The vampire in my heart

Бесплатный фрагмент - The vampire in my heart

Everyone bow down before me

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Chapter 1 My heart

Dark gothic castle. My shadow flew to inspect their possessions. Lightning flashes in the distance. Then darkness enveloped these lands. The werewolves on the towers howled again. Two ghouls in a dark casemate actively love each other. Three more joined them. I won’t interfere with them. The shadow flew into the tower. My brides love each other. My beauties. Tired of caresses. Moans of pleasure, cries of joy. Explosions of orgasms. Bodies move on the floor like waves in the sea. Warm bodies. Shadow saw flashes in infrared light. The ladies began to stop. Universal Bliss. They are tired and lie motionless. Beautiful breasts rise with every breath. Well, the ones that are alive. Not vampires like me. The shadow returned back to the throne. He is pleasant and comfortable. Two statues of gargoyles crown her.

The shadow took on the appearance of a vampire in a tailcoat. Paintings on the walls. Ancient old. Strong people on it and inspire confidence. My parents. Mother and father are vampires. when they are still alive. But the idyll did not last long. I don’t want to remember now. Sad. But I don’t intend to grieve. I have a holiday. The picture behind me is where I stand with a sword and a staff. Strong and confident ruler of the world. The large stone on the staff still burns with red fire. The castle behind me flourishes. The painting is ten thousand years old. But I still rule this world. My dominions are flourishing.

The picture of my goddess right in front of my eyes goes up and behind it I see a TV. Turned it on. It is huge and colorful. Every pixel is visible to me. I see a holiday on it. People in the streets are waving the flags of my country. My portraits. Joy and tears of happiness on their faces. They love me. The choristers sing songs in my honor. Little boys in white robes bless passers-by. My religion. This makes them easier to manage. Although at first there were difficulties. The holiday goes on for two weeks. It will culminate the day after tomorrow. When a ship with six astronauts land on another planet. Our Moon. Three vampires and three humans. Two ladies vampire Inessa and human Elena. I personally selected them myself. Slender beautiful. Each will gladly take a place in my harem upon their return. And my best vampire warriors Egor and Igrat. People Timur and Senya. The best representatives of the two peoples.

Even though people got their freedom a hundred and twenty years ago. Before that, our world was amorphous. There was no promotion. Progress. But by freeing some of the human slaves, we got unprecedented progress. All thanks to my goddess terrible and terrible Berry. She ordered me. How grateful I am to her. I am Akbash the head of the planet of vampires. I have enslaved the entire planet thanks to and for the glory of the goddess. I will die for her. Decided to get on my knees and thank her. And at the same time indulge in carnal pleasures with her. She is a generous goddess. We bathe with her in a bath of blood. From this one thought, saliva filled his mouth and the friend got excited.

— O my goddess of Darkness show me the way and show me your divine face. I am your servant until the end of time. You have guided me to this day.

Hello my servant. — The goddess appeared in the form of a child. The white dress fluttered with every movement she made. She is different today. Good thing. But I loved her only in her adult form. Although I am evil, I have principles. (Of course, we will believe in it).

— Oh my goddess. You’re so beautiful. Stand in your habitual form before my eyes and let us indulge in pleasures.

She is silent. He beckons me to him. I rise from my throne and take off my clothes as I go. She is already naked. Juicy strong. Passionate. Sweat drips down her thighs. She is ready for love. She gestures for a bath. There is blood in it. We go into it.

Don’t worry, it’s not real blood. — Whispers the voice of the goddess burning with passion. — Try it.

I drink. This is nectar. Forces flow into me. She fills her hand and holds it out to me. It tastes even better with her hands. Manna fills me. I kiss. She smiles. Spreads legs. And we love each other tenderly and passionately. Her juicy breasts are like glove in my hands. She’s not breathing, and neither am I. She is a goddess and I am her lover. How could I serve another god than her. She is my world. The best of my mistresses. But longing floats on her passionate face. What she doesn’t like. I increase the pressure. But there is no effect. I lick my chest. Moans of pleasure are heard throughout the castle. The werewolves howled again and began to love each other. Here are the animals. Their groans and cries are heard for many kilometers. In the village at the foot of the cliff where people celebrated my castle. But after hearing these moans, people on the streets began to love each other just the same. Universal orgasm. And an explosion. I hugged the goddess. She kisses my neck. She is soft today. Sad. What happened? He licked his pointy ears. Lovely. They stirred with pleasure. How good. But then the goddess removed the bathtub with her hand. Dressed and dressed me.

