The planet of biorobots?

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The planet of biorobots?

Someone’s happiness can hurt someone — why do some painfully perceive someone’s success and why do some provoke others of what is called envy, exposing their happiness? Why is this happening, who has programmed some of these?

«It’s scary to think that the same thing will happen for the next millions of years, it would be impossible to imagine more boredom, we are not created for the eternal,» are the words attributed to science fiction writer Stanislav Lem.

The proof that all the problems due to the lack of the necessary information (in the material under consideration adaptive information that contributes to adaptation to the outside world) is that if everyone lived forever, they would not have the problems that mortals currently have, because the living forever would have known everything in advance, but would have had their own costs in connection with this — it would have been boring if such a feeling and generally any feelings had been preserved until the moment of attaining immortality.

From general to particular, probably soon what is called psychology will be divided into psychology for individual social groups. I dedicated my materials to those from an incomplete family or from the so-called dysfunctional family, like myself (I emphasize — dedicated, but wrote for everyone, without exception, who would be interested, the result is still the same — information, regardless of who it is dedicated to)

Sometimes some are limited in some methods and means of achieving psychological comfort.

«Our behavior is just brain activity and nothing more,» the words attributed to biologist Francis Crick.

You can agree with Francis Crick, the liver performs its many well-known function, its kidneys, its heart, and its brain? Some, shaping the soul, destroy the body — all problems due to the lack of the necessary information? What needs to be done from that position of life in order to survive physically and to feel comfortable? Why does someone «catch» in life in the sense of some kind of activity, and someone cannot «hook» someone, and because of this he uses psychostimulants, or someone «hooked» someone, but it is considered illegal or inadequate, is it all about information? Is a prison a place in which they want to «cut off» everything that is commonly called weaknesses, and in which some new activity should «hook»? The richer the state, the more it is economically adapted and tolerant of people who have what is called weaknesses, and the point here is not in the form of government, but purely in the economy, it will be pulled by what is called the state of «relaxed» citizens living in it, or no? Is the behavior of some majority people based on such instincts as sexual attraction, fear, love (emotional attachment), aggression, competition (competitive instinct), does the minority have all this or is it poorly expressed? What is called the neuroticism of society is due to the fact that some are not satisfied with what are called instincts or «factory» settings of higher powers?

According to the personal opinion of the author, some of those who grew up in an incomplete or in the so-called dysfunctional family, in some cases, face more problems than those who had everything with the family in the generally accepted sense. We are not talking about the oppression of someone else’s rights, we are talking about the lack of necessary (adaptive) information about a certain category of people due to the fact that they did not receive this information, there was no one to give it to them.

In this work, as in the work «Secret resources of a good mood of some», the goal was to convey to those from the so-called incomplete or from the so-called dysfunctional family information (from the incomplete or dysfunctional both in the physical and psychological sense, because the necessary knowledge may not be given in those places where it seemed they should have been given). We are talking about information, mainly, so to speak, of a household nature, which those who, again from the so-called complete or from the so-called prosperous family, know or should know. Perhaps even the information of the above nature turned out to be presented in a slightly larger amount than the amount that the category of people mentioned in the previous sentence has. In the following material there is no call for any action or in general for anything, only information, once more in detail about this below in the text in the paragraph: " Attention: the author does not state anything in this material …».

Some of those who are from an incomplete or from the so-called dysfunctional family tend to think about what others never think, never thought and never will think about, and this is because they were told what is good and what is it bad, are relatives not good in the generally accepted sense, but TV, radio, the Internet, newspapers and other objects and subjects of transmission and reproduction of information?

The Italian committed suicide due to the porno sharing on the network with her participation, someone acquaintance committed a crime… Many can read on the Internet, hear from someone about how some people with whom they were not early die knew or were personally acquainted. All of them die before they reach 30, up to 40 years of age, get disability, commit suicide, go to jail, the reason for all this is alcohol, drugs and not only that, as a rule, they all have one thing in common — they are from incomplete or from the so-called dysfunctional families or even from the category of those who grew up with one child in the so-called single-parent family, without a mother (father), brothers and sisters. And there are many other, less radical situations that arise in those who grew up in an incomplete or in the so-called dysfunctional family, not always typical of those who had the opposite.

One of the signs that a person grew up in an incomplete or in the so-called dysfunctional family is his excessive emotionality and incorrect reaction to any situation with the ensuing consequences, which are considered to be negative, or if a girl brings up a child alone, without a husband or its analogue, it is most likely from an incomplete or from the so-called dysfunctional family. To be more precise, it is not the fact that someone grew up in an incomplete or in the so-called dysfunctional family that influences the adoption of correct decisions in the generally accepted sense, and no one gave them this information about the necessary information about these correct actions.

From the news and from other sources you can sometimes find out that they convicted someone who committed a crime on someone on an emotional basis by reading his biography, you can find out that he is from the so-called incomplete or from a dysfunctional family. And this is due to the fact that those in question do not have certain knowledge about how to avoid the problem, in addition, they do not withstand competition with those who have such information and end up where others do not.

What is called problems occurs, as a rule, due to the lack of necessary or objective information, which, as a rule, is not available for those who did not have who could give this necessary, and most importantly, objective information.

How to calculate a person who does not have the necessary information about how to fulfill his needs or who does not have the ability to fulfill his needs? This person will be one of those who are called nervous or, moreover, aggressive, without mood, depressed, he will use alcohol or drugs.

It turns out that in some cases, life in an incomplete and dysfunctional family affects the quality and life expectancy. And judging by official statistics, the standard of living does not completely affect what is being discussed, all this happens both in considered wealthy and in considered poor countries.

