The most amazing things  from the transpersonal psychologist’s practice

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Dedicated to my wife

The energy follows attention!

We provide the attention with the drawing

and the movement of the pencil!


He is a transpersonal psychologist, a member of the Association of Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy, an expert and a co-author of the unique practice of extrasensory drawing «PILGRIM», a holder of the RAE certificate, an author of «Fate at the tip of the pen», «Fate at the tip of the pen. «Love», «Extrasensory drawing», «Transpersonal drawing» and a participant of the 14th season of «Battle of Extrasensory» on TNT channel. He is also an author of the courses «Extrasensory Drawing» and «Transpersonal Drawing» and an esoteric blogger.

He studied at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis, specializing in transpersonal counseling and psychotherapy.

Aleksandr successfully passed the psychic abilities testing of the Professor Vinogradov and the healing abilities testing using the device «Prognosis» in the RAE.

About the author

An engineer by his education, he graduated from Moscow State Technical University of Bauman. He worked at the «Iskra» plant, where he began his career path from the master to the deputy head of the assemblage department. He served in the Committee for State Security as an engineer, worked as a party and Komsomol worker. He finished the service as the head of the security shift. He is a military pensioner and participated in the liquidation the accident of the Chernobyl Atomic Power Station. After having retired, he worked in different companies. He became interested in extrasensory perception under extraordinary life circumstances. More than nine years he has been a psychic practitioner. He led live broadcasts on TDK with Lyudmila Galaktionova and worked on Astro-TV.

He worked at the Center for Psychological Aid. Aleksandr is married and has two children and three grandchildren.


«I’m reading your book. It’s interesting».

Vladimir Maikov on the book «Transpersonal Drawing»

V.V. Maikov is a candidate of Philosophy, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences; the Head of the Transpersonal Psychology Department in the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis; The President of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy; the member of the Presidium of EUROTAS; a chief editor of the series «Texts of transpersonal psychology»; the Head of the certified holotropic breathing program in Russia and Eastern Europe; a founder of holotropic breathing in Russia; a certified specialist in procedural work; a certified psychotherapist of the European Association for Psychotherapy; a certified psychotherapist of the European Transpersonal Association; a certified psychotherapist of the World Council for Psychotherapy; a certified transpersonal psychotherapist of the European registry EUROTAS.

«Thank you for the book. My friend, who is a psychologist, and I are working with it and getting a result. The friend earned a lot of money with the help of your methods. I’m ready to be your student».

Ekaterina Khudobina about the book

«The destiny at the tip of the pen. Love»

Ekaterina Khudobina is a candidate of Psychology, a Senior Lecturer at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis; a certified NLP Practitioner, a coach (NLP University of California, Santa Crus, training under the leadership of R. Dilts and J. Delozier); a member of the International Transpersonal Association.

All my life I will be proud that I leant from Vladimir Maikov and Ekaterina Khudobina.


I want to tell you about the absolutely amazing results with the «Pilgrim» technique working on the first level. You can write this in reviews on any of your websites. Here are my results. I did a lot of pictures to eliminate my interference (I do it regularly) and also a lot of pictures on my own health, especially the body that had been bothering me for a long time. Here is the result of a regular work on myself. I got a tremendous amount of vital, sexual, and working energy. I lost weight from the size of the 48th to the 46th. My face skin is younger.

Nobody believes that I’m 39 years old. I look amazing. The husband can’t hide his delight. I am invited to a professional photo shoot for the seasonal catalogs of one Russian brand store of the women’s clothing.

I am not even talking about the success with men. Anyway, it gives some impetus to the development of femininity for a woman of any age and inhales her with energy. I started to sleep less and more precisely, I get enough sleep for less time. I wake up earlier, an hour and a half before the alarm. I have a huge amount of creative life energy and joy. Sometimes I am surprised by how much I manage to do.

I had a long-lost feeling of «the basic trust in the Universe,» a feeling of waiting for joy, which usually is familiar only for children and teenage experience. The surrounding people are wondering: where did I get so much electricity?

In addition, my intuition has opened even more. Without exaggeration, any my idea or thought about work or some small dream in my personal life is realized almost instantly. It took several days — from 2 to 7 days, no more. I also began to feel my own «personal corridor». I do not know how to explain it in the more accessible way. That is, I understand where you can go with confidence, to whom and how to turn, and where it is better to stop, in absolutely any life situation. Of course, I had to have an operation, but it went off easily, and now even the scars from surgical incisions are not visible on my body. They disappeared in 2 weeks. I erased the scars with drawings. Now I do not feel the debilitating pain that tormented me for 2 years.

Before the surgery, I was very afraid of general anesthesia. I was afraid that suddenly I would not wake up, suddenly some complications appear. I have a little daughter, five and a half. But the day I was in the hospital and did a lot of pictures, settings. Then everything went very easily. I already knew that I would wake up. It was on the eve of my birthday.

Right from the hospital on my birthday, I went to work with cakes and sweets for colleagues. My underconsciousness was already fully confident that today we will talk with my management about my new position. I felt that the Universe was clearing space for me. I already knew what would happen that day. Right on my birthday, they announced to me that the decision was unanimous, and they, it turned out, were waiting for me to tell them directly about it — their determination to take this position.

They treat me like some rare diamond (without exaggeration) at work. When I think over a project, I know how it will work and what they will say about it. Other executives at the general meeting, and how will the top management of the company react to this. Therefore, almost 99% of my ideas and projects are fully understood by the owners, and they give me full support.

I did a creative drawing on the mutual sympathy of my leadership to me and back from me. The result was that I was promoted and given all the resources and support for the implementation of any projects. I received both a content boost and a financial one. Now I am the third person in the company after the owner and CEO. I was allowed into all closed control doors. I am consulted as a specialist who can be trusted and admired as a Woman. So many different people come to me and so many people come to me that I feel like a sort of magnet.