— I have a problem’s. A strong enemy wants to attack my lands. You need to destroy him.

— I’m glad to serve you goddess. I am glad to give my life for her. And looking forward to new adventures. After such an award from her, I am ready for anything. The party outside continued. «I will gather all the warriors. There are excellent ghoul soldiers and werewolves. The serfs from my towns and villages will gladly die for me. And for you my goddess. In their religion, they consider me a god.

— It’s a little different. — The goddess standing next to me with two ponytails in her hair and horns began to joyfully jump from foot to foot. — You will go alone. O my servant. And try to be better.

— What? — I don’t understand? The goddess of evil that I have served for thousands of years. Sacrificed entire countries and continents asking me the vampire lord to be kind.

— Leave immediately. You yourself will understand everything. You’ll figure out what to do. Farewell, my faithful Akbash. I will erase your memory after three hours of arrival. Write down more spells and potion recipes when you find yourself in a new place. Then at eighteen I will find you and return the memory. Don’t worry, it’s necessary for business.

A dark entity emerged from the hands of the cutie. She enveloped me and I fell into it. I felt the fear of death. But I knew that I would not die. I cannot die. Evil is immortal. Strong blow to the head.

— Boy, who are you? — Said a boy of about five. Straw hat and hoodie. He is a follower of my religion. But where are the religious markings on the neck from the transfusion syringes?

«Mortal, how dare you speak to me first?» Wait until I contact you. I said angrily. My previously formidable strong voice. Which inspired fear and awe in the hearts of enemies, became the thin voice of a boy. I examined my hands. Where are the claws. What is this thin human hand. Touched his face. Where are the fangs? What a face. Where is the crooked nose? — Become a bat. — But nothing happened.

— And you’re strange, I don’t want to be a bat. They are vile. — Said the girl in the blue dress. Yellow hair and freckles. So cheerful. Delicious.

— You are my food. I’m probably hungry and I don’t have the strength. «I bit the girl. But the blood didn’t come out. My teeth can’t bite through her thin skin either.

— That’s a fool, he took it into his head to bite. — Said the girl and gave a slap in the face. «At least give me some candy first.»

I felt in my pockets. Notepad with pen and candy. My candy. With my picture. Serfs cooked in factories for their serf children. I am a generous ruler. I gave it to the girl. She happily ate it. I still wouldn’t taste it.

— We should show him to the headman. He decides what to do with it. You can see it in the clothes. He is from the city. Beck.

I got up from the ground. What a rag on me. Scarlet velvet pants and robe. This is not my color. There are no my coats of arms and symbols.

— Send a stranger. — Said the boy and went along the path.

I looked around, the forest is everywhere. Only this path. Everything is covered with moss and lichen. I am the same height as them. I’m five years old. I remembered my childhood. Tens of thousands of years ago. I was him. Child. Memory almost erased this time. A carefree vampire boy who lives in my father’s castle. At the age of eight, he fed me for the first time. First victim. The taste of blood.

I liked the view of the rural village. Small brick houses with tiled roofs. Mentally imagined them on fire. Put up peaks and pierce all the inhabitants. Arrange a feast. He smiled.

— Yes, we have a beautiful village. I like her too. — Said the girl and took my hand

I felt her warmth. Never experienced this. The village was bustling with life. The men cleaned the plows and pitchforks. Saws and braids. Two men were sawing a log. A beautiful sawmill near the river worked with might and main. The windmills spun with the wind. Good new possessions for me.

A beautiful girl came to meet us. I would make love with her. I walked over, knelt down and said so directly.

— Pretty lady. Do you want to make passionate love in my hall? To the sounds of bone drums and the light of bonfires.

— Ouch. The lady was clearly in shock. — You’re too young for this. — She gave me a flick. — Grow up then offer this. Although I was glad to hear it.

Schelban was sick. The feeling is familiar, but long gone. Pain. Raised my hand

— Spell dope love. But there was no effect. How much mana do I have? What? There is very little of her. Compared to my past powers.

You are too small for such spells. A man in his forties stepped out into the street. In a light leather jacket.

— Uncle Elder Mizael. We found this boy on the path. — Said the boy in the red shirt coming up to his uncle. He must be from the city. See what expensive clothes he has on.

— That’s it. Uncle turned to me. Are you lost guy? Or escaped from the city? What’s your name?

— No, I’m not from the city. I won’t say where I’m from or my name. It’s a secret. — Tell them who I didn’t want them to.