In some cases, one who is from an incomplete family will in some ways not differ from that of a full family, this can be explained by the fact that a non-living parent talked to him and voiced the necessary information or other relatives did it.

Chapter 1. A little about everything

«Everyone cares about the heart, about other organs, but no one cares about the brain,» are exemplary words from a US psychiatrist.

Becoming Vasya (in the sense of moving your consciousness into his body) is impossible today, but only today, and tomorrow can science move forward, not paying attention to someone’s negative emotional states and other problems inherent in some? Carlos Castaneda wrote about his emotional experiences after taking hallucinogens, would he rather devote this time to describing his emotional experiences while being sober in various places and situations? Is comfort emotional and physical? As has already been repeated, outside the game of life, only scientists and a few other categories of people of certain specialties, the rest one way or another wage a psychological war between themselves? Your ship is sailing, and it is constantly being fired from the sea and from land in the psychological sense in the form of various forms of aggression, what kind of discussion area is discussed in this material and beyond? «Happy love or unhappy love», probably, all written literary works are devoted either to chanting the presence of endorphins and other internal opiates in the body, or vice versa to the moans from their lack, and all this in the form of songs, poems, etc.? As already mentioned and will be said, people strive for stable and just getting hormones of pleasure from their bodies, it is because of this that revolutions appeared and appear, philosophical and other works were born and are being born, the central issue being discussed is how to stabilize the production of these hormones pleasures of the majority, how to make pleasure flow in a continuous stream, without what is called alcohol, drugs and tranquilizers? While it is not possible to stabilize the production of pleasure hormones without exception, without chemical preparations, their number constantly jumps, and is it so conceived that a person performs some action and only then enjoys it? There are not only so-called psychoactive substances, but also psychoactive words that excite or relax the psyche of some much stronger than any psychostimulants in the form of tablets or liquids? Everything from the placebo group — is everyone inspired by the line of behavior and the information with which he lives? Depression, neurosis, etc., all living things know what to do, and only a person happens that he does not know which way he should go? Namely those who are from the category of «clean slate» and those who are not «loaded» with any information or who are carriers of information called harmful, will be those who are called alcoholics, drug addicts or psychopaths? What are they and where are they from, the so-called destructive drives? Information is a medicine or poison, depending on what it is? Nobody has ever given and will not give money, but how to live, have they been taught since ancient times? As the police or detectives say, look for who benefits, why are you «loaded» with precisely these thoughts and not others? What are stabilization and destabilization «downloads»? Those who promote what is called morality themselves do not comply with it, since they consider it a simple «load» to stabilize the society on which they depend, since it contains them? In states that are considered civilized, there are many speakers and other producers of intangible goods, if this continues, then soon there will be no one to work from the local ones, only visitors will work? Anything that some of those whose work partially or wholly consists in oratory, “ waddling ” and «water-pushing» are talking about? Does the orator or leader end among those like himself, speakers and leaders? In some books it is written that during communication you need to touch the interlocutor, supposedly it’s easier to “ weigh ” him and influence him? When communicating, some specially touch someone with a hand, and the one who touches someone thinks: «Another ambitious moron or fool has read commercial books about psychology»? Some rich countries decided at the legislative level that psychological pressure on the child is harmful to their psyche, that they don’t need to «break» and prosecute those who became drug addicts, and some of these laws «wrote off» some poor countries? How does the presence or absence of wealth in the country affect life before and after adulthood for those who were not «pressed» in childhood and those who decided to use drugs? A double-edged sword — modern laws of some poor countries prohibit (earlier, children were legally flogged with schools with rods) the use of physical punishment against children, and even they cannot be «crushed» psychologically, but then because of loyalty in childhood they can go to jail, which differs from the prison of rich countries (or in rich countries no one can go to prison at all because of the loyalty of the law), but much more unpleasant in a prison, does physical impact in childhood warn against larger problems in the future Wow, who lives in a poor state? Almost everything new in some areas causes a protest? Will the so-called psychological techniques ever be taken away from what they consider to be reality? What will happen if in the future a ban on public speaking and philosophizing is introduced, explaining this ban, for example, by a violation of human rights to freedom of choice of one’s actions and life path? It is scary to think that someday people will stop being led on the «true» path, and they will live clean, unfilled «sheets»? The lack of information of some kind for some, the reason for their so-called asocial behavior, and vice versa, the presence of information of a certain kind, excludes some of the so-called asocial behavior, is it all about information who has it and who doesn’t have it? Someone riding a train on a railway bridge, the bridge collapses, and he experiences horror, not euphoria, namely horror, why in death situations they experience not pleasure, but fear, because the higher forces need everyone to strive to live? Fear of death is a «guardian», fear of death, like sexual attraction, once again proves that people have a creator, and this is aimed at ensuring that living organisms do not die out from actions dangerous to life, fear, from actions sexual pleasure? The news often says that someone killed or committed suicide (stole from someone, robbed someone, etc.), take an interest in their biography, killers or suicides (and generally those who are called criminals, alcoholics and drug addicts) will be from an incomplete or from the so-called dysfunctional family, in extreme cases, from wealthy families, where for those who grew up in them, the survival mode was turned off, and this can also be attributed to a lack of information, and even this the list will be some of those who are called state employees who have lost their jobs, and further those who do not belong to the above people, but simply are not capable of what they call amateur performances in economic and other senses? Being an oprichnik (employee), you need to be able to transform if you become a zemstvo (civilian) and while you are serving, prepare for the fact that you can become civilian (learn a new profession, look for a new job or place of life, save up money, in short, prepare the «ground»)? What is blat (necessary acquaintances), who has it, how does its absence or presence affect the fate and psychological state of some? How to understand this saying: «You will never become a marshal, since the marshal has his own son»? Do they fall into some positions by kinship or on the basis of moral and business qualities? In the future, all people from some countries will go with a DVR to record incidents related to conflict situations while being outside their home? Should human behavior be adapted to the place of residence? The presence of certain rights in some and the absence of these rights in others is considered discrimination, the presence of a certain kind of information in some and its absence in others is also discrimination, leading to a violation of parity? People detained by the police are sitting behind bars in a duty station, on a plot, in a car, those who detained them are walking nearby, in almost 100% of cases the detainees will be those from an incomplete or from the so-called dysfunctional family, and those who detained them Will it be the other way around? The only difference between the detainees and their detainees is that the second (detainees) have information of a certain kind, and the first (detainees) do not have it, because there were no people who could give it to them? «The conversation and behavior of those sitting in the room will change when they find out that there is a time bomb next to them,» the words attributed to master of the artificial nightmare Alfred Hitchhock. From this it follows that in any case, is it information that changes a person’s behavior transmitted verbally, visually or tactilely? Probably almost no one thinks about this, what will happen if a nuclear war occurs, and after that there will be no one, no prisons, no infrastructure, no people with their instincts and other programs «flashed» into them, no one at all? They all the same, like all people, will die sooner or later, such thoughts visited some military pilots who were forced to destroy objects where there could be not only military opponents, but also civilians?