The same is with men. Now I do nothing with anyone except for my husband. Although, if I pay attention to someone, I know exactly what will happen next. It is such an absolute feminine confidence.

There is a lot of work, but how much joy and pleasure from life and at home and at work.

I did not have time to say this before and I also wanted to fix the result. I want to express my deep gratitude to you and, in general, that I somehow miraculously found your magazine, you decided to write.

It’s amazing. I’m generally a skeptic in life. I will not check it myself for a long time I will not say anything. But in six months my life has changed very significantly for the better and on all fronts.

I can understand the skeptics: there are a huge number of charlatans in the field of spirituality. I was also disappointed and gave a lot of money to dishonest people. Because of this she was very nervous and very upset.

For those who will read — the technique works very quickly in the event that a person completely ceases to be cunning with himself and with the outside world. If he honestly tries to find himself in this life, his place in the world and follow your mission. Do not be afraid of any work, no responsibility. Here is a combination of such things as the lack of guile, a completely honest approach to yourself and to life, and the regular use of the Pilgrim technique (for creative purposes), literally shoots by results. I am ready for the second level.

Sorry for my emotions, but everything that I told you, is true and this is absolutely incredible for me, amazing. This is what this «Pilgrim» practice gives. Aleksandr, I am with you.


«Goodnight!!! I wanted to publish a review on your site, but it’s too big, and I can’t cut anything out))) so I’ll send you all the text for publication wherever you want.

Thanks for the book, I got it, there are my favorite numbers 22.04. I am sure that this is not a coincidence, there are no such coincidences. Thank you for your kindness.

Aleksandr, I want to thank you for the fact that 2 years ago you appeared in my life, put things in order there, and I still feel your support and helping hand at the right moment!

How it happened. It was 2014 and I had a tourist trip with a loved person. I felt bad during the journey (I felt tremor, loss of consciousness, weakness and a lack of air).

As a result, the romantic mood turned into trips on ambulance cars, cardiograms, injections and smirks of doctors. Nobody could determine a diagnosis.

Upon returning home, I had to complete the examination of the body, the circulation of health workers, a polyclinic hell, which resulted in the diagnosis of cholecystitis and gastritis. The vertigo became constant, long and deep. Nothing helped.

Relatives even began to take me to the local healing old ladies, who said that I was completely healthy. Feeling desperate, I went to the final ultrasound of the thyroid gland, which immediately redirected me to the puncture and subsequent surgery to remove the gland itself, containing malignant tumors.

Despair, hopelessness and apathy were added to the already existing dizziness.

My old friend in one of the conversations said that our mutual friend had been trained by Aleksandr and now easily removes all the problems not only for herself, but also for her friends.

At first, I was skeptical, but then I decided to turn to Aleksandr myself.

To be honest, I did not believe that he would answer me, but decided to try my luck. And the answer came instantly, a Skype appointment was made, Aleksandr diagnosed my condition and… oh, miracle!!! Contrary to my disbelief, after the first session dizziness disappeared and there was a desire to live.

However, the improvement did not last for long, and it took several more sessions to stabilize my condition, after which I can safely say that the vertigoes were left in the past.

Years passed, and from time to time I turn to Aleksandr’s help (be it business problems, questions in my personal life) and he always had time, a smile and care about you. It is very, very impressive!

I advise all my friends who are faced with serious problems in life to address Aleksandr and some of them wonder how a person can change your life with the help of a drawing.

I firmly declare that it’s possible, and quietly smile from the bottom of my heart.

Three years have passed since our first acquaintance, and now I am a healthy, full of life person, owner of my own prosperous business, and yes…

Aleksandr, this year I visited the doctor, and he said these words to me: «You are absolutely healthy; the cancer has remained only on paper!»

Coincidence? I do not think so!!!»


You are best, the most beautiful,

The smartest, the strongest,

Unique and skillfully cute,

The brightest and most vulnerable

Rushing without any hesitation

For yourselves and for new knowledge,

Boundless and self-sacrificing,

Faithful to life and serene,

Easy to get up from your bed

So early and freely go to the goal.

The most juicy and lovely

Only you are invincible!

Unselfish and interesting,

Disinterested and well-known,

The most passionate and hot,

Transpersonal, in a familiar way vagrant,

Loved by life, loved in the word,

Any in life and involuntarily,

Built into the system with your own task:

Without hesitation to beat off pitch

Of stars and destinies, surroundings of tears,

Not without it became more serious

Someone’s a professor, someone’s a poet,

A doctor of science, and a dancer of the ballet.

Creativity in your souls sings and plows

Just for applause, and not for fight.

Saved by the supreme intelligence and idea:

You bring together the pure reason and science!

Tatyana Bragina, visionary,

Transpersonal psychologist


Our consciousness, the pro-consciousness, can be traced right down to the Big Bang.

Stanislav Groff, founder of

transpersonal psychology,

Ph. D. and medicine

The main hack of the «transpersonal pattern» method is the question of the presence of energy HINDRANCES/OBSTACLES, for example, in relationships or on the way to a goal. Immediately — to seize the bull by the horns. Is there any interference between me and my wife? Is there a hindrance in employment?

The second hack — intuitively draw a spot of THESE HINDRANCES.

The third hack — erase the painted stain of HINDANCES. If it is a pain or other physical symptom, we IMMEDIATELY feel the result — NO PAIN.

Cool? Yeah!

The method of «transpersonal drawing» easily fit into the most modern direction of psychology which is transpersonal psychology. I realized this at the first classes and only became more and more convinced while studying.

For almost ten years, I have been using the «drawing» technique to help improve health, help in relationships, and career help — wherever I don’t. I do not use it only to the detriment and I do not bewitch or let in «voodoo». If asked, I do away with love spells and «bad spells».

The method of intuitive drawing is so unusual that even in our advanced transpersonal group it seems strange and incomprehensible.

