The Matrix of Consciousness

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The artist of life controls reality using creativity and hidden possibilities of consciousness.

The Tao of Reality

Consciousness of the Sorcerer

Imagine an ideal world – the embodiment of a dream. Already imagine? But then where were you before? Maybe in another beautiful world where dreams come true?

If not, then you need to change something urgently.

You can try to change the external environment. It will be difficult and will require many costs.

Another option is to change attitudes towards life. With the help of the imagination create a cozy and comfortable world in which to realize all their ambitious plans and dreams. And this is much easier than it seems.

Are you ready to take a chance and start a new life?

Reality where there is no more negative: all this is possible.

We are the creators of our life. Life is formed from our beliefs and attitudes for a long time. As we evolve, our ideas change and with them internal reality also changes.

Not all dreams come true and often life does not develop in the best way. Particularly influenced by it are external factors and erroneous beliefs.

The surrounding negative forms a distorted picture of the world. It is so firmly strengthened that it becomes an integral part of us. Such inertia of thinking leads to disability of consciousness and slowly destroys our life.

But we can change this scenario and break free. The book will show how to do it easily and simply.

Yin in Yang – the Path of Devastation

The one who relies only on the outside world is a slave.

A person with a Western outlook tries to fill his world with external images. Create a semblance of luxury life so that it is reflected inside. The whole emphasis is placed on the environment through which the basic needs are met.

In this situation, the internal potential does not take an active part. Over time, it degrades and ceases to exist and we are deprived of the internal mechanism for transforming the world.

In order to create comfortable conditions it is necessary to spend a large amount of vital resources. But this does not guarantee their achievement. Energy and time will be irretrievably lost in the struggle for improvement. And the result does not justify all expenses.

Environmental factors contribute to changing our state. But if it will solely depend on their manifestations, then we will become puppets – dependent on things and all-round situations.

All this is a risky and expensive way to achieve prosperity. Often he leads to a dead end, depriving freedom of making life empty and meaningless.

Yang in Yin – the Way of Creation

The one who discovered the secret of consciousness is able to change the whole world.

Unlike the Western approach in the East, they sought to find inner harmony. They created their own worlds and controlled them at will.

External circumstances do not exert a special influence on those who live in the secret chambers of their ego. On those who built the inner palace and dominate its territory.

To manage the destiny it is enough to change the inner world. Remaining externally inactive to create their reality. This approach requires less energy and is more reliable.

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