The life of those who are called ordinary inhabitants (and not only for them, they just have different programs), it is always a program in the form of, for example, a set of instincts, such as reproduction, revenge, and it needs information on how to realize them before everything was simple, but civilization required adjustments. There are those who have many needs, and those who have few, if the needs are those that can only be met through communication with people, then you need to know how to interact with people to fulfill their needs. Many of those who can fulfill their needs only through communication with other people are called unhappy, because they do not know the rules of communication, they are unhappy because higher powers do not give them hormones of pleasure, because they do not fulfill their tasks (no sexual relations, because they don’t know how to come to this, for the same reason there is no relationship with those to whom one feels a sense of what is called love, etc.).

Are some men so arranged that they at least for a while consider the one they found almost a goddess? Perhaps partly people are controlled by higher forces (with the help of the genetic code, hormones of pleasure and, possibly, something else), partly people themselves (with the help of words, phrases and, possibly, something else)? How does a person differ from an animal in that it can be controlled by words and phrases? All living things are drug addicts sitting on the endorphin needle and on other hormones of pleasure that give portionwise higher powers through the endocrine system for the perfect action they need? Is a pledge of mental health when there are not a large number of needs or, if they are, are they all satisfied? There is a concept in psychology of «compatibility with a supplement» when one person complements another, for example, two people who are called a psychopath (due to tolerance they say not «psychopath», but «person with a mobile psyche»), + calm, achieve harmony?

Does art require sacrifice? Where is it better to study the ocean, inside it or in the office, or both there and there? Should I go to study as a psychologist so that we don’t be drafted into the army, or go to the army to become a psychologist, study psychology in the «fields» and in the so-called critical conditions, or from textbooks and seminars, or not disdain either the first or the second? Maybe if you want to study as a software engineer, then the army is a lost time, but if you want to become a psychologist or a philosopher, then the army and other institutions of a similar type are just what you need? Some say, «don’t join the army — you’ll lose time, don’t go to jail or madhouse — you’ll break your life, don’t mess with anyone or anything, or you’ll be in trouble, don’t lose your job, or you’ll be lost, study, or you will work at prestigious work. ” But for some who decide to become an expert on what is called psychology, this is all or almost everything, just what you need. Time is not wasted, life does not break, you become voluntarily or involuntarily a specialist in a certain field, in that area called psychology, what is called life experience and useful information appears, and it is not necessary to become a psychologist with a diploma, but just a psychologist for yourself? But there is a certain category of people who really do not have to go through all of the above, their level and quality of life will be comfortable for them without acquiring any of the above places of life experience — for example, those who are called scientists, doctors, software engineers, etc. Some, by the way, again, voluntarily or involuntarily go through the above institutions or institutions in order to «cut off» the psychological beliefs, qualities that prevent them from becoming a software engineer m, scientists, and so on. d. As a result, some say, all is not lost years of his life to alcohol, the street in childhood and adolescence, a dating site on the prison, the civil service and anything else that is considered positive or negative, and became the one who is called a psychologist, and now they can speak out on this subject and live using the knowledge gained.

I found out such a thing, and that’s for sure, I personally know who it is about: in some places a person can become a psychiatrist (and already have become) a person who had nothing to do with psychiatry in about three months. It is enough, for example, that you worked as a doctor, for example, a dermatologist-venereologist, take about three-month courses — and engage in psychiatry. Why did he write this? Moreover, if psychiatry can be mastered for work in it in a few months, then, as has already been said many times, every person who has some kind of life experience of a lifetime is already a psychologist voluntarily or involuntarily. The life of an average person is a good course in psychology and psychiatry, and not only in these sciences.

«Do not teach me how to live, help me financially.» As a child, I saw the book «Parenting a child in an incomplete family», but didn’t read it, most likely it says «rubbish» that is far from reality, since it was written or written by those who themselves are far from life? Many complain about the" everyday life" that it is gloomy and spoils the relationship, but just the same, many of those who come to get help from a psychiatrist or psychologist do not have enough knowledge about the" everyday life», knowledge about how to behave at home? What is this very" bytovuha», the problems and the reality of everyday life, there are psychiatrists and psychologists know the problems and the reality in the sense in which it exists in the so-called ordinary people, ordinary people? What are the horizons of the achievements of psychology and psychiatry in the 21st century? Does it mainly affect people’s mental state through chemicals? In the future, a psychiatrist or psychologist should not ask what problems you have, and what you want to be, arrogant, calm, etc., and make a person the way he wants to see himself? How does what is called the human psyche work? It’s very simple, there is a task, and if you perform it, you feel good, if you don’t do it, you feel bad, does someone have these feelings, called «good» or «bad», are less pronounced, someone else is more vivid?