— He hit his head. Look, uncle. — Said the girl, pointing to my head. The elder looked at me.

— I really see a bump. He probably doesn’t remember who he is. I’ll write a letter to the local adventurer’s guild. If his parents are looking for they will come for him. Until then, what about you?

— Let him live with me. — Said the beautiful aunt. — I live alone with my daughter. No husband. And the man does not fit in the house. Although he is still a boy.

— Yes, mother, let him live with us. And then I got tired of Kirk. I don’t want to play with him. — Said the girl and pushed the boy to Kirk. He just yelped in pain.

— Well, Tamara, so be it.

I was taken to her house. What a pigsty I thought. I was taken to my room and leaving the clothes on the bed the ladies left. The girl blew a kiss goodbye. You are small for me. I sat down at the desk. He remembered the instruction of his goddess and began to write down everything he remembered about potions and alchemy in a notebook. Soon I will forget about everything. It’s strange to know this. Who will I wake up to? Curiosity played in me. It hasn’t been like this for a long time. Start from scratch. Here is the test. He scribbled all over the notebook and fainted.

Chapter 2 The New Me

I woke up with no memories. Touched his head. Cone. Head is spinning.

— How did I get here? And who am I? — I walked around the room. Things on the bed. Put them on. Comfortable. Notebook. I read it. Strange letters and drawings. I didn’t recognize the language. Will I be able to read them. But from the drawings I can understand that these are herbs and flowers. Maybe a potion mix. The author of these drawings is a master. I took a piece of coal and tried to repeat the drawing. I couldn’t. It didn’t turn out right. I tried to repeat the text. Not my handwriting. Looked around the room. Small but clean, smells like flowers. On the shelf of a book. I could read their name. But I liked one thing more than others, «Raguel the Conqueror of Heights.» Probably an interesting book. Must read. But I’m small and couldn’t reach the shelves.

Left the room. A beautiful lady stood next to the table and poured tea for a little girl. She dangled her legs merrily and sang a song. I liked them so much. Not knowing what to do, I approached the lady.

— Are you my mom? I remember nothing.

— Ouch. You have changed. The beautiful aunt put down the teapot and knelt down. Consider me your mother if you wish. You are such a sweet boy. Finally, tell us your name. — She hugged me. So nice. So I’m at home.

— I don’t remember. But I like the name Raguel.

— Mom means you decided to adopt him. — The girl asked happily and approached us.

— Irka. He looks so much like my husband. Your folder Victor. He went to war and never returned. It’s so hard for us without him. There is not enough money. But I won’t give you to anyone. We can handle it.» Auntie began to cry.

Don’t cry mom, I won’t hurt you. I will try to make sure you don’t need anything.

She cried even louder. Thus began my life in this family. There was no one to look for me. Many years later. I’m already twenty My knowledge from the notebook, enough to open a shop selling potions. Although I could not repeat many recipes or did not understand at all. Then they opened a big shop. We got rich. And most importantly, I fell in love with Irka. My named friend. We have moved into a big house. From different cities and countries people come to our village for our potions. With my potions. I lived happily. One day I woke up and saw her.

— What is my servant? I see you’ve done well in this world. — Said the girl in a white dress, standing next to my bed.

— Who are you? Are you a demon? Go away abomination. — I shouted. The sight of this succubus with a tail and horns scared me so much.

— How embarrassing. Such to say after our sleepless nights together.

— You’re a demon. I wouldn’t be with you in my life. Ugh. «What a vile creature.

— You hurt me alive. I’m offended.

— Get out. — I covered myself with a pillow. He drew a circle around his face. The main gesture of the religion of light.

— Haha. You amused me Akbash. Although your name is probably different now.

— I’m Raguel.

— What does your name mean?

— Friend of God.

— You’re more of a lover. But okay, I like it. You need to get your memory back. You don’t remember anything from childhood.

— Get out. I remember everything. When I was a child, my parents from the city of Beru left me in the forest. Mom Tamara took me in. I fell in love with her daughter Ira. We are going to get married soon. We have love. Although you creature from the darkness is unknown. «I was so mad at her. It will kill me again and I will not see happiness with my beloved.

— Oh, you got a lady. You are cheating on me. Your goddess. Did you make little ones already? Backbiters bloodsucking. Haha.

— No, we decided to wait until marriage.

— Ugh, how boring. torpor

I’m numb. The girl came up and put her hand to my forehead. I remembered everything. Millenniums of darkness. Blood in my throat. A power unimaginable to mortals. Love joys that lasted for years. And most importantly, power over the world. The complete victory of evil. My victory.

