Through the Eyes of the Madman

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Nikolai Knyazinsky

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Nikolai Knyazinsky

«Through the Eyes of the Madman»


When you open your eyes in the morning, you see the sunrise. Trying to get up. Slowly you open your eyes, you look around. And you think how good the sun got up, you rejoice. Yousee all the monsters, and there’s total darkness outside the window, your brain is two hundred percent running, it feels like you’ve been pricked and you’re in a world where people just disappear you alone.

The past day ended, in which you felt only fear. The fear that you’re not needed in this world is that you broke a lot of laws, you’ve gone up to 180 km/h on the white seven. At the green color of the traffic light you drove a car that was driving at a red light, but you did not even stop, drove on. Because beforethat, you were flying, at speed overtaking cars between two halfs. You couldn’t catch up with the cops until you stopped on the side of the road. Before that, you were sitting in a clearing in the woods and drinking tea in a cafe with unknown people. Smoked a bull bull with an unknown grass with three comrades who just disappeared. Much is not explained, in this world we can just guess about the origin of this or that case.

New Urengoy.

I worked in good company with a good salary and traveled every week from New Urengoy to Nadym. On weekends I went shopping to buy things on Wednesdays at a nightclub. In the morning I woke up in different places, and I had to leave for work without saying goodbye to a new stranger. My tasks at work included the distribution of costs that is to write them off to facilities for employees which were more than 9000 people and vehicles 4500 cars. All of them worked at the facilities of a large company. Every year for the new year paid a very good premium. On short vacations I went home to Stavropol and Kislovodsk. Then came the time when the relationship soured and I left the family, but still love this womenu. Love is endless, although the distance Sverdlovsk region and Stavropolregion play a very bigrole. You’re always faced with a choice about whether I’m doing the right thing. No one will answer your message in WhatsApp realizing that a person if he talks about love, then he is not normal.

It’s a simple description of six years of life without complications and unnecessary facts.

Coming to his parents in Nadym.

Saturday morning parents went shopping. I’m home alone. Sunny day suddenly knocking on the door see a red-haired girl 17 years old.

She asks: -Can I come in?

I said, «Yes.

She comes in, looks around, hugs me.

I ask her, «Are you going to have coffee?»

She says, «Yes.

We’re having coffee.

I said, «What’s your name?»

She says, «Gold.

Sitting on the couch hugs me. I don’t know what kind of girl she is at the time, I hugged me. And he says, «I have to go.

I’m asking him, «Where’s your jacket?

She says: — I live the floor below. And he’s leaving.

I’m the only one who’s in the kitchen at the table, my parents come in. But I never saw this girl in Nadym anymore.

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence.

The city of Nadym is a small compact town, where everything has the city of Love to translate from the local adverb and the truth in it feels loved. The car shuttletaxi, which takes people from the city to the city drives up to the entrance and waits. Everyone is friendly. My favorite alcoholic beverages were sprite martinis and champagne with Bern. That evening I went with Nadym to New Urengoy with the feeling that I had met someone close to me.

My boring life.

I was dating four girls at the time. It was Karina a dark-haired cute lighter we met in a nightclub. By the time Denis Plotnikov had already worked on my birthday on October27. And they thought planning wasn’t possible.

I danced alone that night. I drank Soviet champagne with Bern as always. We ate pizza. A girl came to our table. «Good evening,» she said, «I can be with you. It was tothelobb of «Banker» he was on The Taoyzhda. On Wednesdays there were put music of the 90s in one hall, andinthe otherthere was always modern music. In general, it was nice to come and relax in this institution. It was already 2:00 in the morning and karina and her friend, in my opinion, Anya went to a friend’s house, in the Northern district of the city came to the apartment. Then Anya and Andrei went to the next room to make love. But I noticedthat she was very tight., photographed with ice statues and I gave her a tablet.

The weekend was coming, I was going to go to my parents in Nadym. What would not sleep I bought Bern.The club represented a small hall where everyone danced and had fun, before there was a house of pioneers. I was hugging and kissing my hips, rousingmy body, listening to the heartbeatslowly, smoothly agitating the genitals, andthenI couldn’t helpsleeping. I left, as at 19:00 there was to comea taxi. I would go with her somewhere I offered after 22:00 to go to the restaurant, she agreed, then we went to the cinema. He says: — I’m going to driveyou anyway.

I crawled to bed at 1 a.m. and fell asleep. Working for wear. This is the life of people who work on the watch method.

In the middle of the week we went shopping, bought things for children, she had 2 children. And she bought herself a pair of dresses. And she called for tea. We sat down, talked to her, met her mother. But I said I had to go on business. There were two hours left until the new year. I had a tradition for the new year wherever I was going to go to the movies and watch movies alone or with the company.

Oleg, Eugene and Andrei were waiting for me there, we had already seen 10 sleep.

On the way I got a call from Anya, she cried and told me that she was dating a guy, and he left her and I couldn’t come to her and she would be with me for the rest of my life.

It was July, but there was still snow on the streets.

Stavropol region.

At home it was warm, the sun was warm, I felt warm. At the same time, he worked on a program to pay offthe costs and theorganization’s business plan dealing with various substitutions. On the first evening I listened loudly to music, and I did not know that there lives a wonderful neighbor named Irina, with whom we will get not only a holiday romance, but also a wedding, and 3 years of happy and wonderful life.

The first evening I was listening to music and the work was about 21:00 pm. I went to smoke on the balcony and saw a girl on the balcony. Small, but strong and very kind, probably some thing offended:

«Good evening,» I said. She just stood there and smoked. There were always dark nights and beautiful stars in Kislovodsk, delicious food and wonderful beauty.

«Good evening. At this point I didn’tknowwhat, but Ithoughtshe was very lonelyandhad been through a lot of things in her life.

I asked her if you’d go, we’d see a movie. I turned on the movie on my «Time» drank and lay at me, two beds separately she watched a movie, and I fell asleep at that time. Woke up, the film is over. Irinasays, «I went to bed.» «I asked her» — maybe we’ll go on a tour.

In the morning I woke up, Irina came back from the procedures. It was the day of the Russian flag. On this day we went to the park for a walk. It wasas if shrouded in some mystery took a photo in front of the narzan gallery on my phone. Did walk and went to the sanatorium to dine even then, I noticedthat shewasvery little toeat.


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