Higher forces or nature have invested in everything living, including man, software called needs, for their satisfaction he receives a reward in the form of what is called pleasant sensations or a comfortable psychological state, for dissatisfaction — a punishment in the form of unpleasant sensations and uncomfortable psychological state? Recycling — everything repeats itself from century to century, were, are, and, probably, when science reaches a certain stage of its development, they will not be there, people with an uncomfortable psychological state and with unmet needs? The world is like serving in the army — everything has already been decided for you, just follow orders from above and receive rewards in the form of portions of endorphins? Mobile phones, the Internet, night vision devices, laser rangefinders, computer programs such as language translators, binoculars, telescopes, etc. — does science supplement the human body with new sensory and communication organs, something that it did not have at birth? Is everything that happens from year to year, etc., predictable, only in a different interpretation? Airplanes crash, put someone in prison, etc., only places and names change, is science only unpredictable and updated? Is it not a hobby, not a hobby, that makes a man not drink alcohol and drugs at all, but only an obsession with someone or anything: sex, science, sports, risk, money, politics, people, video games, fishing, hunting, etc.? It is emphasized that only obsession and nothing else, hobbies and hobbies are weak categories for the lack of a man what is considered alcoholism and drug addiction? How can one understand an obsessed person with a positive obsession, so to speak, like a drug addict, you completely «slaughter» yourself, for example, do computer programs or science for days without shaving and washing, without cutting off your nails? If an obsession with science is not diluted with another obsession or infatuation, for example, with the opposite sex, then does an obsession become almost like a drug addiction with «clogging» yourself? Many scientists did not shave, because they simply did not have time for this? Can not everyone be without what they called weaknesses, moreover, people with weaknesses are needed, and someone should be with weaknesses, if everyone is not interested in such a so-called weakness, like sex, will everyone die out? Now, with the help of modern chemical medicine, is it possible to both exacerbate what is called weaknesses and reduce it? A man obsessed with something thinks about one thing, but a simple person, as a rule, cannot fully concentrate on anything for a long time, disconnect from reality, various thoughts erupt towards him, his attention is «sprayed»? In addition to people with an uncomfortable mental state, there have always been people with a comfortable psychological state, and they are in this state, because they don’t have a lot of needs or they have, but they are all satisfied because they have the knowledge how to satisfy these needs, time and material resources for their satisfaction (in countries considered rich, revolutions or crimes among local residents are a rarity, since the needs of the majority are satisfied). People see it as their task to make everyone happy, especially those some people who control other people, because it is beneficial for them, but, as a rule, they want to see people only within a certain territory that is under their control, in those that are not under their control in the territories they want to see people unhappy, so that those who manage them there cannot manage them and lose control over the controlled territory. The cat caught a mouse, the sparrow ate a bug so that someone would feel good, someone should definitely feel bad, is this like a formula with physicists that is currently undeniable? At present, in the global volume, it is impossible to make everyone feel good, well, in the generally accepted sense of the word, can do good only in some countries, since resources are needed for «good», but not enough for everyone, only some, and some will not share them, since after that they may become «not good»? Good is when it feels good, bad is when it is unpleasant? Why do you feel unpleasant sensations at the death of a loved one, and not vice versa, pleasant sensations, who determined what hormones of pleasure should be produced from everyone, and from which not? Is an unpleasant or pleasant feeling just a «program» in your head? Youth is the tendency of some to generalize everything, it seems that all people of your gender are the same as you, and of the opposite sex are also the same — in fact, what you have is not necessary for others, and vice versa, not everyone has that the same degree as yours, the need, for example, for sex and love, some feel comfortable without it, moreover, they will be outside the comfort zone if it is imposed on them, and in some cases they will not understand who will talk to them on these topics?

If you set yourself the task of living a long and high quality, then for this you need to separate the useful and harmful information? As a rule, everyone begins to absorb enthusiastically any information only when the time has come for this, until the time has come, the information is not in demand. If you are from an incomplete family or from the so-called dysfunctional family, are you more likely than those who have a great family to swallow the bait, which consists of unnecessary information, and go the wrong way? If you are from a poor country and from an incomplete or from the so-called dysfunctional family, then drinking alcohol and everything else that is considered weaknesses may be tantamount to death for you, since relatives and the state do not insure you with your support, you can only learn (now on the Internet you can find lectures on any topic and learn on your own) and / or prepare yourself for deprivation in order to achieve something and not to use information harmful to your future? Only the availability of the same information from someone from the so-called incomplete or dysfunctional family, like from someone from a complete and prosperous family, equalizes the chances between them?

…No, you are not a resident of a planet rushing in space, you do not ask questions that are not answered: you are simply a layman…

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, «Planet of the people»

Why do some people use alcohol or drugs, they don’t have what captures them and not just captures them, but, so to speak, directs them at the level of obsession, drowns out all other thoughts and memories, both positive and negative? How to «feel» a potential obsession with something from someone who has not yet found it, using psychological testing for a tendency to something?