«This cannot be true» everybody’s eyes say when the first meet with the method. Only practice convinces, it’s only a personal experience and only an obtained result to persuade.

The first nine swallows from our transpersonal group completed the basic course of the «transpersonal pattern». I am glad!

The youth will fly the flag of the transpersonal drawing.

This book includes amazing examples from a personal ten-year practice. In the end there are several exercises of the initial course. The complete method is described in the textbooks «Extrasensory Drawing» and «Transpersonal Drawing».

All the examples in this book are real. All the characters are real people who allowed me to write about them. The protagonist is the practice of transpersonal (extrasensory) drawing.

The practice of drawing works surprisingly easily. On the webinars, from 10 to 30% of the participants immediately, in the first half hour, relieved the pain, smoothed out the wrinkles themselves.

I KNOW: the practice of «Transpersonal Drawing» WORKS!

I learned it from my own experience; this was confirmed by the feedback from those people, whom I helped. I firmly know that the practice works for ALL who have studied its principles and have practiced enough.

Studying on the transpersonal psychology course of Vladimir Maikov added me energy and new ideas. I realized that we are not alone; behind us are modern science and the masters of the world process.

The procedural approach of A. Mindell and the transpersonal NLP of R. Dilts and D. Delozier are completely compatible with the intuitive pattern.

The procedural approach, and NLP-3, and body therapy become usable in practice.

The energy approaches WORK!

Here I am! Hello!

How I became a transpersonal

On the eve of the fiftieth anniversary, my life has tragically changed in one day. I lost everything. The old world collapsed. The brain boiled and was boiling for five years.

I was saved by my wife and children. My friends saved me. They gave me support in this storm. I clung to the books, I clung to the ideals — it helped not to go crazy.

In the third year of this nightmare, Yuri Vladimirovich Pilgrim appeared who revealed to me another world. I clung to this world. I began to read eagerly about this world, wonder that there was no limit. I got extra support. The support increased, grew, and formed as the huge new world — the world of the transpersonal approach. Transpersonal drawing (I called it differently in different years) became an integral part of the transpersonal approach.

For almost two years I worked in the Help and Trust Center on the phone, helped remotely. I participated in live broadcasts. This experience, this plenty of unexpected questions made me a specialist.

The time has come, I quit the help center. Since then I practice alone. All our masters from the first group can work independently. Everyone has extrasensory abilities, differently expressed. We help each other if necessary.

I passed the selection and participated in the «The battle of Psychics» and received an interesting experience. Also I passed the psychic abilities testing personally from the legendary professor Mikhail Victorovich Vinogradov.

— You have quite good psychic abilities, — the professor said. I passed the healing abilities test on the device «Prognosis». The result was «Positive dynamics». There was a complete absence of «blocked» meridional systems».

I had years of individual practice, hundreds and thousands of different personal stories.

The year of study at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis in the specialty «Transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy» strengthened my confidence in the correctness of the chosen path. Now I have a diploma of «Transpersonal Counseling and psychotherapy» in Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis.

My platform keeps growing and developing. At school, at seminars I met wonderful people. We share revelations. We share experience. We help each other develop. Now nothing scares me.

Thanks to all the great teachers: friends, colleagues, enemies.

Read more in the books Fate at the Tip of the Pen and Fate at the Tip of the Pen. Love». These books are in electronic stores.

The ways of the Lord are truly inscrutable.

The Battle of extrasensory

In the summer of 2013, I suggested to TNT to film the story on the theme «Controlling the Weather», and… I received an invitation to the casting of «The Battle of extrasensory».

At the casting, I was shown a photo of a girl of about 35 years old.

— What can you say about her?

— She is not alive. — It is determined quite simply by energy ties.

— You’re right. What happened to her? — the second question.

I’m sorting through the options: an illness — no, a murder — no, an accident — yes.

— She died in a car accident, — I answered, — a clear energy is visible.

— Maybe she drowned? — Lyudmila, who conducted the casting, watched my drawing and added an option.

— No, she didn’t drown, — I answer confidently.

— She was hit by a car, — says Lyudmila.

There were also questions: «Married — not married?», «How many children?»

— We will let you know about your decision.

Here I came. The entire test was filmed on the phone. Lyudmila called in a couple of days:

— You have passed the casting, come to the first test.

So I appeared at the Battle. In the park «Losiny Ostrov (Elk Island)» two hundred people gathered, having passed the qualifying casting in their region. Including the accompanying, I think, it was at least 500 people. It was a beautiful and warm sunny day. We were hanging out in the shade of the park, escaping from the heat. A strangely dressed lady with a lot of «toys» — a city shaman — immediately attracted the attention of others. She was in the top ten and showed good results in the current tests: for example, she found a «bomb.» After registration, the interview began — self-presentation. «I am Aleksandr Strannik, a psychic, I use an automatic writing method for my work.»

«I am Martha, the village witch, I tell the fortune with the help of herbs, I prepare potions, which can kill you to death.»

It took about five hours and there were 200 people, after all.

Simultaneously the most colorful people were filmed in more detail. There was an enormous controversy, who is cooler and whose techniques are stronger. No one of the «coolest» passed the first test. These shootings were for the archive, in order to show then the finalists from the very beginning of the battle.

Next — the passage along the alley (to show mass presence), this picture is in the first minute of the first series. They drove us along the alley three times.

— Remove bags. Get together. You don’t look like psychics,» the director commanded. He knows what psychics viewers see. We were gathered in the lobby. It was at the hall entry. We were filmed twice. We settled. We were put in different places for better picture.

Test «Screen». On the stage there is a folding screen. It is necessary to describe in as much detail as possible what is hidden behind an impermeable screen. It’s about eight in the evening. Ladies in high heels were unlucky — all day on their feet.

In the hall there was a sharp change in the mood of candidates for psychics.

