The Velvet Of The Night

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Blow Up The Universe

tell me about a stars shining brightly as your deep eyes,

now tell me about life upon seven sees or above skies,

tell me a secrets that you keep inside,

tell me about a fears or languor or pride!

let show my devotion supported by love and faith,

in the arms of eternity let me open the gates

for relationship… let it be the brand-new kind

let music sounds in your soul for a while…

did you ever see an angel staring blindly?

did you ever hear a voices calling sadly?

before many doors of light and fields of splendor

did you ever want to enter this love’s temple?

i’m bending over your great feelings and passions,

standing down on my knees in the sweetest attraction,

and crushed reputations and broke the rules.

i’ll blow up the universe to being with you!

Painful Love

Love is the night

For love I can fight

You are one of a kind — I need you

Please hold me tight

In deep dark delight

All ever I wanted was you

Love is the pain

It’s going to enslave

Us with the rain of your tears

I’m insane

Entreat you and blame

Love in your heart craves for fears

Leave pain behind

And open your mind

For faith, I shall bring it to you

Choose: death or life

You’re my poison wine

And always push me in gloom

Crying Angel

You are my crying angel

Fall in my arms from heaven and bleed

You are my dying angel

Lost in my eyes but want me and need

Sun burnt your fragile wings

Deserve to die by sword of ruthless grace

You try to fly and never kneel

Ignite from the sun, come to new phase

You are my crying angel

You fly without heartbeat in your chest

You are my dying angel

And always be within an ace of death

Bedrop my icy skin

Release my tired soul to heaven’s freedom

For things I’ve never seen!

You pull me down and start the new dawn

5 June, 2006

Memories Of Me

Feel the poison of last kiss

Can’t wash away it from your lips

Eternity turns to misery

Blind to see my sufferings


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