The master cleanse

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Original Text By: Stanley Burroughs

SUPERNATURAL MESSAGE FROM A ALTERNATIVES LTD: The following internal master cleansing protocol (as provided by Stanley Burroughs) has been used most effectively by thousands of individuals wishing to rid their bodies of dangerous and even lethal toxins.

It has been found most useful and effective by the management of SuperNatural as an adjunct to the commencement of a supplementation program with Spectra 12 ®.

Individuals may find it to be the best regimen of the Spectra 12 ®, followed by the subsequent cleanses every 4 to 6 months.


The Master Cleanse with Special Needs and Problems

It would be your mind to take care of your mind.

It has been given that it has been given the God of death. It is a rule of thumb for a person to be able to keep up with his body. medical arsenal, must be vacated for the Natural Divine Art of Healing.

It’s a real thing.

I can help you and yourself. Make the most of this work in healing. “It is a great deal of help and guidance.”


Food has been an accepted ritual handed down from generation to generation. Nutritional Resistance.

We ask you to follow our guidelines.

It is a matter of fact that it has been given to

It has been shown that it can be better

It is not a problem.

Blame not God for the many illnesses you have created (they are not “Acts of God”! ). It is important that you understand your knowledge of his simple laws.

Chapter 1: The Master Cleanser

It is a clearing up for the novice. The rule of thumb for all disorders, regardless of name or names. It’s correct for you to get rid of the disease.

It is not a problem to make a statement about how much bones, flesh, and blood.

Seeking to the present field of man’s life.


No longer a mystery. There are no physical attitudes and negative physical attitudes that can be attributed to our bodies. It is a way of healing and health. It is a fact that it is not a problem.

It has been given that it has been approved for its creative work.

The body is not limited to the body of man.

Thoughts, you know, only in limited amounts.

It is easy to find out how to work.

“Kill of Cure” laws have been replaced with the many practices and miracles poisons.

These truths are self-evident as we look into the history of our diseases and see our failures in our constant search for release. If these records are not enough then let him go on and on with his never ending aches and pains until his sufferings have finally created a desire for knowing these many truths.

When we finally become sick of being sick, then we are ready to learn the truth and the truth shall set us free. This diet will prove that no one needs to live with his diseases. Lifetime freedom from disease can become a reality.

To be complete, a healing system must be able to cover the entire field of human experiences — physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Any system, which denies any part of this trinity, fails in its attempt to heal to the same extent to which it denies any part or parts.

We realize that many psychological, mental and social stresses can cause our conditions. However, the above tensions can and do encourage us to eat to excess — both good and bad foods — which in turn creates our diseases.

The following program has been tested and approved since 1940 in all sections of the world as the most successful of any diet of its type. Nothing can compare with its positive approach toward perfection in the cleansing and healing field. Nothing can compare with its rapidity and completeness. It is superior in every way as a reducing and body conditioning diet.

As the originator of this superior diet, I humbly and yet proudly offer it to you, confident that you will receive vigorous good health from its use.

Many of the principles that are presented in this book may be completely contrary to everything you have believed and studied. Regardless of whether you believe them or not, it does not alter the fact that they may be true. Before you attempt to argue or deny these facts, test them as given to you and use them until you have proven them either right or wrong. Every statement and bit of information given is the accumulation of years of experience, research, and results-therefore given as facts. Make these tests and be completely satisfied that you, too, can experience the same results. At no point will any attempt be made to confuse you with theories that cannot be proven or that will not prove themselves to be right. There is no desire to give you complications, or words that have little meaning, or “double talk”without clarity. Simplicity and accuracy will be the theme through the entire book.


This system accepts no limitations as to the ability of the body to heal itself.


Missing a meal won’t hurt! By Herman Schneider

Since the days of Jesus Christ, who fasted for 40 days, men and women have abstained from food for many reasons; for health, for political ends, an for spiritual enlightenment.

