The secret of the "Philosopher's Stone". The answer. "Rosette Stone" and Quantum Physics

Бесплатный фрагмент - The secret of the "Philosopher's Stone". The answer. "Rosette Stone" and Quantum Physics

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It took me a few minutes to solve this puzzle. To come to this conclusion, for several years I had just been interested in all sorts of things from different fields, such as: painting, drawing, color science, photography (fundamentals), stereo photography, holography, science (reference books on physics, optics, quantum physics, geometry), philosophy (in pictures), television, satellite television, computers (principles of digital logic).

«The Philosopher’s Stone», «the Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus», etc., these names indicate a really existing object — «Rozet Stone», in which some method is encrypted, it is from quantum physics. The secret lies in the method of compressing light flow, at certain angles and proportions of the material, quartz, glass, water. The input and output (hereinafter in the photo) have a difference in flux density of 1: 3 when passing through the prisms, and the plane of the wave front has a slope (the difference of lagging parallel rays along the front when refracted) at 30 degrees The point is to pack up the flow into the crystal lattice of matter as harmoniously as possible.


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