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Time is a relative concept. It can stretch to infinity, or compressing to the size of a grain of sand, fill the absolute truth. And then, turning to dust, to scatter in the Universe, creating a new Galaxy real truth. And again to seek the truth among the millions of stars. Daniel, on the advice of friends jumping with parachute, gets in the space-time continuum. Once in the underworld the “Winged” trying to change past mistakes. Whether this will happen, we know from the book of the author.

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Rodion Rakhimov

Rodion Rakhimov was born on 1952 in the North of Bashkortostan in the family of a carpenter. School years producing Newspapers, believed in the efficacy of the printed word. Published in many national Newspapers and almanacs. Journalist with a keen sense of justice, writer and publicist, member of the Russian writers Union, environmentalist, social activist. Worked as an oilman, founder, Director House of culture, a surveyor and a Builder. Served as a rocket in the ranks of the Soviet army.


«Through the thorns to the stars» Read the last line. Closed the last page… a Truly momentous, a landmark event for admirers of the creative talent of our countryman Rodion Rakhimov was the publication of his collection of essays. Published two books, «Thistle. A report from the skies and Dialogue. On the threshold of the last war.» Previously issued a small collection of essays. Some stories from this collection were published on pages of the regional newspaper «Vestnik Tatyshlinskaya» in 2015. Then, for the first time, it is with great interest acquainted with his works. Rodion Rakhimov I know since 1967 when we started school together in grade 9 Tatyshlinskaya high school, then still the only one in the village. Friends, and to this day remain close friends, although we are separated by great distance — I Satisloh, he is in Moscow. He from his youth was inquisitive, purposeful, always ready to reach a goal. Sociable, with a great sense of humor. Already in those years had a special ability to the literary work. And all these qualities made him who he was — journalist, writer-author, environmentalist, community activist, member of the Russian Union of writers. Credo Rodion Rakhimov, in my opinion, can be called «Through the thorns to the stars», although he publicly claims. Why is this credo inherent? I will Express my opinion. A hard life: — a boy, born in the village of timber Tibil-Cordon Tatyshlinskaya area; — the dream of becoming a writer; — a young man working as the instructor of the shooting range of S. V. Tatyshly at DOSAAF, a soldier of rocket forces of the Soviet Army, oilman, Director House of culture, caster Ufa engine plant Ufa, Builder of Olympic facilities in Moscow, the entrepreneur; — first attempt at writing in the factory newspaper; an unknown in the literary circles of Bashkortostan; — dream: publishing their own books; and as a result, the member of Russian Union of writers. Literary works Most of the works of Rodion deeply autobiographical. They show us the way of life of the inquisitive, dreamy boy to held writer («Born in the year of the Dragon», «monkey», «Tatyshlinskaya Paradise» Thomas Nigamatzyanov», «Victory Day», «Sabantuy», «Orji», «cannot be indifferent», «Thistle», etc.). The literary work covered a wide range of issues: international relations, the problems of rural areas, ecology and culture. Writer interested in local history, genealogy Rakhimov, history of the great Patriotic war and the involvement of countrymen and friends to these events («Father», «Bars», «Victory Day», «Tatyshlinskaya Paradise» Thomas Nigamatzyanov», «Thistle», etc.). Captivating deep patriotism, as Rakhimov addresses the history and present of our native land and homeland («the Past years» «Young…", «Straw wolves», «My grandfather, tamer of the ghouls», «Hunters», «Thistle», etc.). The writer analyzes international issues of our time and assesses the role of Russia in this world («beware of the liberals!», «I had a dream», «We have a dialogue,» «Thistle» and others). The author conducts in-depth psychological analysis of the actions of the characters in the stories and essays («Born in the year of the Dragon», «MOP», «Smoking», «Thistle», etc.). Problems of ecology and environmental protection stand in the focus of the writer («Enersource Meridian», «I dreamed a dream», «Born in the year of the Dragon», «Thistle», etc.). Writer concerned with the problems of the «little man», he tries to understand the nature of the nefarious actions of men («Bug», «Nehochuha», «Rascal», «Scale», «Thistle», etc.). The great advantage of the writer, in my opinion, are: deep analysis of ongoing events in the country and the world («beware of liberals», «We have a dialogue,» «Thistle» and others); — truly a poetic description of nature that unites his works with such writers as Vasily Shukshin, Valentin Rasputin («Straw wolves», «Nehochuha», «Rascal», «Orji», «save the Image», «Scale», «Thistle», etc.); — humor and satire that occur in our complicated, hectic life («Bug», «Sabantuy», «Pyramid Larkina», «Obstruction», «Thistle», etc.); — deep insight into the topic of love and friendship, which are the engine and generator of human relationships («Tatyshlinskaya Paradise» Thomas Nigamatzyanov», «Year of monkey», «Hunters», the «Bitten Apple», «a Pillow, or cry in the silence», «Thistle», etc.). Read the last line. Closed the last page. Got a big charge of energy. I sincerely wish Rodion Rakhimov further success in the literary field. Do on and raduy us — their fellow countrymen new short stories and novellas. Let the motto of your work always remains: «Through thorns to the stars». Vadim SHAYKHLISLAMOV, teacher, excellence in public education Of the Republic of Bashkortostan, teacher social Sciences higher categories. the village of Verkhniye Tatyshly.

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