The Secret of Perpetual Good Fortune

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Based on a true story

Ten years ago, I discovered a great secret. I gained some new knowledge, which I still constantly use to this day.

Our thoughts become things!

We attract into our lives those things that we think about most.

This is the basic law of attraction according to Rhonda Byrne’s book “The Secret”.

Undoubtedly, you’ve already read or heard about it. Thinking about something negative, we attract it. We ourselves create unpleasant situations with our own thoughts. However, if we focus on something good, then we attract positive things.

My first encounter with Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” occurred in 2009. I was 21 years old at the time. I saw the film “The Secret”, and what I learned made a huge impression on me. I gave it some thought and then shared the film with a friend. In the evening, we decided to give this method a try.

According to the film, it’s best to start using this force with something small and insignificant. At the time, I was strongly hooked on tobacco and smoked a lot, which undoubtedly affected my health. I gave up smoking a long time ago and feel just wonderful now. But back then, standing near the house, I suggested to my friend that we try attracting a cigarette. It was corny, but after a couple of minutes this guy came our way. And he treated us to a freebie. We were really surprised: although we only tried bumming one cig from him, he actually dished out two. At the time, I noted: “See, it works! You and I both wished for a cig, and, voila, we each got one!”

That day a little miracle happened.

Thoughts become things!

You can focus positive desires or thoughts on anything. For example, on holidays in various countries, buying a home or a car, searching for love and happiness, etc. All this knowledge will help you become a truly strong, happy, and successful person.

But now you have a chance to master an ability that significantly increases the power of thoughts, and to attract what you want as quickly as possible!

How can you speed up attracting what you desire?

In my book, I described in detail the techniques that will help you realize even your wildest dreams much faster! And using the formula of perpetual good fortune, you can achieve pretty impressive results!

The day after discovering the secret, I focused on money. I kept running over and over in my mind that I wanted to find money. Two weeks passed, and one morning on the way to work I found two large bills on the street. I was already starting to lose hope and faith in this power. But a miracle happened again! I picked up the money, and from that moment on, I began to take note of everything that I managed to attract with the power of my thoughts. In a sense, I began to construct a kind of map of these events. I was curious what influences the power of attraction and, most importantly, the speed of realizing desires. After all, it took two whole weeks before I found the money.

Just imagine a power that will enable you to quickly realize your desires.

Since that day, my goal has been to find a method of speeding up desire attraction.

I was working as a foot courier and was always on the move. I was living in a metropolis. Realizing that it’s rather difficult to find huge sums of money, and that, most likely, I’d have to return them anyways, I focused on relatively small amounts. I would just sort of make a request that I wanted to find some money. A few days or weeks would pass, and, once again, I’d find a crisp bill on the ground. The larger the sum I requested, the more time it took before I found it. For example, one time, I made a wish to find a whole wallet full of money. But it just wouldn’t happen. From time to time, I’d repeat this request in my head. And still no result, although I was constantly on the lookout. I was always searching — be it in public transport or walking to a given address, I was constantly looking around, carefully scanning the ground at my feet. I knew exactly what I wanted to find. A whole month passed, but still there was nothing. And then one day, after work, I was waiting for the traffic light to change at a busy intersection. I closed my eyes and very loudly — as if wanting everyone to hear, but only in my head! — I repeated my request: I want to find a wallet full of money. A couple of days passed, and again in the evening after work, passing by a grocery store, I noticed a wallet behind a dumpster. What I felt as I picked it up was absolutely incredible. Total darkness, not a soul in sight. Picking up that bulging wallet, I saw it was jam-packed full of money. It was practically bursting with bundles. I felt a huge rush of adrenaline and a powerful sense of good fortune! As I continued walking home, this sense of magical magnetism just overwhelmed me. I realized that it had finally happened. It’s very difficult to convey what I felt in words. The feeling was very intense and lasted quite long. Thus, I discovered the first method of fast attraction: loud thoughts.

Right now, at this very moment, close your eyes and in your mind repeat very loudly:

“I want one million for personal use.”

Try it!

“I need one million for personal use!”

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you how you can easily earn this money! And as for the currency — that’s for you to decide.

Have you done it?

If not, there’s no point in continuing to read “The Secret of Perpetual Good Fortune”, although it’s interesting!

Well, have you done it?

So, here’s the question.

When will you get it?

What does it take to make this sum a reality?

To attract this serious million and make it yours?

According to Rhonda Byrne, you should start with something small: for example, focus on a cup of coffee. Or on a cigarette, as I did. And, yes, smoking is bad for your health! You’ll find that the fruits of attraction will manifest very quickly. Someone will treat you to a cup of coffee, or you’ll buy it yourself. Perhaps there’s a chance of getting some free coffee at the place where you work. At that moment when I accidentally found the packed wallet near the grocery store, I made the first step towards understanding how this force works — specifically, how to quickly attract considerable abundance and prosperity into my life.