In the park, all or almost all are very cool, everyone knows, everyone can. Demons are expelled, bad spells are removed. They can tell the future and heal. They show various magical (clown) attributes, there was even a girl with a real python…

In the hall in front of the screen, my self-confidence disappeared.

— What do you see, what do you feel? — people, who came together, are whispering in groups. The response is silence… The coolness has gone… A strange guy was sitting nearby; he was dressed in such a shabby shirt and pants, in such worn rubber slippers on his bare feet — well, just wayward. He was brought there by very well-dressed people and all the time he was asked what he saw. Neither the guy nor his companions passed into the next stage.

«Feeling that behind the screen» took half an hour. It was possible to approach the screen closely in turn; just you could not touch it. You could use any attributes.

They beat in tambourines, sounded trumpet, burnt candles, laid out cards, listened to shells, looked into the balls — everyone was doing whatever he could. The time was over. Curtain went down. They began to record on camera, what they saw. They were recording directly with six cameras in different parts of the building. After recording, they were immediately taken out into the street.

I saw what was behind the screen using the technique of extrasensory drawing; I consistently asked a question and drew the probability of answering this question from 0 to 100%.

— Is behind the screen a living object? — it turned out «YES» (the line went from NO to YES).

— Is behind the screen a man? — it turned out «YES».

— Is behind the screen a man? — it turned out «YES» (here I was mistaken — there was a woman).

He also asked age, hair color… it was all not important.

So I answered before the camera when it was my time, about three o’clock in the morning. I did not expect the shooting to last so long. I went to the countryside without knowing the result. The secret of the screen was not revealed until the first broadcast of the battle, until September. Well done — kept everyone in the dark.

A few days later I received the call: «You went to the second round — tomorrow is shooting.» In the second round, about 30 people were selected from 200, those who showed results close to reality, as well as especially colorful ones.

The stage «Trunk» was shot quite differently. The hype was no longer visible. We were gathered in groups at the metro station «Airport». My group met at 23:00. They brought us to the factory, placed all ten of us in the dressing room. They took our telephones. The access to the toilet was accompanied. The task was to for everyone to calmly wait for his turn. In our group I saw the finalists: Sheps and Marilyn.

I saw both Anar and Nazira. Marilyn, however, almost immediately went to the shooting. I hardly remember Nazira, she was dozing in a corner in an armchair, it was the night already. She chose the most successful solution: remained invisible in the close-up dressing room until the start of the shooting. The rest failed to remain unnoticed.

We were all stirred by Julia, in my opinion, she is exactly an actress. She was screaming (singing) everywhere: in the park, in the hall during «the Screen», and here, in the dressing room. There was simply no escape from her; she filled the whole space. When she left, thank God, it was rather early; we all breathed a sigh of relief.

— At last.

— Each of us has his own specifics, — Volodya said, an employee of the company, philosophically, thus stopping our jokes.

The winner of the 14th season, Sheps before «The Trunk» sat with his lovely companion in the dressing room on a chair a meter away from me. Behaved with dignity — was silent. Anar was talking more than others and tried to start a talk with them, an exorcist from Azerbaijan, that’s how he introduced himself. Sheps introduced himself as a medium.

— Why are you looking at me like that? — Anar tesed Sheps’s companion.

— How «like that»? — the girl fought back embarrassedly. As for me, she didn’t look at him at all.

— You throw all sorts of nastiness at me, — Anar insisted.

— I do not throw anything.

When Sheps and his companion (he called her «his battery») went to the «Trunk», Anar pulled out a mortar from a package, black powder, dissolved it in water and began to spray the dressing room and part of the corridor.

— They brought the parasites here, now I’ve cleaned everything,» Anar finally calmed down.

Sheps with Anar continued to fight further. In one of the airs, Sheps told: «I would gladly send some from here to hell.» In this «war of psychics,» the victory turned out to be for Sheps. Anar could not show anything interesting and soon dropped out. After the «Battle» on TNT was completed, the plot was shown, where Sheps and Marilyn performed a strange ritual against other psychics: they stuck knives in their photos to deprive them of their power.

— This is a battle, everyone wants to win, let them defend themselves,» Sheps answered to the puzzled question of the presenter.

It was my turn to be tested. I went into the hangar with cars. It was about five in the morning. The hangar is flooded with light. There were thirty cars, fifteen in two rows. My gaze rested on the red «Moskvich», the last in the left lane, his trunk sank. «They are deliberately confusing us, here are bricks,» I smile to myself.

I chose the method of consecutive answers to the questions: «Which car is the person hidden in?» «In the left or in the right row?», «In which set of five cars?»

Then I approached each car and saw the hindrances in ties with Cosmos and the Earth, making the assumption that if there is a person in the car, this interference will be detected, and so I will see it. I was wrong!

When Safronov opened the trunk and there was no one there, I was shocked. I was absolutely sure that I had found a man…

Perhaps I was hit by excessive fuss. Perhaps it was necessary to look for a different approach to solving this problem…

The man in the trunk was in a black car next to the «Moskvich»! We must trust the first sensations! At this stage, we could not immediately see for ourselves whether there is a person in the trunk or not. Unfortunately, we were not shown what car he was in. I believe that this is also the correct approach of the organizers of the show.

So, are the artists or not artists being filmed in the show? They exactly were not artists. I heard conversations in the park, in the hall, in the dressing room. All told how castings were held in the regions, how was their way there, where they stopped. The winners of the regional castings were called to the «Battle» in Moscow, paid for the way, paid for hotel accommodation, issued a temporary registration, were provided with a transfer from the hotel to the place of filming. Participants in the hotel lived next door, drinking tea together. This is all real.

The «Screen» and «The Trunk» tests were brilliantly organized (I did not participate in others). There was a complete secrecy, no hints and at the same time, there was absolute benevolence of the organizers, their sincere desire to «find psychics.» Their sincere joy, when there is a result, when it turns out to be for real. One cannot figure these emotions. All participants were given the opportunity to show their abilities.

