The World of Unicellular

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by Oleg Seriy & MaRiCaBo

published by PROJECT — EDEN with the help of Ridero

© Copyright 2011 Oleg Seriy & MaRiCaBo

© Translated by Marina Rudik

© Cover design by Crash 27

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by Oleg Seriy, published by PROJECT — EDEN at Ridero

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On the book presentation

Volume 1. The world of unicellular



Volume 2. The Multicellular Invasion

“Get fucking and read”.

“I do not know, whether this news is good or bad for you. But I have finished writing this book. Who am I? I am crazy man. And I am proud of it”.

This book is the adapted version of “The Book of Rescue from the Doomsday 2012–2013” for the World of Unicellular.

Moreover, it is a span-new book.

“It is a book, which was written by Antichrist. In person. His Name is Legion and his Number is 666.

You have been waiting for Him and He has come. To judge you by “Doomsday”. He is me. He is inside and outside of me”.

The author of the book

— Be dedicated into Great Truths, and then Consciously describe everything what was happen, what is going on, and what will be with this godless world. And write it in order that everyone can understand it: alive and dead, born and unborn, clever and fool, beautiful and ugly, big and little, without depending on kind of their business preferences, colour of skin and confession of faith, interior ability or exterior possibility. This book should not be large in order that makes sick, and should not be small to have no ambiguities. This book should be such as everyone wish to read it, while after reading it — haven’t feeling sorry for expended time. Write The Great Book of All Times and Nations and let be with us in all great times of all nations.

— I have done it. I wrote The World of Unicellular.

* * *

ATTENTION! It is not recommended to read this book for nervous unicellular, with shatter psychic or for persons, inclined to suicide too. Of course, all of you can take and read it, but the whole responsibility by (consequences for) you after this occurrence will lie on you.

It is INTERESTING that those creatures, who read the fragments of this book, were got a bit of shock. Many of them were meditating about meaning of life, the others were reeling, and nobody knows what was going on with the third one.

IMPORTANT? All names and denominations in this book is a result of author’s (or anybody else) imagination in The World of Unicellular, therefore there is no reason to identify them with others (not from The World of Unicellular).

* * *

Well, were you waiting for Antichrist to come? So he’s here now! And I feel like mentioning that PROJECT — EDEN Enterprise had for its starting the practice of putting scums in clink. Yet I’m not sure because the first thing happened much earlier…

Initially the PROJECT — EDEN Enterprise was the corporation of Heaven, later on they moved to Hell and then the Earth was their place. Next, as it appeared, all corporations had collapsed and the universe discovered the Single whole of Eden and the League. And who masterminded the Project, anyway? One and the same entity in its deepest incarnations… and coronations… At first the name was Lucifer (deployment site is Heaven), who is the number one messenger of God’s grace for the Angels, the main channel for the Angels to gain the Love Experience straight out from God himself; then he was known as the Devil (deployment site is Hell), who is a scapegoat not symbolically burdened with the sins of the Demons, so they dropped their payback on him, and along all the debts, deadlines and doubts of their deeds and existence; after that he was called MaRiCaBo (deployment site is the Earth), who is the Divine Master of Material Energy (no specification), the name tells its own story. The identification in the matrix is Oleg Seriy (the last incarnation and coronation).

Sure, we can easily highlight (in our humble opinion), that the label and the brand of PROJECT — EDEN Enterprise together with its owner (the Antichrist and the Savior twisted and rolled into one person) ran the Doomsday on Earth, so, that Elysium showed up, never faded and last forever. EDEN. The sign said so.

“The universe or, if you could be even more specific to say the microcosm of unicellular, was more than a little one. So, small and tiny that it successfully made room in this little book. In fact, it would fit on the palm to make a fistful of it — so this is the score of the author and he really fancies his imagination”.

The same author

“If you kill me, I’ll be even mightier.

If you do not kill me, I’ll be even mightier”.


The Divine Master of the Material Energy

On the Book presentation

“I will not fuss over people any more. I come right out with them — they’re morons”.

The citation from the author’s statement at “The Salvation Book…” presentation

in Western Ukraine Freemasonry Centre

Prior to reading this book, one should endeavor to understand the author’s view, announced at his first presentation within the 5th International Literary Festival and the 17th All-Ukrainian Publishers Forum on September, 18, 2010, that lasted from 16:30 till 18:00 in Lvov’s “The Most Expensive Galicia Restaurant”, known among Lvovites as “freemasons”. It was namely there, that the Author presented the First and Unique “The Salvation Book from the Doomsday 2012–2013”. The presentation was quite simply called “Have You Escaped from 2012 Doomsday Already?” One moment of significance is that people took a rather sceptical stand toward this subject, i.e. many of them took “the doomsday” as science fiction stuff entirely. It was enough to cast a glance at snaps in press releases and photo reviews of the happening to make sure of it. People were smiling and even laughing…

The happening guests stopped smiling right after the author called them absolute morons, just like that. Be it said, no one expected it… Some left the room right after these words, although there were some, who remained. More importantly, there were unexpected newly arrived ones. They were constantly coursing throughout the premises…

Oleg Seriy announced to his personal photographer (it must be said that Oleg Seriy was the only one among writers and personalities, giving a presentation within International Forum, who had a personal photographer): “Take pictures, please, of the whole auditorium! It is almost empty!!! People are not interested in spiritual growth; all they need is bread and circuses! Well, the majority is absolute morons… They don’t even care about salvation from death and doomsday, that has set in already… We’ll tell the entire world (and even the Universe!) the bare truth that people are morons. They are watching dull TV series that muddle their brains… That’s exactly what they do…”

Alas the moronic mankind did not make use of gnosis and even could not foresee the future (what would happen as a result of their thoughts and actions). Idiots! They even did not want to escape from the doomsday… and even did not believe in it. That it has already set in. Dolts!.. If honestly, Oleg Seriy also had been a moron, but then he stopped being the one. But this is an absolutly different story — the story of multicellular… It is another story so far…

It is important to say that there were non-morons in the hall as well. It is required to say, that only the ones, who set through from the beginning to the end — were non-morons. They understood the importance and significance of the moronity of the mankind. And they were listening attentively. They were asking no questions, save a couple of questions at the end…

You need to wait for the end of the world neither on 2012, nor on 2026, nor on the hell knows which year! The Doomsday has already set in. It’s just that for unicellular morons the doomsday is a norm. Hence they don’t notice and keep waiting for something.