— My Goddess. «Kneeling down,» I said.

— You amused me. It was so funny to watch you all these years. You are so humble. I didn’t even peep at Tamara when she was washing. Buka.

— I already thought you forgot about me. Two years how did you have to wake me up? How bad it was for me without you, my goddess. I will serve you. As I understand it, it’s time? I need to kill Tamara and Irka. Maybe the whole village. I will do it for you. «Even though I really didn’t want to. I’m used to them. Although I am an evil lord. But I am also a resident of this village. They are my friends. Two forces fight within me.

— It’s time to start taking action. You should go adventurers. Do it and you will know what to do next. And take your simple girl. Let him go with you. Persuade as you wish. But she must go with you. It is necessary for the purpose. The goddess examined my potions on the shelf. Turned them around. You got rich making them. Well the money will come in handy. Leave a smart manager here. Better than little Kirk. He is smart. Even though you can’t tell him. This is also important for business. She jumped in place. — Well, I have to go. And be kinder. Good will win this war.

— But Goddess I was a vampire. And killed for you by the thousands. And now you are asking to be kinder.

— Everything is complicated here. I’m kind of a good goddess.

My jaw dropped. Goddess of destruction and evil. In our world, she is depicted in rivers of blood. And here she is kind.

— But how is the goddess? I do not believe in this?

— The council of the gods decided so. There are too many evil gods among us. And so on it decided me in this world a good goddess. Although I don’t understand well, not a damn thing. I’m up against the local evil god, my chess friend Zherlu. He is cute. But here I am against it. If I lose, he will laugh at me.

Goddess, I will do whatever you ask. I know what you do to those who oppose you.

— You’re hyping me up. And remember. If anyone here asks about me, say that I’m kind. You go to my church. And he waved away my sign from me. I’m the Goddess of Light. Tell the priest that he will help me. And don’t forget. Be kind. Bye handsome

She left. It just vanished into thin air. I was on my knees. All for her. My goddess of evil. No for the sake of the goddess of goodness. Goddess of Light.

Put on the cleanest clothes. The rest that may come in handy sent to the void. Another spell that I remembered how my memory returned here, no one had it. Went to the table with herbs and flowers. Created spells many different potions. Come in handy. Created several poisons. Deadly. The ones I couldn’t read before. Well, I was a fool. Went out to the kitchen. I hear my beloved is preparing breakfast for me. She didn’t hear my screams in the bedroom. That’s good. I confessed to her this year. She immediately agreed. But we were waiting for the right date for the wedding.

— Hello cutie. I have a serious conversation with you. And where is Aunt Tamara?

— Cutie. You never called me that. But I like the way it sounds. And my mother cleans up our store. It’s time for you to go to work. You are a real sleepy today. — Said the girl, laying scrambled eggs on my plate. She knows how to cook delicious food. Her bright yellow dress suited her so well. She became a complete beauty. So I would have flunked her. I would have fucked in all positions. I would drink the taste of her charms. Then he would drink all the blood without a trace and make him a vampire. But no. I don’t do that anymore.

— I say swear. The conversation is serious. — I said rudely. She flinched at my voice. Old habit.

— Okay, I sit down. But I will say right away that I have not yet decided about the date of the wedding. Of course I love you. But I don’t think we can live our whole lives in this house. Let’s save money for a new one. Then we’ll get married right away.

— That’s what I want to talk about. We urgently need to go to the city and become adventurers.

— Why? We have our own potion shop. We make good money. But there must be a reason to leave so abruptly? You got into debt. Did you play cards in the city?

— Not. Do not worry. But there is a reason and it is serious. But I can’t say. You must believe me. I have never lied to you in my life.

— You lied where you are from. I never knew it.

— But besides that, he lied?

— Not

— That’s what I’m saying, trust me.

— All right, I’ll go with you. I love you, you fool. Even though you’re so smart. But you didn’t fully understand me. — She said and hugged me. A vampire from another world. In the human body. I resisted the urge to reach under her dress and bring her to orgasm. And the second desire to rip it off. How can I tear up my own gift to her. I put it off for three months. The most expensive dress in the village. Everything for your beloved. — I’m going to pack my things. But who’s left to run the store? Mom is a good salesperson. But the manager of it is not important.

— I have an option. Our Kirk.

— He’s your enemy. You fought him because of me since childhood. He also works in a nearby shop. He won’t come to you.