The whole schools came there. They were so solemn. They handed out business cards. They told in which programs shown on TV they are filmed. However, they did not pass even the «Screen». I am sure that absolute majority of the participants are real. They were the people, whom no one gave hints, and who acted due to their abilities. There were rumors about the desire to buy a place in the final competition for huge money, and again, according to rumors, this was not possible.

Working in the center of psychological assistance

My friend Volodya suggested that I to work with the group «Magic on the Phone», which was located at the call center in which he worked at that time. I shrugged it off, at that time I was working for one small firm of my friend Evgeniy. There was no work at all, and the salary was paid — what else is needed. It was then that I shot my first clips from the office window. From the office window I «filmed» my first smoke. At that time I was treating Evgeniy’s father-in-law for the cancer of blood and bones, and his uncle from cancer of the throat. I was treating them every day and kept a diary. The results are in LJ.

Half a year later, the little firm disappeared and I remembered the suggestion of Volodya.

We went to the interview with Yuri Vladimirovich, he was in Moscow at that time. The interview was conducted by Sergey, a psychologist-tarologist. They took me right away. Sergey talked more with Yuri Vladimirovich about various practices and examples; they found, so to say, each other.

— Sasha, don’t be afraid. I cleaned everything here, I closed you, I set up the defense, — Yuri Vladimirovich instructed me.

By that time, I already had experience in health-related care: problems with head, pressure, stomach, arrhythmias, even with cancer. I helped my mom, sister and friends from distance. But before this I did not treat strangers. I had a period that my daughter eloquently called «catch up and help.» And here there were absolute strangers from different parts of our huge country. How to help them without knowing them?

— This is no more difficult than personally, you just have to tune in to the voice,» Yuri Vladimirovich reassured me.

The same was claimed by our Irina.

So thanks to their good graces everything started.

People often call to the «telephone assistance» with health problems, mainly with the spine troubles. This topic was already familiar to me, I repeatedly did this. Many questions turned out to be quite unexpected for me: «Is there any damage to me?», «When will I get married?», «Help me get a job.»

— Does my husband have a mistress? — was one of the first unexpected questions.

Usually tarologists and astrologers answered similar questions. And I at re-addressed them to my colleagues.

— Answer yourself, just learn, you really can, — Sergey insisted, absolutely fairly.

But, if you pledge, don’t hedge. How to find out, I thought, and whether it is necessary to say what is known was my next thought, especially if the probability of knowing is not 100%.

I began to draw probability lines, watch the probability of events as a percentage. The technique itself is well proven. If the line stopped, then there is a hindrance. If this obstacle is removed, then you one get married or a job as quickly as possible. This is how the technique of help in such situations appeared, which is more important than simple predictions.

— Strannik, take way the demon from me, — was another shocking request at the very beginning. I understand, the man is not kidding; there is pain and fear in his voice.

— I cannot help you now, I cannot do this, — I answer.

— In general, do the demons exist? — was an involuntary question to himself, then asked Irina and Yuri Vladimirovich

— Yes, Sasha, these are such independent energy programs, it is still too early for you, — they answered. Then the grandmother asked to expel «demon» from her grandson.

— My grandson is possessed with a demon, rushes under the cars, and sees the birds in the room. I believe that you can help us.

This grandmother teased me for long time. She was quite young, with two higher educations, she was very worried about her grandson, persuaded me to start. When working with a boy, I applied our «plane», repeatedly dragged it through the boy’s figure, added the technique «Cross» and energy from the Source. Strangely enough, it turned out that the boy became calmer, didn’t rush under the cars anymore, he even did not see the birds in the room. This was my first «demon.»

Then there was a guy with voices and visions, during the treatment process of whom I received a blow in the ear from the «demon». This was my second «demon».

— Strannik, kick the demon out of me, — was another call from that man. — Help, I already visited many of them and they could not help. I am now in Moscow, I arrived especially for this. I believe you.

I was waiting for his call, I wanted to try. This is how. It was. We met him in the underground that day. It was a huge, about two meters, heavyweight man. He wanted to make a prepayment, and I could not resist and immediately began to work, accompanied by the noise of the trains at the station. He immediately felt a relief. I will describe these examples below in detail.

Then there was a live broadcast on TDK with Lyudmila Galaktionova. She received calls and answered them, and I drew in parallel. As it turned out, the results of joint work were good. Several clips from those broadcasts are on my site.

These were really live broadcasts. I saw in the studio a live recording with fictitious clients of other centers. I saw a cut-down live broadcast, when immediately after the client’s question he was turned off, so that he could not spoil the impression if the specialist responded inappropriately. The practice of fictitious direct answers during the live broadcast, as well as fictitious questions and answers is very common.

— Do you really have a live broadcast? — a TV man on Astro-TV was surprised.

During these live broadcasts, I learned a lot from Lyudmila.

After that, nothing scared me, in the sense of plunging, to answer at random.

In particular, I did not know that it was possible to tune in to the client via text messages, there was such a service in our Center.

— Sasha, the letters in the text messages are the same information as the voice on the phone, — Lyudmila once told me.

I decided to check this. I conducted a massive, for several months, work over e-mails. I was convinced both personally and by feedback: yes, the letters in the email are also information, no matter how fantastic it may sound. I still consult by e-mail. By the text messages now I check the results of students and advise in case of emergency.

Then there were live broadcasts on Astro-TV, which are also very useful for me in terms of experience. There was a good team aimed at helping the invited guests of the channel. It is a pity that this channel has been closed.

While working at the Center, half of the questions was about health, half about the topic of love and negative things. It was necessary right there, with the help of Yuri, Irina, Ekaterina, to look for the ways how to approach the response and to help in such matters. It was an intensive period of development.