Why people are morons? Because they don’t believe that the doomsday has already set in. Due to moronity of the mankind they have not noticed it, because around there is all carve-up, people are just bullshitting and nobody is doing anything, all around there is all jabbering and grifting. Next to nobody cares for spiritual grows… That is why. Oleg Seriy for 1.5 hours had been telling why people are morons. And they had been listening to him, and afterwards — applauding. He was explaining that there is a cure for moronity –his books, and the projects of the Enterprise and the Trademark of the same name “PROJECT-EDEN”. Take his site alone, which professes the principle and the system of Sovereignty of the People — POLITIKY.net, and the site for solving problems, overcoming crisis and for creating the National Intellectual Elites bez-problem.biz…

After the ending of event Oleg Seriy was applauded by all the audience. Yes, at that moment it was exactly 6 persons (that is how much is left at the end of presentation; only one among figures “666”) — but these people were conscious. Oleg Seriy believes that quality is more important than quantity. Exactly those people stayed, who had more chances for salvation from death and hell –they are much wiser unlike the people-morons, who do not see that the Doomsday has already begun and their spiritual level is in the complete ass.

Oleg Seriy (MaRiCaBo) stated that every (repeat — everyone!) person may become God (multicellular) because he is God in the potential (created by God’s image and resemblance). If the person does not develop his divine abilities, he becomes a moron (unicellular), created by image and resemblance of Stinker… As one goes this book which you are holding in hands now was presented…

It is important to understand that the Children (Indigo, Crystal and others) faster grasp the essence of salvation from the doomsday that has come!!! The time has come when children will teach their parents!!! Because only those who become similar to children will be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven –EDEN. “Of heaven means that there is no place for demons”, — says author. Also he showed a tongue to the rest of humanity. Besides, so did Einstein himself…

Oleg Seriy moved to the Forum — the main entrance. He presented his Salvation Book and there — in the very heart. People came, put questions. Many people… The most common question was: “Why the price of your book is exactly such one?” And the price was simple, as finger –666 hryvnas per unit. Everyone received the different answer. Depending on the level of their consciousness…

“I am a doctor. I rescue everyone from a Doomsday. There is a reaction on this book. There is a pulse…”

Author of anything, and of any what

I will say this: “I have no complaints to Jesus. He is a great guy, my best friend and brother. But I have a claim that you have done the evil business at his good name. And what the claims! And he as well also has them”.


(nevertheless the author will speak out)

“All human vermin and bit gladness is collected in this book.

All my anger is stopped up in her. Reading this book it is important to realize that

not all people are unicellular. And not all unicellular are people.

And even if you are unicellular, you can become multicellular”.


I thank all those, who met on my Way in this World of Unicellular. At first, thank God, that allowed me to be born; secondly, I thank the angelof light Lucifer for a revolt into Paradise, due to which all fallen angels (nefilims) appeared on the Earth; thirdly, I express gratitude to my mother in given earthly physical embodiment for signing the contract in the Heaven on my birth, and to the biological father for my conception.

Also there isa special gratitude to all those, who met on my Way and helped me. I remember each of you on the name you are in my “white” list.

And yet I offer Gratitude to everybody, who betrayed me, changed to me, put me, cheated and damned, dissembled and was on my way of Achievementof My Aims and Dreams. Exactly due to you, those, who are for me in “black” list, I became Beast and attained the Aims and Dreams.

“The name for him was Beast (666), and the essence of Him was

Legion (in Unity)”.


“Yes, I was really angry. And every day I worked for twenty hours a day, to Attain That, What I Want. And I can declare bravely today, looking on Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, that I Attained It. I thank all again”.


“Because heroes usually appear in the days of difficulties, an antichrist will appear as such hero at the end of the time, and all the world will belong to him. He will resolve all problems and world difficulties, and all people will worship him as to God”.

His reverence Paul Ch. John

Volume 1. The world of unicellular

(Chronicling of people life)

“This year they haven’t planned a military parade in the capital. And the traditional night salute was not planned as well. No wonder–– What for?!? One cannot imagine an independence day in a dependent country. The Sahara residents couldn’t observe the Penguin Day, could they? And AIDS patients won’t observe any such thing as the Day of Health”.

Svetlana Nedelka, Metro Correspondent

The Unicellular observed “independence days”. While their moronic (p) residents kept devising reelections, the Gerkolubus sped towards Earth (the unicellular nicknamed it as Nibiru or Planet Х); it was a planet and spaceship of Gods at the same time (or red planet). It was inhabited by my Brothers and Sisters Anunaki!.. In the past they used to arrive here and populate the planet (Earth) with their own kind. Their descendants were Egyptians, who later sunk into imbeciles (people).

I was just busy smoothing the way (PROJECT-EDEN) for their landing and preparing for my departure. Having put the Unicellular’ World in order I was going to take-off together with Gods, to broadcast to all Galaxies about the past events on Earth. It is me, MaRiCaBo, who is known to the Unicellular as God Hermes or Hermes Trismegistus, or Hermes the Thrice Great, or Messenger of Gods, or, in this case, Paraclete, or the Holy Spirit, or else the Spirit of Truth.

So, today, ahead of time, I have said goodbye to my mother in this earthly (material) world. I told her that I was about to go on board Gerkolubus and take off together with Anunakis (that is together with heavenly Gods, who had come down to earth), therefore, if I were off and left no message behind, I bade her not to worry.

Moreover, I decided to publish all my books before the Unicellular’ “doomsday” or “Last Judgment”, which I had described in my “The Salvation Book from the Doomsday 2012–2013”. Yes, I will take along all my booksto the Gods on Gerkolubus. We will include them into the Intergalactic Curriculum, while down on your Earth (certainly, after introducing proper order) we will set up the Golden Age, for you to survive a Millennium. Outside it was 2010 and 12:05 by my watch. I will remember this day as August 23, 2010. And what about you?!?

Today I was proclaimed a man. I felt as if they threw a slop-pail on me. How many times have I to repeat you, that I am not man?!? I simply am inside a man.

“If a country Х is a country of fools,

it is necessary to be done with the country Х”.

The Same One


(instead of Publisher’s word)

“There is no sense to publish books. Especially the good ones. Rulers don’t want moral renaissance. It’s easier to rule depraved and stupid flock. Clever and intelligent ones are able to reborn their country, which not what the world Backstage wants”.

The author: Vanilinkin specially for “PROJECT-EDEN”™

Publisher’s word

(instead of Introduction)

“All the wordsin this book are just fantastic”.

Publishing House “PROJECT-EDEN”™

Reader’s word

(no comment)

“There is no fabulousness at all”.


“This book is the remedy for mental moronity”.

(behold the truth)

Oleg Seriy

“World of Unicellular is your World and mine as well”.


Chapter 1.

“If Darwin said that humans are monkeys, consequently the humans are monkeys.