— I can convince. — I laughed as before with my evil laugh.

— I don’t like it when you laugh like that. You are downright evil. Although I know you are kind. When poor Rita had no money for cold potions, you gave them to her. And there are many such cases. You are kind.

— Yes. I never thought about it. We need to help the sick, that’s all.

— Do you think the winter will be cold this year? Take a coat or not.

— Take all. I will put them in the void.

— What kind of emptiness?

— Here look. — I put the plate in the void. She just disappeared. — My new ability. I can store things there. — I got it back.

— Wonderful ability. You are so wonderful to me. There is so little magic in the world. And you are so strong in it. Ira kissed me on the cheek. Puffy lips. Jasmine immediately remembered his three thousand and second wife. She had the same lips. No wonder she’s a mermaid.

Chapter 3 Shop

The street was crowded. We have a big village. In its prime. The fair is coming soon, so we have a lot of guests from the city. Lots of foreigners. Orcs with their fangs and jolly drunken gnomes walk about in pairs. Like at home. And many other races. The fairies came to participate in the rat race. Beautiful elves are walking around looking for their next husband. Here we are at our store. The sign is interesting. The snake wraps around the potion bottle. I came up with the design of the snake myself. Now that my memories have returned, I recognize the symbol. This is the sign of my sanitary troops. How interesting, residual memories. I looked across the street. This is Kirk’s shop. Alex’s Potion Shop. Alex is his uncle.

— Ira, go talk to mom Tamara. I’ll go to Kirk. — I hugged her. She was embarrassed. Let him get used to it. In the city, you need to marry her quickly. In the first temple of Light. To my goddess of evil Berry. And have her long and tender.

— Ok, darling. You have become so sweet. Like a different person. But I like it. You’ve learned how to deal with ladies. She kissed me on the cheek and left. I followed her with my eyes. Juicy thighs. My harpy wife had these. How are my wives doing? My harem? Many wanted to take my throne. Maybe someone succeeded. But I don’t want to go back. This is my new world. I’ll start over. Although the goddess may want to bring me back. All her will.

Went to Kirk’s shop. Behind the counter stood a young guy with a scar on his left cheek. The left eye did not close completely. A trail of my anger. I hit him when he stuck with Ira at fifteen. The impudent man spread his hands. After that, we never spoke. He was afraid of me all this time. Although he boasted before everyone in the village that he would take revenge.

— You showed up. Look into my eyes. I should have punched you myself. Ira would be mine.

— I’m glad to see you too. It’s good that you are alone. — I went close to him. Looked down. Even though we were the same height. — I need you. You will be the manager of my shop.

— Why all of a sudden. — He said interested. His salary is small in his uncle’s shop. After all, there is little income. Most of them are bought from me. He has it by mistake or when my shop is closed for lunch.

— I’m leaving for adventurers with Ira. You will be good workers. You are a talented leader.

Why don’t you put Tamara in charge?

— She can’t handle it.

— That’s how. I have conditions. You should get on your knees and ask me to be the manager. He slyly looked at me. Then he pointed his fingers at his eye. — And apologize for the eye of the beast.

«Then you’ll be the manager?»

— Yes, only then. He smiled triumphantly. He knew very well that I wouldn’t do that. But he didn’t know one thing. For the sake of my goddess, I am Akbash, the lord of the world of vampires, ready for anything. Raguel in me howled with hatred. He fought against it. But the vampire lord was stronger.

— Forgive me Kirk for the eye and become a manager in my shop. — I got on my knees. It’s not a problem for me. In another life, I bowed my knees many times to get what I wanted. The ladies especially liked it. Although then they were already on their knees. And not always alone.

— Well, you’re a psycho. He was clearly in shock. Even his voice shook. — I’ll be the manager. I’ll start tomorrow. I’ll talk to the owner. Uncle will let me go. Anyway, I’m not making any money.

— Excellent — I said, getting to my feet, I said. Tomorrow I won’t be in town anymore. Take care of Tamara. She is a stubborn lady. If you want, you can marry her. She is still in her prime. Can give birth to you. She is thirty-seven. Of course kids can be ugly. Although maybe they will go to their mother.

— Oh, you’re a bastard. — My new manager shouted after me. In vain he so I wish him well. I would have credited Tamara myself.

Went to my shop. The sign is hanging. Closed. Although the opening time Apparently the conversation didn’t work out. Tamara’s cries were heard throughout the street. I entered the bell treacherously rang.

