The vampires

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The fairy-tails about little vampires. There are fairy-tails about the boy and the girl from an ancient lineage. Children have the pets-skeletons. They live in house in the watchtower, which is under the spell from prying eyes. Their neighbors are mummies, witches, dark clowns… They study vampire security! These and many other lovely and kind horror stories you can find in “The Vampires”.

The fairy-tails in the style of “Halloween” all year round! Bedtime stories.

The vampires’ tower

The little vampires live in the darkest watchtower. The tower is made from the stones. It is very old. There is the family’s tower. Since time immemorial, there have been living many generations of vampires. Hankala is the fortress house. It has 25 floors for alive and a crypt for the dead.

On the top they can kindle the signal fire and fend off other vampires. They throw pots of boiling garlic and shoot aspen arrows. People can’t see the tower, because it imposed spell of reflection “prozranesh”. It is an ancient vampires’ witchcraft.

Midnight Hankala is located at the junction of seven countries. Few people now, where is this place. The huge spider on the big spiderweb keeps entrance in the tower. It can catch the intruder with its paws.

There are six loopholes on each floor of the tower. Of them are very comfortable to fly, when little vampire transforms into an owl.

Little vampires have the names — Vampiressa and Durkin. The boy older than girl on the hundred years. Brother and sister are young count and countess from an ancient noble vampires’ lineage. Vampiressa has a magic crown with a snake. Durkin has a magic cloak. They are silvery-haired and green-eyed boy and girl.

Little vampires don’t drink the blood. They like tomato juice. The juice is sold in special donor packages with a straw, or in red capsules. If you throw one in a glass and add water, all will sizzle. After five minutes the tomato juice is ready. You can buy drinks in the e-shop for vampires. Deliveryman is mummy. Mummy always tangles in his bandages.

Little vampires sleep upside down, clinging to the ankles over a ceiling beam.

“It’s time to lunch!” — mother-vampire has said and has given children tomato juice in donor packages.

“Your fang has unstuck!” — Durkin has noticed and has sarcastically laughed.

“So what!” — Vampiressa has offended.

She wears removable fangs-shapes to her real fangs will grow up smooth.

Father-vampire, dog-skeleton, cat-skeleton and bird-skeleton in cage live in the vampires’ tower too. Home ghost lives in tower too. It likes to play with neighbors’ four black cats. It also likes to wear different suits: pirate costume, dog costume, bee costume or gentlemen costume. Dad-vampire says, that it is younger brother.

The ghost says only “My!” and “No!”, so nobody no, who is it. Younger brother leaves traces “by themselves”. When it is sitting on 24th floor, traces is harming on the 1st floor.

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