The waterfalls of Meiringen

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The waterfalls of Meiringen

Great love come exactly with the such way

being discovered and unfolded abruptly

like this marvelous countryside

and narrow long valley

where from both sides —

from forests slopes

rushing down, one by one,

these Meiringen’s waterfalls —

in such abundance of beauty, marvels and attraction.

When wanderers meet

equally mesmerizing credit and kindness

and great sympathy

from utterly unknown environment and its people

so hospitable and welcoming.

Of course, dear Erica and Franziska,

in such extraordinarily circumstances

they doomed fall in love forever and instantly

even not knowing and seeing each other distinctly,

even if they living in quite different worlds, cultures and traditions —

this valley creates such wonder and miracle,

where from both sides

have rushed down in deep precinct

the amazing waterfalls of Meiringen.

I also fall in love with you, your town, garden and flowers

so marvelous and unexpectedly

in this country of beauty heiligen.

The country of blossoming positiveness

The Swiss are so obsessed with art and beauty and a warm attitude to everything around them

that even their streets resembling

the paintings of Picasso

from early bright period,

or the works of colorful and light Cézanne.

They, seems to me, simply do not know to live differently,

hardwired strongly — implicitly and explicitly-

to perform, replicate and master

such kind of behavior —

as a result, the whole country

turns into a masterpiece picture,

or an endless beauty museum,

or, if someone likes it better,

for a sanatorium, resort,

where you can heal your shaky nerves a little

and where absolutely everything

will calm you down and bring you to normal condition.

Alas, that so many other countries and nation

simply do not get into this deep secret of all Swiss achievements,

turning own keen attentions only to banks, plants, watches, chemistries

and other economical and business infrastructure.

To unknown lady from Meiringen

Of course, Europeans

have known much more

about our world  and Universe.

They much more respected

not only children, minorities, women rights and rights of disables

and predisposed morally and  lawable

to do  all these  marvelous things and obliges

but also — look for the beautiful garden of this dear frau —

how she can respect lovely and tenderly

not only completely odd and unknown visitors and guests

from far East,

but every flower, tree

and even just green grass

growing up between cracks of concrete.

I was be happy to  live a week in this neat Meiringen cottage,

now I look like ghost

which lost his paradise

and even sense growing jealousy

to the ant and grasshopper

which crawling and sprung in that garden

and to nice chamomiles and red poppies

which blossoming in this nice spot,

so carefully watering and keep

by lovely hands and soul and heart

of quite unknown for me

dear Franziska Steiner —

I have simple not found any words

for express my gratitude

for such credence, respect and hospitality.

I just thought

Europe and Switzerland

informed much better and confident

about deepest secrets of our heart, soul and world,

which helping all these delicate wonders

in our soul and outside realm to unfold.

The heavenly order beginning from your garden

Everything taken own place
in the garden and cottage
of dear Franziska from Meiringen
that maintained by two painters
in order to be even more neat and finer. From various flowers chamomiles, red poppies, roses
planted along the passes
and green  walls of sweet gooseberries, blackberries
and red tomatoes growing on big square pots outside
under shadows of fruit trees — apples, pears
to colorful  books about Shagal, Kaindinsky, Malevich
and great number other books
about secrets of art, education, beauty, gardening, about housing, family life and love
on her library upstairs and downstairs
and oil pictures packed in pile on shelves in basements
and those that hanging on walls of rooms, passages, stairs, and great number others handmade toys, sculptures, models from wood, wool, stone, shell, hard paper
which have been tossed everywhere
in accurate order — on flour, sofa, tables, window-pan    
as finished ideas  and ready for exposure
and many things that waiting for realisation
in this marvelous habitat and lab of constant creation. This is wonderful and fantastic for me!
When absolutely everything  here and there
in the small universe and outside
nested in nicely growing order
which  tending to be
more and more perfect, honed and blissful, so in the end my modest book
about my love and adornment
of Switzerland and Meiringen
will be quite compatible to such environment
blessed, merciful and heiligen.