— I forbid you to leave. Tamara shouted at the whole store. You won’t go to town with him. I’m still your mom. Even though he doesn’t take me for it. I am responsible for you. Even if you are adults.

— Beautiful lady Tamara. You are just as beautiful. Just like when we first met. — I didn’t lie. Age has not distorted her natural beauty. Only in the corners of the lips there were folds, but this gave her a special gloss. In vain Kirk refuses.

— So glad. How I missed your speeches, as on the first day. Then you forgot everything. You were such a sweet boy. And he became a handsome man. — She hugged me.

— I love you like a mother-in-law. Mother.

— You called me mom. You haven’t called me that in a long time. How I loved my daughter. Tamara put her hands on her luxurious chest. Too bad I didn’t peep on her in the bath. Missed a lot.

— Mom, what are you doing? Snapped right off. He is my future husband. Don’t approach him. — Ira said evil. Shoulder-length hair. So I would squeeze it. Cutie. Black hair suits her better than yellow. My new hair dye works wonders. Especially if she will only be with them on her naked body.

— What look do you have. Directly languid. — Said the experienced Tamara. «I understand why you are taking your daughter to the city. But at least get married in the temple before that. She hugged her daughter, who blushed all over.

— Don’t hesitate mom. In the first church, I will take her as a wife.

— Then I agree to let you go. Here is my blessing. She kissed her daughter on the forehead, then came up and kissed me on the forehead. The smell of her perfume and body was pleasant to me. Don’t hurt my daughter. — She said in my ear. «And then I’ll cut off all the wealth.» And I’ll make you eat it. You know me, I can do it.

— Yes mom. I swallowed the lump in my throat. She has a domineering personality. She could be a good harem caretaker. — Send me income to the bank «Granty» in my name. I can shoot them every month. If there are problems, write a letter to the bank or the adventurers guild. We’ll be there right away. And watch out for Kirk, he’s your new manager.

We quickly left the store. Leaving screaming Tamara behind the counter. She obviously didn’t like the idea of working with Kirk. We exchanged glances with the bride. My future wife. We love each other so much. I looked around to remember the village. The image of the village with the villagers pleased the mind.

— Goodbye my village life. Meet the life of an adventurer.

How have you changed since yesterday? I feel with you like behind a stone wall. You are so reliable. Strong. I’m drawn to you. — Ira came up and kissed me passionately. With tongue. Her hands dug into my ass. Then she took her hands and placed them on her juicy breasts. She has changed too.

— We need to stop this. I gave my word to your mother and I will fulfill it. — The most difficult words in my life. No wonder she’s attracted to me. I have experience of love with thousands of women. The ladies love this.

The road is not close to the city. But we were having fun. They often stopped and kissed. The road is big. Wagons full of goods and slaves passed through it. Straw and cattle. Next to us were other wanderers. The old and the young.

«Young people, where are we heading?» — An old dwarf with a hoarse voice approached us on the road. He clearly appreciated us. Poor gnome. In old leather armor and with daggers. Clearly a former warrior. A long stick helped him walk. The left leg was lame.

— We are going to the city of Beru

— Me too. They are recruiting for the army. The war is said to start. And a big one. With monsters from portals. They say they pay well and accept everyone. My name is Verut.

— I’m Ira and this is Ragu. Nice to meet you.

— Are you newlyweds? I saw you hugging under the tree.

Here’s the old one. Spied on us. We didn’t hide much though.

— No, but we’ll get married soon. He is so patient. Ira said cheerfully. What makes her so funny. All my wives in the vampire world were virgins. I didn’t take any others.

— You can come with me. I won’t give up company. The road here is not calm, there are bandits. Maybe magical beasts will attack. Gotta stick together. I know many stories. And although I am old, I am a noble warrior in the past. Although he was wounded in the war with the orcs. There were hard times. The family died from illness. The village was flooded. So he went to the city. Well, what will you take as a companion?

— Do you mind dear? — Ira hugged me and kissed my ear. Then she said softly. «I’ll take it in your mouth later.» Your finger. little finger. She laughed at my red face.

— No I do not mind. He seems like a reliable gnome. I said without believing him. But if the bride wants company, I don’t mind. Moreover, the little finger is not the only thing that will fit into her beautiful mouth.

We went together. Occasionally carriages or riders passed by. But the road is deserted. Verut knew a lot about the world. He told jokes. Sometimes shared amorous adventures. Ira was very amused by these stories. The beautiful ladies in his stories were clearly fiction. Although the brothels here can serve anyone who pays. It’s a shame I didn’t go to them before. Was a fool. But that’s in the past.