Or am I not right?”


Nibiru or Gerkolubus, or X Planet, or Planet of Gods mentioned in ancient texts of Anunaki, which means descended from heaven, was flying to us (that is to the Earth). Once ages ago Anunaki flew up by the great space ship-station of Gerkolubus (more known among unicellular as Nibiru or the X Planet) and populated the Earth with their own kind. Since that time once in some thousand years Anunaki arrive to us to inspect…

The matter is that Planet X orbit is elongated. That’s how it happens that it sometimes approaches and sometimes leaves. And that is the reasonto think about we are aliens indeed. Even more, the decelerating link in the human evolution was not found yet. And then, if you don’t see Gerkolubus, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

“Do you see the rabbit? No?!?

I do not also, but it is there”.

Demob and Rabbit

According to certain calculations it is already absolutely close. In general if calculations are true, in 2011 (whether will it be in the fifth month?) The Red Planet (that the great extrasensory individual Herbert Wells warned about in his book “The War of The Worlds”, which describes events of alien invasion (Anunaki Gods) to the Earth (that is about to happen), and also the great foreteller Ursula Le Guin in “Rocannon’s World” and many others). I was personally warned by Alan Rocan about it (deployment site is Rocannon — Amalgava 76) what I declared in “The Salvation Book…”

“Good science fiction writers are always extrasensory individuals”.

Buddha from the lane

In general, Nibiru Planet, so called Gerkolubus according to this great theory (and practice) would be supposedly seen even with unaided eye already in the middle of 2011, it may be observed without telescope, unlike how it is observed today (in 2010). And on the 21st of December, 2012 Nibiru will come close to the Earth and will begin to shine on the sky like bright red star, as the second Sun.

“That will be the time, when in Mon’s canyons, the saints people will be hiddenin bears’ houses, in country of Kham the two Suns will raise and in China suddenly the King will die…”


But it will be after and now is the World of Unicellular. Let’s start from them, because they came to an end (have come — in the straight and figurative senses) of this “damned world” (slang of unicellular, even cannot be translated).

The point is that there is only one cell in the brain of unicellular (means only they), that’s why the unicellular even cannot imagine that some Gerkolubus can be, and even more so the Anunaki. And hadn’t imagined. But they were. And moreover they were flying to us.

“Do you see Anunaki? No?!?

Аnunaki (joking)

And I don’t see too. And it is”.


And rescue is on the same place”.

“Dear morons! A Doomsday is in your brains!!!

* * *

Symbols of the book:

(!) — attention: a new word.

(!!) — attention: a new word repeats, try to remember it.

(!!!) –attention: the new word repeats again, very strongly try to remember it.

Sp. — (for the reader) the new species of unicellular, wasn’t used in the book earlier.

Ph. — (for the reader) the new phylum of unicellular, wasn’t used in the book earlier

* * *

The author of the book

pass to community and to construct society. But it is very far”.

The unique way of solving this problem is to become not-morons,

“The main problem of the society is that people are morons.

— To scoff at people you have to understand the meaning of the word “scoff”. Do you, for example, understand? No Means, sit and be silent…

— And let to scoff at people?

“There is naked truth in this book. It is naked so much,

that is simple fucking disaster”.

The same author

— Whom do you mean?

— Well, they…

— Who are they?

— They!.. They will grasp our world!!!

— Well, these most, as them there, aliens.

— And do you think that they will grasp the world? Listen, and don’t you want to grasp the world of walruses or the world of seagulls?

In the Day of Doomsday only the Devil had a sober view towards the world, and those who met the new Heaven with him. The rest of the people were drunk.

“Who cares, either I remain alive in this physical reality or not.

Here is coming the whole planet as I am. They’ll settle your

Planet or landing from their non-demons (there are no demons) ships,

or through usual physical incarnation. In such a way, I was born…

The War for Earth has begun. You can make so, that the

Peace comes. Therefore, give up!… Gods do not offer twice, so do I”.


In 2010, the author, in his “The Salvation Book from the Doomsday 2012–2013”, offers mankind (that has had one’s day, allowing it for that) to become Gods till 21th of December, 2012, that is before coming (for sure — flying) on Earth… or before their birth here (usual physical incarnation, as I was born). Who becomes them (Gods), those will live on with them (and opens in himself the demon of death, that is the death of demons kill, generically, all demons inside and outside). And who is not, that will die. Unfortunately or fortunately, many people did not pay attention (on time) to this great book. And they all died, many — by natural death (they called it “of old age”), a few — by cataclysm. Though, it was not important because there were those, who remained. There we were.

“It is sages and prophets, who must write books.

The others must read them rather than write”.

I don’t even remember the teller of it.

(!) Aliens are not human beings. Human beings are not aliens. It was the thought of the same humans — the very aliens… but obscure… in other words, non-humans. All in all, now it is quite complicated, entangled with lie, and a far cry. Yes, now it is quite difficult to understand it. Therefore, I will start from the very beginning and not the end, as it is usually done. I will start and refresh my memory that the beginning is me. A hole.

(!) A hole is not things surrounding it (as it is often described). A hole is an object in other plane. It is nothing but a black hole with no connection to things surrounding it.

“Do you wantto hear the truth?

Darn it, here is your unvarnished truth”.

Savior (Oleg Seriy). Ho! Ho! Ho!

They thought they knew words and were clever. They always answered when they were asked, and had no doubts they were right. But in sober fact, they were mere (I’d rather say “nothing but’) humans, one of the monkeys species.

They pronounced different words (for example, “well’, “love’, “honor’, “conscience’, “order’, “piece’) and had no idea what they were talking about. They had even no clue about the sense of any words they pronounced. The only thing that people could do was to repeat, though great monkeys had taught them to do it. Generally speaking, human beings are simply unicellular. They were so dull that even monkeys were cleverer than they. Then, the following question suggests itself: “Why?”

“What else to say these fossils? … Yes! “Danbass don’t bullshit!..”


Firstly, monkeys, unlike people, don’t eat themselves alike.

Secondly, monkeys are teachable and trainable (as, for example, when on oneof the islands a monkey began to wash sweet potato, after a short while all the monkeys started to do this; what for should they eat sweet potato with the sand?), and people are quite the contrary (eat “sweet potato” with the sand instead of washing it or, as the saying goes “people lap it up all the same”).

Thirdly, monkeys can settle it among themselves and harmoniously coexist, unlike people who kill themselves alike by means of pseudo-wars, pseudo-medias, pseudo-science, pseudo-religion, pseudo-culture, pseudo-banks and so on.

Fourthly, monkeys have sex whenever they want and not when they are paid for or given certain preferences — the way people got used to.

