The secret of happiness

Бесплатный фрагмент - The secret of happiness

Fairy tale advent of a successful woman, mother and a grandmother

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This book is dedicated to my family. A family is the roots that feed a person. Without roots,  the stem and the trunk one cannot develop. I send gratitude to my parents, my children, and my grandchildren. They have given me the abilities I have, and my family has helped me to become who I am.

Author Svetlana Miettinen

Chapter 1. A Few Memories

It is easy to tell a fairy tale… In order to comprehend and for me to unravel the idea, I need to make a step back into my past. This will give an understanding of the types of obstacles I have encountered. In life there are no accidents, everything has its own meaning and its own lesson. All of us are “students of the school of life” or in other words “we are actors of our spectacle of life”.

I was born in the Soviet Union in a normal Soviet family. I do not remember much of my childhood, but the brightest moments remained in my memory. Like all of the children of that time, I attended kindergarten and then my most favorite activity was drawing. My parents originally were from a small village but we moved to the capital of the autonomous republic; this meant, a new kindergarten and new memories. Fear remained in my memory when in the morning the teacher scolded my parents and me for being late. Next couple of years of my life didn’t have any other memories. One vivid memory from this period that I remember, at nights in my dreams, I used to fly with my hand stretched out forward in order to navigate the speed of the flight. However, these flights didn’t last long. Soon came the feeling of impossibility to fly in my dreams, obstacles appeared, and I stopped flying in my dreams.

Black and wight, 2018

The memory that I have is from school times. In the school program, there was a story about a little girl who wanted to have beautiful red shoes and her mom did not have enough money. This is a story about the cruel world of capitalism. I remember how the teacher told us how happy we are that we live in the Soviet Union, where the state takes care of all the children. This reminds me of another moment of my life. My mom sent me to the store to buy 100 grams of lard; there was no more money for more. I was very ashamed and uncomfortable doing so. I was afraid to ask the seller to weigh 100 grams of lard for me. There was already a package of lard of 250 grams on the shelf and there was no need to ask anything, but I did not have money for the package! That’s how the propaganda of a happy society and the reality of life intertwined. Many psychologists will say directly, that this gave me insecurity and fear, which held my life for a very long time.

Another memory I recall from school years. At the drawing class, which was my favorite class in school, we drew a crow from a model. I drew it as I saw it, and it looked like the one in front of me. The teacher nevertheless did not give me the highest score of 5 but gave me 4 because the real crow’s tail should be longer than the one of the model. Because of my fear, I did not say anything to the teacher. That was the end of my hobby of drawing. At school, I studied well and education came easily to me. But the relationship with my classmates was not the best. Being an excellent student was not a trend and others considered me a «white crow». For the second time in my life, the image of the crow has appeared.

An awareness of the unity of black and white came to me. Without black, it’s just an empty sheet of paper. By adding black we create reality. From the world of imagination, we transfer our vision to the world we live in. There is everything in everything. We are part of the universe and the universe is part of us. I’m grateful for everything I went through. This gave me an understanding of how not to act. The path to myself and the finding of my individuality has taken me many years. We are all unique and each of us has our own unique task in this life. I want to share my path and the truth that I have discovered. A life is only a road to yourself, to your divinity.

I was active and sport brought me joy. I have happy memories of summer vacation at the river with my parents. I still like to swim and spend time in the water. Nature gave me freedom and inspiration. I liked tourist routes and trails. I had excellent physical health. I have preserved my love for nature, as well as my excellent health. Now I live in the city next to the forest. In the evenings it’s pleasant to go to the forest and walk for a bit, to stop and to be alone with nature and with yourself. I got a good training from life, which helped me to settle down in new places. In the beginning it that was Latvia, later Finland. I am a citizen of the world. I do not feel an attachment to a specific country. People from all over the world wish for happiness and love. I managed to travel the world and from my experience, I can say that any person is a priceless treasure. My book is dedicated to the discoveries of these treasures in oneself.