— We need to go to the spring. He’s around the corner. — Said the dwarf and led us over the ravine.

Bandits came out behind the ravine. I knew they were here. They could not bypass such a bread place.

— Whom this time brought «hoarse». Again ragamuffins from the road. — Said the big troll in the armor of the magic turtle. «They don’t even have things. They go light. There is nothing to steal. Although the girl is beautiful. Maybe we’ll use it ourselves and sell it to a brothel. But remember, I’m the first dwarf. He smiled grimly. A fly flew out of my ear. You can see a lot of them inside, the stench oozed out of it. Racial effect nasty aura. — A guy needs to finish. He is not fit for slavery. Painfully puny. This one will die in the galleys. So boy you’re gonna die now. He smiled at me, baring his toothy mouth. — We’re doing you a favor. You wouldn’t have lived in the galleys for a week. But he would become a sea wife for sailors. He served in the galleys. We were often sent these. How we had fun with them. Really guys?

Twenty fellows of different races nodded in unison. Someone raised their sabers into the air. Who whistled. And one elf winked at me.

— I’m scared Rag. — Ira said hiding behind me.

«You will pay for frightening my fiancee. She will be the mother of my children. And give me heavenly pleasures. You will die today.

— That’s a fool. Doesn’t understand the world at all. I finally decided to show off in front of the lady. Well, let’s attack. We will even give in. True guys. — The leader was clearly in the mood to have fun. He liked everything. A sense of superiority overwhelmed him.

— So be it.

I took out the empty vials of poison. Strong poison. From another world. With such potions, I poisoned the enemies by dissolving their arms and legs. During interrogations, the very thing is like a deterrent in the villages, if someone rebels. I threw it at the leader. His face stopped smiling. And melted, like his ugly skull. Everyone fussed. The bandits obviously did not expect this. The rest of the bottles I threw quickly. They began to melt. Screams of pain deafened the clearing.

— Well, uncle dwarf. I left you for dessert.

I pulled out another vial. Yellow. Threw at him. The dwarf shook, began to decrease and turned into a small rat.

— What have you done to me? — Said the rat in a thin voice.

— You became a rat. Three days will pass and you will no longer be able to speak. And you will be a vile creature until the end of your life. Even though you’ve been a rat all your life. Get out of here before I crush you.

— I’ll get my revenge. — The rat, shouting something with its thin voice, ran into the grass.

— Honey, I was so scared. You are so brave. — Ira began to cry and began to kiss my face.

— They’re just bandits. They are nothing. There are many dangers in the world. And there are things that are much scarier than them. Although you, my dear, have nothing to fear because I’m there.

We kissed. Long sincerely. We are one. I ran my hand through her hair. How I love her. Urgently to the temple.

Chapter 4 A Nice Town with Big Problems

The city of Beru met us with a three-meter stone wall and two drunken centaur guards.

— Purpose of arrival? the old guard asked hiccuping. The armor was all smeared with mud and stank of vomit. That there is absolutely no one to go to the guards except them?

We came to be adventurers. — I said politely. These types are looking for a reason to fight. But I don’t need it. I want to settle down here and find out the purpose of the assignment from Yagodka.

— A. — He disgustingly spat at my feet. Good thing I didn’t get my new shoes dirty. — You’re going to war. The country needs recruits. — Thirty coppers tax on. On the. What will we collect the company tax for? — He turned to the third guard, a man who was lying in a puddle with pigs. I didn’t notice it right away. I mistook him for a pig and was not much mistaken.

— I’m hungover. The commander raised his face. — No way to fix the road. That will be more honest. And when you get the money Chizhik. Go to the store. Buy me a remedy for longing.

— You heard the commander. The roads are bad and need to be fixed. Drive money.

— Good. — I gave him money, and we went to the city.

We walked for several minutes. Ira was clearly unhappy and said.

Why did you pay them? Entrance to the city should be free. Has always been.

— I couldn’t wait for our wedding. Time in the dungeon would be the worst punishment for me. Therefore, we immediately run to the temple.

— You are my sweety. Let’s go soon.

We went around the city. Dirt and poverty. Decayed houses. However, everything is as usual. Just like in any other city. If a siege begins, these areas of the city will burn first and therefore wealthy citizens lived behind the second wall. We entered it half an hour later. There we already saw luxurious stone houses and shops. Shops and taverns. Open air restaurants. Kingdom flags are everywhere. Purple dragon and its rider. How tasteless. It would be nice to burn this place and drink his blood. But then.