However, the average person, not familiar with fasting, believes he will certainly die if he misses a meal. When you hear of a person dying after being lost in the woods or at sea for two or three days. It was not lack of food that caused his death, but it was panic and fear that killed him. Most people in fairly good health can go for many days without food but the body must have water, although there is a fast called “the dry fast”which employs dry bread but no liquid. However, this type of fast cannot be endured for too long a period.

There is general disagreement in the health field on the best way to detoxify the body. The Hygienists, who are mostly followers of Dr. Herbert Shelton, the very capable exponent of fasting, using only distilled water, and enemas are taboo. Dr. Shelton and other Hygienist doctors have fasted thousands of people, many regaining their health, as a result of the fast. Of course, after the fast, it was necessary for them to follow a healthful way of life. The Hygienists are strict vegetarians with the emphasis on raw foods and proper combinations.

Dr. Walker and Dr. Airola advocate fruit and vegetable juice if fasting is needed. In Europe, naturopaths use the vegetable broth and vegetable juice fast rather than the water fast. The above doctors also employ colonics and enemas, these being vital for the success of the program. The purpose, in their opinion, is to rid the body of the toxins loosened by the cleanse.

Thirteen years ago, I had extremely high blood pressure. I didn’t feel too well, so I went to the doctor. He gulped as he said to me, “your blood pressure is 200 over 120.”

He told me that he would start me on medication, but I did not think that drugs were the answer for me, so I asked him, “How long do I have to stay on drugs?” He replied, “Your hypertension will get progressively worse, so you will have to stay on the medicine forever.” He continued, “in thirty years of practice, I have had only two patients able to discontinue the medicine.”

I was not pleased with his answer, so I said, “You are looking at your third patient who will get off the medicine.”

He looked at me and shrugged his shoulders as if to say, “He is insane.” He said, “I have hundreds of patients on medication for high blood pressure, and you are the only one who makes a fuss.”

I took one drug for a week, but it made me dizzy, so he changed the medicine. He gave me one drug for high blood pressure and another for nerves, which slowed me down; Then another drug to pep me up from the drug that was slowing me down.


I decided this program was not for me so I headed to Dr. Shelton’s in San Antonio, Texas. They took all my drugs and threw them away and put me to bed to start my fast. I never dreamt I would go without food so long, but my fast lasted for 21 days on just distilled water.

It is during the fast that conditions a person may have, but is not yet aware of, show up, as the body begins throwing off the poisons. The man fasting in the next room passed gallstones on his 24th day. He never knew he had gallstones before his fast.


He really suffered until he passed his stones, after long years of study in natural healing and Herbology, I now know he could have gotten rid of the gallstones in a much more pleasant way, using apple juice, olive oil and lemon juice.

I, myself, had mild reactions outside of extreme weakness. My biggest problem was painful cramps caused by gas in the intestines. I also had some bleeding as the bowel tried to empty itself with no bulk ingested to help it move.

My fasting problems would have been much less had they given me an enema, but the Hygienists do not believe in enemas, laxatives or herbs. They say nature must take its course. The faster is kept in bed most of the time, using one’s energy to detoxify.

During the 21 days of fasting, I lost 21 pounds, which I gradually gained back during the rebuilding process, which should equal the fasting time. So I had to stay off of my job for 42 days.

The fast was not pleasant, although you lose your desire for food after the third day, but the results were very pleasant and made it worthwhile; my blood pressure was now 120 over 80, which is perfect.

Since this fast, thirteen years ago, I have fasted many times on vegetable juices and used colonics as advocated by Dr. Walker. The fasts were of short duration, lasting from two to five days.

About a year ago, I went to a chiropractor for an adjustment. We talked for a while and he told me he was on a book called the “Master Cleanser” by Stanley Burroughs, a natural healer for some forty or more years.

The cleanse starts with a herbal laxative tea both morning and evening. If this is not sufficient to clean out the intestinal tract, he advises a salt-water wash. These stops are necessary to remove the toxins loosened by the lemon juice cleanse.