«I sit down at the computer in the morning, and it captures me so much that I kind of disconnect from the outside world and only at 5:00 pm I understand that the work has already been completed,» these are exemplary words by a guy, a software engineer. He expressed his perception of the world, he has one obsession — programming — and there is nothing else that would distract him. All other people, who are usually called philistines, have to fight for survival, if not physically, as before, then psychologically, and they have everything on the contrary, they are not disconnected from reality, but are very immersed in it. Some say that life is the best psychologist and teacher, but it is a teacher only for that and teaches only the one who is usually called a layman. Life teaches those who have the so-called needs of the average man, for example, in sex, in a leader, in friends, in love, in following some ideas, etc., life teaches when they are on the way to meeting these needs or are looking for these paths. Some people do not have the general needs that the average person has, or they are extremely weakly expressed, this allows them to achieve success in science and not only because they are not distracted by anything, and they have not only the most common needs, but also psychological Nowadays, most of the problems that are common to most people, such as constant fear and excitement, the so-called panic attacks, depression, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. People without needs, if you can call them that, are not distracting (as they are called, independent, unsuspected, they seem to have a «lock» or have a psychological «ban» on «downloads» from the outside, and they do not convince themselves that they do not need this information, do not abuse themselves, just no information «catches» them except, of course, the one that they need for study and their work, if what they do can generally be called work, they are doing what they enjoy). People without the needs inherent in the majority follow the same path, and if life teaches them, it is only in terms of increasing their professional skills in the business in which they are engaged. They do not spend time satisfying the needs that the average person has, finding ways to satisfy them and solving psychological problems. With age, with a favorable development of events, almost all those who are called the average person should come closer to such a psychological state that is present in people without the needs inherent in the average person, and without the psychological problems inherent in the average person. But we are not talking about people of advanced age and people without the needs inherent in the majority. And in general, if someone had experience communicating with people from the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, he will understand what kind of people are meant in this paragraph. Certain people simply can’t be “ burdened ” with anything else, well, except for what they are already doing, they are also called unstoppable. If in some humanities it is permissible to have some other «creeps» away from science (meaning to have thoughts that are not related to this humanities), then this is rare in the exact sciences.

There is a soldier who did not participate in the hostilities, but he is also a soldier, there are psychologists (there are not only certified, but also non-certified psychologists) who did not work at the factory, at the construction site as migrant workers, did not serve as soldiers in the army, were not in prison, were not homeless, in a word, were not in various places and situations, but they are also psychologists. What is the best way to study psychology, from the inside or from the outside? You didn’t notice that some of those who are called psychologists, in some places, speaking on TV and in other media, simply insult some people through their diagnoses, it seems that some authorities tell them to «shit» someone’s behavior, since this behavior is unprofitable for them, and this is so that the one who, from the point of view of some authorities behaves incorrectly, begins to «drive» together with society, that something is wrong with him, because a person is an inspired being? Public opinion is formed simply, the concept of what is adequate and what is not, is born by those who control people?

«The state can be ruled by a simple cook,» the words attributed to

V.I. Lenin

In the non-political sense of the word, V. I. Lenin can be voiced in the sense that you don’t need to worry about everything, everything follows a «knurled» track and works by itself, probably 90 percent, or maybe more. Higher forces have already taken care of everything, everything acts according to a given program, like an established mechanism, so the fears for one’s own or someone else’s future are exaggerated. Earth and other planets rotate as established by the program, what is called a cycle in nature, also goes according to the program: photosynthesis, death, life, sex, scientific achievements, etc.

Alcoholism, drug addiction, suicide, crimes on an emotional basis. If someone is said to be an alcoholic, drug addict, suicide or someone who has committed a crime on an emotional basis, take an interest in his biography, he will be one of those who grew up in an incomplete family, or one child in the family, with a stepfather, with a stepmother, or he will be from the so-called dysfunctional family, i.e., from a family in which there were parents from among those who are called infantile or independent, with a more favorable development of events, it is necessary that at least one parent be from those who are called independent. A person from an incomplete family or from the so-called dysfunctional family is without an antivirus program in his head, if you draw parallels with a computer and computer programs, he is not protected from downloading malicious programs from the street, etc., his relatives were not given an antivirus program that should protect him.

If you are from an incomplete or dysfunctional family, then look back, if you have not paid attention yet, then turn it to the fact that all your friends, with whom you recently were friends and socialized, as a rule, as a rule, like you from incomplete or from the so-called dysfunctional family. So-called friends and acquaintances from the so-called prosperous families at a certain age stage have «dropped out» of you.

Regarding power structures, one can call infantile one who, working there, believes in communication and in the help of «friends» if he breaks the law, as well as someone who believes that his colleagues next to him will not «surrender him, if he will commit unlawful acts in their presence.

Have you ever seen a young, recently recruited senior lieutenant of law enforcement agencies as chief and commander of lieutenant colonels and majors, have you ever seen a young manager at an enterprise commanding people of pre — retirement age, or have you never heard of this? Then you are probably a person with a free profession or you do not have enough life experience.

Lyrics: I was surprised by playing the «strategy», which indicated that it’s cheaper for your state’s budget to create a police force than to invest in increasing the living standards of your state’s population. The conclusion is that in some "shooters" special forces advise programmers, in some «strategies» of politics.