Chapter 2. My story and my paintings

The first work, 2015

I am a happy and a successful woman, a grandmother and a mother. I managed to make my dreams come true. I have excellent relations with my family members, we all live in different countries and even on different continents. We truly have an international family. I do what I love, which makes me happy. I travel the world and I get pleasure and inspiration from it. My travels and my discoveries encouraged me to write this book about my findings and reflections. This is my gift to you, my readers. In my professional life, I noticed that personal relationships between people greatly affect the result of work. The same message can be perceived easily by one person and rejected by another one. Many things have already been voiced somewhere and by someone, but there are always people who will receive this message only from me. Also, there are people for whom only another author is suitable. This is the law of freedom of choice and predisposition.

For a long time, I lived a normal life that most people have. The difficulties that I faced taught me lessons in life. I endured them differently. There were moments of deep despair and not even a desire to live. Dissatisfaction with life pushed me to look for the meaning of life. Books began to come across to me, by that time “perestroika” (reformation) had begun in the country. From the books, I discovered the meaning of religion and spiritual development. In order to rise to the light, I had to fall to the bottom. Experience acquired by my soul is priceless. I started to draw in the adulthood. It was an unconscious strong desire that I could not resist. I did not have canvas nor paper. Paint I was able to find from my daughter’s room. All my children are very talented in art, each in its own way. At that time, I was experiencing a deep depression. Only my responsibility for the children kept me in this world.

My first piece was in dark colors. A lot of space and uncertainty, also a desire for a change and joy and love for life was present in that painting. It has the energy of awakening, awakening from sleep, and a powerful call to life, to the Universe. I drew it using an old canvas that my daughter used for her practice. There were only small inclusions of light and purity. Our inner voice of the soul is always present in us and we just need to stop and listen to it. It was the cry of my soul, the cry that proclaimed to the Universe my desire for a new and a happy life. This also served as an incentive for me to regain my physical health. Using colors, I began to open the world of my soul and restore my mental balance. This was the beginning of gaining self-confidence. I was surprised and at the same time I felt a burst of strength and energy. There is a method of treating people with psychological disorders through the use of paint, splashing out their emotions on paper. All artistic paintings of artists only reflect their inner world. In some modern museums, I simple cannot be, I just get physically ill from unbalanced energy coming from some of the paintings.

Each work of art has it’s own multi-dimensionality. This is the world of color, sensation, and emotion that the artist has communicated to the beholder. My paintings have healing and restoring power. It is the anthem of life in all its manifestations. I create under the influence of my inner divine essence. I have an irresistible desire to pick up brushes and paint and in the process I often have no idea what will eventually turn out. The very process of creation fascinates me. The thoughts and energy that the artist invests in creating paintings remain in the paintings. We live in a new time, full of new opportunities. Our planet Earth is a living being and we need to take care of it, the same way it cares for us.

In the beginning, I showed some of my paintings to my friends. My soul didn’t let me rest; it was necessary to do something to spread my work. The inner voice told me that I needed to publish my work. For a long time, I considered myself a simple cog in the wheel of the system. This “cog” suddenly wanted to become an artist and a creator. The flow of inspiration did not weaken but grew stronger and stronger. In a short time, I had more than 20 paintings. The holiday of Naw Ruz or the New Year (for the Muslims and Baha’is) was approaching. I got a lot of courage and offered to decorate the room for the celebration with my art. It was a huge step to overcome my uncertainty. Naturally, people paid little attention to my paintings; everyone was busy with the feast and each other. However, I received a couple of comments that inspired me. The comments I got emphasized the how different my work was; brightness of colors and feeling of joy and light transmitting from my paintings. After the celebration, when I removed my paintings, the room turned into a standard one. My paintings gave the feast a feeling of spring and a garden. The next step of my development was, with the help of my daughter, I began to put my paintings on Facebook. So I stepped out of my comfort zone and overcame my limitations. All my victories are victories over my fear and old outdated inner defence mechanisms. Action always wins out over inaction.