I was then to drink between six and twelve glasses of lemonade, which consisted of lemon and maple syrup in proper proportions, with a small amount of cayenne added to wash out the mucus loosened by the cleanse.

Mr. Burroughs’ book, “The Master Cleanser” describes the entire program, including directions for diabetics to get off insulin. I, myself, believe that diabetics should be under the care of their doctors if they choose to follow the Burroughs program. For diabetics, he does not advocate that they use maple syrup in the beginning, but to use blackstrap molasses. Lemon juice, maple syrup and blackstrap molasses are very high in all mineral and vitamins.

I stayed on the “Master Cleanse”for 12 days, during which I exercised, jogged, worked, and felt stronger each day, as the cleanse proceeded. I gradually tapered off the cleanse, with juices and broth, of three more days. During the entire time I was never hungry.

The most important part of the cleanse or fast is knowing how to come off of the fast, allowing the body to gradually adjust itself to handling solid food again. Improper procedures can cause illness and even death.

As my weight was stabilized at the start of the cleanse, I only lost about four pounds in twelve days.

People who are overweight will loose much more.

Mr. Burroughs’program calls for a vegetarian diet, so this part of the program was easy for me to accept because I have been a vegetarian for years, using mostly raw foods.

I go on this cleanse two or three times a year. I just read in Linda Clark’s book that she has used this cleanse for years.


Mr. Burroughs says that it is perfectly safe to stay on the “Master Cleanser”even up to 40 days, as the lemon, maple syrup or blackstrap molasses and cayenne pepper act as both a cleanser and a body builder.

From my viewpoint, the Burroughs cleanse gave me the best results, allowing me to be active and energetic through the entire period.

I haven’t been back to the medical doctors, but my blood pressure is still normal after all these years.


Throughout the history of man, there have been constant epidemics of many diseases. Little has been known or understood as to why these things happen. (In earlier times they were thought variously to be the work of the devil, punishment from God, or poisoning of the water supply by an enemy). In recent times it has been believed that these many diseases are contagious and that germs have spread them. This belief has created a monster as the medical field has steadily found stronger and more potent drugs, poisons, and antibiotics in their constant effort to destroy what they believe to be the cause. A large variety of vaccines and antitoxins have been developed because of the belief in a large variety of bacteria and viruses.

Always the belief is that we must kill these forms of life in order to keep us free from disease. Yet, in spite of massive research, manufacturing, and wide use of these items, mankind still goes on suffering from an ever-increasing variety of disease and disorders with no let up in sight.

Disease, old age, and death are the result of accumulated poisons and congestion throughout the entire body. These toxins become crystallized and hardened, settling around the joints, in the muscles, and throughout the billions of cells all over the body.

It is presumed by orthodox medicine that we have a perfectly healthy body until something, such as germs or viruses, comes along to destroy it, whereas actually the building material for the organs and cells is defective and thus they are inferior or diseased.

Lumps and growths are formed all over the body as storage spots for unusable and accumulated waste products, especially in the lymphatic glands. These accumulations depress and deteriorate in varied degrees, causing degeneration and decay. The liver, spleen, colon, stomach, heart, and our other organs, glands, and cells come in for their share of accumulations, thus impairing their natural action.

These growths and lumps appear to us as forms of fungi. Their spread and growth is dependent on the unusable waste material throughout the body. As the deterioration continues, our growths increase in size to take care of the situation. Fungi absorb the poisons and try to take the inferior material from the organs. This is a part of Nature’s plan to rid the body of our diseases. When we stop feeding these fungi and cleanse our system, we stop their development and spread; then they dissolve or break up and pass from the body. They will not feed on healthy tissue. There is a simple set of laws, which explains this action. Nature never produces anything it does not need and it never keeps anything it does not use. All unused material or waste is broken down by bacteria action into a form that can be used over again or eliminated from the body. All weak and deficient cells, caused from improper nutrition will also be broken down and eliminated from the body.