The higher the standard of living of people, the safer the situation, the criminalization of the population depends on the standard of living? Shuffle the scientific, global and everyday and get the domestic scientific, since scientists are far from everyday and everything is dedicated only to the global, so do you need to do this yourself? Is classical psychology the foundation upon which much more can be built on? When you give advice in the field of psychology, without life experience and having never been anywhere, do you give advice that is divorced from reality? It used to be simple, if you want to be in psychological comfort — conquer someone, make slaves of them, and you are in psychological comfort, you don’t need to work, slaves will do the work, will you develop creative abilities or do science at this time? What should I do if I’m used to everything that slaves did, but they’re gone, and you have to work hard physical work instead, go after antidepressants or psychotherapeutic sessions, or look for slaves again? People constantly have to get out, and so some of those who need slaves now enslave not with conventional weapons, but with psychological weapons? An important component of a healthy life is good mental health, good according to generally accepted standards? The medical board didn’t go to the police, they didn’t take you there, connected their relatives, they helped to get the medical board, they took you to the police, and after a year you were killed at work by those who are called bandits, but if you hadn’t taken, would you be alive? Everything is relative — everything that is perceived as a failure in the present can be good luck in the future and vice versa? Is everything that happens — a pre-programmed program or a program in each in the form of instincts and DNA, and do you realize these instincts already autonomously? Higher powers do not want everyone to be afraid of everything, do they need everyone to not be afraid to fulfill their needs, otherwise they simply turn off the one who is afraid of everything (suicide) and does not implement the programs prescribed for him, or is he in for an uncomfortable psychological state (depression)? An uncomfortable psychological state is a side effect caused by the refusal to fulfill what is prescribed in the program of human behavior by higher forces, or what people themselves prescribed in someone, as in the story «Hot Stone», whose author Arkady Gaidar? Are suicides and depressions more likely in people in prison than in people who are free, since there is no way to realize most of their needs? Are there countries that are considered rich, in which prisons are closed, since there is no one to sit in them, most of the people want to go to these countries, since it is in them that you can realize your maximum needs, will there be material resources for this? What is called mentality and culture is formed primarily from the standard of living, the richer the country, the more different is what is called the mentality and culture of people from others? In whose person can anyone take revenge on someone for their failures, or rather, for what is considered to be failures? How to make good from a country that is considered rich, evil, remove expensive food, sex and other joys of life from his diet that he is used to and which he has in abundance? A person can be programmed as you wish, educating him from childhood, he can be brave depending on his environment (if he is beaten and programmed for failure) or courageous, he can also be educated with fears of any social group, society, country and etc., for example, in ancient times, some were afraid of those who are now called scientists, they were brought up by the rulers of that time, the scientist and his actions were illegal, were they bandits? Advocacy radio and television shows — those who are used to the good, will protect their lifestyle in any way? Only criticism and propaganda, but no one is in a hurry to give money for the elimination of the problems discussed, is it cheaper to pay those who are called propagandists than to distribute wealth to the entire population? Throughout history, some have exploited strangers, and if they were not and are not, then their own, or is it not? I’m punk, I’m a thief, I’m a scientist, I’m a politician, I’m rich, I’m cool, I’m looking for something to «boot up» with him, and it doesn’t matter what kind of download is considered primitive or progressive? A man cannot, like an animal, only eat, sleep and follow instincts without software (ideological vacuum) — does the self-destruction program work or does a bad mood appear? Stability or the path to the unknown — as long as some hold on to stability, some realize their dreams? What is the difference between such people as, for example, software engineers, from other people, they are, so to speak, unsuspected, they «do not hear» and «do not see» information that is unnecessary for them and they do it on an unconscious level, but to us, ordinary people, in order to be in a stable mental state, you have to say to yourself: «Listen to yourself, the rest are nonsense»? They say on TV that two 15-year-old girls jumped from a high-rise building and crashed after their musical idol did the same? Do not forget that the human brain is a plastic material from which you can fashion anything, and a child is generally a blank sheet? Anyone, regardless of his psychogenetic heredity, can make anyone who is called bold or cowardly? Some of the category of young people, and therefore of the so-called very suggestible, committed suicide after their idols committed suicide? To what is called alcohol and drugs, he will never be addicted, no matter how trivial it sounds, proud, even if, as they say, pour vodka into it every day, the conclusion is that alcoholism needs a certain personality warehouse, which, apart from alcohol Doesn’t get other pleasures? There are videos on the Internet where, allegedly, the grandson of a wealthy grandfather, a businessman, offers for money those who are called homeless and alcoholics, drink his urine and they drink, they have no pride, but the grandson, not having enough life experience, comes up with a proposal to drink for money, urine him in a guy sitting on a bench who is not a homeless person or an alcoholic, and he punches the grandson of a wealthy businessman-grandfather with his fist in the face, does this prove that «drunk» people without what is called pride? The proud takes pleasure in his pride, but whoever is called an alcoholic has one source of pleasure — alcohol? Who are the wrong and broken biorobots in the psychological sense? People cannot be perceived otherwise as biorobots with programs? What happens when there is no survival incentive? Not only those who this book is dedicated to have problems, the children of some very rich people can become drug addicts and alcoholics, as their parents turned off the survival mechanism for them — they have everything that they need, appears on its own, and therefore turns off survival mechanism, does the same thing happen to some of the population of countries considered rich? To survive in a competitive environment, you need to have certain knowledge? Some have strong illusions about the strong influence in our time of some managers on the economy? What would an economist say to you about the economy, if you were alone with him, that there is no economy, there is or there is no resource for a good life, whoever has obtained this resource lives well? How did they get some resources for a good life then and now: won, took, enslaved, so some struggled with an uncomfortable psychological state and an increase in living standards? Who «snatched» in the past, that in the common sense lives well now? What would a sociologist tell you if you were with you and alone that there is no mentality, there are those who live in a poor place, and those who are in a rich place, and this will affect their so-called mentality? How to get the location of people, give them hormones of pleasure and take away what causes discomfort? Wealth makes some people weak in the conventional sense, they know this and do everything to protect and extend their rich lifestyle, but do not seek to abandon everything and educate in themselves what is called willpower? Sometimes there are no talented children, there are poor parents? Some, in order to «untwist» their work, go into politics, that then it’s primary, so to speak, to curry favor with someone, and then those who have curled themselves will print any of your work no matter what it is, or first write a work and then get favored? Another way to promote your work is to devote it to a social group or, as they say, a specific target audience? Not to interfere with any state in someone’s work is not good, can it affect its existence and the quality of life of the people living in it, in a psychological sense? The collapse of one of the key states can lead to a violation of equality in the political sense, and a state left without a competitor will make one world government, which will not restrain anything, and will come to an end to what is called freedom? There are no mediocre writers, there are poor and not serving writers? Sometimes, in order to «promote» a book or other work, one needs to become famous or «catch on» for someone, who has a resource for its publishing and promotion, and who is famous, but then it may be necessary to take the side of who publishes and «untwists», and on this will the objectivity of the written be lost? Writer’s age and other factors are reflected in what is written? Someone is fighting on someone’s side, both physically and psychologically, with the hope that those for whom he is fighting will notice him and “ publicize ” his work? Some poor people provoke the rich and famous by manipulating their weaknesses and sometimes by having what they call infantilism so that they «stumble», break the law or make other mistakes (for example, invite poor people of the opposite sex to their yacht, and they “ surrendered»), after the provocateurs the information» stink «rises, and the provocateurs are famous, after they don’t pay the publishers to publish their books, but the publishers invite them to publish books at the expense of the publisher? Some, in order for everyone to learn about their literary and other work, go to PR agencies or to their websites, where they are taught to raise the most global scandal about their work? After you compose something, make money, if you have money, «untwist» any of your work on television, on the Internet, etc.? To avoid the so-called psychological discomfort and psychological distress due to the inability to satisfy needs, do you need to know how to satisfy your needs? How to solve the question of the so-called unsatisfied ambition, if this is prescribed by higher powers or inspired by people around us — write a book? Is it easiest to get your status in society by writing a book and printing it for your money? Fear of not having time to create and finish something throughout the life of all creative personalities? Some are fighting (psychologically and physically) on the side of a state, so that those who govern this state subsequently allocate money from the budget to publish the works of the belligerent, or to make it easier to go to a higher educational institution, for example, to an actor?

