The Sahara geoglyphs

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Thanks to modern technology and access to information, more and more facts are revealed, indicating that the past of our civilization, seemingly so understandable, does not at all correspond to our ideas about it.

Today, many researchers no longer doubt the presence on our planet, at least in the past, of a highly developed civilization, with possibilities that can hardly be overestimated.

It has left a huge legacy in the form of incredible structures and artifacts, whose creation is unexplainable in the framework of the accepted historical paradigm. Moreover, some of these objects will be difficult and sometimes impossible to reproduce even today.

These structures include some pyramids and temples in Egypt, Nan-Madol, Tiwanaku, Sacsayhuaman, Nazca geoglyphs and many other objects. Now we can safely put another phenomenon in this series — geoglyphs in the Sahara desert, recently discovered in large numbers.

The Sahara Geoglyphs are a unique phenomenon and an archaeological sensation of today. This grand phenomenon has yet to be reconsidered and studied in detail. But even now we can speak with confidence about another riddle of the past, of a scale no less than the mystery of the Nazca Plateau geoglyphs and many other similar mysteries. It can be said that the Sahara geoglyphs are the African Nazca desert, but considerably larger.

There are no lines and drawings here, but there are tens of thousands of grand objects laid out of heavy boulders. They are located on a huge area and occupy almost the entire central part of the Sahara.

The work on the creation of geoglyphs is striking in its colossal scale and, most importantly, in the absence of an acceptable reason that prompted it to be done.

The research of Objective History — GeoLines.ru Project has revealed obvious regularities in the location of the most significant buildings of antiquity. It has turned out that there is a global «Pyramid System» on the Earth, including not only pyramids, but also many other mysterious structures.

The Sahara geoglyphs appear to be another remarkable confirmation of the presence on our planet of the System of Ancient Monumental Structures (SAMS), and it looks like they are a part of it.

As the initial studies have shown, the principles of construction of the SAMS are also valid for the principles of the relative position of the Sahara geoglyphs relative to each other and to the key objects of the System.

This book provides general information about geoglyphs. It describes their types, location, dimensions, methods of manufacture, mutual arrangement and some of the laws linking the Sahara geoglyphs with the most mysterious structures of antiquity.

All the space images of the Earth used in the book have been obtained thanks to the Google Earth service, which owns all rights to them. Without this program, such studies would have been impossible.

Part 1. Background

Part 2. Types of Geoglyphs

Part 3. SK Symbols (Keyhole)

Part 4. Scalar Type Symbols

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