The universe is in constant motion and the cessation of motion symbolizes the transition to a state of decay.

Trio, 2018

“Trio. My inner artist has been sleeping for a long time. Now that she’s awake, it’s hard to keep her away from creati"vity. When I was a child, my favorite thing was to draw. “The adult life"made me forget creativity and my dreams. I’m happy to have my awakening from the routine. Be bold and create, remember your dreams from the childhood and make them a reality. Anything is possible. I started drawing again after 50 years.”

To reach an awareness of the elementary truth of life took me a long time. I publish quotes from my site without changes. At first my analytical mind told me to make changes for a more harmonious input in the book. My heart did not accept this. After all, at the time of their publication, the text was also part of it. This has its own meaning. That is, in my book, all the energy present at the time of publication of my paintings are kept intact. There is a saying, when the student is ready the teacher is already waiting. It’s probably time for my readers to hear my thoughts about life. Removing the shackles of “this is not right” and limitations allows me to help thousands and thousands of people to change their lives for the better. Any of our feelings or emotions remain on our energy level. In the spiritual world, a law of attraction rules. In the physical world, the magnet attracts the multi-pole parts to each other. Only on the basis of this small example can we see how the laws of the physical world differ from the laws of the spiritual world or the Universe. This means that in a person’s life changes begin when he is energetically ready for this.

Chapter 3. Scientific facts and transition to a new dimension

In her work “Important — Alchemy Acupuncture” 7.12.2017, “Official Appearance” on 28.6.2018 academic Valentina Mironova cites scientific facts, some of them are listed below. The Universe is moving at great speed and we are moving together with the universe. Since 2012, the planet Earth has entered a new energy of space of the Universe, where it has never been before. We entered the Age of Aquarius. This is a space of strong luminiferous energy.

Our structure also changes at the cellular level. Scientists confirmed the changes occurring at the cellular level. The closed system of acupuncture operated for thousands of years and was maintained at a Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hertz. Due to the increase in the Schumann frequency, changes began to occur at a cellular level. Instead of mitochondria, the centrosome of the cell began to manifest itself in the cells. The centrosome of the cell began to glow and it was fixed with an electron microscope. Scientists have discovered that the centrosome pulsates in the same rhythm with pulsars.

In the last century, the frequency of Schumann began to grow slowly and at the moment has reached the frequency of 36 Hz, which corresponds to the work of the brain in gamma rhythms or inspiration and creativity. Congratulations to all of us, we moved to live in a different reality and did not notice it! On the site of the observatory of Tomsk, you can observe Schumann’s frequencies in real time.

Polarization waves or ether were discovered in 1996 by Nikolai Kolpakov, Kharkov University. Any electromagnetic waves are accompanied by polarization waves. The information is transmitted instantly not only from the stars, but also from the person. This phenomenon is also called long-range action. Polarization waves form a single field of consciousness, that is, a sage can with its mind embrace the whole universe, which is quite real and it works. Star events change the electromagnetic field around the Earth. The birth or explosions of stars have an impact on our planet and on all of us.

DNA, i-motif

«Australian scientists have discovered changes in the genetic structure of man. A new structure of i-motif DNA is discovered and looks like a twisted knot. Macromolecules of a new type transmit energy or are switches of the relay type. «I-motif (macromolecule in the nuclei of cells) is a four-stranded» knot «of DNA in which cytosine binds to cytosine, which differs from the double helix, where the cytosine binds to guanine. Former DNA has 64 codons 4 bases, 3 triplets. It is assumed that in the new DNA there are 81 codons, 3 bases, 4 cell phases.»

A person is changing at genetic level while being in physical body at the moment.

This gives a person new opportunities for life in changing conditions. Polarization waves transmit information instantaneously and their presence helps to understand how quantum physics works.