Sample words attributed to the poet Robert Frost: «Creativity begins from the moment I discover that I knew something that I did not know that I know.»

«Every writer who comes under the party banner, sooner or later faces a choice either to obey or shut up, ” these are the words attributed to the writer George Orwell.

We will correct George Orwell, every writer (musician, poet) who does not have a lot of money to «promote» his work, but really wants to «promote» it, sooner or later faces a choice — either get into politics and take the side of one of the political or geopolitical forces competing among themselves, or will his book not be untwisted by anyone but himself and will be funded for the publishing house only by himself? All geopolitics can be described with the phrase: the worse the geopolitical competitor is doing in his country, the better? If you are at least a little versed in politics, then by the work of a writer, musician or poet, you can understand whether he took on someone else’s political side or not? The paradox is that some musicians, writers and other artists working against their government do not always understand politics as well as in music and literature, as soon as they deprive their government of power, they will be replaced by the same ones as Are they musicians and writers only from those countries for which they worked against the current government, just as foreign companies enter the market on the territory «defeated» in a psychological or conventional war? As soon as any political power is collapsing somewhere, then everything that is new and «new» is «pumped» into the territory that it used to control: religion, music, cinema, trading companies, crowding out everything that was before turns out to the musicians It’s unprofitable for the artists and everyone else who was involved in politics to work against the current authorities of the country in which they live, otherwise they will have a creative menopause, they will be forgotten about them and the maximum that positive things can happen to them after a change of government, this invitation to live rules lstvom of the State in which they work?

Since the beginning of the existence of mankind there have been many «pointing fingers», many wanted to tell people when to cry, when to laugh and when to do what.

Attention: the author does not say anything in this material that something should be one way or another, therefore all affirmative sentences in this material should be perceived as interrogative, not interrogative, only because it is impossible to create any work only from interrogative sentences When reading any affirmative sentence written by the author, you should mentally put a question mark when it ends. Where the author categorically affirms something without the possibility of any other interpretation of what is written, there is a note: «attention, this is an affirmative sentence».

Without the most favored nation treatment. What are you most likely to encounter if you are from an incomplete family or from the so-called dysfunctional family, and what official psychology does not say, and where you should and shouldn’t get to, based on your qualities:

1) Put everything on the principles of video games or programming in life, and it will all be similar to life situations. Cheaters are players who, with the help of the codes built into them in a video game, can make their character immortal or with endless money. If someone in some stable organization with good salaries works for a long time, and all others are fired, it means that the «immortality» of this someone in the organization is supported by his relatives or he (if he has additional income) with the help of a certain program behavior in the form of gifts and services to superiors. That’s the secret of keeping some afloat, work, your relatives will help you to be a long-lived cadre and advance in service, or you can help yourself if you have extra income and a desire to share it with the cadre service and with your bosses. Of course, there are “ anti-cheats ” in the form of criminal and other laws, but this rarely works in this case, since the above actions are difficult to prove, as, however, “ anti-cheats ” like “ Punkbuster ” and others in computer games rarely work, since it is beneficial that they do not work, because cheats can be sold.

In this regard, it is a normal phenomenon that someone from an incomplete or from a dysfunctional family cannot get the job that those who their relatives “ walk on ” for work, or self-promotion for money from additional income. «Sweet» places are already taken, and because of the lack of the necessary life experience, you don’t have to do self-flagellation because you don’t take a job because you are stupid, sometimes because all the «sweet» places are filled with frames, and a generational change takes place on them, dad worked, son works, etc., and you came from the street and want to be taken. Change of generations, probably, is not only in those places where technical knowledge is required or certain so-called moral and business qualities.