Fifthly, monkeys help each other in time of need working on the principle of mutual supportiveness and not pass by — the way people got used to.

And finally, sixthly, monkeys are more adequate in terms of clothes’ choice unlike people — monkeys wear their natural clothes the Mother-earth endowed them with and unlike people don’t hide their charms and virtues from the rest of the world.

So, I hope, it became quite evident to you that people are at a lower stage of transformational growth than the monkeys. If not — read from the beginning one more time. If you do not understood again while you are reading this line again, so this book is not for you.

“Each man is God (multicellular) by his potential, made after the image and likeness of the Creator. And if he, the man, fails to develop his godlike abilities, he becomes a moron (unicellular), made after the image and likeness of the Creature”.

Oleg Seriy

Milicents were the busybodies in the unicellular world. Signs “militia”, “police” or “the cops” were placed over their buildings. Their main task was to uncover crimes. And it should be said they understood it in their own way. Rather than to entrap the criminals, villains and bastards, they entrapped decent people (usually not that shifty and sly) while beating the shit out of them (literally) or to death (for real) with their rubber truncheons. To stay alive, a decent man had to confess crimes he’d never committed. Thus, the crimes were “uncovered” well. The papers and mass-media of the unicellular were announcing that now and again.

The unicellular used to drink and smoke thus killing themselves daily. Moreover, the unicellular applied toxic chemicals to “preen feathers”. A typical unicellular yearly poured two liters of shampoo over him. Female species covered their nails with lacquer — an order of eleven millimeters each year, and ate up an order of 100 grams of lipstick; and another 20 grams of “women’s lips” were eaten up by male species. These same male species coated themselves by more than two meters thick of shaving cream every year. And this is apart from toothpaste, soap, detergents, powders and cleansers… The ambience of the unicellular was so rich with chemistry and synthetics, that every bathroom of unicellular should have born a “chemical hazard” sign. But there were no such signs. Practically all their cosmetics and personal care products contained SLS (poison), and also 15 more similar components… Namely by this reason, shower gels corroded the skin: the cheap and the elite cosmetics were bottled out of a single barrel; the creams contained parabens encouraging cancer; there were mercury, arsenic and lead in the lipstick: and “anti-dandruff” shampoos only produced dandruff; baby cosmetics usually consisted of toxins and lead; fossil oil in various poisonous combinations was present in a lot of beauty products’ along with other chemically dangerous substances… It was just unreal to get to this stuff production site without a gun. And whatever the unicellular were using — they were poisoning themselves with it… That was one of the small deceptions daily suffered by those poor unicellular (deprived of the God the Goody One) … And even this deception was colossal.

“Every few centuries, at the crucial of mankind moments of history, when the evil on the Earth has an opportunity to gain the upper hand, higher forces hire and send a powerful warrior to the Earth. Mysterious son of destiny, about whom one says different prophecies: starting with Nostradamus, the Gospel and till the last prophecy of Fatima. According to the legends and some prophecies, the age of which is more than five thousand years: he was born in the most hidden and inaccessible part of the universe, in the center, from which the whole life originates, and where those are, who invisibly to rules us. ‘He was forged from the iron by the hand of the God, and tempered stronger than steel by the will of Destiny’. He will rule the Earth with his iron hand and will set on the world throne only the worthy candidate. On Earth, as a punishment for his excessive boldness, braveness and fore, he will be forced to fight for her hand and heart. He was seen by many people, the whole world history is often using his name, but nobody knows anything about him for sure. Many thousand years ago he saw evil for the first time, he swore to destroy it… His strength and power is undeniable throughout the universe, and even the Lord of darkness is afraid to deal with him and wants to head up his legions. The Greeks used to call him –Ares, god of war, the Romans — Mars. His armor is not a super costume or super force, but iron will, steel character, unlimited cunning and reckless courage. His freedom-loving and rebellious nature did not allow him to bow to any of the kings. His motto is ‘Justice and Love’. But under this impenetrable armor hides а very different person: not a superman, thin-skinned and inconsolably exhausted by his fate, the same little boy from the garden Eden. But still there is something that is even stronger than him. Will his eternal love manage to break through that armor and get him back to the light until it becomes too late? This is only the beginning of the most famous ancient legend that began even before the foot of the first man stepped on Earth. How will it end? Nobody knows it yet. But eventually we all will find that out”.

Phillip Victor Drobin Dvalva

Well, firstly, the most mighty warrior is getting his mission not once in several, but once in many centuries. Secondly, nobody assigns his missionsto him, he takes it himself. Thirdly, he is already tired of those missions and striving for rest. Fourthly, The Warrior is not his name… Well, he has a lot of names. But just three of them are the key ones: stage 1: Lucifer (Eden is his deployment site; evolution); stage 2: AntiChrist (Hell is his deployment site; degradation), stage 3: MaRiCaBo (Earth is his deployment site; evolution). And on the Earth, he was forced to fight to get as much as Eve herself (in various incarnations preceding the Universal Coronation). He loved her, seduced, and fucked her once back in Eden being the Supreme Angel called Lucifer (which means literally Bringing Light). Yes, he really was, and is, brave and impertinent enough to woo Eve, but he is also modest and vulnerable, and this side of his life is nearly unknown… He is cruel, but he feels real pity for all he punished or is punishing. He is wise, but you will hardly manage to find a better fool. Well, that is The One, full of contradictions and conformities, randomness and regularity, strength and weakness, love and hatred, wisdom and stupidity, good and evil…

When a unicellular is talking to the Lord, it is called Prayer,

but when the Lord is talking to a unicellular, it is called Schizophrenia.


But let us get back to the World of Unicellular… How was it created?!? Well, there is a theory… About the one who has created those unicellular along with their world (actually, their turmoil) … The theory was developed by a great poster called Shiga (rated as Spartacian). By the time of our discovery of his great Unicellular World Creation Theory, he had already made as much as 3110 posts. He is from Sarani. And his theory is from there too.

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Post subject: The official religions of the Flash Mob party.

Jamgihism. Introduction

Me, “Guru”, Farid Al-Sarani Ibn Rinat Ibn Halfimulla Ibn Harryfulla Ibn Gurubuddhas present a new faith to all those living on the Earth. This is a religion which is the kindof a prophecy written from the words of an anonymous guy. Let’s call him this way — the Dude — just to be precise. So the Dude revealed a horrible story to me — the whole world is created by Jamgick — the God of Pot and Moochingaround who is the highest being as far as a real Jamgiman understands it. Well, I did write the story but in a condition the Dude was any folk could have made a hash of it. In short, believe me or not but it goes as follows.

