The Story of a Guest House

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My name is Sunny Florida Vacation Home

For so many years I was by my own

My owners left me, I was in tears

Just bored all the time and

was full of fears

One day I got lucky, new owners came

Since then I am happy and playing the game

This game is so simple and easy for me

I welcome people — they visit me

I am the Sunny Florida Guest House,

my life is full of joy

Rules of the game are — just stay and enjoy!

And now it’s time to present you my team:

Nathan, the spirit, I am thankful to him!

He writes down my stories, accompanies me,

He is my sole-mate and doc, it could be

There are so many creatures outside and around

The Rabbit, the Owl, the Frog on the ground

The Woodpecker on the tree, the Gator with wife

They make our place and backyard full of life!

Almost forgot, the Turtle in pond

The lady is susceptive but not very old

For me it’s a pleasure to be with my team

Great number of guests we’ve already seen

People from all over the world come for

Manatee swim

Cause Manatee dive is every child’s dream!

Summer is the busiest time of the year

Scallops catching is so popular hear

My location is close to all the activities

I am cozy inside with all the facilities

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