I miss you and my reality

I miss you, dear friend, so painfully and hopelessly, practically nothing know about your real life
except your capabilities
to get fully and profoundly
to all nature, precepts and precursors
which could produced
such illness, attraction and attachment to you. I thinking about you
day by night
but cannot make
a smallest step 
toward right direction, toward you and your vicinity, my dear. It’s so hard
day by night
kept my thoughts, my imagination, fantasies
tightly attached to you
and yet stayed so far from you
so secluded and abandoned
by the hopelessness, as if I have been
the old-fashioned stone monument
of soviet leaders, forlorn somewhere and ruined
into some backyard or garret. Yes, love made me get out
from this our world
and from the other too
which might to come after our physical ending — it seems to open the door
into quite new third world
where getting inhabited
my strange love
under the quite different sets of laws, defining time, space, our presentences, our senses of what is close and far
and other parameters. I miss you, dear friend, so painfully and hopelessly, practically know nothing about your real life, submerging deeply
into area of total desolation and uncertainty.

The razor-thin competition

(To Douglas Bruce)

Certainly, those who are playing masterpieces   
on this goddess musical instrument, called organ, they get much deeper into the subject
what about I talking here. We need to everything get to done
in our personal work-place
little more precise, better, more resultful and carefully
for understand
how this world of great achievement operate, when those, who extremely skillful, extremely gifted and vigilant, extremely well practiced, honed and gallant
joined to major corporations
for encountering with everything
at razor-thin and cutting-edge competition, make the deal and measuring
when the stake is highest, and the final evaluation has making
with the precision of Plank, if we are wanted to be revive, seriously planning it, without empty fantasy and delusion, if we are tending not only to return
to our best shape, health — but on its base reaching out the best self-realisation
what about no one heard and seen before.. we need to all these things get to done
in our life-time and fate-span
without any excuses and procrastination’s!

And such complex machine
as our life, body and soul, which once upon a time have been given to us, by the long-drudged and heavely loaded
mother of evolution
that unfolding one by one
so unexpectedly and usefully
own deeply nested Quantum wonders and marvels. All this staff which called as our life
supremely deserved to be respected as it worth
and the  best way we can do that
if we will mastering, honing and raising up
our equally wonderful and grateful consciousness
towards it’s universal rate and reinforcement
and transcendence. Certainly, those who  are playing masterpieces
on this goddess musical instrument called organ
they get much broadly into subject what about I talking here.

Make a brilliant choice

From now onward, dear comrades,

In this remarkable age of information

when ignorance might be fatal choice,

we are all can be blessed by a brilliant destiny and excellent life,

because we are absolutely all

have a free access to internet, to the best universities,

to the all financial institutions, to the all cutting-edge achievements,

 to the money keeping banks

and to the genetic banks also,

and knowing how edit and correct mistakes

and enliven and empower ourselves,

and we are coming close as never before

through modern math, physic, cosmology, psychology

to understand who we are and where come from

and where will go?

So absolutely every one of us

from now onward

have not any right for complaining, depressing and failures

because every one of us

have a brilliant childhood, excellent past, education

and went on through

the best practice in all matters, all aspects and attitudes

that need for you for creating marvelous achievements.

Just take all these staff now

and wear on yourself

like the smoking wearing of luckiest person

and make them own, put into own conscientiousness and sub-conscientiousness —

if you do everything with right way,

you will ride the tsunami of success

as never before in our past

when ignorance had ruled and defined us.

The country that smells through by coffee

Absolutely  everything

in this marvelous country

from top to down,

from border with France

to border with Germany,

every corner, every town,

every chapel,

even every street and park,

every nice green promenade,

every cottage on every outskirt,

even soils  under the trees everywhere

its seems to me

are smelling by the excellent coffee

and its leftovers, which gets through

almost everything.

Entire Switzerland has trapped

from top to down

by this perfume.

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