The book of Jamgihism. Chapter one or the Holiest book about life, things and him.

1. How Jamgick created the World.

At first there was a word and the word was (actually two words) — Wonna gorge! There was Jamgick, a good fella who was living peacefully in one of the ghettos of the Universe until buggers got to him. Give away, they say, all the pot you have. And Jamgick told “mother fucker” and there was “mother fucker”. Jamgick took a gun tube and smacked some bugger on the dome and there started butchery. Blood, flying bodies and teeth on the concrete. To cut it short, Jamgick bumped the buggers off and there was nowhere to bury them, so, damn it, he created the Earth and settled down there, grew pot and other grass to make life brighter or else you can’t get fried up. He created vegetables and beasts of all kinds just to nibble on them. Some kinds of donkeys were created — just to take a few examples — hipplohonuses and damnasayisits. Then he took to making topography (what a superb designer he was). He went to stool — there you have America. He spread out his pot to dry it — there you have Kazakhstan. He founda place to cool his booze — there you have Russia. So, he tortured our poor old Earth in a big way. He lived on and all the time he lacked imagination as for human elements. For the time being…

2. How Jamgick has created all this people?

In short, Jamgick sat on a stone, read Charles Marx and smoked pot. Well, he became woozy and had some glitches. In such condition of complete detachment Jamgick also has created Admin and Pleva (according to the image of his glitches). Admin and Pleva were rubbing along the same as ever around the Chujsky valley. Jamgick spoke: “Live on a horse-radish, even do not pay the rent. But remember, if you smoke pot from a sacred tree of Hemp, a piss-up will be with you on a horse-radish. Ask Mahmud fora pot”. So, Admin and Pleva lived and lived till they have smoked all pot of Mahmud. And Mahmud did not collect a new crop, a bastard. So, comes and speaks to the Admin and Pleva: “Why do you behave as Chupakabras? There are much pot on sacred tree, and Jamgick will grow up more — he is a great master of his business”. So, they also have blown a sacred pot, and they were so flattened and covered that they have departed from the Chujsky valley to Magadan. Jamgick has told: “And! fucking hempsmokers, caught it at last! Well, live as you want. It is up to you, but never cross the threshold of my place.”

3. On Stone and Afiga.

Admin and Pleva have moved more to the centre and have lodged at one pusher’s summer residence. They had two sons — Stone (in honour of a stone, on which Jamgick sat while creating people) and Afig (A fig knows why he was named in such a way!). Stone traded at east market, and Afig — on western. Stone was doing quite bad, it was necessary even to pledge the house in “Currencies-transits”. And Afig at the same time bought Audi. Wow!!! So, Stone rated on Afig to cops, saying that his brother sells moonshine. In short, Stone was a rat. Oh! And Jamgick speaks: “Do not rat on, do not polish off and do not bump off other men”.

4. About Gnoah and his steamboat.

The dudes were rubbing along the same as ever. They were reveling so much that even things get a little wild and wooly. But somehow many guys began to treat themselves to some moonshine, cocaine and acid. Jamgick looked around, inhaled and said: “Hey, dudes, you are flipped over. I’ll get you done”. And decided to send all them to the damned bottom. But still not all of them. There was a guy, called Gnoah. So he was a true fan of Jamgick and a follower, so were his relatives. In short, Jamgick told him: “Let’s cut the bullshit, soon there will be a flood — all the central regions will be damned submerged. Weather forecast will inform nothing. In short, build the steamboat, take your relatives, and different animals to eat, and get out of here as soon as possible”. Gnoah built the steamboat and called it “Titanic”, dragged different animals and sailed along the lines of Turkish coast. Suddenly it rained and everything was submerged. They didn’t sailed to Turkey, portable radio set didn’t work — game over, in short. People sailed, smoke pot, ate the half of the animals. After their gorging the dinosaurs disappeared, and Yeti, Heffalumps, mammoths too and other membersof “Red List” of that time. Sometime in September they stopped (the coal ended up). What to do? They let out the parrot, called one-eyed Jabberwocky, who flew back in few hours with twig of hemp. It flew back smiling, blinking with one eye and said: “There are Armenians, growing hemp”. Gnoah says: “What is the shit with you, bla-bla, fly again and take the wonga, bring everything!”. In short after few days they boarded near the mountain Ararat (it’s named in honor of the football club) and founded the city of Chubankan.

5. About Araman and bunko.

Jamgimen were just living and puffing. Their town Chubankan was really prospering, even the Olympiad was taking place there.

But Jamgick decided to check whether local authority, well-known by everybody as Araman (he is probably Armenian), would bunko him. Jamgick is coming to Araman and saying: “You think that you are the real jamgiman. I think so too, but I doubt this a little bit. In short, I decided to check… Shit… I needto think up something… OK… You and your son Ssuck won’t be smoking pot for one year. You can trade it, cultivate it but don’t dare to smoke it or in that case I will come and fuck up your business”. Araman doesn’t really have a predilection for pot, but his son does… In short, it was rather hard task. When Ssuck came home he saw that his father was in mourning.

— What happened, kingpin? Did footpads were bothering you? –Ssuck said.

— Oh no, sonny, Jamgick, damn it, was here. He tells that we are not able to smoke pot for whole year.

— Motherfucker! OK, father, if Jamgick has said. Are we louts? We are if we won’t listen to him. Do you understand that bunko is the rotten business?

— You are telling the real thing, sonny. Let it be.

So, they hadn’t been smoking for a whole year. And than Jamgick came to their house and have gave them pipe, so they smoked together selected Hawaiian pot. Araman became the real jamgiman since that time, because he didn’t disobey the Jamgick order.

6. On maturganchiks.

Chubankan became the capital of Jamgick National Republic. All people were prospering, but suddenly their lousy competitors showed up in the shape of malicious maturganchiks.

Maturganchiks (from the word matur (the Old Honduran language) i.e. a cock) are the inhabitants of Maturgan, a city in the east of the land (in short, to get there by taxi appeared to be rather expensive). Maturganchiks confessed tubanacockizm, that is a malicious religion based on the use of heavy drugs. In their aggressive activity, maturganchiks used nuclear, chemical and bacteriological weapons that completely contradicted the ideology of jamgihism.

