The point G

Бесплатный фрагмент - The point G

Where is and how to find it. Practice and stimulation

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The point G is called by some scientists “gynecological UFO”, since until now, since the opening of this zone in the vagina of a woman in 1944 and the publication of material in 1950 by gynecologist Ernst Grefenberg, do not believe in its existence. Other scientists agree with his colleague, believing that inside the female genital organs there really is a certain area, the stimulation of which leads to a powerful orgasm and is accompanied by the release of fluid.

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Quite naturally, questions arise and there is a desire to draw parallels with the male organism. In this case, gynecologists and urology are unanimous: men have exactly the same point G, the analogue of which is the prostate gland.

With its stimulation, the man is in the process of not only amplifying the sensations, but also developing an alkaline secret responsible for the speed of movement of the spermatozoa. And the composition and characteristics of the Skin gland tissues, of which the female vagina consists, and the prostate gland are very similar and produce a similar liquid secret.

And if the sensitivity of the prostate gland in men is independent of age and hormonal state, then women experience activation of sensations in the region of G after 30 years, and it directly depends on the level of the hormone estrogen.

So, with the prostate as the most sensitive place among other male erogenous zones, everything is clear. And what about all the same with her female counterpart, does it really exist? Back in 2002, the Federal International Committee for Anatomical Terminology renamed the body, called the female Skin, into a female prostate.

It is on this organ, whose weight is 5 grams, and there is a point responsible for vaginal orgasm in a woman. It is noted that up to 30 years, women mostly observe a clitoral orgasm. That is why the stimulation of the “female prostate” with its point G is not so effective in this age period.

With age, as the level of estrogen decreases, the women’s vaginal walls become thinner, and so does the susceptibility to stimulation of the G point. This explains the myth that the full pleasure of sex begins in women in more mature years, after 35 years. Hence the name “Balzac’s age”, the period of the heyday of a mature and already experienced woman, which also comes after the next hormonal adjustment of the organism (not to be confused with a climax).

In the special literature there is another designation for Skin glands — “U-point”. It is characterized as a vestigial organ of the reproductive system of a woman, located on the back wall of the urethra, directly opposite point G in the vagina. U-point ducts open the urethra. In any case, no matter what letters of the Latin alphabet are used in the designation of important zones in the field of the female prostate, we can say that the importance of the erogenous zone G in the body is undeniable.


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