Each person has a personal or individual emission spectrum. The whole universe knows about us and our feelings. We live in a unique time of accelerating evolution. Modern discoveries of scientists and mysticism are now harmoniously combined and are one and the same.

Twelve dimensions are open in the atom, and there are twelve dimensions in the human brain. This shows huge opportunities that a person has. The properties of matter depend on the distance between atoms! A photo of the shadow of an atom proves the psychic energy of a person. Feelings and emotions give birth to happenings.

The diameter of the hydrogen atom decreased by 4 percent. New hydrogen participates in the evolution of human genetics. All the chemistry of man has changed. Acupuncture points in the human body cease to function; they began to change and form in a new place.

Scientists have found a glow of cells. The centrosome of the cells began to glow. We are made of Light. Our cells have luminosity. A new organ was found in a human being — mesentery. The changes have already been made in the classic British textbook (Gray’s Anatomy), 2018.

We influence our consciousness on the processes of healing and rejuvenation. A single field of consciousness is constantly being transformed. On what we focus our attention — begins to react to us. Confirmation is a classic experiment, the result is always the same. As a result of the simple fact of observation, the light wave disappears and turns into particles. If you do not observe, then on the photographic paper shows a trace of the wave. This physical phenomenon was called the “the observer effect”. At the quantum level, matter reacts to the attention of a person, which is recognized to be as new physics.

Condensate Bose-Einstein at room temperature

“For the first time, ‘liquid light’ was obtained at room temperature. The ordinary light always moves in a straight line, so our eyes can not see objects around the corners. But the light can behave like a liquid, flowing objects: this state is called condensate Bose-Einstein at room temperature. The photo shows vortices in the Bose-Einstein condensate. Condensate Bose-Einstein as a Divine Unity. When we are at home, we live separately. When we are involved in something common and global, we manifest community or entanglement, in this state new properties are revealed. It is you and I, being in one ideological space, generate such beauty, while being in Divine Unity.”

Our galaxy and our solar system together with the planet Earth are changing their vibrations. Now it’s up to the person to raise the level of vibrations and be in harmony with the Universe.


In order to stop the chain of negative events, there has to be an acknowledgment. In order to find an answer, a question has to be made. Its best to write the answers right here, they will help to see the reality objectively, in other words, what has to be processed. In this way, we are running diagnostics of our own life. Stop and ask yourself:

Why do these events happen to me?

What do they teach me?

Which part of my character they trigger?

What does life want to teach me?

What do I want from life?

When we keep asking questions, our brilliant mind starts to provide us the answers, which means we become conscious of the happenings. We become aware of our life and try to understand it. Our findings are extremely important. At the first stage, we begin to see what’s bothering us in life. This may be an old outdated installation or a memory from the past. It is much easier to correct the situation when there is knowledge of what needs to be fixed. For example, “I am angry at my weakness”, and then we change this statement to what we want to see in our life: “I am a strong person”. Thus, we involve the organs of the motoric, and our brain receives a new command. The expression “I have no luck in life” can be replaced by “The universe cares about me”.

The possibilities for creativity are endless and it resembles a game. The idea behind this is to reprogram the old mechanisms or cliches of behavior that are preventing life. Therefore, each identified moment of behavior, or a thought or emotion behind it, helps our understanding and makes the changes of what we want to see in our life. In religious stories, messengers of God went to the desert or to the mountains and spent time in meditation and in order to know oneself; nowadays, most people do not have such luxury. We live in high-speed mode and sometimes do not pay attention to our own needs.

The heart of a person is the channel of his soul, his higher self, or his divine manifestation. Many people call it by different names, but the essence doesn’t change because of that. To clarify things, let’s imagine a negative chain of events as energy. Everything in our world is energy. For example once a person is angry at the gloomy weather everyday, or at the red light of the traffic light, or the loss in the lottery, a person increases the storage of this particular energy. Thus, throughout life, negative energy surrounds this person and prevents other energy from reaching him. Imagine a jar filled with stones and suddenly we want to put a beautiful thing there. There is no space; stones of negative emotions occupy it. Forgiveness cleans and frees this jar of stones. Just by taking out the stones it turns out that the world is different from what we used to see around us before. A new flow of energy starts to inspire a person and he is given a chance to change his life.