It is unlikely that someone will bring your boss bags of expensive food and elite alcohol, or will do him any services to make the boss treat you «softer,» and hardly anyone will do the same to the personnel service, so that they then promoted you up the career ladder. True, it all depends on the place of work, there are professions where everything is different, where everything depends on your skill. And it doesn’t make sense to be offended by all this, if you approach the consideration of these actions from a scientific point of view, it’s written in the program, in the mind of every living organism to help your cubs survive, there are times when this program fails, and then it turns out, which is called an incomplete or dysfunctional family. The program to help your children, laid down by higher forces, can be attributed to the everyday collective unconscious, which will be discussed below. They can accuse the author of having those for which they don’t carry anything, and they have everything perfectly, of course, but, like any statistics, we are talking about the majority. Some take bribes if they work in the civil service, are engaged in parallel trade (second job), and from this «tranches» come to the chiefs and cadres, some are pulled by relatives and bosses. Someone will say that some take bribes, and they don’t sit, if they get caught, they kick them out. This can be answered by the fact that if you were not sent to work for bribes or for some kind of “ chemical abuse», although criminal punishment is provided for this, but simply quietly kicked out, then the person who was kicked out was an agent (informer) in the supervisor service, for example, in the CSS of the police (police), and he was indulged for his past help informing (renting out) his colleagues or there was no evidence, there are other options, it all depends on the country where all this happens.

There are places where anyone, if lucky enough to stay alive, can transform from a person without social status into a person with status. In some wars, the elite is formed, as it is commonly called, in countries where there has not been a war for a long time, the elite is already formed (you cannot become a general, since the general has his own son). Sometimes a political crisis and an economic crisis provide opportunities for those who did not have them. For example, to join the army without psychological testing, if a war has begun that could not take place in a peaceful country and in peacetime, or get a job at a company that you didn’t hire because you didn’t pass the interview, or because that he did not pass a check in his own security service before the onset of the general economic crisis and before the crisis of this company separately. Well, in general, a crisis, for example, will be pleasant to someone economic, if the one to whom they envied went badly.

2) It is unlikely that someone will «wait» for you to «go crazy» and support you when you are mad, drinking alcohol and doing something else from the category of what are called weaknesses, you’ll simply die early or fall to jail.

3) You are unlikely to be able to withstand pressure from your superiors, in the way that one from the so-called prosperous family can do. He was taught how to talk with the leadership, his leadership is more afraid than you, or rather, it is not afraid of you at all. The leadership of one from the so-called prosperous family is afraid, because he warned him that if he is fired, he will “ drag out ” everyone through the courts and «hand over» to the law enforcement or other controlling bodies everything illegal that happened during his work if, of course, he himself did not commit anything illegal and, in general, if it comes to that, usually no one scares anyone in such cases, everything is already in the «ointment».

4) If you have psychological problems or cannot fall asleep, you most likely will not go to a psychiatrist to prescribe psychostimulants that do not cause withdrawal symptoms (otnodnik), i.e. sedative or sleeping pills. ATTENTION: according to rumors, there are psychiatrists who do not offer sedative or sleeping pills to those who need it, but offer the so-called «coding», which is associated with this, possibly due to ignorance, perhaps because if you write a sedative, then the one who came for help because of problems with alcohol and who is looking for calm in alcohol will not come again, since he will start to take a sedative, and «coding» is a profitable thing, so in theory it’s more profitable for the psychiatrist to keep the client in excitement, once again rebuilt alcohol and came to him to be encoded. They say that in one large country (because of the possible legal problems of the country, if the issue under consideration is delicate, they are not called), half of the population sits on antidepressants. Most likely, you will go to the grocery store, buy vodka or wine there, drink it, and then it will be even worse for you. Although, again, from a so-called prosperous family, visits to a psychiatrist are unlikely due to problems with alcohol, if someone comes from such a family, then it can already be considered dysfunctional due to the fact that other educators outplayed their parents, for example street or cinema or any other. In education, as in electronics, a strong signal drowns out a weaker signal.

5) You may not know how to get to know each other and how to behave with the opposite sex if you need it, because, for example, it all depends on the amount of testosterone in the blood, the availability of money, etc. And you an unfulfilled need will appear (if such a need, of course, takes place).

6) You will probably follow what is called morality (even if you become a gangster, it will be gangster morality, such as not acting according to concepts), you may be ashamed of everything, etc., in a word, you will absorb everything that which is called propaganda, official education, that which is beneficial to others and almost always disadvantageous to you.

7) «I’m too old for me fooling» — roughly the words reacted grandfather, a veteran of Second World War, in the stories of the so-called high matters of another hero of the film «Silent Outpost», Russia, 2011, director Sergei Makhovikov.

«The devil is smart not because he is the devil, but because he is old, ” they say that this is an Italian saying.

What is negative charm, and who does it affect and who doesn’t? Those who have life experience find it difficult to manipulate.

You may all be manipulated in various ways, both on a domestic and global scale, if on a global scale, it will be through TV, radio, newspapers, the Internet, etc.

There are probably a lot of definitions of manipulations, but the simplest, in the philistine sense, manipulation is when they want someone to do something for someone, i.e., some action, for free, as in the global sense (for example, to go to the demonstration for free for or against someone), and in everyday life (to do some work for free). But there is one «but.» Some people like it when they are manipulated, they feel pleasure from it, adjoining any movement or group and doing everything for free, they produce endorphins from it.

8) You will probably be ready to work for the idea, while some do not forget to work for money.

9) You may have what is called self-doubt because you have convinced yourself that the laws do not work, but only communications and telephone law work. In any civilized state, and even in an uncivilized state, laws work, though differently, but they work, and even politicians should work out.

10) In the end, you can, in a bad situation, approach a dangerous line, what is called drug addiction, alcoholism, an emotional crime, a prison, etc.

11) Then everyone can add a new paragraph of what can happen to those from an incomplete or from the so-called dysfunctional family.

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