Maturganchiks started their acts of aggression towards Jamgick Republic what entailed a long and bloody war which eventually resulted in Chubankan downfall. On that site, maturganchiks founded Abyrvalk City. Every single Jamgiman was sentto a concentration camp and was subjected to a policy of genocide. People were poisoned with gas, forced to use heroin, to smell glue. In short, there was a gang rule. As for Jamgick, at that time he left on business. In short, the Jamgimen were like dead meat. Besides, maturganchiks processed all the chronic and made synthetic pot of it. In short, there was a hunger in the country — there was no hmp, no pot, no freedom as well. Uprisings were under way. In Bumburistan, Abdulla Ben-Anasha-Ali excited a rebellion and formeda proletarian-potty republic. But contrary to the Geneva agreements, maturganchiks applied air-cushion chariots in combats and won a victory having bumped off Abdulla and his brothers in mind. Soon maturganchiks published the law “On Jamge” where jamgahism was completely forbidden, and they started propagating rotten tubanacockizm. In short, only Kutakpas City was free from maturganchiks where there lived the descendants of Araman. They became a stronghold of the resistance rising all over the republic. Liberation was not far off.

7. About the commander Moishe Rabinovich and all-time jamga.

A large army, headed by Moisha Rabinovich, was gathered in Kutaklas. Moisha was a brutal warlord. In short, he gathered an army and moved to Abyrvalk. They came to town, and metin a battle with the army of maturganchiki. Moishe used the secret plan, called “Polish off the assholes” and took the initiative in the battle. But then maturganchiki began to use cluster bombs, which spray during the explosion radioactive gas “Purgen”, which caused unprecedented at the time diarrhea for jamgimen. Maturganchiki squeezed jamgimen into the ring and began to take them off in full, but then Jamgick came back from the mission. He looked at this act and stunned. With a cry “our people are beaten” he threw all the celestial jamga to the battle, and his favour helped a lot to defeat maturganchiki, who were thrown away to their fucking historical homeland. Jamgick built a wall for them that prevented them from more attacks on jamgimen. And jamgimen went into mourning — all the land of their republic was deteriorated because of the gas “Purgen”, and there was no place to plant grass. Well, Jamgick says to Moishe: “In short, take your fucking people, go to the big mountain, then go right, then left and then straight, and then you will see a Giant valley by Lenin, where the river Chu flows. A lot of grass grows there and climate is good, you will live there”.

8. About path-guiding of Moisha Rabinovich.

In short, Jamgimen, in the head of Moisha, went to the Chujsky valley. Long and long they went there. The people started to ascent the fucking-up to Jamgick himself. By-turn Moisha persuaded jamgimen as he could, like: “All fine, in short, we’re almost there”. And so they went further. Generation of jamgimen has passed but there was no sight of the valley. They have exhausted all their stocks. At that moment Moisha decided to contact Jamgick himself. So was dip to the astral world (computer network of those days) and sent a letter to Jamgick: “People demand bread, grass and circuses. Something must be done”. And so Jamgick had sent Moisha a fax with holy conceptions of true jamgiman. Here is the full text of this letter:

“Jamgick is the main god, as he is a real dude. Those who say that Jamgick isn’t real is a hell of a deadman walking. Jamgick has a full name, that is Abdul-Jamja Valdemarovich Ibn-Chupakabra Singh-Zilberman. Jamgick created the Earth and all the inhabitant dudes. All the birds have to acknowledge Jamgick asa real guy. All the people, oder guys, oder dudes are named jamgimen. Every real jamgiman must live by the rules.


1. Don’t polish off other guys.

2. Don’t pinch.

3. Don’t wax other dudes and chicks.

4. Don’t say that Jamgick is not a real man. Damn, Jamgick is a dudester.

5. Don’t come up with different glitch stuff, which would replace you pot and hemp.

6. Jamgick is a real man, he is the supreme dude and no other is higher above him.

7. So… there are seven days… got it? Jamgick says: “Real men work hard all week, and then at Saturday they sleep on their beds and smoke some pot”. People would ask: “What about Sunday?” — and Sunday is katzenjammer!

8. Jamgick says: “Every man has to respect his ancestors. Otherwise is fatality will be”.

9. Don’t feel your neighbor’s mouth, “cause jamga will come and fucking hara-kiri will be for you!

10. Jamgick doesn’t care about your moral and material appearance in this world.

Yours Sincerely, Jamgick”.

Then, in short, Moisha came to jamgimen with all that pot and got stoned. Most of the people got trashed with heroin and raised a monument to Matur, sovereign god of maturgans. “What the hell! In every hole and in the crotch crack I’m gonna pump you dry”, — said Moisha to jamgimen gently. And from that moment lots of repressions piled up from Moisha and Jamgick. Every junkie was impaled and stringed up on a gibbet, all the others forced to memorize “War and Peace”. After mass genocide jamgimen went forward. They went and went. And then hunger came upon them, all the pot stock swapped on food. And then Moisha started begging. And Jamgick sent them heavenly jamga and beer of “Karaganda”, and the people satisfied their hunger. Eventually Moisha died somewhereby the road, before he reached the Chujsky valley, but his people did and they established there new city called Ahalay-Mahalay.

9. On the 2nd war with maturganchiks or war after Pumpururum.

About one hundred years ago a wise and a fair ruler Hashish Maganbershovich governed the Second Folk Republic of Jamgiland, as Jamgimen named their new state. He became famous for extended the borders of the republic to the hemp fieldsof Afghanistan. The republic prospered and became basis of peaceful international relations. Anyway, but in the west there were dark business with participation of maturganchiks. With the help of diplomacy, bribes and force, they achieved the destruction of wall and confession of the fascist state in a world association. In union with the puppet state of Pumpururum (being in the neighbourhood with the Second Folk Republic Jamgiland) they founded the union of “Tupakaban”, having a goal to take fertile earths of Jamgiland and set them with different muck. Aggression, that was undertaken by maturganchiks, was based on permanent boundary collisions with Jamgimen, but in one not very much zany day, the army of “Tupakabana” passed a border and began to bump off peaceful citizens from crapguns. Hashish ordered his troops to gather and go out to the borders of the republic, but there was an autumn, and it was rather difficult to collect an army, because all flew away in nirvana after the great day of liberation (on November, the 7th). Well and Hashish made statements on radio: “Hey, people, you are sweaty dude, don’t you understand anything. Till you grab some grub, rotten maturganchiks took Kem. Such problems we have, and you, damn… Jamgimen — you are great people. You were bumped off, and you got up on feet and hollowed all the way.

But now time changed and a grass is not a controlling thing in our life, in fact our freedom is set on a stake. Hey, men, be my guest on raising the country. You are the real fighters and all are end, who are against you. Maturganchiks-freaks will go away from our earths, and after our victory we will arrange such booze-up that all cunt will come.

Get up a country is enormous,

Get up on a death fight

With fascist force dark

All will be a tryn-grass”.

