The Secrets of Yoga

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Every day we are filled with new energy. The one who will save and increase this power will live and grow rich.

The Magic of the East

Turn around and you will see the magic of nature and the wonders in every flower.

Supernatural abilities are something that many people long to learn and discover thanks to Eastern energy practices.

Mythical complexes of exercises that do not bring any benefit, and more often harm is revered in every way and stored as ancient precious knowledge.

Many pseudo masters wanting to enrich themselves at the expense of young adepts come up with fantastic stories about the great achievements and supernatural power of their mentors.

So from one century to the next, false teachings continue their way, distorting the natural methods of self-development.

Of course, there are true Teachers who learned to manage internal energy with ease and achieved spiritual insight. But they all began with a simple — natural harmonization of the internal and external world. Their possibilities are only an additional secondary result from life in unity and harmony with the world.

Communicating with nature and replenishing energy, natural practices of developing internal potential and simple ways of restoring the original harmony are the secrets of happy long-livers of the East.

It is this kind of life that will be discussed in this book. From it you will learn about simple and accessible ways of familiarizing with the unknown power and energy of the surrounding world.

Secrets of the Keeper of Energy

The Basis of Life

All living things are outwardly different from each other, but inside we are all one.

The essence of all manifestations of matter should be sought beyond the visible.

The whole world as a single organism is woven by an invisible network. Plants, people and animals, land, water and air — all these are cells and their living space. They function to develop and give birth to each other only because of the inner power — the invisible energy of life.

Every second there is a global change — everything is moving and developing. At the heart of any interaction is the same energy. And the diversity of the world is only the result of a general transformation and modification.

To improve the quality of life, you should cherish and nourish this magical power. Absorb energy from the surrounding space and not allow stress to cause the loss of this priceless nectar.

Internal Wealth

To preserve and multiply inner wealth, one must look at the external world of possibilities.

In each of us from birth a small fire of Life burns. Over time, it flares up and goes out and with it life fades away.

If we take care of our original wealth — the hereditary energy of the Earth and the Sky — our life will continue as long as its flame shines inside.

In a small seed there is already a large mighty tree. The potential energy stored in it will not fade until it reaches the limit of the development of maximum materialization.

So the form of a person reaching the apex of self-development is nourished from the initial impulse.

To the flame of life is not extinguished before the time should protect it from unfavorable factors. Water, food, and air are material objects that are transformed into additional energy within the body. However, they are not exceptional resources for sustaining life. External heat is another factor that feeds us with energy but it is by no means the last option.

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