We spend a good portion of our lives accumulating these diseases and we spend the rest of our lives attempting to get rid of them — or die in the effort!

The incorrect understanding of the above truths has led uncivilized and civilized nations alike to search for some magic “cure” in all kinds of charms, witchcraft, and unlimited kinds of obnoxious poisons and drugs. In general, they are worse than useless because they cannot possibly eliminate the cause of any disease. They can only add more misery and suffering and shorten one’s life still further.


It has been reported in many books and magazine articles that many new diseases and disorders have been created by orthodox and hospital methods.

As we continue to search for more and more magic “cures” we become more and more involved with complicated varieties of disease. A simple understanding and action has always proved to be the best to eliminate our negative actions and reactions.

Germs and viruses do not and cannot cause any of our diseases, so we have no need for finding various kinds of poisons to destroy them. In fact, man will never find a poison or group of poisons strong enough to destroy all the billions upon billions of these germs without destroying himself at the same time.

These germs are our friends, there are no bad ones, and if given a chance will break up and consume these large amounts of waste matter and assist us in eliminating them from the body. These germs and viruses exist in excess only when we provide a breeding ground in which they can multiply. Germs and viruses are in the body to help break down waste material and can do no harm to healthy tissues.

Do you think that if an insignificant, microscopic microbe can appear and make you sick when you were well and strong, that you have any possibility of getting strong enough to throw them off at any time thereafter? Do you think that any destructive poisons can make it possible for you to get well and faster? All diseases, regardless of their names, come within this understanding as only varied expressions of the one disease of toxemia.

As noted earlier, we are constantly told that the medical researchers are about to make a big breakthrough and finally conquer all your diseases. This breakthrough will never happen until their false approach to science is replaced by the natural science of the secret of life energy and its creative action within us. Through an open-minded approach to the truth about the life force or energy, we can know the underlying facts behind epidemics and eliminate their cause.

Basically, ourselves create all of our diseases because we have never taken the time to discover the true foods meant for man’s use. We can create healthy bodies by using the right foods and eliminating highly toxic and mucus-forming foods.

As you learn more about nutrition you will become aware of the many foods that cause excess mucus in our bodies and then realize that this condition becomes the breeding ground for all kinds of germs.

We know that throughout nature everything moves in cycles, constantly changing, constantly cleaning out the old and building the new. Consequently, as a person reaches the “point of no return,” a point where his accumulations have reached the limit of what the body can tolerate, then a rapid change takes place or he dies. The cycle has come to the point where a good house cleaning must be started, and one of nature’s most effective methods is to start loosening and eliminating these poisons with bacteria action. As this action progresses, we become sick and feverish, large amounts of mucus are eliminated, diarrhea increases the discharge of waste material, and all of our resources go into action to clean us out as fast as possible to prevent these poisons from killing us. When this happens do not panic and resort to the unnatural action of drugs and antibiotics, which can only defeat natures laws. The drugs stop the natural changes by suppressing the cleansing action and store the poisons in the body to cause future problems.

If we know these danger signals and engage our abilities in their maximum effort, we can survive the ordeal and live a normal life until further accumulations trigger another life change. However, the logical procedure is to prevent these accumulations from forming in the first place — then we have no need for the discomfort of the severe cleansing process.

As the above conditions happen to more and more people at the same time an “epidemic” is set in motion. Very often an epidemic occurs after holiday feasting. Even the very best of foods in excess can create problems. If only a sufficient amount of good food is consumed, a severe cleansing-illness-will not be required as the normal operation of the body will then be adequate.


Deficiencies do exist, primarily because of improper diet and improper assimilation. These deficiencies also produce toxins because of the deterioration of the cells. So we still have only one disease, and with one simple process we can eliminate all so-called diseases of whatever name. As we expel the disease-producing toxins from our bodies, we must also restore the deficiencies. Thus, a cleansing diet must also include proper material for building as the waste material is eliminated.

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