We got to the temple. The beggars crowded at his entrance and begged for alms. They were not allowed inside by several young monks with clubs. How interesting. It was beautiful inside. The frescoes depicted Yagodka as a lovely girl gathering herbs. «Probably an aphrodisiac for orgies collects» I thought. Crowds of worshipers were on their knees asking for God’s mercy. This goddess herself loves to kneel with her mouth open. A young boy in a white hoodie approached us. Hair in a bun. Not even ten. Servant. Parents left here in the temple and lives. Several of the same orphans were running around here.

— You came to pray to the goddess Light. Entrance has recently become paid three silver — He said and circled us with a gesture of the religion of Light. I had such novices in my cities. Donated blood voluntarily. But there were no syringe marks. Too bad it looks delicious.

— No, we want to get married. — I saw that he grimaced. — And today. Right now. How much does it cost?

— It is up to the Archbishop to decide. Come with me.

The boy took us around the temple. Through the rows of people on their knees. In the corner stood a bald-headed man with a magician’s staff and a white robe with gold threads. A large white hat hung comically from the god’s left. Here is such a fashion. The abdomen is clearly beer and warts. Maybe from a shameful illness. He is no stranger to worldly pleasures.

— Archbishop Brahms, these two want to marry here.

No, we don’t do weddings. Trouble in the country. A maximum of a week and then not the fact that I will hold the ceremony.

— I insist. I’ll pay well. There is money.

— Good good. Grisha go I’ll figure it out myself. — The archbishop is clearly happy with the hack. He saw expensive clothes on me and thinks to cash in on me

Tamara, Ira, and I used to often go to the city for services. Now this seems funny to me. It’s strange, I haven’t seen it before. He took us to his office and said when we sat down on chairs. He remained on his feet.

«Our Goddess of Light wants you young to take a public oath. The people had just gathered. I bless the union. He came closer to me and spoke into my ear. «You need to pay a little for the work. One hundred and fifteen gold.

— Goddess Yagodka says hello to you. Her bloodbath is our abode. I said the greeting of my religion.

The priest’s eyes widened. The staff fell from his hands. The hat is the same.

— You know the truth. But how? Only a select few know this. And that’s not all. You

— She is my goddess. I am her slave. I am Akbash.

— Oh. Her great servant whom she told us about. He smiled again and continued. Our goddess blesses you. Let’s go to the center of the temple. The whole ceremony is free. I’ll pay myself. — He turned to Ira and said, raising his hands to the sky. — The goddess is happy for you, her slave. Young bride. Go to the dressing room. The nuns will prepare everything. My fiancé and I will be waiting for you. The rings are my gift to you. He called the novice and said something in his ear. He ran away.

— Oh how good. You are so wonderful my Rag. Irina hugged me. — I love you so much.

An old nun came up and took Ira into the room. Only the two of us were left in the room. The archbishop fell to his knees and began to kiss my hand.

— Let’s go chosen one. The dark goddess does not like to wait. And then swim in the blood forbid. «The priest is the same type.

We went to the center of the temple. The servants began to scatter rose petals. Of course the color of blood. Scented candles were lit. The parishioners rejoiced, everyone understood what was going on. After each wedding, the priest distributed alms to everyone present. And so the feast began. All expenses were paid by the newlyweds. The poor from the street saw the preparations and ran inside. They were let in.

— Dear parishioners. Our Goddess of Light today connect two loving hearts. Here is the groom. «He consecrated me with his staff. A bright light enveloped me. The simplest magic. But it caused a surge of delight among the parishioners. «Here is the young lady. Future wife. — Ira in a lovely white dress left the room. Behind her are three nuns. Appetizing. Although thick. Lots of blood in them. Get on your knees, young people.

We got up. I smiled at her. She was embarrassed. She does not even know with whom she connects life. I will have many wives. But this one is the best.

— Say vows young.

We have taken vows.

— Now prayer.

We prayed. Everything, as in my world. A beautiful ceremony. Although it is not complete. There is no sacrificial item. Although it doesn’t matter

— We will witness this union. O goddess, take them into your arms.

The light around us turned red. Then blue and he lit up the whole temple. Then he went out.

— Young take the rings and exchange them.

We exchanged rings. I was so happy. Rings are clearly not simple. Gave increased power. We will need him.

— O goddess, accept them. They became a family.


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