Imagine a magnet. Small and weak, it attracts small bits of metal. Its magnetic field isn’t strong enough to attract a large metal object.

Likewise in life: to attract something weighty, you’ll need more power. The more powerful the thought, the stronger the force of attraction, and the more wealth and prosperity we attract.

With great power comes great responsibility!

And this should be taken seriously.

Destructive thoughts

I’ll give you an example: you’re standing in line at the grocery store. You see your favorite cookies. As you come closer, you notice that there’s only one pack left on the shelf. Then, suddenly, a man cuts in front of you, grabs this last pack of cookies, and throws it into his basket. As they say, the early-bird gets the worm. Basically, you have no say in the matter. You get angry, and somewhere inside you start cursing him. Given that thoughts are real things, this guy could have some seriously problems.

And what’s the chance that it could be you in his place next time? With the law of attraction, karma works without fail, so you must always bear in mind that great power is also great responsibility!

Any negative, destructive thoughts have consequences and often return tenfold!

Every positive, creative thought also has consequences, returning with a threefold positive effect!

The more good you bring to others, the richer you yourself become. Just take all the famous billionaires, for example. They produce various goods and services for people, they create jobs. That’s how the law of karma works.

It came time for me to do my military service. Something truly magical happened while I was there! This knowledge proved invaluable for me in the army as well! In the building where our military unit was housed, the ceiling was hung with large round white lights. So, this one time, standing around in one spot for a long time on guard duty, I got bored and started imagining one of these ceiling lights suddenly falling. Staring long and hard at the ceiling light, I imagined it falling and shattering into pieces. I kept visualizing and visualizing. For several hours, I replayed this scene in my mind over and over again. Lunchtime arrived, as did the replacement officer, and I went to grab a bite to eat. Interestingly, when leaving the barracks, I completely forgot about the ceiling light — I had only food on my mind. After lunch, on my way back, I noticed that the front door was open and the soldier who had replaced me was sweeping some shattered glass into a dustpan. It was that very same ceiling light that I had focused on so long and hard a while earlier. When I asked my colleague what happened, he replied:

— Nothing much, it was just hanging there and then suddenly fell.

I don’t know exactly what happened: perhaps there was a strong draft, or maybe someone threw something up at the ceiling and knocked the light down. But the fact remains: I intensely visualized the ceiling light falling, and that’s precisely what happened. At that moment, I realized that miracles really do happen and nothing is impossible. At the time, I hadn’t yet given the operative principles of fast attraction much thought. But this experience gave me an understanding of its next feature.

After completing military service, I decided to use visualization to find a well-paying job. Each day, I imagined holding and constantly counting large sums of cash in my hands. I wanted to earn lots of money, so this is precisely what I visualized. And at this one interview, I was offered what seemed like a pretty prospective job as an insurance agent, with the possibility of earning several-fold more in a year’s time. At first, my job involved delivering car, real estate and health insurance policies. By the end of the working day, I usually had a serious sum in my briefcase. Sometimes, it was large enough to buy a cheap car. In essence, this job was no different from my previous one. Except for the fact that I had to make sales, do some paperwork, and that I always had a lot of cash on me.

Each morning of every new work day, all the insurance agents gathered around a large table. We sorted through signed docs and policies, entered the data into the database, and recounted the funds for the entire previous day. Oftentimes, this entire large table was just littered with money in the morning.

Without realizing it, I had gotten exactly what I’d imagined!

Although my salary was only a bit higher than at my previous job, the way I constantly counted and recounted large sums of money was an amazingly accurate manifestation of what I had imagined. It was exactly as I had visualized it! Of course, my plan was that I’d be counting and swimming in my own dough. But at the time I visualized all this, I hadn’t given it much thought.

Having settled into my new place of work, I continued practicing the attraction technique. From time to time, I imagined, sometimes quite vividly, bills simply lying on the street. And each time I found some cash, this always happened completely by chance and when I was least expecting it.

To enhance the visualization, I would sometimes drop money on the ground and commit the image to memory. Then, as I walked down the street, I would recreate the image of the bill lying on the ground in my thoughts. In this way, I quite often found bills on the ground. It’s very hard to calculate exactly how many such finds I made in all.

In addition to ordinary money, I often found wallets and purses. Most often without any cash, but with docs. Each time I managed to locate their owners myself. Returning the things, I’d always receive a reward. Same goes for the mobile phones that I found.

For the past four years, generally once a year, usually in the spring, I have a valuable find in the form of gold jewelry. The largest gold ring I found weighed nearly four grams.

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