing to do! No teachers, no parents! It’s great, isn’t it?»

Tom had never heard about the Lazyland before. But he liked the idea. He said:

«Let’s go!»

Two friends came to the station. There were many boys around. They talked to each other and the platform was too noisy. The man, who stood near the cross line to the train asked every boy some questions before they got in. He wrote something in his list. Tom and Tim stood in line. When it came to him, the guardian asked:

«What is your name lazy boy?»

«My name is Tom».

«Do you want to go to the Lazyland?»

«Yes, I do».

«I must tell you something. Nobody ever comes back from there. You are going to stay there forever. Do you still want to go to the Lazyland?»

Tom thinks. Then he said:

«Yes, I do».

And the man made some note in his list and said:

«Welcome! You can come into the train. Here is your ticket».

Suddenly, Tom saw the huge and long green train. «Lazyland» letters were written on it.

Tom was happy. He would never go to school anymore and never do his homework.

When the train was full, it moved from the station.

They went away and went away far from Tom’s house and school. The train went away and went away. The boy saw forests, green fields and farms in the window.

After two hours Tom finally saw the city in the window.

The Lazyland was fantastic city. It didn’t look like Tom’s real city, it was quite different. Candy Castle, Carousel Park and big Games field and many other places that you can only dream about. All boys opened their mouths in the train. Tom was happy.

When the train stopped Tom saw the end station. Even it was unique. «Welcome to Lazyland!» and «Enter» words were written on the big colorful Lollipop. All the boys came out.

The guardian stood in front of them as the guide did in the museum. He raised his hands and asked boys to keep silence.

«Welcome to the Lazyland! I am glad to see everyone of you. This city was created for lazy boys. For good or for bad, you should decide. We have many interesting places to visit. The plan of their location you can find on that board. You can do anything! Have fun and good time!»

The man finished his speech and all boys ran to the different ways.

Tom and Tim went to the Candy Castle. The shop windows were full of 100 types of ice creams, candies, chocolates and thousands of sweets. Tom took five ice-creams, three bars of chocolate and two apple cakes.

«Look at this!» Tim showed a huge purple toy elephant. You can ride it and go around the city. The boys ate all sweets and ran to that big toy.

It was wonderful day. Tom did nothing but played a lot of games, ate delicious food and rode a bike.

«Wow! Are you new? Hi new lazy boys! I am Adeo!»

Tom saw tall boy behind his back. He was wearing white shirt and black pants. He smiled and shook the boys’ hands. He seemed very nice person.

«You are welcome!» Adeo said.

«Yes, thank you! I am Tom! It is a very good place! It’s much better than school and books».

«Yes, but it’s not for me! I wish to have even one book to read».

Suddenly, his face was sad.

«Why?» Tom was surprised. He couldn’t imagine that someone didn’t like such wonderful place.

«Someday you will see. Don’t forget to visit Fantasy field. Good luck!»

Adeo turned back and went away.

Tom didn’t know what he meant by saying that.

Tom and Tim were almost in all places in the city: Candy Castle, Carousel Park, Park, Bike Racing and fantastic Game Field. The last one had got a lot of people all the time. Tom had to stand in line and wait to play. He even met a red horse during the walking around. Tom tried to ride it, but the horse was angry, so the boy changed his mind. Tom also found his new friends Avis, Leo and Rom.

In the evening all children were sent to the different rooms in the huge building.

Tim burst into the room. He almost couldn’t breathe because he hurried too fast.

When he calmed down, he said:

«I am going to tell you something interesting!» He was very serious.

Five boys were sitting in the wide room where they lived together.

«What is it?» Everyone asked.

«Did you see green ghost?» Rom giggled and showed Tim’s huge eyes.

«Today 14 years old boys told me that here in the Lazyland they live in the other part. It is allowed to visit only for boys who are 14 and older. But they say the Scary room is the best entertainment. I heard one boy was so horrified that he disappeared after going there. Nobody could find him».

«Other part? Do you mean that we didn’t see the whole Lazyland?»

«Of course we didn’t. As I understand we are in only a half one part of the city».

«Cool! How can we get there?» Rom asked.

Tim shouted:

«Are you mad? It’s not allowed for us but only for 14 years old people».

«Let’s do it! I did a lot of such thing at school! Don’t be scared!»

Rom was brave to do the stuff where he can break the rules. He got in troubles many times at school but nobody could prove anything about him. He had got some of enthusiasm in his voice.

Tom thought and asked:

«Why didn’t the guardian tell anything about it?»

Tim shook his head:

«I don’t know».

All night the boys talked about it.

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