«Love spell», «curse», «woodoo», «evil eye» — these were the first words I heard in the customers’ questions. At first, I did not know how to approach this; out of habit I readdressed such matters to my colleagues. Then I began to think about how to see the negative with our method, and when I came up with it, I began to look for ways to eliminate it using our method, which is much more important.

In a few words, without practice in «Magic on the Phone,» I would not be here today. During my time at the Center, I had hundreds of clients; I’m not exaggerating at all, many of them found me later in Live Journal. Sometimes the net counseling time was up to 5 hours in an eight-hour shift. Once it spent about 7 hours like this. With such a variety of requests, with such an experience, I would not simply have met in ordinary life. It would have remained an «amateur» with a very narrow circle of «bioenergy adjustments».

I learned a lot from Sergey, he is a talented tarologist and a family psychologist; thank him for his patience in working with us. I also learned a lot from Tatyana, her natural talent of the gypsy fortune-teller is hard to overestimate. Among the specialists of the Center there were many directions: astrology, tarology, psychology, numerology.

Suddenly, as soon as I got the best results, I was kicked out of the Center. Before that, they kicked two more specialists who were the most effective. No one needs a star; we need modest, hard-working employees.

I was offended at that time. It was for no good reason. I just grew up and did not fit into their format. Since then I have been working independently.

Thanks to everyone who helped me, whose attitude to me was kind.

Transpersonal psychology

Working with holotropic states of consciousness clear demonstrates that each of us stores in the subconscious not only the memory of our birth and associated trauma, but also fetal and even embryonic existence, conception, and even our ancestors — people and animals.

Stanislav Groff, Founder

transpersonal psychology

Of course, I was looking for companions — psychics, bioenergy healers — people with unusual abilities. I looked with passion, even went to the «Battle of the Psychics».

Enthusiasm was lost when I got closest with people or some schools. Our group «Pilgrim», which was created by Yuri Vladimirovich, was the only one in the ocean. Any of the coasts and islands that I came across turned out to be uninteresting.

In the past year, a MIRACLE happened!

First, I met Valentina Sidorova, and then Vladimir Maikov and his team.

«Finally, we are not alone! — thought Stirlitz. «Our team is in the city!»

In my 61, I went to study at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis «Transpersonal Counseling and Psychotherapy». This was the most important step in the last few years.

I first heard about transpersonal psychology from my teacher, the author of the practice «Pilgrim» Yurii Vladimirovich.


I wouldn’t dream that this newest direction, which has more enemies than friends, can be learned at a serious level. It is hard to imagine that of shamanism or Taoist practices, for example, they actually tell (and show something) at the institute.

I finally met «my spirit.»

I met scientists, candidates of philosophical and psychological sciences who speak a language that I understand.

Scientists who has enormous knowledge and vast experience in the transpersonal direction.

Scientists who traveled all over the world from Mexico to Tibet, from India to Mongolia in search of various spiritual teachings and practices.

Scientists who are known to all modern transpersonals: Stanislav Groff — the creator of holotropic breathing; Ken Wilber — author of integral psychology; Arnold Mindell — author of procedural therapy; Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier — creators of NLP-Next.

Scientists who personally experienced all known practices. Scientists — Practitioners and Devotees!

The characters’ of Vladimir Maikov programs are Stanislav Groff, the founder of transpersonal psychology, pioneers of psychological psychology Roger Walsh and Francis Vaughn, Charles Tart and James Fadiman, founders of procedural psychology Arnold and Amy Mindell, founder of the integral approach Ken Wilber, the largest scholar of shamanism Michael Harner, physicist and philosopher Amit Goswami, the great experts in the Tibetan tradition dzogchen Chogyal Namkhai Norbu and Khyentse Yeshe, Benedictine monk Brother David Steind-Rast, teacher of «evolutionary enlightenment» Andrew Cohen, visionary artists Alex Gray and Martina Hoffman, translator of ancient Chinese texts Bronislav Vinogradsky and actor and director Vadim Demchog. Their work and books are well known in Russia. «At the origins»: conversations of Vladimir Maikov with the masters of art, science and spiritual traditions — 20 series: http://transpersonal.ru.

During the annual training program, I had experience with several major areas of transpersonal psychology.

I could write endlessly about studies, about those amazing practices, and about those amazing people. Within the framework of this book, I will share a few personal episodes.

XIX Conference Eurotas 2018

St. Petersburg September 19—23, 2018.

I never dreamed of being able to participate. Moreover, I have not dream of being a speaker at the conference. Dreamed, of course, with humility… And I got lucky.

Such conferences are taking place in Europe. St. Petersburg is nearer, cheaper and more hospitable. World celebrities, about whom Vladimir Maikov told to us throughout the year, were in front of my eyes, I can touch, talk and toke pictures with them. Fantastic! It was genuine.

The first day.

The general council of EUROTAS, where I was immediately met an amazing person who measures everything, even if it is impossible to measure, it was military doctor Valery Lesnichiy. We agreed to collaborate.

Then, was the grand opening of the conference, all celebrities told their words of salutation.

Then was the performance of Boris Grebenshchikov and his «Aquarium», he moved us back in the nineties.

Then was the premiere of the movie, filmed by Vladimir Maikov «The Secret of Carlos Castaneda», immersion in mysticism. The movie was awesome! I’ll be waiting for voiceover.

From the surging impressions, I could not fall asleep…

The second say.

Plenary session. Pierre Luigi Lattoada «Integral and transpersonal psychology as a science»; Aleksandr Zhvankin «Perm animal style»; Bronislav Vinogradsky «Book of Changes as a tool for the evolution of planetary consciousness.»

Registration is yet to come

Round table: «Art as an evolutionary practice.» Bronislav Vinogradsky, Ingrida Indane, Irina Kuris, Jure Bichonsky, Mars Sary.

After the lunch, Lectures began in eight halls at the same time.