We are responsible for all our emotions and feelings. We ourselves consciously choose the kind of life we want when we begin to live mindfully and not blame anyone anymore for what happens to us. Taking responsibility for your life is a necessary and an important step on the path to happiness and abundance.

Usually similar situations are repeated if a person does not understand and solve the problem from the first time. The Universe makes it possible to learn a lesson by repeating it until it’s passed.

If the problem is faced by resistance and not understanding the situation turns into a critical one as its magnified with the help of the magnifying glass in order to see things better. Ask your heart and the answer will come. Don’t be shy to also ask for help. Human free will is respected in the Universe inexorably. By asking for help, we give the permission to the Universe to help us — to send us the right thought, a person, a situation or a book thus allowing us to understand and correct the situation. The most important for the soul of the person is to learn the lesson in life and to gain essential feelings and skills.


Our fears and other negative emotions are a burden. Fear compresses or freezes a person. I know this feeling well. There is also a saying: the eyes are afraid, and the hands are doing. In this sense, our ancestors passed this lesson and left us a good legacy. It is necessary to step over barriers just once and everything will change — the experience of overcoming and self-confidence will appear. One of these barriers for me was to rent a car and drive around Norway. The people who visited this country will know what I’m talking about. It’s a beautiful country with beautiful views of the fjords and countless long tunnels. I needed to do this in the course of my work. In this situation, I looked my fears in the eyes. For the first time, I gathered all my courage and started to drive. In the tunnel, I constantly prayed and asked for help. I turned my fear into fuel to perform the necessary actions. Fear is only a mental mechanism or a stamp of what may happen in the future. In fact, it does not exist, it’s only our emotions about a possible future. The source of this may be the memories of the past or information from media or conversations heard. In the past, fear was necessary to survive, from wild beasts and other things. We live in a modern society and at the level of our consciousness there are traces of our centuries-old history.

Fear is the same as getting out of your comfort zone in an unknown setting. By developing daily, we leave our comfort zone to gain new level of knowledge of life. Three hundred or more years ago, seamen sailed into the sea despite their fear, fascinated by the idea of knowing the unknown. It is desirable to replace the old mechanisms with new ones, which gives us strength and energy. That is, we ourselves mold the future we desire, creating new mental attitudes towards everything. I continue to visit Norway and now I admire its fabulous landscapes. I thought that I did not have the ability to learn foreign languages before I moved to Finland. Now I have lived in Finland for twenty years and I speak Finnish and English.

The possibilities of a person are endless, it is only necessary to remove own limitations of consciousness or outdated matrix of behavior. Recall the state of the child and enthusiastically start a new game. Learning with the help of the game is the most effective way to learn. During the game, the boundaries of the impossible are erased and the result comes harmoniously and easily. Our whole life is a game in the spectacle of life. There are no bad or good people, there are only characters who volunteered to perform this or that role in this amazing adventure called «Life».

Harmony, 2018

«Harmony. It is time to publish this painting that was inspired by my experiences in Bolivia. All is one and everything coexists together. I see the universe as a happy playground for our creativity. Thought and love create our reality. It is important for me to convey the radiance of reality that many people do not see. In my vision, everything sparkles and glimmers, so I use shiny and sparkly paint. We are part of the universe and the universe is within us. Accepting this idea is not always easy. When we look at reality, we enlighten a moment of it. When we look at it from a different angle, another part shines. When I was taking pictures of the painting, every time I changed an angle, a different part of the painting shined. In the same way, the focus in our life, highlights our reality. Thinking about beauty, we notice beautiful things around ourselves. May the radiance of reality illuminate your day»

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