The Fucking-Up has reached people and they finally pulled up their socks. The Jamgimen’s army was gathered ina moment. And now on the battlefield face to face there are two hand-picked armies of two unappeasable cities: Maturgan (“The Servants of Evil” army) and Ahalay-Mahalay (“One-night Stand” army). Our guys wore the red uniform, hostiles — the blue one. Guests were the first to take the initiative; they even dared to give a bloody nose to our officers. And the only respond the “red guys” could give, was to make some distant slams towards the guests’ left flank. By the thirty minute “One-nights” took a chance for countercharge supported widely by the defense regiments in the trains’ area. A couple of times the guests’ General helped them out with his adroit defense commanding. Still, by the time of a break the hosts succeeded to open a score — the right hand rifles section has been completely knocked out. After a little rest the guests took a plunge into an adventure, throwing the trains for attack. And it’s been their last and critical mistake in the match. Jamgimen burst into the center and crashed the whole central platoon nimbly; they had exterminated the General and the good halfof his defenders. Domination of the “Reds” lasted till the very ending of the match. At last there comes the final whistle, everyone rush to whack the Blue ones. Hashish cries out “Whack the gaylords!” and the circle with the locked-on maturganers started to shrink (and so did the gigi by the way). Suddenly the huge Pumpurum’s platoon showed underhandedly. “Trick bag” said Hashish and rushed to the battle in the first flight. Having whacked twenty six deadbeats from the neighboring country Hashish missed the sudden kick at his jaw made with a baseball club (made of aluminum) and then had been taken to the intensive care. Now Brigadier General of liberation army in the Fucking-Shitty region Ykvambur Armorwind Chimny took the command. He gripped AK and with the yell “Tweak the dickhead’s ass!” dashed to a battle, just like Hashish did before. The battle lasted for three days and three nights and, finally, on the dawn of the fourth day, the exhausted troops of Jamgiland risked for the last maneuver. They had dug a huge gap underneath the Pumpurum’s camp and sent it into the pit of hell. The celebration of the victory lasted for twenty weeks and the three-year stockpile of pot, which has become six fold cheaper now, has been smoked out. Hashish recovered and presented Chimny with the medal of Marks the Saint. Pumpurum’s and maturganchiks’ fate had been determined after the celebration. Pumpurum was transformed into Proletary-Potty High Republic (as a part of Jamgiland), while the maturganchiks were deported to the immense vastness of Sahara Desert, that has thrown them back for a several centuries in their evolution. But with this war some independent sects have appearedin the Jamgihism teachings…

10. On the independent flows in jamgihism.

The giving up smoking of pot and non-interference of Jamgick in the war served as catalyst for some changings in jamgihism. As a result, some isolated flows arised: orthodox jamgihism, material jamgihism and real jamgihism, and also the allegation of some members of the 2 last flows in the alternative jamgihism. And if the first two went on living by “Lawsof Moishe”, three other flows significantly reformed the faith.

A) The material jamgihism.

The materialists founded the flow because of non-interference Jamgick in the second war. They grounded the teaching as sincere faith in Jamgick — as a real creature, but in the same time they do not consider him to be a God and generally deny any God worship. They consider Jamgick to be some kind of the guy living highly in mountains and smoking pot. Of course, Jamgick has paranormal capabilities in their comprehension, but nevertheless he is material and his death is quite possible. In opinion of materialists, Jamgick did not create the Earth, but brought people exactly from the previous place of residence. The materialists also use grass in the achievement of higher beatitude, as well as orthodox persons do. Practically they do not differ from orthodoxies in culture, but they do not wear sacred amulets with jamga, unbelieving in its divine origin.

The follow the conceptions, which do not concern the divine origin of Jamgick; and where they are, the concepts are important, they walk around it a side. As well as Jamgick.

B) Real Jamgihism.

Realists believe in Jamgick as well as orthodox Jamgiman and their main difference is they don’t smoke the pot. It has been just after the war — many citizens had seen that they were able to live without pot and it was quite good and it was even healthy, because nobody forbade drinking beer {}. In some months after the war some plantations with hemp were closed and there was hop planted. Realists understand that the excessive use of hemp reduce to moral decay of jamgimen, but at the same time they consider that at the higher level of society’s development it will be possible to live without pot.

C) Alternativists have joined two previous movements in one new movement which became the most progressive (but not the most veritable in understanding of orthodoxies). Alternativists stopped to smoke pot and recognized Jamgick as a dude — as in materialism. In short, they have united 2 steams and became as atheists (not in all but they did it). In the doctrine they are based all on the same war. About it tells their slogan “Without the pot and Jamgick, but with life”. From concepts of Moishe they took only morally-ethical (if so it is possible to call them). Despite of such split, jamgihism unlike other religions hasn’t broken up, and continued to exist, as it there was the most democratic religion at that time.

Hashish concluded the alliance with representatives of all currents jamgihism and has collected “Council of beliefs” which has designated near future contours. It has served the creation in the future in Jamgiland the first communistic state in the world.

11. On unreal types to Pupkin Mumbling.

Nearly in 50 years in Jamgiland the presidential elections was organized, and orthodox Avtol Kamasutrov won. But he was killed by the mercenary, employed by militant neighbour of Jamgimen — kingdom of Vaflogonia. Vaflogonia has coveted for a long time prospering and peace Jamgiland.