In «Russian Transpersonalism» -was a lecture by Irina Kuris and Tõnu Soidl «On the transfer of Russian transpersonal traditions (train of the departed)».

Then — master classes in eight halls.

In «Russian Transpersonalism» was my master class «Transpersonal Drawing» (I will describe it in more detail below).

Again lectures in eight halls.

Again, master classes in eight rooms.

And even more lectures and master classes in eight halls.


Concert of art masters with Sergey Letov, Guillermo Betancort…

We celebrated my presentation in a friendly company.

So this fantastic day was ended. It was very emotional!

Master class «Transpersonal drawing»

I was worried about how many people would come. It was eight master classes at the same time. I’m new, nobody knows me here. Mainly the foreigners were present. Apparently, they came to the newcomer, and Tatiana, of course, led them with her creativity.

There were no difficulties in communication, because Harry was a wonderful translator. Considering the translation, I had to cut off half of the material.

After a brief introduction, they immediately turned to the practical part — how you can relieve pain through drawings. I killed pain in the knee of Lita from Latvia with the drawing on a flip chat. The rest observed and eliminated their bodily symptoms by drawing in their notebooks.

We were able to get a result in about 10 minutes, Lita’s pain in the knee was gone.

The participant from Prague, achieved the result herself, through drawing, and with amazement told all of us about it.

Friends! People who just picked up their pencils and killed the pain through drawings, heard about it for the first time and they got success. It worth it!

The second part was collaboration with the visionary Tatiana Bragina by two techniques: a transpersonal drawing plus a vision.

That was our surprise.

Working in front of the audience it is impossible to lie. If something goes wrong-, everyone can see that. Only advanced audience attended. However, I was not afraid at all. Tatiana and I did this many times in consultations, and it always worked.

There was a request from the audience; a woman from Greece had a lasting throat problem.

Tatiana and I saw and heard this woman for the first time and immediately we had start working in live broadcast with a request in front of a transpersonal psychologist — this is cool!

With Tatiana’s help, we watched injuries on the lifeline, which was leading to problems in the thyroid gland. I eliminated them through the drawing; Tatiana watched and corrected my drawing. We leveled the injuries, filled the pits and cleaned the stones. I plunged into the depths of «the glass of Mindell», watched traumas. To completely dissolve the hindrances, I had to go to a generation of grandparents. Tatyana was looking and correcting me. We passed with the drawing and vision on Groff’s perinatal matrices in the same aspect of the thyroid, eliminating injuries of the perinatal period. Tatyana was looking and correcting. The heroine was observing our work, listened to us, agreed, and was surprised to find relief at the end of the joint fifteen-minute work.

There was completely friendly silence in audience. Wow!

We hurried, because we have the rules. We would have half an hour for this work.

The heroine bought my book without knowing how to read Russian!

We got the result of direct work in front of the experienced audience.

This makes me happy!

There were many questions about practice. All the books «Transpersonal drawing» were sold out. Vladimir Maikov, who attended the master class, warmly responded about this original Russian technology.

The presentation of the practice «transpersonal drawing» at an international conference was successful. The ideas of the drawing technique we managed to light up in front of the world transpersonal public. My technique went to Europe. I was happy.

The third day.

The plenary session. Serge Beddigton «Learning New Stories for a New Humanity»; Bernadette Damn «From progress to evolution, what can be the contribution of the transpersonal to the future»; Stephen Schmitz «Shamanism in the modern world.» Presenter Jure Bichonsky.

Round table «Psychotherapy as an evolutionary practice.» Bernadette Blin, Aleksandr Zhvakin, Regina Hess, Vladimir Maikov, Evgeny Pustoshkin, Marina Kiryukhina.


Lectures and master classes of eight evolutionary tracks.

I was at the lecture of Juan Ruiz Nupari, Essential Shamanism: A Journey to Restore the Soul.

I was as at the lecture of Tatiana Ginzburg «Results of a 3-year experiment in the field of Transpersonal Psychology. Russian

Hause. Jenner, California.

I was at the master class of Aleksandr Savkin «What is hiding in the shadow of the manager,» I was very impressed by Aleksandr, if he is nearby — I will go and see him.

I attended a lecture of «Shaman Counseling» by Stephen Schmitz.

I was at the master class of Stephen Schmitz «The Shaman’s Journey», even caught a few insights — a whiff of wind, moonlight. Wonderful experience. Although, Vladimir Maikov’s holotrope classes were much brighter and more insightful.


Continuation the premiere of movie Vladimir Maikov «Dance of Infinity.» Immersion in the psycho-spiritual dimension.

The fourth day.

The plenary session. Irina Kuris, Marina Belokurova, «The steps of evolution, or what we should do with garbage in various areas of our life»; Jure Bichonsky

«From regression to progression»; Nikolai Oorzhak «The Call of the Shaman»; emcee Regina Hess.

Round table. German Karelsky, Stephen Schmitz, Victor Petrenko, Marina Belokurova, Dmitry Lepeshev, Nikolay Oorzhak, Rimma Nabiullina.


Lectures and master classes on five evolutionary trends.

I was at the lecture of Evgeniy Pustoshkin «About the non-anthropomorphism of human consciousness: the perspective of Ken Wilber’s integral metatheory». Eugene was very interesting.

I was at Vladimir Maikov’s lecture «How beauty will save the world». I was so obsessed. How lucky am I that during my studies I had been at so many lectures and seminars of Vladimir.

I was at Hidai Lieberman’s master class «Getting to know COD — an introduction to a new wave». I even traveled on this new wave of «Intention — experience with sound».

The fifth day. Ending…

The plenary session.

Gennady Brevde «Emotional Intelligence, Creativity and Psychological Health»; Ingo Yarsetts «Beyond Narcissism Is Ego»?; Magda Sole «Shamanism, transcultural vision.»

The ending result of the conference in a general was festive but with a hint of nostalgia. Then tambourines, horn, dances, songs was fired up.

Fraternizing, hugging, swearing in eternal transpersonal international love…

My impressions of the conference

It was very emotional! The smile did not leave my face, and my eyes were full of surprise and delight. I was in my native atmosphere. I was feeling comfortable. Total energy did not require activation protection. Energy was supportive.

The impression was also supported by the guys from our group, we were nine. There was a meeting with representatives of the past and current educational groups. We exchanged our impressions of study, we were all grateful to Vladimir Maikov and his team for their contribution to us.

The feeling of world fraternity, the feeling that everything will be fine, that people will learn to live together for the good of the earth, did not leave me. In addition, this is a very important conference charge.

The knowledge told during the lectures by the world celebrities really expands the picture of perception, activate our guesses, give you new ideas, and actually make us more real than before.

— Such weird, that one cannot even guess, that they are smart — a quote of Tatiana Bragina. Really, there were many strange people.

Master classes are practices where participation provides valuable experience. For example, participation in a shamanic journey with Stephen Schmitz was useful and interesting.

I managed to talk with the real shaman Nikolai Oorzhak, and next year I am going to Tuva for the «call of 13 shamans».

There was an increased interest in shamanism, not only among foreign guests, but also among our specialists.

It was difficult to make out where were our and foreign guests. All was mixed up, 35 participating countries; many of our people could speak English fluently.

— Sasha, you must learn the language, — was unexpected outcome of the conference.

I was very pleased by the representatives of Russian transpersonalism because they had deep knowledge and understanding of the topic; I was listened with pleasure.

The idea of the conference — «Tools of evolution: knowledge and practices that make us real» — is brilliant, that says it all.

Indeed, we guess that the surrounding World is wider than we know about it, than we can perceive it with our primitive sense.

At the conference, the most world and domestic researchers shared their knowledge and practices — which allow us to broadly perceive the world, and make us real.

I was at all plenary sessions and round tables; they were public in a large hall.

I have been participated in so many lectures and master classes. Torn between the speakers, and have not been in the city.

Echoes of the conference will be heard for a long time…

It was soulful. Thank you all!

About studies, about those amazing practices, about those amazing people, I could write endlessly. As part of this book I will share a few personal episodes.

I International psyfest

My report «Transpersonal drawing as a method of working with bodily symptoms» at the fourth conference on spiritually-oriented psychotherapy from the section of transpersonal psychotherapy.

As part of the report, were considered the main ideas of the drawing technique, were described the mechanisms for eliminating bodily symptoms (pain), and was proposed the «perfect posture» technique.

Channels of perception and impact «through drawing»

Personal transpersonal experience

Hit into the ear

Have you ever been beaten in the ear? No, not with hand, of course I was beaten up in boxing, karate, in a fight, for example.

Have you ever been beaten in the ear by air? No, not from the compressor, just from NOTHING? From the still air of the Moscow apartment there was an acoustic blow to the ear so hard, and it was in such a way that other did not notice.

I will tell this from the beginning, and you will decide: whether it had happened or not.

— I see demons, I hear their voices by night or day. They are swearing, they’re know all about me, help! — I can hear the fear in his your voice, he is only 22, so young.

He began to see visions and hear voices after hooliganism in the cemetery with friends: turned over monuments, stole flowers from the graves. He got scared. He’s locked himself in his house. He didn’t go outside.

I’ve started to help him. I’ve never had to deal with. I tried to remove his fears, negative impacts and cleaned by «plane» and the «cross.»

Visions and voices became less, fears were gone…

This guy called once a week during two months, but there was no complete result. At the regular meeting of our Moscow group «Pilgrim» I asked colleagues to look at my work over getting rid of «demons». Briefly told and began to show what I’m doing.

Ekaterina began to draw the aura of this guy, I also painted on my piece. Ekaterina ’s aura of that guy turned out with sharp cones.

— Here look. — Catherine gave me a piece of paper with aura, I took it and…

I get a sharp blow on the left ear and cheek, the eardrum rang

I sat with my back to the door. My first thought — the door slammed. I look around sharply — there is no one, the door does not move. No door could create such a shock wave as from an explosion.

The bright, blessed day, summer, Moscow, fifth floor, spacious kitchen, I am not alone, I have not had anything to drink, except for tea. And such an obsession.

Such a real-unreal phenomenon — an acoustic shock. The beat was real. Who hit me? I am shocked, can’t even think straight. Everything is calm. Colleagues do their jobs; they clearly have not heard anything…

— I just got a blow in the ear, you did not notice? — I said it in bewilderment.

— I got a headache, — Ekaterina says.

— Stop it, you don’t have to do it anymore, — Irina and Veronika said at the same time.

— You should clean up yourself. Sasha, you do not need to work with this guy anymore, when Yuri arrives, he will help, — Irina brings me up.

We were cleaned up — and went home. My head was buzzing, I felt as if I were hammered.

How can that be? We were in Moscow, and the guy was for a thousand kilometers. He does not even know that we are working with him now. The guy does not know, but his «demon» knows and defends himself. Here it is…

I drank a fair dose of brandy at home, until the next afternoon I felt completely overwhelmed. I never dealt with this «demon» anymore.

— Got a slap in the face of «demon»? — joked Yuri. — That will teach you how to stay out of this.

He took that negative from me; I did not know how to do this before. The air slap made a strong impression on me.

Many of us have seen «Devils», «squirrels» and «all sorts of creatures».

Seeing is one thing. It is difficult to understand that such vision is the fruit of our excited brain or the reality of subtle planes.

Here was REAL MATERIAL IMPACT — a blow to the ear and cheek while transfer on a piece of paper through drawing, I have never experienced it before. Impact in the distance of thousand kilometers. Space and time collapsed at a point, on a piece of paper, where Catherine and I chased away the «demon.» Catherine’s head ached at the same time.


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