But forces were unequal, and they have wanted to bring distemper in republic. Soon there were intense situation on the border of two states. Jamgick party of national liberation, named by Hashish, has sent fighting detached forces to the country borders. Then, the people’s volunteer corps was organized in republic, which was headed by Pupkin Mumbling, the football player of local team “Spartak” (Ahalay-Mahalay). Soon residents of Vaflogonia have decided that it will be too dangerousto war and have sent heavy tank artillery to the line of borders. Our folk were not armed with such thingamajigs, but we surpassed the enemy in number. In the morning of the fifth day Pupkin left to border with a red flag, on which “Fucking Vaflogonia” was written. In response, residents of Vaflogonia have sent the detached force “Golopas”, armed cap-á-pie. It was difficult for Pupkin to withdraw, and he accepted battle in jungle nearby. It looks like he might be faced bigger difficulties playing football (especially in matches with CSKA — there were more boundless fights in general, the list of victims exceeds some thousands among them –footballers, fans, cops and casual passers-by). Now he also has made an attempt to interrupt these birdbrains by turns. At first he has got the old revolver that was presented to him by his grandfather, who was the veteran of People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs. Mumbling learned different barbarities from his grandpa, which he wanted to apply. Having used radio to call reinforcement, he took cover in the tree cave and began to shoot scuts, screaming “You won’t escape! Punishing eye of hell will rip out your heart. I appeal to your stinking bodies to leave this perishable earth, otherwise judgment of Great Lord will be inevitable. Fanatics, you’ve come to chasten us, but you goofed up. You’ve got no brain-box to put your thinking-cap on! Ha-ha-ha!” While Mumbling was talking that bull shit, thought out just on the spot, the reinforcement group “Good guys” rushed through the overgrowth of poppy. So long and full of fun that rushing was… Captivating odor was suppressing the attack, but when Mumbling began to speak on the importance of cannabis cultivation in conditions of the far north, our folk approached to the “boneheads” from the back. Sudden attack provoked hand-to-hand fight. Pupkin rushed out from the tree cave and kicked the reproductive organ of one scut. Of course it was inhumane, but it’s war… “Good” were kicking scuts’ asses actively. They were striking their heads and kidneys with legs. Then, after pronouncing the watchword “Keep in mind — I’m not kind. Bump off the fags!”, they began committing such barbarities as “kidney extraction”, “splitting of peroneal bone into 4”, “sucking out of brain”, and (my favourite) “ear lobes and nostrils evulsion with obligatory feeding them to the victim”. In short, people had a lot of fun… Having sent bodies of the scutsto their camp, our folk were tarrying for the reaction. Corpses came to the enemy camp with the ultimatum, in short, its meaning was “You mother fuckers, wanna pop off the hooks in the same way? Fuck off! You’ll be fucked up! We’ll come in the morning and will rip out your nostrils”. The scuts were unreal dudes and dumped a load, so the territory became contaminated at least for forty years. Having left all the armaments, these bozos ran off from our great land and they had never appeared not only in Jamgiland, butin the world history as well. A whisper goes round that they have committed mass act of hara-kiri. Meanwhile the Jamgimen, having captured enemy tank corps, made a madhouse of the republic. Pupkin Mumbling became the President during the next elections and another peaceful period started in the life of our republic.

OuKB!!! Hey! Hey!

I am kind…

The theory was finished here.

And the practice is beginning…

(!) (P) resident is a resident (in brief “resik”) of the definite country for the definite period. When his division term (the second term is sharing out) of this country is finishing, the president will to be used one (that is second-hand resident of the world government). Unicellular called such persons “ex-presidents”. But face the truth! Aren’t they second-hand?!?

“Some people had side effects from my drug (that are my books), they all (all of them are my children) were possessed of the magic effect. So I’ll say as follows… If you, unicellular, all your life (or rather all your poor existence) didn’t work on your spiritual development, and now you want to know everything for five minutes, — it won’t be. You should put much more time into yourself and your spiritual growth. And if you think that it will be simple — oh, yes! It will be simple. But if you think that it will be easy — oh, not! It won’t be very easy. One can achieve greatness over himself only by laborious work”.


“They put the buckets on their heads in which the holes for eyes were cut. Inside a light bulb was burning, and something was written on it*”.

Yushin V.P., Shchedrovitskiy G.P.

* And the inscription depended on which “God” people worshiped. I’ll enumerate the most diffused illnesses:


– Democracy;

– Terrorism;

– Language;

– Country;

– Religion;

– Science;

– Mass media;

– Medicine;

– Studies;

– Social classes;

– Borders;

– Fashion;

– Sex;

– Female or male;

– Death and many — many others…

Unicellular: Why do the governments finance nothing, besides their breeding?

Multicellular: Because they are unicellular states!!!

“I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but I am a citizen of the world”.


“My aim is to save the fallen (thanks to me and to you as well) mankind, but not to frighten it, so if you don’t understand a thing without fear…”

О.S. (ex-Lucifer, his name is Legion)

Attention. Parenthetic remark…

So, I’d like to tell you that sex between Angels (starting from Lucifer and so on) and Human Beings (starting form Eve and so) is more or less all right. But when you start to realize that you are both — an Angel and a Human, you really go outof mind…

“Putting swindlers into jail has always been my hobby.

Or at least putting them in pre-trial detention center.

Then I realized that they should be just shot”.

The author of anything and something

Anunaki: Tell us, MaRiCaBo, why people don’t buy “The Salvation Book from the Doomsday 2012–2013” and don’t save themselves?

MaRiCaBo: The fact is, oh, Mighty, that they are extremely dumb. I know people like no one else. I’ll give an example. We were selling water filters, but people didn’t want to buy them, “cause the water they were drinking was pure by sight. We had to invent an appliance for a visual demonstration of that waterto unicellular, I mean, for a quality check. Those appliances were called “TDS transducer” and “electrolyzer”. And when water turned black or green in front of their eyes, their eyes were opening wider, thus, our filters found a ready sale!..

Anunaki: Do you want to tell us that they should see Nibiru, X Planet, our Gerkolubus, with their own eyes so they could believe it?!?

MaRiCaBo: Yeah, right! Unicellular are stupid bastards. They do not look into the microscope at water they drink and food they eat. Their bodies forgot how to determine which food is good and which is not, because everything they eat is a sheer crap. It’s all the same with Gerkolubus. While some scientists and amateurs are looking into telescopes — that’s one thing, they see Gerkolubus. But when they clearly see that it is moving right at them and they’re gonna be totally fucked up, then they start thinking of it. Yeah.

Anunaki: A-a-ah… Then we’ll come and show them who the boss is here!!!! Am I right, brothers and sisters?!? What do those unicellular say? Okay?

MaRiCaBo: Okay, okay…

Anunaki: Well, totally okay… Wait…

“Why don’t You take on and write on behalfof the Devil…

Do You figure it to be easy?..”

Oleg Seriy, the leader of all The Seriy and not only of them (O.S.)

So… What exactly are these very humans? Dumb cattle?.. No, of course not.

Humans have fallen so much behind monkeys in their evolutional progress that they don’t even belong to the category of cattle, let alone the animal kingdom. So, to what kingdom do the humans belong, if not to the animal one?!?

“I accomplished the reset of Matrix real-time”.


Humans belong to human kingdom. Textbooks define it correctly, but it was forgotten to define the very “human kingdom”?! ?

Well then, the human kingdom is the world of the unicellular, in other words, the world of morons. If they weren’t morons, their world as well as their system of matrix wouldn’t be unicellular.

(!) The unicellular are the ones having only one cell (both in the head and beyond it). They think and take care only of themselves and their own benefit. They care not a snap for the others. They usually live in (!) flats.

(!) The unicellular are the dumb bastardly degenerates (the Zionist wise men introduced a special term for the unicellular, called “akumas”). And they did well! Will you prove me if it’s not so?!?

“Unicellular countries don’t need any patriots, as well as honest and decent people.

They need brute and ignorant bastards”.


“A Man is a Disease! Disease!!!

But there is a cure”.



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